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  1. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another's speech.
  2. Did anyone besides me ever notice that no matter what any candidate says nothing ever changes? Why is that do you suppose?
  3. I just wanted to say to Keith -- like wow I'm honored and flattered and totally don't deserve that kind of attention from someone of your stature in the music community. Biggest fan right here man! #skankingkid
  4. From what I can tell they are using IIS which would explain the malware payload. Windows server gets viruses all the time. That being the case we can analyze the code to see what kind of info they are fishing for.
  5. Ah, I understand what you mean. GLP is hosting virus propagation content so that ties the toxic content to GLP, but you wish to prove that this situation is intentional ie. proof that GLP is weaponizing content for use against the public?
  6. srv.imonomy.com https://www.virustotal.com/en-gb/domain/srv.imonomy.com/information/ "a nasty one"
  7. Looking at the list a bit more I noticed that a (relatively) huge amount of bandwidth for that page request is being consumed by content being delivered from: d2na2p72vtqyok.cloudfront.net Looks like that URL has been flagged for being associated with virus propagation. (detected by at least one URL scanner or malicious URL dataset.) https://www.virustotal.com/en-gb/domain/de7iszmjjjuya.cloudfront.net/information/
  8. only about 4 percent of the page request is delivering glp content while more than 50 percent of the traffic for this one page pulls content from just two domains adserver.adtechus.com and ib.adnxs.com.
  9. Here is a list of all domain requests that are happening when the aforementioned page on GLP is loaded: adserver.adtechus.com72 ib.adnxs.com30 www.google-analytics.com7 www.midgetgotnotelescope.com7 www.google.com5 image2.pubmatic.com4 srv.imonomy.com4 s.ytimg.com3 ads.deliverimp.com3 ads.topsrvimp.com3 match.adsrvr.org2 image4.pubmatic.com2 ads.pubmatic.com2 sync.mathtag.com2 idsync.rlcdn.com2 cdn.issigpen.com2 www.insticator.com2 labs-cdn.revcontent.com2 tag.imonomy.com2 cm.g.doubleclick.net2 stats.g.doubleclick.net2 dpm.demdex.net2 p.rfihub.com1 image6.pubmatic.com1 gads.pubmatic.com1 fonts.gstatic.com1 www.youtube.com1 pixel.quantserve.com1 i.ytimg.com1 tpc.googlesyndication.com1 gum.criteo.com1 pr-bh.ybp.yahoo.com1 ads.yahoo.com1 platform.twitter.com1 partner.googleadservices.com1 www.googletagservices.com1 cdn.marphezis.com1 secure-ads.pictela.net1 static.doubleclick.net1 googleads.g.doubleclick.net1 d2na2p72vtqyok.cloudfront.net1 What do we make of all these?
  10. Time how long this page loads vs say the front page. I'm curious if any one gets a lag like I get. http://www.midgetgotnotelescope.com/forum1/message2067815/pg6411#58499446 I think it's slower.
  11. Hotlinking to off site content - youtube embedded video for example, makes the GLP nameservers have to do lookups for each hotlinked item, thereby increasing the total transaction time for full page loading. Multiply this by the number of users and that equals a lot of bandwidth for DNS requests. Slows everything down. I find that certain parties always post links to vids rather than embedding, possibly because of the bandwidth issue.
  12. The rationale of "banning ip's because of attacks on GLP" is nonsense. GLP is very secure.
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