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  1. Actually ... giving some sort of calming medication may very well be the cause of death. At least for cats, you're not really supposed to give them any sort of "calming" medication when on a flight. It's pretty counter-intuitive, especially because it seems like the better idea to just let the animal sleep during their ride, but the medication elevates their blood pressure. Additionally, simply being on the flight raises their blood pressure. This can lead to cardiac arrest, and vets will usually not recommend taking a pet with you on a flight unless there is really isn't any other option. Certain airlines provide specialised cabins for animals also flying, or allow the animals to be in the public cabin if their carrier can fit in front of your feet.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think calling Kim would work. I think the biggest farce North Korea has managed to promote (and I'm aware of their claims to have landed on the sun) is convincing the rest of the globe that the man-child Kim Jong Un actually runs that country. It would certainly be in the private country's interests to keep the ruling officials unknown - I bet they don't leave whatever underground complex they actually run from. This is probably one of the biggest problems in trying to dismantle North Korea.
  3. This thread is for discussion of the book, the other thread is for discussing the workings of the book club (such as suggesting a book for a later pick). ^^
  4. I'm thrilled by the enthusiasm! We're starting this week! And discussions over the first 4 chapters are now open on the [BC] George Orwell's "1984" forum. Each week, starting on Monday*, will be dedicated to a new set of chapters with the whole week open for discussion. Haven't caught up on the reading? That's fine! You have a whole week to "catch up" on the reading. The only real rule is: please only discuss the things we've already read. It goes as a given, but because with "1984" it seems we've all read the book: be wary of accidentally posting spoilers. Personally, it's been a long time since I've read "1984" and am enthusiastic to re-experience some key moments through the eyes of my older self. That being said! If there is any comment or complaint, please discuss that here so we can keep the book club focused on the book at hand. ^^ *I know in the forum it says "Sunday", but I would like to use Sunday as the closing day and Monday as the start of the next set of chapters/week.
  5. Hey, Dutch! I'll give this a good listen to later, see if I can pull any nuances out of the language. Very interesting find. ^^
  6. This isn't a problem only affecting the States and it scares me. Without the ability to discuss different, often opposing, views: we're doomed to stagnate at best. I understand where this problem comes from as it sucks to be the recipient of hurtful remarks. Sometimes it physically pains me to talk with someone with whom it feels is "too stubborn" to understand the "obvious wisdom" I'm bestowing upon them. And it's definitely upsetting to some degree to consider myself a peace wanting, left wing, liberal democrat who's ideas are generalised and dismissed; accompanied with words like "libtard" and "special snowflake". It's exhausting to spend time with research in order to form a well-thought opinion, only to be dismissed by someone uninterested in hearing another's point-of-view; uninterested, it seems, in finding the root of the problem and finding a solution. Aside from the left wing aspects of the above, I feel all sides relate to these feelings. Freedom of speech is largely the thing that distinguishes democratic communities from oppressed communities. I thought segregation was a blunder in the past that we agreed shouldn't be repeated, yet now we are separating people by skin colour, sex, and sexual preference: safe spaces. To narrow it down to the most basic of happenings, certain people are denying other people access to public spaces based on their opinions. This dangerous solution is objective to the opinions of the majority. Furthermore, this creates an echo chamber where only agreeing opinions reflect off each other. The banning of so-called "hate speech" and the creation of "safe spaces" opens the door to a very dystopian civilisation. Minority opinions are already met with hostility and violence; with people who speak out, and stand up for their opinion faced with forceful resignation from jobs and schools. Should this continue, we're likely to see mass punishment in order to correct "hateful opinions" and "hate speech" (how fitting that I'm starting a book club here beginning with George Orwell's "1984"). But, in what form? Incarceration seems unlikely, especially in a country such as the USA with their already high incarceration rates. Though, the forcing of individuals to attend classes or counselling (as they do for individuals with misdemeanours attributed with anger problems) seems more likely. Here individuals would be taught what they can and cannot say, and how they are to respect the physical and mental boundaries of others. Of course, like most dystopian systems, this is innately flawed. The whole system overlooks a seat of hypocrisy that's unavoidable when putting restrictions on constitutional rights. I don't mean to diminish the power words have by saying this. I felt my heart skip and sputter as I heard the words, "I just don't love you anymore." I believe pro lifers feel the fear of "murder" as they fight for lives yet born. Though, I don't believe in hate speech. If anything, I'd call it "disrespectful speech" and it comes from all sides. At this point, the waters are so muddied with disrespect that it's exhausting to try and put a good word out there. It would be easier to just take a step back and watch it all burn down; thinking maybe, just maybe, it'll rise up from the ashes and embers better and stronger. So then, what is the solution? To keep the conversation going with respect to each other and our opinions. To accept that not everyone is going to agree with you, but be willing to be open minded to what someone has to share with you. To choose to convey your opinion progressively, rather than needing to diminish the other. Don't call names. Don't belittle someone when they disagree. Are these not the things you'd like others to do for you? I find it's not always easy. But fortunately, we're not so dystopian yet - so I can still say, cuss, and judge you all I want in my head. ^^
  7. Thank you @foxtrot2000 and @winter squash for your suggestions! They've been added to the list. ^^ Once the time comes, we'll sort out the best way to choose a new book. I hobby in special fx makeup.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion! I've started a list, and once we're done, we can vote on a new book. ^^ Cool! That sounds great. ^^
  9. @DRUMZ @Jostler @winter squash @Ukshep Please tag anyone else you think may be interested! (Sorry for the inbox spam, wanted to give those who are interested a direct invitation to the post.)
  10. Thanks for the support! Here is again the link for the pdf: http://www.planetebook.com/ebooks/1984.pdf Of course, I always suggest getting your hands on a physical copy. (I'm pro writing in books. Though if you're lending, post-it notes help scratch that itch. ) With the pdf above, I feel obligated to say that it's only legally free if "1984" is out of copyright in your country. Unless anyone objects, I think the best way to handle this is having a set of chapters to discuss per week; with the week resetting every Sunday. But because this Sunday is so close, I figured we'd have a slightly longer starting week: give people the chance to get their hands on the book and start reading. I'd like to start with chapters 1-4. Above is the forum we'll be using for on-topic discussion, and for the semantics of how the book club works: we can discuss that here. Since it's a new idea, anything is up for discussion such as frequency or the amount of chapters per week. Thanks for the support and I hope you all enjoy the book club too!
  11. Until April 30th, this forum is for discussing chapters 1 - 4 ! Please be kind and avoid discussing elements from later in the book <3 Anyone can jump in at anytime, though it's helpful if you're caught up with the reading. Each new week (starting on Sunday) we'll begin discussing a new set of chapters. http://www.planetebook.com/ebooks/1984.pdf (Be wary of local copyright laws.) If you're interested in suggesting a new book or ways to make this book club even more awesome, start a conversation over here:
  12. Cool! Just a quick poll to talk about schedules before we start! ^^
  13. Since there seems to be some interest in a book club, I thought I'd poll the community for organisation. I'll assume if you vote you're also interested in participating. Personally, I'm open for a few chapters a week as it allows us to focus on certain concepts and talk about them. As for how often we'd "get together" to chat: I'd like to accommodate everyone's busy schedules. ^^ And if it turns out well, maybe we can choose another book to read when we're done.
  14. At this point, there is no excuse for not reading 1984. http://www.planetebook.com/ebooks/1984.pdf I'd be interested in "book clubbing" this, since the last time I truly sat down with a group of people to have a conversation about it was in high school.
  15. According to Mrs. Pence, the sword doesn't stand that tall.