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  2. I wish we did know the resonance frequency fluctuations throughout the ages. I would wager that there is a direct correlation between the frequency and warfare in human history.
  3. Um, maybe tell them the ammo is in a crate in central Mexico, or we are going to need a lot more border agents...
  4. Want? Oh hell no. lmao Want has nothing to do with it for me. When Shep started up this website after the previous failed due to owner issues I was pretty much done with CT forums. Then Shep contacted me, told me his vision for this forum, and I agreed to help. Really, Shep has blackmail material on me and Cinnamon is holding my favorite chew-toy hostage!!!! HELP!!!
  5. Looks a tad worse to me; (comparison image from Feb13th & today) http://i.imgur.com/nNX6Ypk.jpg
  6. It would solve the problem of them swinging though... HULK SMASH!
  7. Last thing to try; Smash the cup on the floor. If they reassemble themselves then you gave a poltergeist or elemental. If not, grab a broom.
  8. Maybe try bumping that counter with your hip and see what happens to the cups?
  9. Oops! We must has said something a little too true. We made the list! lmao
  10. Unless the floor is a concrete slab, it could be a weak section of floor joists (usually from water damage) that causes a slight "bounce" when you step in that area and can cause things to move around. Older houses or ones with flood damage are often thought to be haunted when really, they are just falling apart.
  11. Don't know how long this link will be good for, but anyone who wants to avoid sending traffic to that asshat's website: (for the sake of everyone, I made the link default to MUTED! lmao) https://livestream.com/accounts/23093026/events/6897778/player?width=0&height=0&enableInfoAndActivity=true&autoPlay=true&mute=true
  12. FFS 3 geriatric patients and a parrot could take Paris! f**k France.
  13. Originally a woven grass basket used to gather food items when the human race was young. Now, a plastic basket held by hand use at grocery stores. Hey, you asked!
  14. I wasn't going to be the one to say it! lmao But you're right! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!
  15. I did anyway. It is like a disease with me, I can't help digging for that bone once I catch a whiff of it... Species Megabalanus Californicus: