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  1. What do you think would be the reason those topics would be related by Babylonian / Sumerian mathematical astronomy ? After all, gematria was adopted by the Jews in Babylonian captivity Such an interesting topic, especially considering the apparent contradictions posed by the scriptures " No visible signs { of my coming } " ~ Jesus " signs in the sky " ~ Revelation of John Obviously the last book of the Bible, { especially the numbers }, are directly based on Mesopotamian mathematical astronomy that was sacred knowledge at one point All the complex mathematical astronomy was highly guarded in the priesthoods and more often than not, passed down strictly in oral traditions much like oral Torah, especially in Heliopolis where there was little to no record of calculations of eclipse cycles, even though Heliopolis was the major center of Sun worship Somehow, it made it into the Bible, except it was hidden underneath the Aramaic adopted by the Jews, in the form of mathematics Whoever built the Kaaba in Mecca was well-versed in ancient mathematical astronomy { as evident by it's distance from Jerusalem, and orientation that references the axial tilt of the earth from the ecliptic which in turn references the passing of the four seasons as defined in Sumeria as " UB " {{ the four regions }} and according to tradition, it was Abraham, father of the Jewish nation Abraham was said to have studied mathematical astronomy in Ur, Babylonina and thus would have been well familiar with BOTH gematria { commonly in use at the time } AND mathematical astronomy { The foundation of the entire system of measurements in the Fertile Crescent } So what gives, in your opinion ?
  2. So much for Obama and the microchips

    Now, see if religious people really loved scriptures, why did they bombard us with 8 years of " Obama gonna getchoo and put dem microchips in your forehedz " ? The Bible says nothing of the sort, nada, zip, zilch Then add 8 years of arrogant insults from the religious when you try and tell them anything that deviates from their delusions { which actually come from a lack of Bible study coughcough rhema and onoma coughcough } Spellbinding there are so many experts on the so-called " mark of the beast ' and the Bible and yet not a single one knows what Rhema is ? Color me underwhelmed
  3. The next AntiChrist ?

    Of course, if people knew a little Greek, and a little scripture, they would understand " rhema " and " onoma " and how it applies to Jesus Then they would understand the " mark of the beast " But sadly, most people still proclaim the sa'iyr to be a little red guy with horns and a pitchfork when the Bible states otherwise
  4. The next AntiChrist ?

    I propose that Hillary, the Pope, Putin, Obama, David and Prince Charles will unite after a cosmic event { When CERN brings Nibiru through the portal } They will meld together using annunaki corexit nanobots to form a giant person in the fashion of the great 1980's Japanese robot warrior Voltron, which was made from smaller, but equally lethal robot cats It's all I got
  5. So much for Obama and the microchips

    Nope Take the time you take to type your arrogant responses and go look them up Maybe start with Wikipedia and the concordance
  6. Now that's gratitude!

    Well, I think that's it's worth it for several reasons The main one is that by cracking down, the money that is meant to help people who are helping themselves can actually go to them and not people who primarily are just looking for handouts Personally I think cannabis use is fine, but maybe in the case of parents getting EBT for families, I would require testing clean of cannabis I just also know, that as a lifelong user of cannabis, that most of the negative effects attributed to it are tripe, { I worked 60-80 hours a week, always high } But aside from drug testing, imo, they need to limit things people can buy. Instead of just being able to go into the store and buy shopping carts full of chips and soda and other garbage foods, they should be limited to items that require them to get some education on how to cook from scratch, because that is how you actually save a ton of money in a household where money is tight The fact that many people living off EBT eat crap diets means that they will develop numerous health problems ....who's going to pay for all of that too ? You know who I know damn well that if you tallied all the food purchased in the US with EBT, you would find a very low amount of money being spent on staples like flour, butter, salt, sugar, eggs, etc, and a large amount of money spent on soda, chips, candy, prepared junk foods { and who knows what else } As a retired chef, I have to call BS on this situation with EBT If EBT households are really concerned about making dollars stretch, then we would see them trying to Then, on top of that, I have seen people in the grocery stores with stacks of EBT cards, purchasing steaks and then walking out and driving off in a 60,000$ Mercedes sports car It burns me up sometimes No matter how you slice it, the system leaks money like pantyhose holds water, so something has to be done
  7. { facepalm } Digital roots ? really ? What is that supposed to prove ? ...and what does it have to do with BS quotes ?
  8. Fake quotes, gotta love 'em There's not much that discredits people like quoting completely made-up quotes, the one in the title is a prime example There are exactly 0 records of Tesla ever having said this, go ahead and try to find a source.....go on You will find nothing but conspiracy sites / blogs quoting each other, but not one single source of Tesla ever having said this Yet, ,.....for some reason, it makes new agers wet between the legs when you post it Care to explain ? -------------------------------------------- Or add your own fake quotes " Don't believe everything you read on the internet " ~ Abraham Lincoln
  9. Now that's gratitude!

    I highly doubt he stole two million In my town you can buy EBT cards for half face value, so if the card has 200$, you can usually get it for 100$ Idk, I kinda wish they drug-tested applicants for EBT I got my card one time, when I really needed it to get back up on my feet, and I felt fine about getting it considering how many years I put into the workforce, paying taxes Used it for 3 months and that was it, never looked back I've talked to people that have been getting EBT for years { that kind of shit pisses me off, tbh } Personally I would ship him and his family to Liberia for being d-bags
  10. So much for Obama and the microchips

    Coughcough" rhema " and " Onoma "coughcough
  11. What is it with dishonesty in the conspiracy community ? It's like you actually try to discredit yourselves Title says: " AUSTRALIA BECOMES FIRST COUNTRY TO BEGIN MICROCHIPPING ITS PUBLIC " First line says: " Australia may become the first country in the world to microchip its public " Reality is: Some guy named " Meow-Ludo Meow Meow " decided to play around with implantable technology, and mentioned an effort to get Australia's Opal system to be part of the project Somehow this becomes " The Australian government is going to start chipping all citizens " ? smh
  12. So much for Obama and the microchips

    If you want to really talk about religious trolls, you should talk about why not a single one of these threads has ever touched on " rhema " and " Onoma " That's rather underwhelming when you are trying to support yourself using the Bible
  13. So much for Obama and the microchips

    Of course, of course The Bible is just a weapon for you because you are not a teacher
  14. So much for Obama and the microchips

    I thought you were going to bust out some sod pardes on the Tav my bad
  15. So much for Obama and the microchips

    A google master ? Oh noes
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