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  1. Oh! I'm so offended! J/K. I give the guys credit for teamwork and precision.
  2. UFO Over Amsterdam Airport?

    I'm thinkin' Red Bull. Got 'em some cosmic wings! But seriously, when the vid gets paused at the end, it does make one wonder just what the hell was that.
  3. UFO Over Amsterdam Airport?

    Just the OP title gave me a chuckle. I mean, c'mon...Amsterdam? Guess I'll watch the vid now.
  4. Dare I throw this out there? Making drugs legal takes away the financial incentive from criminal dealers. Making it legal to import hides and ivory does what? And any deer hunter understands why having at least a weekend doe hunt only serves to increase the population.
  5. Yeah yeah yeah. And beauty's just a light switch away.
  6. "They're ivory. Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry a pearl-handled pistol." - George S. Patton
  7. I'd volunteer to watch every episode of Golden Girls back to back if it got her into prison tomorrow! And anyone that knows me knows that'd be a day in hell for me.
  8. "Fear No Evil" - Robert Heinlein. And that was just a brain transplant.
  9. Yep. It's hard for me to call "brain freeze" without that thousand meter stare.
  10. Flew the wife and my 6yo son over for the holidays. While she was learning to make yakimando, I took him for a stroll down "pink alley". Hookers were so taken by his blond hair, they were coming out giving him Korean won. Heh heh...he paid for the taxi to take us back to the hotel that night.
  11. I really don't wish medical problems on anyone. But if she happened to be driving across the bay bridge during a M9.7 and the bridge collapsed, I'd have to say it was just her time...with a barely discernable grin on my face.
  12. First time in Osan, my project mgr and I had rooms in some hotel just down the road. Saturday at the buttcrack of dawn, sirens started going off across the city and he and I hit the hallway at the same time. NBC drill.
  13. After the results in NJ and VA, along with the sh!t-slingin' fest down in Alabama, the left is going to have a head of steam up in 2020. If they pull off any more major coups before then you can bet at least one out of these three will be put in a position of real power.
  14. It's (liberalism) a rampant plague in California. I mean, all 3 women under discussion here...