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  1. Fried egg on a stick with a bite taken out. Probably a prophetic State Fair food fad.
  2. Is antiSemitism the worst crime of all?

    You must wear a snowflake yamaka...
  3. How life works

    How life works: The weak get eaten. That is all.
  4. I see no record of that thread, so probably a server glitch at the time you tried to post it. Try again, it should work.
  5. Amazon has the coffee grounds: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Wish-Coffee-Strongest-Certified/dp/B006CQ1ZHI
  6. ? Uksep, cinnamon?

    Wow, we'd have the IRS and various other agencies sniffing through everything and everyone if we accepted cryptocurrencies here. No thanks!
  7. Hmmm, if they really want to start a mass hysteria, they should have said, "Starbucks is giving away free beverages to everyone." The Commiefornians would go ape-shit when they found out it wasn't true... probably burn down all the Starbucks too...
  8. If by "feel" you mean one can feel a lack of any kind of change in force upon themselves, then yes you can feel inertia as the absence of force. However, once a force is being applied (acceleration, deceleration, or a change in direction ) you are feeling the force acting upon the constant/uniform state of inertia and feel the forces being applied. You don't actually feel the inertial state which can only be "felt" by not feeling force of any kind.
  9. Not a very good comparison, imo. Relative to the photographer, the moon is moving more slowly than any airplane at cruising speeds even at flight altitudes. Manually tracking the airplane while zoomed in is a shaky, blurry affair in my experience of doing it. They might have better results photographing something that moves slower relative to the photographer, like a weather balloon.(good luck spotting it at those altitudes though!)
  10. This is the last time I am going to say this in this thread. Knock off the personal attacks, insults, and name calling. Don't even bother to say "they started this or that". I don't care, we have a reporting system you should have used instead of responding to them. From here onwards, if I see name calling, insults, or personal attacks from any member, I will go back through their posting history and issue warnings for every single infraction I see. It isn't like these are new rules that you all didn't know about. The time to be respectful and civil while disagreeing with ideas and evidence is now.
  11. Schumann Resonances | SOS

    The first two sections of the following link also track multiple sources for Schumann Resonance data; https://www.heartmath.org/research/global-coherence/gcms-live-data/
  12. It didn't take him 3.5 years to circumnavigate Antarctica. On November 23, 1772 - Left Cape Town SA March 25, 1773 - Reaches New Zealand (4 Months) November 1774 - Leaves New Zealand. January 1775 - Finds South Sandwich Islands. (3 months) Approx 7-8 months of actual travel time.
  13. Follow these rules and you will be fine to post in any active thread on this forum: https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/ourguidelines/ Carry on.
  14. Member Introductions!

    Welcome to all the new folks!
  15. Question; If the earth were flat, and the sun and moon orbit above it in a circular path, how would it be possible for the sun to rise in the east, reach a perfect zenith at solar noon, AND set in the west 180 degrees from sunrise twice a year at latitudes between the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn? That perfectly straight line could not happen on a flat earth. Ever. The sun would have to dip pretty far to the south from the observer's location to rise and set 180 degrees apart. Anyone want to fund a trip for me to go to Hawaii for a year so I can prove this one way or the other? lol