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  1. Member Introductions!

    Howdy to everyone here. I've been part of the forum for a few months now and mostly just lurk. The other day I saw that this topic had 322 replies which reminded me of an incident that happened when me and my best buddy went to eat at a sandwich shop. Well you know how some establishments bring your order to the table after you order at the counter and they give you a number so the help knows where the order goes. Anyway I ordered first and got 3. My buddy ordered next and got 22.......... file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Bill/My Documents/Downloads/322.JPG
  2. you took my un-edited comment and spun it your way. Go back and read my edited version. The prophesy was in 2011 and said that "in the next election billions would be spent to keep this president in." the operative word being KEEP. This can't be referring to Hillary, but Obama who was the sitting president when this prophesy was made. I'm calling this Trump prophesy FALSE
  3. got a problem with prophets, profiting off their so called gift. Jesus says, "freely you have received, freely give."
  4. there's a bit of a problem with this guy's Trump prophesies. The last bit of his 4/28/2011 prophesy reads: The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. The next election was 2012 and yes billions were spent to keep *this president (Obama) in. However, he was re-elected. FALSE PROPHESY
  5. The USA is destroyed

    the idea that America is some super duper wonderful country that is destined to remain forever is absurd. It's demise is destined because it's OF THE WORLD. Jesus' Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD! THAT'S THE TRUMP TRAIN! He speaks of his love for Israel (the U.N. created state, not the true Israel of God) and tells Christians that he'll protect them from persecution when it's their lot to be persecuted. He's replaced Christ in the hearts of some. That is anti-Christ.
  6. well I'm about 25 miles south of Yellowstone, living and working in Grand Teton Nat'l Park and all the talk around here is about the total solar eclipse on Aug.21, where we are in the path and will experience totality for 2min or so. Some park service folks are speculating that there will be perhaps an extra 200K visitors to the park (Grand Teton) on that day. Yellowstone is bit too far north for totality so I'm expecting that all the folks that usually would be there will be down here. It just might be the biggest shit show ever. Maybe Yellowstone will blow then.
  7. I've always said that the food industry(especially fast food) and the medical industry are in bed together. McDonald's: "We'll offer tasty cheap food that makes people fat and sick." Medical industry: "I"ll buy that. No need for a prenuptial."
  8. check this out http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/01/31/airline911/
  9. The Bible is Flat-Earth

    gnalnklasfnawkftafrwpejifravn akwer gf;aoqwrgjo[tqw9or8t[qw904tu[0
  10. this vid is a bit more detailed.
  11. I'm reminded of a joke..... What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a snowboard? Answer: How you attach the dirtbag. I learnt this from an avid skiier that had, should I say, a bit of of a disdain of snowboarders.
  12. I did a no-no and posted something without watching the video. I said perhaps it was an inside job. The robber didn't have a mask so that can't be the case
  13. since this is true shouldn't the title of this original post be changed?
  14. sorry if this is a bit off topic but when I first saw this post the first thing that came to mind was how Netenyahu said that the *attack* of 9/11 was good for Israel
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