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  1. November

    too bad because your mouth is where its going to be about 8 at night, November 8th. :)
  2. November

    Would you like ** in November with that ? lol
  3. November

    1.Mid Term elections historically in the USA don't get the voter turn out that a premier election gets. 2.The Democratic party holds less land area than the GOP, but the Democratic party far outnumbers the GOP in popular voting power, and in electoral college votes. 3. Donald Trump has to get a historically Unparalleled 78 % of White male votes, to add the very small minority of women and ethnic minorities who will vote for him, which by the way won't be done because he doesn't lead with White males, because Generation X and Y outnumber the Boomers who he does lead with. 4. Donald Trump can't even get into a population area safely. So f*** Donald Trump, he's going to lose, and f*** you too if you support him. And I can't wait until November so that you can go f*** yourselves.
  4. the 2010 midterm elections had a low voter turnout.
  5. Its no propaganda... The Democratic Party of the United States is the largest political party.. liberal or conservative, in the entire western world. Which is to say that the GOP is a Minority. :)
  6. There are far more Democrats in the USA than there are Republicans. If you want to see a stolen election, or one where nobody voted look for the Republican President. :)
  7. Which is historically a very big win predicted for Hillary. :)
  8. Hillary is so far ahead among the social media generation, that it might as well be Hillary vs Clinton. lol
  9. Hillary Clinton Is far ahead in the polls, the people who I piss off, is about 20 people on a bunch of websites that nobody knows exists.... or a couple assholes in Alabama that doesn't mean jack schit. lol
  10. My wife is 6 ft 10, 340 lbs, muscular lower body, and strong upper body... and curvy. So around here, it isn't the work boots that turn off burglars, its my wife's heels... with fishnets in them that can fit their whole body in one leg. :)
  11. I'm just letting you blab your head off... while I sit right here in Bedford Hills, NY.... a "gun free zone" that is 600,000 times safer than NRA's texas, getting ready for the 2nd ass whooping the south is about to get after Hillary gets elected. lol
  12. My wife likes to play with my gun. lol
  13. No they don't have texas radicals running around in the Netherlands, or anywhere else besides the United States of Backwards. :)
  14. Actually I support the second Amendment... the right to bear arms... We all have two of them right ? lmao !
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