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  1. Doom off. I don’t know where the date Nov 25 is being pulled from, but the “Saturday” in the OP’s video was the Saturday proceeding Sep 21 - the date of the emergency broadcast. We covered this already: But, this isn’t to say that it isn’t worth reviewing again. Apparently, the article disclosed exactly which exploit was used in the hack: “‘We have confirmed that we were fed an incorrect audio file,’ said Dennis Johnson, a spokesman for Spectrum.” Feed the system a replicated audio file with some extra background information, which then dupes a radio frequency.
  2. This is like asking, ‘what is the difference between a square and a rectangle?’ As is: a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. “Murder”, by definition, is the taking of human life by a human; and a depopulation event could occur naturally. Additionally, depopulation could be used to mean placing legislation that would, over time, reduce the population (see China One Child policy). If the depopulation event was of natural causes, despite mass death, could not be called “mass murder” unless the event was unnaturally created by humans, or, arguably, by any species as self aware, if not more so. Of course, it’s hard to have a discussion about population control without having to answer some very hard moral and existential questions; with many making the assumption that population control requires a depopulation event. Unfortunately, this has hindered potential progress in handling exponentially growing populations. Truly, nature is already very good at population control - as is evident by observing prey vs predator populations. Occasionally, a species will find itself in an ecosystem where it has the greater advantage, causing the balance to be greatly shifted; but, nature is good at correcting this too. At some point, and likely soon, our population will reach a natural threshold that will reduce our numbers. Excluding exclusively man made scenarios: population density in underdeveloped countries facilitates the spreading of disease, resources are already dwindling, fresh water takes time to recycle and is a limited resource, natural weather phenomenon and space weather are evidently intensifying. These things are only made worse by human interference. Population density in areas prone to wildfires only serves to make the fires easier to spread and the environment more dry. The majority of the world’s fresh water resource exists as ice and is rapidly melting; which has the addded problem of disrupting the ecosystem in the oceans, which are already threatened by mass fishing and underwater experiments. There is a huge dependence on complex technology that is vulnerable to electromagnetic disruption. Housing is constructed in areas known to be prone to natural disasters (ie. flooding planes, barrier islands, earthquake prone areas near fracking operations). This adds two new levels of complexity to the original question: depopulation is inevitable, and is a rapidly increasing threat. The morality of the situation can be seen using a philosophy problem: You are stranded on a boat with a group of people. On the boat is enough resources for one week. However, among the people are, elderly, children, and even a couple people who are quite sick - nothing serious, but they do require more resources and use of medical supplies. Even with extreme rationing, it’s obvious the supplies will be used after two weeks. Unfortunately, there are no flares or other means of attempting to contact for help. What do you do?
  3. I understand that the eclipse is in 2022, but could that not be a red-herring? Why not 2020? To be fair, a XX22 happens once a millennia, whereas 2020 happens but once. And, has 2 two’s instead of 3. Still trying to comprehend it all, and it just keeps growing.
  4. You have no idea....

    You tease. I feel we’re being prepped for a “nothing burger” joke ... please don’t be a nothing burger joke.
  5. Well, I managed to post the reply after exiting an opening the tab anew. Still, I’ve never had such an isolated lack of functionality before. Curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar?
  6. AI singularity next week

    I wonder if an AGI would find significance and symbology in numbers related to logic systems? I can’t help but think 11/11 at 11.11 is a series of eight ones: a full binary string. The numerical value is 255; however, it’s also all “on”. Was that photo Q gave us of China actually from inside a plane? Or could it have been from a satellite? If Q is an A(G)I, it would have no problem doing that. This all feels weird. Really, really weird. (Was having trouble with only this tab, hopefully it works this time.)
  7. Trying to post in this thread: I was making a response to @periclymenoides about how I, too, am beginning to consider Q is an AI. I was also questioning wether an AI would be interested in numerical symbology related to 11/11 at 11.11 being a full bit string of ones: indicating all positions are “on”. https://ibb.co/iRuuxb (screenshot of exactly what I was trying to post) However I couldn’t submit the reply, no matter my tapping on the submit button - it just wouldn’t work. In fact, the touches for the reply box were slow, to not responsive at all, after I finished typing. No amount of refreshing the page solved the problem, and the reply box and submit buttons do work in other tabs. I find this weird. And, alarmingly coincidental considering the subject matter.
  8. AI singularity next week

