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  1. Jose is just sitting off the north-eastern seaboard like a lazy b*st*rd as a Tropical Storm, and Maria changed her mind and is now a Cat 3 moving north from the Turks and Caicos islands heading out to open ocean.
  2. That "report" reads like it was written by a Gender Studies major, not a scientist. They keep changing from "force" to "strength", when in reality scientists use the term "magnitude". The rest of it is gobbledygook word vomit. Just another fear mongering article from BIN, and a poorly written one at that.
  3. ? Uksep, cinnamon?

    Wow, we'd have the IRS and various other agencies sniffing through everything and everyone if we accepted cryptocurrencies here. No thanks!
  4. And RabidWolf doth say, when the final hours of life on earth shall come to pass, the earth shall shakith like a fat hooker on a cold night.
  5. Hmmm, if they really want to start a mass hysteria, they should have said, "Starbucks is giving away free beverages to everyone." The Commiefornians would go ape-shit when they found out it wasn't true... probably burn down all the Starbucks too...
  6. If by "feel" you mean one can feel a lack of any kind of change in force upon themselves, then yes you can feel inertia as the absence of force. However, once a force is being applied (acceleration, deceleration, or a change in direction ) you are feeling the force acting upon the constant/uniform state of inertia and feel the forces being applied. You don't actually feel the inertial state which can only be "felt" by not feeling force of any kind.
  7. Hurricane Maria skirted north of Barbados. They only got the outer southwestern edge of the hurricane (which is the weakest part of a hurricane) I guess Barbados, issued school closings and flood warnings today because they are currently under the "feeder bands" for this non-existent hurricane: https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/09/19/schools-closed/ https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/09/19/flood-warning-extended-for-barbados/ Here is the same dumbass declaring hurricane Irma to be non-existent too: I can tell you from personal experience, Irma was real AF. She should change her channel name from "Truth" to "Uneducated Opinions" Then she should before she gets people killed spewing her idiotic nonsense.
  8. Critter Running On The Surface Of Mars?

    This thread has been moved to the Hard Core Conspiracy Forum! For more information on why? Check out our page on what topics go where! As part of our quality control measures!
  9. Not a very good comparison, imo. Relative to the photographer, the moon is moving more slowly than any airplane at cruising speeds even at flight altitudes. Manually tracking the airplane while zoomed in is a shaky, blurry affair in my experience of doing it. They might have better results photographing something that moves slower relative to the photographer, like a weather balloon.(good luck spotting it at those altitudes though!)
  10. This is why you never mess with cats

    I hope so too!
  11. This is why you never mess with cats

    We have a bobcat that just roamed into my area a few days ago. I am not going to wait to see if it gets pissed! lol I have a 12 gauge solution for it.
  12. This is the last time I am going to say this in this thread. Knock off the personal attacks, insults, and name calling. Don't even bother to say "they started this or that". I don't care, we have a reporting system you should have used instead of responding to them. From here onwards, if I see name calling, insults, or personal attacks from any member, I will go back through their posting history and issue warnings for every single infraction I see. It isn't like these are new rules that you all didn't know about. The time to be respectful and civil while disagreeing with ideas and evidence is now.
  13. It was only a Tropical Storm when it hit my area of the state, but sustained winds of 39-73 mph for several hours did a number on the shallow-rooted trees and poorly anchored cell towers here in the Georgia mountains. We dodged a major bullet with this storm too. One of the earlier forecasts had it as a Cat 2 when it got here. We would have been f**ked for a very long time if it was. (most of the power companies had already moved their crews over to Texas and down to Florida, and they can't come back until those states release them from their contracts)
  14. This thread has been moved to the Off-Topic Forum! For more information on why? Check out our page on what topics go where! As part of our quality control measures!
  15. I'm staying put. Irma should weaken to a Tropical Depression by the time it makes it all the way to where I live and my altitude is certainly sufficient to avoid anything short of a Biblical Flooding.
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