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  1. lmao They really like to change that video title! Nasa's Urgent Warning 29th JAN 2018! David Wilcock ... - YouTube Nasa's Urgent Warning 30th JAN 2018! David Wilcock ... - YouTube Nasa's Urgent Warning 31th JAN 2018! David Wilcock ... - YouTube Nasa's Urgent Warning 4th FEB 2018! David Wilcock ... - YouTube Nasa's Urgent Warning 5th FEB 2018! David Wilcock ... - YouTube All the same video; Search "watch?v=9diIx000Ys0" to see for yourself.
  2. Very nice, gmen

    this one?
  3. Howl at it. It works for me.
  4. Sorry, Shep, but you fail to meet the qualifications for being an actual sociopath. What you describe is what I would simply chalk up to a hormonally-charged male youth trying to find your path in life. That you have changed from that mindset is absolute proof of not being an actual sociopath. Now, you might be an asshole from time to time (like everyone else on this dirt ball drifting through space) but not a sociopath, man.
  5. Forum Covens

    Psychopaths have a lot of free time on their hands and they take great delight in hurting people. I think it is more of a dedicated hobby than a job for most of those useful degenerates.
  6. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much over a single solitary demon when we have armies of ANGELS flocking about the world. (they are white, so they MUST be angels.)
  7. Is this your only kind of argument to support this thread?
  8. This topic has been moved to the Hard Core Conspiracy Forum! For more information on why? Check out our page on what topics go where!
  9. I had to edit my post there. Forgot to add a line to keep it in context. lol Feminism came first. lol (First Wave Feminism)
  10. I could and would be willing to argue how it IS the whole in great detail if need be. However, all one has to do is consider that women do the vast majority of raising the boys who eventually become the worthless "men" of today, while simultaneously instilling reckless and unrealistic ideologies in the girls and expand on that basic foundation. (over the last 50+ years Feminism has had a major role in the education system, propagated by women themselves )
  11. The reason is simple. The ever spreading taint of Feminism made them stupid. lmao
  12. I am laughing so hard here! One has to wonder why they are pointing back 30 years in history and over 700 miles away to Chernobyl talking about this radiation, and completely not mentioning the nuclear power facility located in the same province as where the boar were collected! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forsmark_Nuclear_Power_Plant
  13. FEMA Gassifier

    ^^^ Link replaced in the first post.