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  1. Hi folks

    Hi people to update . The option contract is signed. The script writing is in progress now we wait for the the purchase from Netflix and the Psychopath Machine becomes a movie. http://www.thepsychopathmachine.com/the-psychopath-machine.html
  2. Hi folks

    Great to hear that... Please let me know what you think...
  3. Hi folks

    With or without me being part of it a movie about Oak Ridge experiments would be really good.
  4. Hi folks

    Hi Cinnamon I've been busy these days. Last week I was contacted by a British producer. The plan is to adapt the book to a net flix series.. Next week I'll sign the option Then we'll see where it goes. These are serious people who can actually make it happen. Exciting stuff!
  5. Hi folks

    I got an email asking me to come visit so here I am. Good news is The Psychopath Machine may become a movie.
  6. Mattis Warns North Korea

    Sorry to be so harsh but sometimes we really need to think about what's at stake here. I hope we can stop this but if history is our guide to what will come... well.. be prepared. And stock TP LOL
  7. Mattis Warns North Korea

    Whew... I'm happy to hear that. It's all I have left except my eyebrows.
  8. Mattis Warns North Korea

    To all those who embrace chaos... you won't when it happens. You only say this because you have never experienced war. Those who have never want to see it again. Your wife has both legs blown off right before your eyes while your dog gets smashed and is howling in pain . You have to finish off your dog with your bare hands then bury your wife. That's the first day... it gets worse! So ...embrace it now in your fantasy...before it gets real.
  9. WOW good find Cinnamon I just got the words out of my mouth and there it is. Make this viral and we can stop this mime dead in its tracks
  10. You heard i here first folks. By April or May everyone will be talking about the color purple. We will see Oprah get involved. She will bring up the old movie and it will all look like a civil rights movement.
  11. Not just any ship. The USS Cole... now that's a clear message. hey have come for revenge ass kicking!
  12. Captain Anatine

    you can get a signed copy here. https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/477811727/the-psychopath-machine-hardcover?ref=pr_shop
  13. It would solve some of the problems but we are so tangled up in the internet. Can't separate digital data from physical consequences in the real world.
  14. It would work for communication between groups of people but it doesn't help with threats to public safety. The problem with filters is others will see the trash talk aimed at an individual but the target of the trash talk has no idea. I don't want to see government licensing either but something needs to change. Words can cause action... actions without accountability cause harm.
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