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  1. Well - pardon me for the extreme delay in response, but it definitely wasn't a good omen. Long story short, yesterday was the second funeral for my immediate family in three weeks. :c Also sorry for the late response! That is me, and that is 100% makeup and lightweight acrylic glass. I have a hobby of special effects makeup and prop and I did this for Halloween a couple years ago. It seemed fitting as my avatar considering it fits the theme that you can't always trust what you see. ;)
  2. Definitely not pregnant, and I'm engaged with an unanimous agreement to wait for marriage until we've both finished uni. ^^ Thanks!
  3. I'm curious if anyone with some spiritual and divination knowledge could tell me what the omen is for a hare crossing your path? Tonight its -6(c) outside, the coldest it's been yet this winter. Despite knowing it definitely won't be snowing, I decided to take a peak out the window and saw the hare. He hopped right into view and I watched him hop all the way down the street. He paused briefly in front of the house, but that's probably because I was trying to get my fiancé to come look and heard me. I know he was a hare due to his long ears and big back legs, and he was easily a couple times bigger than a house cat. I've been in this house for two winters already and this is the first hare I've ever seen. Google has a lot of information about rabbits, so I've come here to see if someone could provide me with more. I found it curiously interesting; with or without spiritual meaning. Cheers!
  4. Indeed it is very awesome! And indeed it's the paratroopers, Silver Wings are their names and now that I've seen some more of their stuff I realise I went into the wrong profession. And I believe it was archer's who used to "rain fire" on their foes as an effective kill/scare tactic.
  5. Oops, got ahead of myself before reading all the way to the end. '^^ The Boca Raton Police Department had this to say: Which is a perfectly well explanation and for the right time too. I still find it weird the formations and the use of flares for a practice jump ... at night. I'll do more research after dinner. ^^
  6. Uuumm ... guys? http://cbs12.com/news/local/ufo-strange-lights-appear-in-the-sky-over-boca-raton I was initially inclined to think "oh, another AfterEffects job - man, remember when PhotoShop was the rage?" and then I took to the twitter page to see what others where responding with. Ladie and Gents, we may have a real sighting on our hands. (In response to "we've already have had real sightings" : they're getting flashier now. There's only one reason to be using lights like that: someone is trying to get our attention.)
  7. I won't warn you of demons or spiritual parasites, though you should be wary to prevent psychosis. By this I mean you're opening Pandora's Box, and being unable to obtain any valid "proof" of your experience and encounters will likely leave you alone with whatever you deem to be the "truth". Anyways, there is a controversial psychedelic drug called Dimethyltryptamine (also known as "DMT"). If you've already heard about DMT it's probably because of a drink produced in South America, most popular now in Peru, called ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is an ancient drink created by shaman that facilitates a spirit walk. Because this drink is protected as a religious item/tradition, it can be consumed legally worldwide - even in America, by going to special temples. They will guide you through a weekend long session of spirit walking using the drink. Although it's unknown when exactly the indigenous peoples of South America began using ayahuasca, it's clear they have been doing so for many, many centuries. When Christian missionaries first came across the drink and it's users in the 16th century, it was believed they were witnessing communication with the Devil. However, such sentiments have long been pushed aside as researchers and botanists attempt to understand more about the chemical dimethyltrptamine; the chemical that gives ayahuasca it's "spirit walk" capabilities. Only two ingredients are required to make ayahuasca, aside from water: the leaves that contain the DMT and the vine that protects the DMT's chemical bond as it passes through your digestive system, making it orally active. These ingredients are boiled in water to make a kind of tea, and most shamans strongly advise against taking the drink without an official shaman to watch over you (as they believe brujos, "witches", trick tourists into drinking an altered version of the dink allowing the brujo to steal their souls). What is most curious is how the ancient shamans knew to combine these two plants, from all the plants available in the Amazon, in order to make the chemical from the vine orally active. Without the vine the DMT from the leaves would be broken down in the digestive tract and would never reach the blood stream; it's thanks to harmala alkaloids found in the vine that the DMT doesn't get oxidised by digestive enzymes. Another way to take the drug is inhaling it, similar to weed (also in the sense that you need to bind the weed to something if you cook it, otherwise it won't have any effect taken orally, aka "eaten", and this is often done with butter for weed). Though most places consider this illegal, even though most people consider this to be the better method. Drinking ayahuasca will provide you a "trip" of nearly 6 to 8 hours, with the peak hitting roughly an hour or two after initially drinking, and often forces the user to purge their system by throwing up (similar to peyote). Whereas smoking it provides you a dream like trip that lasts roughly 15 minutes, but can feel much longer to the user as the trip is occurs in body and mind (like a dream). Individuals who have taken DMT (in either form) usually describe having been guided spiritually through their life, their world, and sometimes even the universe; having contact with the dead or other-worldly beings. Even from the individuals who didn't have a pleasant trip, still say that DMT has awoken them spiritually and allowed them to learn a lot about themselves and how to be the best version of themselves they can be. Scientifically DMT continues to stump researches as no one is certain why this chemical exists in nature, considering that it's not just found in plants but also most animals (ourselves included) naturally produce this chemical. What roll it plays in our dreams at this point uncertain, though that seems to be the only logical day-to-day use our bodies have for the chemical; otherwise we obtain, at least, two huge kicks of it in our lives: when we are born and when we die. Scientists theorise that near death experiences that provide contact with loved ones or holy spirits are in fact caused by our brains producing DMT, though no definitive studies have been done to confirm this. Should this be the reason our bodies are provided with the chemical, what purpose does a plant or tree have with it? However there is an alternative to both methods in which you tap into your natural production of the chemical (and it does not include nearly - but not actually, killing yourself). The unhealthy method would be to not sleep for a few days as your body does regularly produce DMT and release it while you sleep and by not allowing it the ability to do so: this is what will provide you hallucinations from lack of sleep. After this point, the next time you do go to sleep, you'll be doing so with more DMT active in your body than normal. The more healthy option is to practice lucid dreaming, though that comes with it's own set of risks such as sleep paralysis. Lucid dreaming is believed to be the most natural way to explore the third eye of the brain and what exactly it means to do is is also not completely understood. Considering our brains are the original quantum computers, it's understandable that we don't fully comprehend all the things our brains can do and why. Since I have personally never consumed or, in any other artificial means, have taken the drug I cannot confirm or deny the results of DMT. Though I have begun working towards lucid dreaming (a process that can take anywhere from a week to a couple months), though I also have yet to officially become lucid in one of my dreams. Please be careful though, and don't attempt or take anything without doing your own research of course. Additionally, your soul is immortal as all energies are neither created nor destroyed, and seeing as we don't understand the definitive of our souls completely, it's important to proceed with caution always.
