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  1. Diamond and Silk..................... sounds like some porn stars looking for a threesome. Sorry, but I have no idea who Diamond and Silk are. I don't spend much time here or anywhere else where they'd be discussed.
  2. First of all thanks for the pin. I can see this. Crazy times for sure.
  3. I just came across this and he sure does a good job of ACTING off script
  4. Sarge

    Ladies and Gentlemen War is imminent

    Yeah, I can see it now. The more we win the emptier we'll feel inside and then realize too late that we've really lost
  5. I was thinking the same thing too, but after looking into it she was only 3.9km deep where the 4.6 a couple of days ago was 5km deep. My understanding is the shallower the more intense. Anyway, I think they're kinda cool just as long as they don't do any damage.
  6. Sarge

    The Shakers Begin This Weekend

    I'm in Wichita, which is considered south central Kansas. About a month ago I heard about some activity in Hutchinson, which is about 50 miles to the northwest. I don't believe there's any fracking activity there, but there is a salt mine.
  7. Sarge

    The Shakers Begin This Weekend

    that 4.3 is showing as a 4.5 on the USGS site I use. I just looked it up cuz that booger shook my apartment purty good. And while looking it up I noticed that Nebraska one and thought, hmm.
  8. Sarge

    The Shakers Begin This Weekend

    I'm not sure what I believe on this. The gas and oil industries will tell you it has nothing to do with fracking. But of course they're going to propagate that cuz there's money involved. But then on the other hand you have researchers saying that the quakes are a result of fracking. IF these researchers are fabricating then just what are they getting out of it? This is just one of many issues where I don't know what to believe. Seems like everybody has some sort of bias.
  9. Sarge

    The Shakers Begin This Weekend

    well I was woke up this morning by a 4.6 that hit near Perry, OK. I'm in Wichita, Ks., a bit over 100 miles away.
  10. I put my cursor on it and it says, "Your position"
  11. Sarge

    Trump's Finances About to be Revealed?

    how bout dimensional Whack-A-Mole?
  12. no sir, this alleged affair was in 2006-2007. He wasn't in his youth. Who cares? Maybe Melania. Perhaps Barron cares. Please stop normalizing this shit
  13. When I first saw the name Minerva the first thing that came to mind was a post by Walk Softly..... here's a bit from it:
  14. Sarge

    Trump is Finished

    alright you waskally wabbit, I thought I was just going to let this go and not respond. But after my buddy told me he heard some lawyer (not Trump's) say that's there's nothing immoral about having an affair I feel impelled to. First of all you deflect to Obama. And why did you have to mention his skin color? Second, is your assumption that Melania, who by the way is 2/3's Donald's age, knew what she was getting into. Who's to say that she didn't really have a fondness for him and felt assured that he was a *new* man who would remain faithful? Lastly, how do you think Barron feels about his dad and Stormy?
  15. Sarge

    Trump is Finished

    this is the stuff that just annoys me. Do you think Melania feels the same way? Or are you just trying to get a rise outta someone? If Trump can betray his wife, then why not his country? Now I'm reminded of the Simpson's episode where the podium in front of Trump reads, "America You Can Be My Ex-Wife."