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  1. What's going on in Nashville?

    I live in Nashville, and just read this. I can't find anything anywhere about this...very interesting to say the least!
  2. So what are the odds that: A. Combetta has gone into hiding, B. Combetta is found to have committed "suicide" with 3 bullets in his head, C. He starts talking, throwing Hillary under the proverbial bus, knowing full well that he's a dead man walking anyway? Can the FBI or DOJ take away the immunity he's been granted?
  3. Found this on Reddit, so I don't want to take any credit, but apparently Paul Combetta, who has been granted immunity by the DOJ, reached out to the Reddit community for help in scrubbing a "Very VIP's" name from classified emails. Http://archive.is/FXcao hope that's enough of a web link as I'm on mobile and can't seem to attach a pic or the actual Reddit link.
  4. But he says "...we begin with breaking news about Hillary Clinton's death..." I think that's what threw me off, because I agree with curious1, she is dead in the water as far as her campaign goes.
  5. This is a clip of a new broadcast that's been floating around. There is even a screen cap of the ABC News website that announces Hillarys death. And this whole business with the so-called "body-double."..... https://mobile.twitter.com/BrettForrest89/status/775185132965679105
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. More classified information she can scrub the classifications from then make millions of (foreign) dollars on. She cannot be trusted whatsoever, and if I was the FBI, I would brief her with false "classified" info, then track that specific info and see where it ends up. Dollars to donuts some Saudi Prince will have it in his hands for a steep price within hours.
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