  8. I was thinking about this the other day - obviously 9/11 was an inside job because had it come from outside they would've attacked on the 9 of November. :P Fun fact - dialing "911" in Europe will automatically transfer you to the emergency hotline and, in some cases, directly to an English speaking operator should you be unable to remember "112".
  9. If you watch to the end, credits are provided for the individuals who created, what they call, an art/film "project". It was uploaded to YouTube in 2012. Pardon me for sounding cheeky, but if you're interested in doing research about this film it's quite easy to begin. I haven't checked, but I guarantee there is a subreddit for this. In there you'll probably find a summarized list of every detail and to what it could relate to, in addition to any related content and videos.
  10. I would say I couldn't get through the fist two sentences, but there are none. I made it through two lines before my mind told me to go fornicate with myself. But I agree - it appears to be hacked. Has the DNC learned nothing?
  11. http://now.howstuffworks.com/2016/06/20/what-happens-presidential-candidate-dies Short version: If before the public vote - appropriate comity chooses, independently, a new candidate. If there is enough time they will reprint new ballots, however if there is not enough time - the old ballots are used and any votes for the "deceased" candidate are counted towards the new party nominee. If between the public and electoral vote - the appropriate comity chooses, independently, a new candidate. The public does not re-vote, all votes for the "deceased" candidate count for the new nominee. However, only a handful of states have laws requiring the electors to vote in accordance with the public vote and there are no laws in place forcing electors to vote for the replacement candidate should the previous candidate become "deceased". After the electoral vote - should the winner become "deceased" after the electoral vote count but before inauguration, normal rules of succession apply. (Obviously nothing out of the ordernary would occur should the "deceased" candidate not be the winner, as was the case with Horace Greeley.) It should be clear here that at no point are the public or electors voting for "Hillary" or "Trump" but rather "Democrat" or "Republican". For this reason the DNC and GOP are able to choose a replacement candidate without consent of the public. It should also be noted that both the DNC and GOP have their own rules concerning what should happen if their candidate is unable to continue their political run before the electoral vote. There are a few gaps in these solutions that have the potential to "stop" the election. Seeing as it's unclear when the winning candidate becomes the "president-elect", Congress may decide to throw out all the votes for the winning, yet dead, candidate and the breathing candidate with the most votes becomes "president-elect". If no candidate has "the majority of votes" then the House of Representatives chooses the next president from the three candidates with the most votes (and of course are still living). Should Congress accept the votes for the deceased candidate as valid, the inauguration is likely to be postponed to determine what the best course of action is. In the unlikely event that a candidate passes away, I think the largest problem the States would face is the public. It would be at this point that the public would become face-to-face with the tragic farce that is the American form of representative democracy. * Deceased is shown in quotes considering that the general concern for this election is the death of a nominee, though these rules would also apply to a candidate voluntarily withdrawing. (As of current there are no laws pertaining to the health of a candidate should they become mentally unfit for office. The outcomes mentioned above are only defined in the situation that the nominee passes away or voluntarily withdraws.)
  12. I can't imagine that's actually legal! O.O Aaaaand we never saw Cinnamon again.
  13. No way - unless Obama truly is looking for a revolution, but that wouldn't put him in favour with many more people and definitely would make a lot more people hate him. At this point, it would be the best thing for the DNC if they did. Not that they have that authority; either Hillary must step down herself, or suddenly become unfit for presidency (eg: death, prison, both ... ). However, I honestly think laws should be in place that prevent the spouses/partner of former presidents from running. The States are already an oligarchy. No need to encourage such behaviour.
  14. I have (and still am) studying - I'm addicted to puzzles, and history is the biggest puzzle. You make a very valid point, thank you! <3
  15. I think a group of somethings controls the majority of what occurs, whether directly or indirectly. I don't know if it's the Illuminati or the Free Masons or the Reptilians or whomever, and I suppose that's the point.