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  1. I don't feel like I was played at all. I already know that one way, or another, we were getting a self-important multimillionaire with far reaching circles of influence. I expect that Donald J. Trump will play his part well in this act of the play.
  2. Enough people will pay to get it. Honestly, it is just "good business" in a money driven world. I'm very glad we don't do that here. This site isn't a business:)
  3. Why you posting a link to "Fake News"? From the article; "Many of those attending will be protesters irate about the New York real estate developer's demeaning comments about women, immigrants and Muslims..." Trump never demeaned any of those groups. Need I mention the fact that they quoted MSNBC as a "source"? O.O
  4. Meh, the media is just trying to keep people away to embarrass Trump at his inauguration. Let's not forget there are missile defense systems scattered around D.C., as well as any military aircraft (or military drones) that will be in the air that day for any large targets, and they always have snipers for smaller targets like commercial drones. Obama is going to be there. Does anyone really think Obama wants to be a martyr?
  5. I hope that guy has good unemployment insurance! O.O
  6. They don't mind failing as long as they get "Participation Ribbons & Trophies".
  7. Oof. I may be sadistic, like to drive over people, and kind of evil on the whole, but Cinn is truly twisted! I couldn't do that to Shep! lmao
  8. Damn. I had just completed my UKshep voodoo doll too. :( I suppose I can find other uses for it...
  9. You called him, "one of the last real American heroes for all people". He did not have all people in mind with that speech, nor do I think he was any kind of hero. His "speech" is just a butt-load of communist ideological propaganda for the sheeple people of the time. In reality, the speech should be filed under fantasy-fiction. I am not actually arguing against you liking the speech. It does sound like a nice thing, imo. Until you dig a LOT deeper. I am pointing out that even the nicest sounding speech can have long lasting hidden motives, repercussions, and it was part of The Plan for keeping the races perpetually divided. Now that you mentioned "bed", a nap does sound like a lovely thing to do!
  10. He had a dream alright. He dreamed of turning this country into a communist nation. Dreams can be dangerous.
  11. Shep, I rarely ever praise you (don't want you getting an inflated ego, ya know. lol) but you have done a kickass job with this website. The News Feeds page is a fantastic tool, so thank you for that, and everything else, man. Now get back to work. lmao
  12. If the moon was formed as a result of something colliding with Earth(the current Earth origin hypothesis), then the moon is basically Earth's old crust. Everything in our crust that we mine today could be there in far more abundance than we find here on Earth. lol If it is a satellite created by aliens, then what they "mine" could be of far greater interest than gold, uranium, or other useful elements. lmao If it is just a projection of light, as some seem to think, then it is going to be a very short mission!
  13. lol A shoulder-launched Stinger Missile.
  14. Citations and links would have been nice in that article...