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  1. right but i mean her team or who ever.if any of it was classified they had no business destroying it.they better hope they dont retrieve anything im hoping they do.i think what she has put the american people thru and her blaintent disreguard for our country etc it makes me sick
  2. well im not sure.from my understanding bleach bit was an app.hillary downloaded the app or however she used it.so the team at bleach bit would not have known what was being done.if they find something it will put the nail in the coffin for hillary
  3. i am a marine veteran.there are rumors the usa caused it by detonating underwater nukes
  4. they can brag all they want.i served 20 yrs in the usmc and i know this much they better watch thier bragging it may come back to bite them in the ass.if the fbi is not able to retrieve destroyed emails they could go to the nsa for help.the nsa has the technology to retrieve the emails without a problem
  5. man hillary cant tell the truth about anything.its obvious shes sick and now hearing they were searching for parkinsons thats what many people were saying she possibly has.im tired of her
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