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  1. A classic tune is the first thing that came to mind as a reply:
  2. The ppbv has dropped considerably in an hour...2249. So maybe mother nature just "pooted". But it does make me wonder what the water temps are in regional lakes.
  3. Breaking! Huge Coronal Mass Ejection

    Excellent post! The USS Kennedy is already under construction. But the Enterprise isn't. Take that money and use it to (as you say), harden the grid. That would go miles for protecting us from two different problems.
  4. And that's why we should embrace her as their leader! I can think of no better Dem candidate for 2020. WTH, put her and Pelosi together. They could put Pelosi's wine company out of biz together!

    Heh heh...no sh!t. Now there have been a few out there that didn't get the memo this is nothing more than a PR stunt for the movie. And they need to have their tongue nailed to a stump and <ahem> ravaged by Ronald. But otherwise...

    And when is the remake of Stephen King's "It" supposed to hit theaters?
  7. Breaking! Huge Coronal Mass Ejection

    Look, if there's somebody better out there, turn me on to them! I'm open to improvement. Until then I must digress to the old saying, "Linky or you stinky". Where does he get his money? I'm pretty sure he has well over 250K subscribers to his website and IIRC, that's $36/yr. His disaster app cost me a one-time $3 or $4 and I'm sure that got at least 100K buyers. So who else is paying him to shill?
  8. Possibly. But if anything really escalates with NK, problems with our southern border will go on the back burner. At that point, we'll need strong farmers and militias to handle that side of the threat.
  9. Breaking! Huge Coronal Mass Ejection

    And deserves every penny he gets since he produces positive results. And give a link to someone disputing him. And Dutch(non)since doesn't count. Anyone who follows either or both of them is well aware of the issues between them.
  10. I believe his regime is held up more by fear. Questions/disloyalty = execution. He's learned well from the Clinton regime.
  11. Unless somebody's got a laser that powerful, I think a simple interceptor missile would be quite sufficient. And if I had a laser system that could drop one from a distance, I'd do what I could to keep it under wraps.
  12. Heh heh...looking for escalation? How about the next missile test Kim has, Japan just shoots it down.
  13. Breaking! Huge Coronal Mass Ejection

    Guess we'll see if you're correct in the next ~48hrs regarding EQs. Enough time has passed from the last two Earth-facing CMEs that this blast must've come from the same sunspots that caused them. Insignificant? Not if it was headed our way! And shill? He deserves some credit since he's running between 75%-80% in successfully predicting M6+ EQs. Show me anyone else doing that!
  14. Best line of the entire ceremony came from the president of the shipbuilding company. "When we got her out of the yards and out to sea, we drove her like we stole her!"
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