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  1. Well doesn't this give off an ironic sense of foreshadowing.
  2. Deep breaths Shep; your community is what you bring to it. So, focus these icky vibes towards hoping and praying that if something does happen today, as few lives are put in harms way as possible with the ideal being none.
  3. Nice! Big questions indeed, here is a good kickstart for what, how, why, and why not: This one explains the double slit experiment, and why it's important. This is a sequel to the part above, and explains retrocausality related to quantum mechanics. This one answers the lotto question: Aaand this one explains why the above video can't happen (yet ) (The first part of the video discusses the ninja particle, the lottery explanation begins at 4:00).
  4. UFOs in the Backyard

    Yep! Though I don't think we get nearly as many as you guys in The States. It was the first thing I noticed from this batch, but alas - mos def a lens flare. Wait, what? I'll keep snapping shots and post anything I find. I want to setup a GoPro to take shots periodically too - though I feel I was pretty lucky with this find. I didn't anticipate that this area would be busy, so it'll be interesting if I can find anything else. Thanks for the support. ^^
  5. UFOs in the Backyard

    Yeeea, kinda. I did some light googling, and the tails are always more compact. While I was zooming in and editing the contrast, it would sometimes look like a pyramid. Though this shot looks like some weird glowing, crude, figure 8 sort of shape at the very tip. I snapped more photos a couple hours later, but it wasn't there anymore. Makes sense as it seems it was already on the move. Unfortunately this photo isn't as sharp: (I'm lucky that when the sky is clear, it's gorgeous. ^^)
  6. UFOs in the Backyard

