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  1. Reason for the ATL Airport Outage

    I finally had some time to post a follow up, and I need to give credit to the source where I first read about this. I don’t know how valid this source is, so if anyone can either validate them or let me know if they’re a bunch of clowns, it would be greatly appreciated. Still, a source is a source. https://www.anonymous-feed.com/4chan-users-shows
  2. I will post a link in a little bit when I get some more time, but I read an article (sources will be included) that an Israeli cargo plane took off from Mexico and landed at ATL right before the power outage, then once all planes were ordered to be grounded, this plane was the only plane allowed to take off in the middle of the outage. Also, this plane was pre cleared by customs, meaning that no customs agents needed to board it to view its contents. So I guess use your imagination as to what could have happened with this plane during the outage...