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  1. Good luck! Lived in Ames? Nope, I lived about 35 miles southwest of there in the early 1980's though, and still have extended family in that area. Good people in general. A bit more religious than I personally like, but not intolerably so. You won't be very far north of Des Moines, so if need be, you'll have employment options available in a wide variety of locations in and around Ames. My only REAL advice would be, don't tell people that you just came from California. lol
  2. Thread cleaned up of the bravado bullshit and insults. Discuss the topic or move along.
  3. The shuttle will grow smaller the farther away it gets. However, since they are all parallel to each other with the shuttle between Shep and Cinnamon the shuttle will always be visible to either observer in the space between the observers. It won't continue drifting left right, up or down the farther away it gets, it will appear to move closer and closer to the center point between the observers, and that is all.
  4. That much radiation could wipe out the entire Liberal Coast of North America. I am not really seeing a problem here. lmao
  5. RabidWolf

    I spent the day driving one of these....

    Those are SUCH useful machines. I am glad you had a fun day.
  6. I fixed the title for ya! You're welcome!
  7. lol At the end of the video she says, "always make sure..." , "you have the hard copies of your documents as well. 'Cause the phone, having them saved... it won't cut it anymore." So, she didn't even HAVE the documents with her, just photos of them on her phone? What an idiot! lmao You gotta love the spin the "Canadian Bureau Of State-Sanctioned Propaganda" put on that story. Big bad mean female cop from Georgia is out to get Canadians.
  8. Oh my, a liberal acting hysterical for attention... how very original. lmao /end sarcasm.
  9. Not that I want you to get a fat head or anything, but, you really don't get enough praise for all the effort you put in to improving this website, Shep. Keep up the great work!
  10. I am going to go ahead say this will be a non-event with a caveat. Locally, an eruption will be something to worry about. Globally, no worries. Wrong type of lava for huge sky-clogging ash plumes. That Hawaiian stuff usually just oozes like puss from a festering wound. The 1955 Eruption;
  11. Just a thought... certain wavelengths of light stimulate cell growth. I'd look to the lighting they used. (probably cheap LEDs with too much near ultraviolet light)
  12. Yeah. Allergy season is in full swing now. lol (for someone who gets frequent migraines, sneezing is quite significant)
  13. Vote Bill Burr in 2020

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