    Cheers Shep! They are indeed interesting. ^^
  7. Hmm, the image embedding doesn't seem to be working ...
  8. If you've been following my decent down the rabbit hole, I've managed to take some snaps of the sky. Earlier, I discussed some crazy aerial happenings going on above me: I wanted to take photos of the moon the past couple of nights, but it was too cloudy. However, both nights there was a strange glow shining through the clouds. It looked like it was the moon, at least it shone with a blueish silver colour like that of the moon. But, according to my expectations and what my star app shows me, this was a complete 180* from where the moon was supposed to be. The first night I didn't think to take a photo of it, because I figured it wouldn't show up as I don't have a more decent camera than my phone to use at the moment. Last night I realised I could adjust the settings and increased the exposure time, but over shot it. I would've taken another photo if the glow hadn't disappeared; the rest of the night it seemed to periodically and slowly shift position, though maintaining the same area. Today, because it's been nothing but clear skies, I snapped photos just of the sky. My thinking here, is many UFO stories start with "well I was just take some aerial shots, and when I reviewed the photos ... " So, I'm just periodically taking aerial shots to see what I get, and I got something! No idea what it is, my boyfriend says it's probably a meteor/asteroid - there was one that passed by today. I can't manage to see it's orbital path, but I don't think that's what it is. This website tracks near Earth objects, and says that it passed by today at 08:04 but I took the photo at 18.48. It also wasn't visible with the naked-eye. The whole album from today: https://imgur.com/gallery/ku2wc Curious to see what you guys think.
  9. I have an idea ... This is overwhelmingly frustrating, because my research leads me to believe this to be a poorly constructed fake - I guess as click bait for the channel and that's annoying. 7:17 minutes in, YouTube has a fun slowmo setting - check it out for yourself, what is that sharp black shape that seems to reveal our physically improbable "Nibiru"? https://i.imgur.com/f2qiPrC.png Unfortunately it's difficult to see, so I took a screen shot and adjusted the contrast ... I was at least surprised. https://i.imgur.com/CAPb9RO.jpg https://i.imgur.com/rsuNA1L.jpg https://i.imgur.com/j9Iw9gL.jpg https://i.imgur.com/egte1Ht.jpg So, what is that? To me it looks like a masking filter in the shape of a star. You could do it in After Effects like so, for example: Do I seem salty? I'm a bit salty. In all of the the videos where they parse the original video and enhance the footage for clarity, why don't we see this obvious star shape? At the very least we have evidence of video editing that goes unmentioned. Cool, but what are the celestial coordinates? If someone can tell the rest of us exactly where to point the telescopes, rather than some vague "NW in Alabama", then we might have a serious discussion. Sorry if my English isn't perfect, it's not my first language. I certainly hope the presence of any spelling or grammar errors can be overlooked for the sake of scientific discussion. Seriously though, can you speak the other two languages you know with near perfect accuracy? It seems borderline trollish to dismiss the logical argument presented by an acclaimed professional in the field because of a spelling error.
  10. Which latitude are you? We're 52N, so it's normal for us to have the sun set so late, I've sat on the beach and watched the sun disappear right at midnight. ^^ Indeed too far south, what truly baffles me though is that just a few nights ago during the full moon, the moon was rising and falling at a relatively "normal" position for us. Better said: between the full moon and last night, the moon seems to have shifted in position by 30 degrees. This would suggest our own planet is wobbling like an unsteady top, right? Seriously, with something so noticeable (and indeed being noticed) what is the vanilla explanation for this? How are MS scientists explaining this one away?
  11. I've been mulling over the weird things I've noticed this past week, and this shit has gotten crazier. My interest got piqued when I read this post: See, I didn't reply at the time because I thought I would just tell another anecdote, but the day before my boyfriend was making a quick and dirty sundial and showed it off to his father. He used his phone's compass in order to get it accurate and I managed to determine the time within five minutes, but his father immediately dismissed it as wrong. "North is over there, because the sun sets over there," he insisted; my father-in-law takes walks everyday and he vacations at ideal hiking places, so he prides himself in being rather outdoorsy and, at the very least, direction-ally capable without technology. Their play-argument ended with my father-in-law declaring my boyfriend let his phone fall too many times, and that the internal compass was no longer accurate. According to our phones, "north" was maybe a few degrees right from where the sun was setting. Then a few nights ago I saw a UFO. At first I thought it was just a star, with maybe 1/10th the brightness of the North Star, but it began to move. It was moving at least three times more quickly than a plane flies overhead and I don't believe it to have been a meteor - I've seen plenty and it didn't move that fast. Plus, it travelled in a fairly tight and smooth arc, for what that's worth. Finally, last night: quite typically, my boyfriend and I were sitting outside last night around 1:30 in the morning. The first weird thing we noticed was a plane lit up like a Christmas tree. It was flying low enough that geometric detail was discernible such as the tail and wings, and all the lights were on - but even lights I didn't know existed on a plane, and it was all very, very bright. The Netherlands isn't a big country: you can drive across it in three hours, but we have one of the biggest airports in Europe and I've seen planes overhead at all sorts of altitudes and at all times of day, so when I say all lights were on and they were bright, I mean it. It was weird. But it was quite cloudy at the time, so the anomaly was gone as quick as we had noticed it. However, about five minutes later, another plane comes flying the same route and was also lit up like a Christmas tree. This one, I noticed, was super bright from the cockpit and the passenger windows (like the first) and I imagined that was fairly easy to explain. But lights all along the belly, the wings, and the tail - the tail itself looked like it was an LCD screen displaying red. I'm not saying the plane had an LCD screen as panelling for it's tail, just that's how it looked - how bright and lit up it was. Now, the sun does set rather late here (in the summer it sets around 11:00 - 11:30, we're also a super flat place) - but at this point there was no sun light left in the sky to be reflecting off of the planes. We didn't see any more planes that night, but as the clouds started to dissipate we did notice a very bright moon in a very different spot. I know the moon shifts progressively a little throughout the month, but this was a good 30 degrees or more to the left of where the moon normally rises and falls for us. What's going on? Did anyone else notice a crazy shift in the position of the moon in their sky last night? I'm going to see if I can take pictures tonight, if it's not cloudy ... if it's even the same?
  12. Close. Programmer at a video game school and Halloween gets competitive. I dabble in FX art. Only in FX art is this a compliment.
  13. I'd like to point out this article, and the study within, regards the decline in population of land animals - with a scientist saying it's a bit too soon to say we're in the midst of a mass extinction event. I don't need a study to compile all the aquatic life die-off (though it'd be nice) to know that: yea, sumtin up. We're long past the canary singing; our planet is shutting down. I mean FFS, we're at war with the orcas: And they can hear the difference between an empty net being pulled up, and a full one.
  14. This seems less about putting sanctions on Russia, and more about putting Trump in this position publicly. Funny how the Senate managed to be almost unanimous on this bill, I'm sure it's some diluted and crazy version of whatever they started with. But it's not the content of the bill that matters, it's context - if Trump decides to veto, it'd be the first of his presidency. This is the political equivalent of asking, "who's side are you on?" I don't think the real movers and shakers behind this expect the bill to make it through Congress, one of three things can happen: 1 - He signs it in. After all, it would look very bad for him using the first veto of his presidency to "protect Russia". With tension resting on what agreements were made at the summit, which lead to a cease fire in Syria, it could look bad for his foreign relations if he did so. Additionally, his signing it in would allow Dems to claim that Trump acknowledges Russian interference in the election. 2 - He vetos it. It wouldn't be too bad for domestic relations; he'd defend his decision by saying the sanctions are "too harsh" or "too lenient" on Russia, and that forcing the bill to run through the House would shape the bill better. I feel like people in the Senate are trying to trap Trump into this scenario which would give them a few new words to repeat every time they brought up impeachment. 3 - The pocket veto. Considering the political climate globally right now, I'd recommend putting all bets on Trump being "too busy" to ever actually sign it in, and then whenever someone tries to bring it up, he'll just bash the bill as being a "bad bill" and was never fit to pass through the Congress in the first place.
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