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  1. I think we've got flying drones covered:
  2. I don't even go there (BIN) anymore. So much crap/crud gets loaded, I'd have to run Ccleaner right then. Big clue is when your 'puter fan goes into high gear.
  3. My raisin story: My toddler son had been <ahem> constipated for 3 days. Mom took him to the doc and doc said it'll happen when it happens. Not good enough for me! So on the way home, I stopped and got a mini-box of ex-lax. I only gave him a tiny corner off one tab. Unbeknownst to me, Mom had been feeding him raisins all afternoon. Story goes downhill fast from there.
  4. Wants to upgrade the telescope, dontcha know.
  5. Like a boil on the cheek o' my buttocks!
  6. Flask? FLASK??? I got my trusty 2qt thermos rinsed out and ready!
  7. 'Tis good that you need an account here now!
  8. And another example... You don't have to read much to see how Chicago fugures into the scheme. http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/01/19/obama-commutes-life-sentences-four-mexican-cartel-leaders/
  9. Theeatening a "nice inauguration surprise". https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2651148/north-korea-places-long-range-nuke-missiles-on-mobile-launchers-as-it-threatens-nice-surprise-for-donald-trump-inauguration/
  10. Yeah but could he make a noise when he farted afterwards?
  11. Fighter and transport aircraft deployed by Nigeria: http://alert5.com/2017/01/19/nigeria-has-deployed-fighters-to-senegal-for-military-intervention-in-gambia/
  12. I'm pretty sure the flight left KL as advertised. If not, there were a sh!tload of crisis actors paid in the following days! But the funniest tale told was about the guy who supposedly smuggled his cell phone off the plane in DG...jammed up his...(where the sun don't shine)
  13. There's some of us that wear glasses and drive with dirty windshields....and then there are those that just focus on the BS.
  14. Got to be Bradley/Chelsea Manning. I'm sure he'll explain why he's cutting his/her sentence and not pardoning Snowden. Maybe if Snowden had a sex change?