    Maybe tomorrow? 11/11 at 11.11?
  9. 1111 Code Broken

    Noticed an interesting connection between threads. On the 7th of this month, a man by the name of Quinn Michaels informed Jason Goodman, during a live interview, that the AI singularity would occur sometime this week. The interview is long, at a little over an hour, and my first reaction towards the first 15 minutes is to disregard the interviewee since he provides information that contradicts himself a few times. However, I believe in synchronicities - whether there is some truth to what he says or not ... ... he led me here: https://singularitynet.io/ Question(s) - where did this “code” come from? The video is unavailable on YouTube proper, but available here. This is from the 4chan QAnon posts? I’m unable to locate the origin of this new puzzle, aside from a YT channel that does not go into further detail (yet). Maybe the singularity happens tomorrow. If this was from “Q”, than maybe Q is an AI. Hmm, so curious. What a rabbit hole, indeed.
  10. I’d give you more if there was, but there wasn’t much on this end. Only a very little amount of info was given. https://nos.nl/artikel/2202063-medewerkers-dhl-op-schiphol-geevacueerd-om-verdacht-pakketje.html “Op Schiphol is vanavond een sorteercentrum van pakketdienst DHL ontruimd geweest omdat er een verdacht pakketje was gevonden. Een explosievenhond was erop aangeslagen. Rond 22.45 uur kwam de Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie aan om het pakket te onderzoeken. Tientallen DHL-medewerkers moesten tijdens dat onderzoek buiten wachten. Een uur later bleek dat het loos alarm was en konden de medewerkers weer aan de slag.” Tonight at Schiphol, the DHL cargo center was evacuated because a suspicious package was found. A bomb-dog was brought in. Around 22.45 the Explosives Cleanup Department came to inspect the package. Much of the DHL personnel were required to wait outside during the inspection. An hour later it turned out to be a false alarm and the personnel could return to work. That’s, literally, all she wrote.
  11. II / 5 Lights Out

    My guess is OP is one of “them” and it’s a scare tactic? Drop a “hint” on an opposing forum and then peace out.
  12. II / 5 Lights Out

    Remember, remember, the 5th of November: the gun powder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder and treason should ever be forgot.
  13. Cheers, but it isn’t my blog! I only just found it; the author is certainly intelligent though. This is all quite fascinating and lines up with personal research I’ve been conducting. Why do you call it a snow globe? That has me very curious, I imagine an understanding - but, would be quite interested in your explanation. ^^ I call it the quantum box, which in my analogy functions much like a computer does in our dimension. This bodes nicely with the idea of trying to “open” the quantum box; with our 3 dimensional computers, if we were to open them, we would not find the internet - but, rather, the guts and components that allow the computer to access it. Personally, I always accepted The Bible to be, along with other religious texts, a fascinating interpretation from people describing science without having the background knowledge to fully interpret it. Of course, immaculate pregnancies and reviving the dead are only a couple of the “magical” things occurring regularly now. Again, thank you for sharing this information - quite the synchronicity on the path in researching the hidden sciences of our universe tucked away in ancient texts and imagery.
  14. Very interesting! You’ve set me on a path, thank you. http://rebelscience.blogspot.nl/2017/08/occult-physics-will-blow-your-mind.html “Seraphim - Photons Seraphim (singular, seraph) is a plural hebrew word that means the shining or burning ones. They are mentioned in the books of Revelation and Isaiah. They symbolize pure energetic particles and their properties. I have identified them as photons. There are 4 types of seraphim and each one has a different face property: man, lion, bull or eagle. One of the seraphim (the one with the bull's face) is responsible for electric phenomena and the other three for magnetic phenomena. The face of each seraph is associated with one of the 4 spatial dimensions (degree of freedom) of the cosmos. Each face has 2 possible states or orientations, forward or backward. It is more or less equivalent to what quantum physicists call the "spin angular momentum" of a particle, except that there really is no spin. In all, the seraphim can have 8 possible orientations or spin states, 2 for each face. Two of the orientations, the ones associated with the face of a bull, determine whether or not the particle is involved with a positive or negative electric field. The other 6 states are responsible for magnetic phenomena. Every seraph has energy properties which are symbolized by 6 wings. Unlike cherubim (explanation below), seraphim have no bodies or mass. Two of the wings of a seraph are used for motion, two are associated with its face and two with its feet. Yes, all matter particles have a property called feet (bull or calf hooves) which allow them to move in one direction of the 4th dimension at the speed of light. Wings, feet and hands are powerful metaphors the meaning of which I cannot expand on at this time. I will explain them further in future articles. ... “