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  1. COBO Member

    Where are all the bugs?

    Snakes...the answer is an increased population of snakes.
  2. Oh, the CO will get hammered when it's his turn. His job is to "fight the ship" in a battle and it's his responsibility to train the officers beneath him to take his place if he's incapacitated or dead She got her SWO pin pretty damned fast but on a different type of ship (much larger and slower than a DDG). The accusation is that her OOD quals were "pencil whipped". Everyone up the chain will lie to cover their butts. But with the funding cuts Obama forced on the military, time, money, and manpower for proper training has been at a premium for years. Same with the USAF when looking at their accident rates the past few years.
  3. COBO Member

    What have we gained from America fighting Wars?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you all seem to be speaking English.
  4. Like strolling through an American airport wearing a MAGA ballcap carrying the giveaway NRA bag?
  5. Not as much as they do from Boeing. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/boeing-will-lose-out-on-20-billion-in-iran-deals-as-airbus-ge-impacted-2018-05-08
  6. COBO Member

    Video clip of huge spike in gun sales

    I don't see Ollie's presence as any new road. IMHO, he will never beat Heston's famous, "...from my cold dead hands" proclamation.
  7. COBO Member

    Video clip of huge spike in gun sales

    And despite what some want you to believe, the NRA is far from extinct. Last Friday's speeches by Trump and Pence alone will most likely result in a spike in membership.
  8. Just another attention whore. Nothing to see here...move along.
  9. COBO Member

    4.6 EQ - Southern California...

    It should quiet down a bit since that coronal hole has passed. But I don't anticipate Hawaii settling down for days at best. Never spent any time around the Salton Sea so I'm not surprised I never heard of the place.
  10. Buncha snowflakes...listen up. If you shoot at me you better hit me the first time. You won't get a 2nd chance. Oh wait a minute...nobody's listening. Must all be on your rugs facing east.
  11. I think you need to realize that if your buddy's pointing a gun at me while you're standing there cheering him on, he goes first and you're next.
  12. Guess you missed his speech last Friday slamming both US and Israeli reps that brokered the deal.
  13. Let's say Canada unleashed a barrage of French missiles at the US. Or gee...Russian missiles from Cuba. I'd expect retaliation. Say what you will. If those missiles fly, IMHO, Israel has every right to retaliate. Of course all bets are off after that.
  14. Gee...like we should expect more out of the shining example of education California sets? Let's not forget...the school allowed this until it couldn't! BTW, we typically called it Chula Juana.
  15. COBO Member

    Another aircraft windshield malfunction...

    It happens more often than you think. Not saying that sabotage is out of the question but... Remember waaay back in your elementary school science class when they explained to you that glass is actually a liquid? Even tempered bulletproof glass will spiderweb. Remember how that tiny rock ding on your windshield spread until you had no choice but to replace it? Now think of the glass in aircraft that the inside and outside pressure is constantly fluctuating. A tiny scratch or microfracture will do the same thing.

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