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  1. Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

    Promise Me, oh! Promise Me , that I will never have to see or hear his name again!!!!
  2. Can somebody forward my address to that company, I,ll have what she,s havin please!!
  3. I had to laugh about the fact that Grannie was not home when the raid took place! The National Guard did not have any armed DRONES available at the time, and the local cuntstables only had seven ground based vehicles , there must have been an armoured vehicle hiding around the corner , surely, in case Grannie attacked them with her Walking stick, or sprayed them with her Colostomy Bag!!! On YA Gran ! GO HYDRO, that will f*** em!!!
  4. Why does this article not surprise me?? the american military and law enforcement agencies have a very long history of ABUSING vulnerable citizens of not only the US but every country in the so called FREE WORLD. I downloaded a how to post from Fakebook once , f***you , come and get me!!!!!!! Just Sayin!!
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