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  1. I'm guessing some of you are aware of MLK's speech, *Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence* where he described the U.S. government as "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today". Exactly one year later he was killed. Perhaps it's a bit of topic but this video says a lot.....
  2. yeah, the other day I went over to his place and he had CNN on the tube. I said, "So, you're watching fake news." I think he sorta gets it. However, at other times he seems to believe that the MSM has some credence. And on top of that he sometimes gives me grief for going to alternative sources like this place. Perhaps it's because it's easier to turn on the tv than do a little diggin on the net.
  3. that brunette on Fox & Friends is certainly easy on the eyes, but what's with the mummy dress? Speaking of nice looking ladies, I got a buddy that mainly watches CNN for Brooke Baldwin & Brianna Keilar.
  4. For some reason this made me think of a lady who just passed away at age 84 or so who told me about a vision or dream (can't remember which) she had perhaps 30 or 40 yrs ago of a mouse (the rodent type) that covered the whole horizon of the sky. She was puzzled about this and eventually gave up on what it all meant until years later the uprising of the internet with the computer and it's *mouse* awoke her to it's meaning. She never got involved with computers at all. The term world wide web bothered her. She saw it as a web of deception.
  5. in my humble opinion this sort of thing, leaving the bacon sandwich, just fans the flames & incites them. Love them, do good to them, pray for them, but don't intentionally go out of your way to offend them. You're just stirring up a hornet's nest when you do this sort of unwise thing.
  6. ya know, it seems to me that these folks, these low IQ'ed folks, have been conditioned by the media & their so called advocates (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., etc.) to be just what you described. I think it's called social engineering. Your statement bothers me a bit cuz your train of thought ends with those lower IQ's being a cancer on society and the only logical answer is to simply eliminate them. And I also wonder if this is the way some look at liberals.... a cancer on society. Take em out! All I know is we are definitely living in perilous times. There is only ONE answer and that is for men to be IN Christ where there is a NEW CREATION, a new race.
  7. this is a bit interesting......the idea of the global elites taking secret trips to Antarctica don't know what to think about the hollow earth though
  8. a while back I think it was Sky Cat (who I can't find here for some reason) shared a youtube of a livestream 3D earthquake watch (the link is below). Well I bookmarked it and visited it a couple of times but now it says the author took it down. Does anyone remember this? And has Sky Cat left this forum or am I just not operating this site correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwBWiu113V0
  9. maybe Trump wants him to perform at the inauguration
  10. I came across this the other day and found it quite interesting and thought provoking:
  11. I'm going to post a quote from a Creed (I know a lot of folks who can't stand them) song just to be ornery...... it's from the song, "Only In America." It goes as this: 'Only in America do they stamp their god, *In God We Trust*.'
  12. on the topic, "IT'S NOT OVER YET FOLKS...REMEMBER 12/19" this comment was made: 22 hours ago, MKMinimum said: Does everybody forget that Hillary conceded to Trump? She is no longer eligible by election law. If this is the law then all this other stuff is null and void. Has anyone else here seen this election law? I've got a super slow dinosaur of a notebook of a computer and don't have the patience to try to find it. I can't imagine the Hillary folks overlooking this one.
  13. hey MKMinimum, I got this super slow notebook computer and am having a hard time finding this law, or let's just say it's SLOW going. If it's no trouble could you post that portion of the election law? Thanks
  14. yeah yesterday me mum was a bit bummed about Trump's victory and I told her that he's not President YET. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if those electors don't just do something unprecedented. It kinda fits the way things have gone so far........