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  1. So then S and P waves totally destroy your little flat earth fantasy, and you have nothing but wall of text to counter that was easy, I look forward to you answering my question about 90 degree angles, lol
  2. Probably won't spend any time pointlessly arguing with people who have no training in the hard sciences, but saw this thread and it was too good to pass up There are many ways to easily prove the earth is not flat So here you go, here's one: If you claim the earth is flat, then please show us a flat earth model for using S and P waves for seismic analysis { Which use spherical harmonics } or, alternately Explain why waves traveling through earth show it to be roughly spherical, based on pure math, when you claim it is flat { And it should reflect the flat earth in seismographic analysis } or, alternately Explain why the S and P waves bounce off the surface of something that appears to follow a spherical model, and why you cannot use a " flat " model, { Let's not forget that there is no flat earth model that even gives the size and or weight of the earth, nor is there any model describing the exact geometry {{ which realistically would be more disc-like }} Thanks, and good luck