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  1. Hmm...just as I have suggested to people of other countries on this forum.
  2. Am I the only one that finds this statement ironic while discussing Kim's leadership model?
  3. Must be nice to believe everything you just said. The US never thteatened to invade until he started playing with his toys (that no one is entirely sure who gave them to him). And was allowed free rein to merrily demonstrate during previous Admins. So just as you cry that he's only standing up for himself, there's a new sheriff in our town that is not only standing up for his own country but others that have been threatened as well. Amazing what changes when the US is no longer burdened with a leader like the last spineless jellyfish.
  4. And I can agree with you to a degree. But you mention "Death at every corner..." like he's the victim. This is the guy that had his own half-brother assassinated in Malaysia when he found out China wanted him instead of Jong Un to take power. Not to mention starving his citizens by hijacking food shipments from the rest of the world as they arrive at the piers. You surprised me a bit by stating that "...the way the world was treating North Korea..." was responsible for his actions. So you're saying the rest of the world is wrong and he's right? But what really gets my panties in a wad is that indirectly or directly, we (the US) gave them everything thet are now threatening us with. That's why Trump is either hated or loved. His election took things in an entirely different direction. You have to give Trump credit. With the constant testing, threats, and statements, Trump's restrained himself from reacting outside of a few tweets. If Kim truly wanted to negotiate, he would have done so long ago. But the big question is, what would/could he bring to the table?
  5. And Kim is just releasing doves over Japan and threatening to do the same to Guam, the RoK, and Australia. And what was touted as nuke tests? Pffft...that was just bulgoki on the grill.
  6. Absolutely. Trump isn't an American. He has no freedom of speech. His name-calling on Twitter could set the world on fire! How dare he participate in military drills with our allies! He should completely disregard any missiles fired as well as vocal threats to obliterate at least four of our allies. It's all fun'n'games until somebody gets an eye poked out.
  7. We had a crew in the air during/after Loma Prieta and they were on the verge of bingo'g to either Travis or Vandenberg while the runway was checked at Moffett Field. And just like preparing for the NMFZ to go. With both I-40 and I-55 bridges crossing the Mississippi river right there in Memphis, a resurgence of ferry ops would be timely.
  8. And ain't none of it worth a damn if the runways are trashed. Cue the USMC and their Ospreys. As if the DoD weren't spread thin enough already.
  9. And as long as its fangs are still embedded in the flesh, it's pumping venom. She's likely to be laid up for quite a while.
  10. No...it's like ignoring syphilis. The symptoms might disappear for a while. You could ask Al Capone. Nevermind, he's dead.
  11. This is the event that pissed me off more than anything! Yeah, yeah, yeah...stay in the locker room. IMHO, the rest of the team disrespected Villenueva by not going out there and standing with him. And that includes all the staff from the owner on down.
  12. JMHO...If you take a knee for the anthem, you get benched for that game and fined. If you get benched for 3 games, guess what? you won't have to worry about getting fined ever again. Not by the NFL anyway.
  13. Everyone can relax. I found them. How they got all the way over here, I have no clue. But they were in the bottom of a range bag I was cleaning out.
  14. Maybe a little. I understand your point. My point is that they didn't even break airspace but the story gets hyped up like they overflew Sinanju.
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