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  1. Is it wrong to wish that some islamic terrorist would throw a gallon of hydrochloric acid on Trudeau during his next speech so we can watch him melt like a turd on the lawn on a rainy day?
  2. You can pole dance... I'll just watch. *grabs a pawful of dollar bills*
  3. They claim that they pay more in federal taxes than they get back, so that probably isn't a problem for them. However, I guess they don't realize that the oil pipelines feeding their refineries would have to be shut down, or a tariff added to it... Also they would need to negotiate trade deals with the US if they had any hope for resources to be brought into that state. Need I mention that in order for cargo to arrive by ship, it has to pass through waters claimed by the USA? The National Guard and all US military bases and equipment would also have to be removed, so there goes any notion that they cold defend themselves or flex military might over anything. As to what the USA would lose... Well, agriculture could be moved to the Gulf States, the tech, medical, & manufacturing companies would get the hell out of there pretty fast, and who gives a crap about the shite Hollywood puts out! lol If they do break away from the US, can we please send the Commie sympathizers from Minneapolis/St.Paul, New York, and Chicago there? That would instantly make the USA a better place for EVERYONE.
  4. Earth curvature pic (unless it can be debunked).

    I would say that the level of zoom and atmospheric refraction are the main factors in the differences seen. The above photo is a lower level of zoom, capturing more of what is close to the camera, so the curvature over the horizon would have been difficult to see anyway even without the refraction. Notice that those power lines march in a nice straight line, directly into the sky above the obvious horizon line marked by the darker water. Refraction at work.
  5. Test your setup. Try it an hour before sunset, see how it does. It shouldn't fry your sensor that late in the evening with the welder's glass on. If that works and you can take decent photos, try it again around 6pm (your local time). If that goes well, then try it around noon. It may take several days to get your answer, but that is far better than frying out your camera. As to this thread topic, others have already said what I would have said. (too many idiots would blind themselves, and some of those idiots still WILL blind themselves even after the warnings.)
  6. I am taking that video and the article it is based on with a single grain of salt. A few things bother me about the video & article: -The video talks about an article that claims to have "evidence" but when you go to that article, there is no evidence presented nor are there any links to their "source" material. -There is no indication of where the samples were collected, so for all we know, some illegal alien with tuberculosis coughed near the sample before it was collected. -There is no mention as to how the samples were stored. Dessicated red blood cells? Did they happen to vacuum seal the sample then pack it in dry ice for shipping, or store it in a freezer, because those are methods to freeze dry things... -Finally, this line from the article raises a huge red flag for me, "A visual analysis has now been conducted with a professional quality microscope on May 7 2000 that reveals the important discovery above." In other words, there are no "Lab Results". Just the opinion of someone who bought an expensive microscope who then goes on to state that they need to have the samples tested by Professionals at the end of the story.
  7. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    Why is everyone misidentifying the "Talking Stick" as a damn microphone? lmao (Take notice that the only time you see anyone holding it is when they are addressing the entire crowd.) For the low price of $22.95 you too can have a "microphone" and confuse people! (just remove the feathers) bwahahahah! https://www.ebay.com/p/Buckskin-Plains-Ceremonial-Talking-Stick-Artifact/1031366153?iid=250801418622 So, understanding cultures is certainly not a strong point for the video creator. As such, it doesn't surprise me that they also believe that if you live in Australia you must have an Australian accent. (tell that one to the immigrants &, their communities, thanks.) Perhaps her parents immigrated to Australia from the USA, no clue if that is true, but might as well throw that possibility out here for consideration. Is the shooting a hoax? I don't know. I do know the video doesn't prove it is a hoax. I moved from that area a LONG time ago so there aren't any former neighbors I could call to find out. (I lived less than 800 feet from where she was shot)
  8. Hello everyone! Meet my Daughter Arabella Rose!

    Cute little critter you have there, Dude. Congratulations!
  9. It sounds like you need a "Vacation from the Media" at the very least. Literally unplugging from cable, the internet, news print, and any other sources you have for media exposure.(I do this a few days each month but some people may benefit from doing it more or even less often) A simple 2-day camping trip can do the body, mind, and soul wonders! (the more you can unplug from this insane asylum humans call "modern civilization", the better it will help you sort through your complex thoughts that initiate deeply felt emotions) Hobbies that force you to be calm and focused can also help. (it is difficult to rage when you are focused on painting, carving, playing with a dog, et cetera...) I encourage you to NOT stop expressing your irritation, anger, hate, et cetera... though. One way or another you WILL express it eventually in some way. If not verbally/written then physically. If that means you start writing down the things that piss you off in a journal that no one will ever read, then do so. It is the writing/expressing that matters, not if someone else reads your thoughts. You also need to consider your biochemistry and how that changes throughout the day and throughout your life which will also have a major impact on your thoughts and feelings. (Folks don't seem to like talking about male hormone cycles (General Male daily cycle = Highest testosterone levels upon awakening that slowly diminish over the course of the day but can spike at any time during the day based on internal/external stimuli) or likelihood of phytoestrogens (especially Soy products) in combination with testosterone creating a volatile mix of emotions) I would advise you check your diet for soy/phytoestrogenic products and try to minimize how much you consume. (Everyone's biochemistry is different. Some people see no effect from massive soy consumption, and others have extreme biological reactions to even small amounts) Altering your diet to minimize phytoestrogens may help, or not. Worth a try though, since it is a simple thing to do, imo. That's my 2 cents worth. I wish you well, Zimix99, and hope you find a solution that helps you with this issue!
  10. Judging by the slightly dull polish (but otherwise smooth surface) I'd say they are both onyx. (Black Tourmaline is usually quite lumpy on its surface with little crevices, nicks, and dings visible after polishing)
  11. I might just set up in my driveway. (I am just a hair outside of the path of totality) I'll ask my local friend and see if there is a better, human-free place to set up within the path, though. As to the thread topic, I would guess that the reality of having a horde of West Coast Liberals showing up in their city is what actually prompted the warnings.
  12. Same as it ever was, or not?

    That is up the the rest of the forum members, not I.
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  14. Same as it ever was, or not?

    This thread has been moved to the Hard Core Conspiracy Forum! For more information on why? Check out our page on what topics go where! As part of our quality control measures!
  15. Total Eclipse Q

    Yeah, that is a #12 Shade Filter Hoogamabooga. (I don't recall what the H actually stands for. lol)
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