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  1. Ukshep asked about desensitization a while back. Guess so...it wasn't a white boy gone wild.
  2. AR Mags

    Going back thru threads and finally went to gunmagwarehouse. P-Mag Gen3 30rd on sale for $8.99! And that's not a bulk price! Almost bit off on some ProMags for the High Power but seems I've heard bad news about them along the way.
  3. I lost my original copy of the one I ordered. And now I'm surrounded by machinists.
  4. Understood. I just found it odd that they'd cut vaping items but allow transactions for DIY "exotic" conversion books.
  5. 3/22 Today... Where is the event?

    Yep. Had the feeling it was Monday and all the hidden weekend news appeared today.
  6. Strange. I just used PP Tuesday and ordered a book that details <ahem> how to machine parts for a 10/22. Who remembers Palladin Press?
  7. Like I said back when this insanity began. I'm not so concerned (compared to disappointed) about personal purchases. But when the big banks start cutting off funds to the manufacturers... That's when Trump needs to "unsign" that BS Small Arms Treaty.
  8. 3/22 Today... Where is the event?

    Well the disco ball did indeed burn up. So there's that.
  9. Welcome to spring, eh? A friend in Pax River, MD sent me a pic of their yard yesterday. Not as heavy but... We dodged the bullet locally while central VA got 5-6". It's past time for some warmer wx!
  10. Holy sh!t, Syb! I was making a joke. A crude sexual joke!
  11. YOUTUBE Bans Firearm How-To Videos (merged)

    So what's a good program to d/load YT vids with? But the bast*rds never tell you a 3rd hand comes in handy trying to get the hammer and thumb safety back in a BHP.
  12. YOUTUBE Bans Firearm How-To Videos (merged)

    So take your choice. Take a shot or be hit by one.
  13. Hmmm...the "beacon for all humanity" at that. Beyond the dates, colors, etc. that alone sounds a little ominous.
  14. Apparently on the sheriff?
  15. Makes me wonder which side of the fence the sheriff is on. He has the jurisdiction to stop the mayor, if he wanted to. I really haven't kept up on this whole thing other than the blurbs I see.