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  1. Bah! Shep responds better to... other stimuli! *grabs the whip & cattle prod for Shep / buys cookies, flowers, and a pony for Cinn*
  2. I just noticed, it is bolded text while in the editor. Then once posted it goes to regular text when the page refreshes after hitting submit. However, upon reloading the entire page, it goes back to being bolded. Weird. Very weird.
  3. Don't question. JUST BE BOLD!!!! (it is annoying though. lol)
  4. What a load of crap! lol The work of 6 masons, eh? Looks to me like it is only doing 1 actual job. Laying brick, and you need at least 2 living beings to load and run the thing, not including a service technician when the thing stops working. Now let's add in the folks needed to build and raise the working platform that thing works on since it seems to have a very limited reach... So, basically, they took the total work hours from 6 masons and gave them to other people needed to run the machine. I don't really see where it is saving anything. If this machine isn't fully automated, and you always need at least 2 people to be there when it is running, you aren't even saving labor hours. I could see a smaller version of this machine as being great for laying floor tiles or paving stones though.
  5. What shit? You mean driving a wedge further between the MSM-loving faction and the Alex Jones Faction? Seems like the same old script to me, with the same plot, just different actors...
  6. I'd say it is propaganda trying to normalizing the rarity of gender reassignment. Pre-Op "transitional male" = still just a regular woman biologically. Headline should have been "Lesbian woman gives birth before transitioning to male" and it would be the same thing.
  7. In the case of coated "cannon fuse" (like in the video) there are 2 factors in play that help to extinguish the fuse. The main one being less atmospheric pressure to confine the reaction to a smaller area (as each outer granule of black powder ignites that bit of "back pressure" from the atmosphere helps transfer more thermal energy towards the inner granules igniting them) Also, since that fuse has a non porous coating on it, air molecules within the black powder core & center string of the fuse are being pushed out the ends of the fuse further separating the reacting powder's thermal energy from the remaining powder. With both things considered, the fuse is constantly losing the initial thermal energy (from the point they turn on the vacuum pump) away from the fuse until it doesn't have enough to sustain the reaction.
  8. Oops. I probably should have read this thread prior to making my straight jacket and butterfly net joke earlier.
  9. Not enough external pressure to maintain the reaction. (and the reason rocket engines have a combustion chamber before the nozzle)
  10. Yup. That coated black powder fuse in the video should burn well enough underwater. (there is just enough oxidizer in it to work in water) It won't burn in a vacuum chamber though, since it was never designed to do so. So far as I know, no one has bothered trying to make "cannon fuse" that will work in extremely low pressure environments (like that vacuum chamber). On the bright side, we now know beyond any doubt that Space Pirates won't be able to fire their cannons while in orbit!
  11. They are too busy listening to Politicians explain how they are being "oppressed" by western governments...
  12. Hey Shep, try on this fashionable "Self-Hug" coat, and we'll go out and catch butterflies later! http://i.imgur.com/GTR6w6o.gif <grabs a net>
  13. Damn zombies! <alternately loads shotgun with dragon's breath & slug rounds>
  14. Another Hollywood mouthpiece spewing nonsense. "Oh, think of the children..." I thought about them, to hell with them.