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  1. C'mon now. Bradley Manning was caught and convicted. Not Chelsea.
  2. Ok, not to discredit the tale. But my question is, what kind of tour boat runs people 100nm from shore? Must be a pretty spendy ride.
  3. Now this is where you lose me. Thinking Hillary = choices. How many times right here has it been speculated that real war would have already begun had she taken office? With all the financial and political corruption over the years pointing directly at her and now you say she would've been the better choice?? The whole point of the election was the fact that the American public was fed up with "politics as usual". We all knew it wasn't going to be a simple task to drain the swamp. And now that there have been a few successes in that endeavor, people are against reforms? Let the MSM continue to lead you by the genitals.
  4. Homicide Charges for McCain, Fitzgerald Commanders

    Apples 'n' oranges. This guy proved multiple times immediately following the Fitz collision that he knows little if anything about maritime operations. Go back and search COP for threads regarding the collisions and you'll see this guy is pure nimrod. Of course, if his narrative fits yours, I can see where you'd take the bait.
  5. Homicide Charges for McCain, Fitzgerald Commanders

    Many different allegations were made following both incidents but IDR alcohol or drugs being mentioned. Remember, these are "co-ed" crews so there was speculation... I suspect "dereliction of duty" will be the large charge.
  6. The commanders of two warships that collided with commercial vessels in the West Pacific last summer, killing 17 sailors, will face negligent homicide and other criminal charges, Navy officials said Tuesday. Four destroyer Fitzgerald officers, including skipper Cmdr. Bryce Benson, will face charges of negligent homicide, dereliction of duty and hazarding a vessel for the June 17 incident that killed seven sailors off Japan, according to the Navy. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2018/01/17/homicide-charges-charges-for-mccain-fitzgerald-commanders/
  7. How to deal

    Simply depends on where you are and what strategic targets are nearby.
  8. Chances are, since that was right around the same time all those princes got arrested.
  9. At this point, I think it's safe to assume they don't give two sh!ts about what we know or believe about that night. Anyone with half a brain between two functioning ears could hear not only shots from different quarters, but different calibers being fired. Not to mention ATC audio relating the secondary (or primary) chaos over on the flight line. Someone other than concert-goers was meant for assassination. The rest was just cover.
  10. Not to mention this country's lack of competent doctors to begin with.
  11. Lemme borrow those drawers from the spy satellite thread. I spent more than enough time flying to know the truth. The astronomy writer Stuart Clark made a video not long ago explaining the FE phenomenon.
  12. Sorry, couldn't help myself.