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  1. Eve

    Civil War

    I don’t know, I can see this playing out a similar way the first American Civil Wat started - however, it’s not slaves that divide the people, it’s guns. Arguably, an issue better suited to turn brother against brother. It could happen exactly like the first civil war: Texas threatening to secede and taking a few states with them (to gravelly over-simplify). Though, California might beat them to the punch.
  2. In my experience, the default is linked to your IP address and will show the “translate from” as “detect language” and “translate to” as the official language of the country your IP comes from. Additionally, Google will remember what languages you most frequently translate to/from, and may provide the language you use most recently as the default. For me, this is Dutch; and, aside from not having used the program in a while, I haven’t attempted to translate to Spanish in over a year most certainly. (I don’t exactly come across many Spanish people.) So to then, after having met with someone who is Spanish, open the app to see that the default is set to translate to Spanish, seems extremely coincidental - and I don’t believe in coincidence.
  3. I want to think this is cool, but it just feels creepy. Today I met with a Spanish individual, and afterwards I wanted to translate something into Spanish using Google Translate. As a note of context, I think the last time I used Google Translate to translate anything other than Dutch-English is most definitely over a year ago - at least. But, as I open the app, it already has translating to Spanish set. To be honest, this is the first time I've even opened the app in a couple months. The only other way it could have picked up on my desire to translate to Spanish is if my Whatsapp is being listened to; though, I'm certain I haven't persay mentioned "Spain" or "Spanish" in any of my conversations. Hey Google, stop trying to "read my mind" - its disconcerting. Can anyone else attempt this (with any language) to see if it happens to them too? I'm curious.
  4. No way - he’s a musician. It was an overdose in a hotel room.
  5. Yes, why don’t we ask the gingers if they, too, would like reparations. I mean - it’s not like there has been millennia of persecution and genocide against the ginger (because obviously our fiery hair and speckled skin means we are a witch/vampire/demon/the devil himself...). It’s not “racism” because “ginger” isn’t a race - but, I have had my fair share of people being disgusting to me just because of my hair and my freckles. I had picture books meant to make me like my freckles. I was called dirty. ..... *sigh* It’s tough being a ginger. I know @Coventina isn’t ragging on gingers, or anyone else here - I just needed to get it off my chest. Did you know there are no ginger emojis? All sorts of skin tones and hair colors, but no ginger emoji.
  6. Wasn’t taken personal, no worries. ^^ I definitely understand though, I have been training the past two years, and will keep training, as I may one day act on my plans to go minimalist in the Fjords. You’re welcome to join! I don’t know how deep the deep state(s) go, it just seems apparent that there are a few hands pushing in the shadows. Though, as a lowly citizen, what I may perceive as conflicting agendas, may just be one set of hands acting on a puzzle with which I only have a couple pieces.
  7. Amen. Can’t take the sunglasses off now.
  8. Well ... it isn’t as if there is just one deep state, so no matter which side you’re on or corner your in: someone has some thumbs in some pies. At this point, the only assumption I make is that everything I see is being controlled, directly or indirectly.
  9. And manipulate light so that it’s always prime egg laying season, which shortens their life span to less than a year. And cut off their beaks so they can’t inflict self harm. And, since certain chickens are bread as layers and you obviously only need the females, the male chicks are immediately separated at birth and thrown into a useless killing machine. And that’s just chickens. What a surprise there is a salmonella scare. /sarc Though I wouldn’t wish salmonella poisoning on my worst enemy, bad stuff. It can be extremely dangerous for children and elderly, with the most subtle of dangers being a febrile seizure caused by a high fever. (The body doesn’t convulse, or have any other normal symptoms, aside from the eyes.)
  10. @Dr. Evil I am speaking for myself, of course, but it’s less about believing or giving the evil ones a pass - it’s more that with recent technological advancements that have been made public, such a video would be immediately dismissed as a fake (certainly by the Clintons). Plus, there are numerous ways to fake such a video - and I won’t be watching said video (thanks, but definitely no thanks) in attempts to verify validity. Besides, the dark web is full of “artistic” snuff films. (So what I’m saying, is the films already exist and it would be as simple as the fake porn videos.) Do I believe that straight up evil exists and makes up TPTB? Without a doubt. I don’t know what other’s opinions of Dr. Stephen Greer are, but I believe he is telling the truth - and he’s got a story about some high up guy (the type above the “highest” politicians/leaders) who wants to help create a global cataclysm in order to bring about the second coming of Christ. Not to mention all the stories from people in the military who witnessed allied officials having sex-slave boys chained to their bed. The world is a ducked up place. However, the sheeple believe such evils only exist in Hollywood and will easily believe the evil ones when they say the video is fake. So radical and disturbing is the description of the video, that I believe the leak will only create more alienation of the conspiracy community. It sucks, but that’s psychology. Arguably, someone with a strong stomach could analyze the footage for tell signs of video manipulation, or even look at the meta data. P.S. Should the film surface, and someone here is willing, do some blurring and give us the liveleak link please. Thank you in advance.
  11. Mjeh - don’t even need CG, just decent special effects makeup and low lighting (this is why I chose my avatar, a reminder to always question what I see). That, and the face-to-face program mentioned before. But, if the video exists it wouldn’t matter, real or fake: it’s too much and too far for the sheeple to accept. There is a great bit from the series Stranger Things; a couple of the kids want to expose the crazy sci-if black projects happening under their city to the press, but they get told that they have to soften the pill. The people won’t believe the truth, so you have to “water it down”.
  12. Hello! We are a “keep calm, and carry on” type of people. Though, we are, of course, concerned - but we are also a small country with little global pull, so we’re mostly just watching the political theatre unfold too. How is it on the other side of the pond?
  13. Makes sense, thanks! I usually have no idea what I’m listening to, but like poking around. I’d love to translate some of Morse and binary that I come across. Did find a French AM station teaching Chinese today - funny stuff.
  14. Sorry, USB. ‘^^ Ah-hah, yea “dew point” makes more sense. I was thinking the same thing, I’ve run a cross a few since my OP - one was really clear and from Kopenhagen. I believe wind speed/direction and barometric pressure were also mentioned - so just run of the mill airfield stuff then?