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  1. "READY TO SINK..." Not, "prepared to retaliate."
  2. That's what I'm sayin'! The #1 threat...
  3. Didn't know it was going to be that big. Just saw that Comey had travel plans. And that was maybe a couple of days back. But I watched a vid earlier that listed NZ as one of the top five places to survive WWIII.
  4. I know the OP video is listed as having just been uploaded and it's circulating the net today. But isn't this the same video from 2/2016?
  5. I was just trying to be nice. I even read a claim somewhere today that the news of the Vinson headed to Korea originally was a rumor started by SuperStation95. We all know they're a buncha BS. JUST SO MUCH BS OUT THERE TODAY!!!
  6. With that title, I was hesitant to click on it myself. Several years back, I visited a family living in northern Belgium. They lived in an awesome 17th century barn that had been heavily remodeled inside and painted in blinding exterior colors. From seeing the wooden shoes on the back patio to driving just across the border into the Netherlands to visit the High Times coffee shop, it was an incredible experience.
  7. But...what was the last year mentioned by Zager & Evans?
  8. For all the negative stuff I've heard, there's still a ton of people that follow him. No telling what my blood pressure would be if I was still checking BIN.
  9. Yep...kinda caught me off guard with some of his conclusions.
  10. Oh, they'll do fine. They'll still be able to travel border-to-border in an oxen cart. Just remember, you can eat a horse but you can't ride a cow.
  11. LOL! I saw a movie in 1967 called, "The Fouke Monster". Had the original scene with Bigfoot a bit of distance when (walking left to right in the footage) he/she/it turns to face the camera briefly. <sigh> just like so many JFK assassination and UFO films
  12. Just as I've said so many times...he's batshit crazy enough to at least try. IMHO, he's the #1 threat to what little peace this world is clinging to.
  13. https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/tag/galen-winsor-video-debunked/