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  1. Now, why in tf would they do that? If Niburu, Planet X, etc. is the ELE that so many want us to believe it is... I figure there's a better chance of a stray asteroid hitting us than Niburu even existing. Of the hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur astronomers around the world, seems to me more than a few would've spotted it and sounded the "no/oh-sh!t" alarm by now.
  2. My $$ says we'll be seeing a slo-mo ambulance chase. No lights, in no hurry, because he choked to death on a glass of OJ.
  3. I didn't realize alligator hunting was so tightly controlled until earlier this year! They've got state laws and a standard hunting season there. Driving from Jax down to just south of Orlando, the GPS took us down some two lane roads that I fully expected to see a gator sunning himself. It occured to me that a .45 loaded with old school ball ammo might be just the ticket. Keep the gator tail meat and sell the skin. But a holster maker said, "If you do, don't bring it here!" I guess the skin has to be stamped with a number like a deer tag. And here I was on the verge of buying a 1911 chambered in 9mm with the .22TCM (9mm necked down to a .22 bullet advertising close to 2K fps out of a 5" barrel) conversion.
  4. ^^^THIS^^^ Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!
  5. I don't think it's changed color so much but it does seem brighter than it used to. Why? Don't know. It could be the amount/type of pollution in the air...including chemtrails amplifying the perceived intensity. The sun is definitely changing as we will see approaching the minimum by the lack of sunspots. That has to count for a slight visible change. In the worst case, I don't know if even the best scientists could predict a supernova and that wouldn't do any good anyway. Seriously burned toast! My main belief is that while none of us may live to see it, our descendents will be facing an ice age preceded by slight global warming.
  6. Some of it can be explained logically. Others cannot. The UV issue is coming on due to the sun entering the "grand solar minimum". CME's from sunspots apparently diminish the cosmic rays. Remember a while back I mentioned the need to stock up on SPF-1K. I've always thought the Schumann cavity's resonance was dependent on the number of lightning strikes around the globe. Tesla's "free energy" theory was based mostly on these frequencies. I am thoroughly convinced that coronal holes are the main factor in 99% of the EQs. When the magnetic winds from those holes interact with our magnetic shield, hang on! Now why they would scrub or downgrade an EQ, don't know. The animal die-offs, I'm pretty clueless about. But when whales beach themselves, I suspect a sub in the area testing a new type of sonar. And the Antarctic ice cube falling off? I believe that was simply the weight of new formed ice that caused that.just like icicles falling off the edge of the roof. I could be wrong about any or all of this. JMHO, YMMV.
  7. Sorry for the issues today!

    Somebody must've dumped his/her entire mug o' coffee on the server. Glad you're back in bidness!
  8. Heh heh...been trying for hours to reply to this. They landed safely at Manchester after burning 4hrs worth of fuel. I'll be interested to see what the problem was. You gotta believe a B787 has backups to the backups!
  9. Well, we'll just have to up the game and put a giant US flag on the moon. Visible from Earth, of course!
  10. Was this the object that was touted to be the next brightest in the sky compared to the moon?
  11. For Those Crying That Trump's Anti-Gun

    I haven't heard of any carbines ever being available. And as you probably know, they're pretty scarce on the open market. Those that are floating around are pretty high $$. Ruger still makes a SA revolver that comes with a .30 Carbine cylinder that would make a good companion piece. A 1911 in .45acp is one of those pieces I will always have available. The good news for older shooters (like myself) is the plethora of 1911s chambered in 9mm. Easier on the joints and ammo is cheaper. Not to mention it's a NATO cartridge and that won't change any time soon...think availability.
  12. For Those Crying That Trump's Anti-Gun

    That was the 10K Garands that was "authorized" but not "mandated" a few years back. This is a whole different batch. And keep in mind, before you become eligible to buy through the DCM/CMP, you have to compete in at least one sanctioned competition.
  13. I suspect her problem is the Napa Valley grapes her hubby raises. And she's been sharing with Maxine.
  14. Apples and oranges. But the world hasn't been threatened by Saddam in quite some time either. <sarc off> I'm pretty sure most everyone here agreed months back that Li'l Kimchi is batshit crazy. Maybe it's time to show him why we say, "Don't start no sh!t, won't be no sh!t." Oooor, we can just continue letting him test his skyrockets until he gets a hit. That is, unless you see the ones that have hit just off Japan's coast as purely a show of his "defensive" capabilities.
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