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  1. All of that is part of the preparing, Uncle. I doubt there will be a need to actually leave my little secluded place on earth but, I prefer to keep all my options as open as possible. I can and do live on the land in my area very well. I have already scouted all the trails I could find (and created waterproof maps of them and key environmental features like safe drinking water locations, caves, et cetera...), I know what animals live around here and where they like to spend their time, and have been keeping proficient with firearms, archery, and trap setting to increase my odds of finding dinner if need be. Also, a 4-wheeler loaded on a trailer and a "Quick Hitch" (https://www.hitchrific.com/), and you could be off to the wilderness with your gear in no time! (I already live in the wilderness, so the 4 wheeler just sits ready to go at all times) Honestly, I had so much enjoyment doing and continuing to do the preparing, that I won't even see it as wasted time if the shit never hits the fan in my lifetime.
  2. The proof is here in this very thread, Grav. You choose to disagree with the findings and others, like myself, choose to agree with them. We shall eternally butt heads on this one, Grav, and things may get heated but, I actually do appreciate that you don't take it to abusive levels. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to move our little word game posts to their proper home.
  3. I found it on YouTube and added it to your post.
  4. Erroneous conclusion & moving the goal post. We can do this all day but, it is going to end up in the Off Topic Repository.
  5. Nice double standard you have here. No, I provided you with a source to all your questions.
  6. Yes Grav, I am fully aware that you choose to hold me to a higher standard than you hold your fellow FE friends. You have made that abundantly clear on numerous occasions. Oddly enough, I don't care what standards you wish to hold me to or if you choose to get offended by my opinion. Being a Moderator here does not nullify my right to an opinion, nor does it limit my privilege to respond to topics that interest me. One might think you are just trying to silence a point of view that is not shared by you.
  7. Actually, curvature has been proven multiple times in various ways within this very thread. The problem is that people just declare it to be "lies" and use any excuse in the general arsenal of the FE community terminology to out-of-hand declare it to be disproven without actually disproving the measured curvature using more than the "because it looks like" argument. They just want to believe, and so they do. Some Flat Earthers seem unwilling to put in all the effort in that is needed to disprove something (they do not use controlled variables in their tests and just halfass it through until they get the result they want) Until someone does use the scientific method on the FE side and actually get predictable and repeatable results, then I will be staying on the far simpler dirtball floating in space side of this debate. If you want to prove curvature for yourself, go lay on a beach with a clear view of the sunset. The moment the sun sets, stand up. If the earth is flat, and the sun disappearing completely from sight is a function of the "vanishing point", then standing up would have no effect and seeing it again shouldn't happen.
  8. Doesn't seem like too many pins to me. It might be too many on a smartphone though. Meh, I don't pin threads since we have the "vote to pin" option but, if I ever do pin a thread, it is likely going to be the end of the world and no one will even notice.
  9. Walking the dog nightly is more than a lot of "Preppers" do, so don't feel too badly!
  10. When was the last time you carried a 210lb deer 3/4 of a mile up a 35-50 degree mountain slope over fallen trees, scree, and brush? I keep fit enough to do that, since what I call "Deer Valley" has some damn tasty deer in it! (gotta love planting the right herbs and other plants in the woods that deer love to eat and having healthy deer for dinner!) Also, HUSH Cinn! I was counting on those folks for free-to-me gear when the shit hits the fan! lol
  11. No worries. I am old, so I didn't know if it was some new acronym referring to something or not. lmao (I can't keep up with that stuff!)
  12. Antifa VS Hillbillies My money is on the hillbillies! (They hit what they shoot at.)
  13. Your "proof" alway falls apart under closer examination. Every single time.
  14. Welcome to Conspiracy OutPost! What the heck is a "GOP" ? GLP was beginning to take a downward turn about 3-4 years back, when I chose to leave there. The trolling was one thing but, the trying to force narratives and banishing anyone who disagreed was a whole other problem.