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  1. Something may be up with the New Madrid Fault. Today small EQ in Diamond Missouri. Two days ago a small one in my home town of Mountain View Arkansas. Whats strange about it to me is that I lived in Mountain View for 40 years and we never had any EQ's. Sometimes when they would originate in Jonesboro AR we would feel a little. I dont think I have ever seen one in Diamond Missourri either. If one of our members that has more experience in monitoring faults and zones can take a look at this and let me know what you think, I'd sure appreciate it.
  2. They freed The Juice

    Personally, I am very surprised that he has been freed. What say you COP? http://www.drudgereport.com/ http://nypost.com/2017/07/20/slimmed-down-o-j-appears-before-parole-board/
  3. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    Wow! The "Ring of Fire" is definitely active! http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php
  4. 50-Point Case for the Flat Earth

    Dayum @Rothbard Nice work!
  5. Vehicle Trouble- 1999 GMC

    Good morning all! Just wondering if i can get some feedback from those of you with Auto expertise. My hubby has a 99 GMC Vandura 3500. He uses it as a work vehicle. It had a new motor put in it about 4 years ago. Probably has less than 10k miles on the new motor. Several months ago the transmission started sticking in 3rd gear. He changed the seal and fluid but didn't change the sensor. It shifted better for a week or so then it started sticking in 2nd gear. He said that the speedometer starts jumping around. My question is, do we need to change the relay sensor or is there something else we need to look at? Thanks for your time 😊
  6. Pork tapeworms... infecting people's BRAINS

    Lost it on that comment! Soda coming out of the nose hurts!
  7. @Curenado Im actually in the northwest part where all the walmartians live. There is a local store that has been giving walmart a run for their money for years, Harps. And a couple of mom and pop stores that still sell good veges and meats. I actually am an occasional Hot Springer though because of relatives that live there.Love that place!
  8. What type of salt did you use for your Kraut? I reently screwed up 2 batches. I think I used the wrong salt.
  9. @apache54 MSG was a part of a big scandal years ago for that very reason. The gov stepped in and told the fast food place that they had find alternatives or regulate it. The restaurants, especially oriental, were using it as a "food preservative" but it causes cravings and can also cause very abrupt and extreme stomach issues . Thats why when you eat oriental food you usually crave it for days. Gotta say, Im really lucky to have some of the finest farmers markets in Arkansas relatively close to where I live. Beautiful produce!! Most of them are open and selling 8 or so months out of the year. We also have a couple of grocery stores that do not use solutions or preservatives on the meats that they sell. None is prepackaged and they have a butcher in store.You buy it and ya better use it within a couple of days or it starts turning color. Just recently started learning how to ferment and also can veges, that way I can go to the farmers markets and stock up for cheap and have a good reserve for winter (or SHTF) Fun Stuff!!
  10. Anybody's Cats acting weird?

    Could be the weather. Strong fronts will be moving in soon. A clip from the weather chanel: " Saturday, a volatile mix of ingredients will be in play. Hot and humid air will stream northward from the western Gulf of Mexico toward a quasi-stationary frontal boundary draped from the Ohio Valley to the Plains. Overlying that increasingly steamy air mass, the jet stream will send a train of disturbances and help enhance wind shear, the change in wind direction with height, that can give rise to vigorous thunderstorms. While Saturday looks to be the day with the most widespread severe thunderstorms, other days during the weekend may also have some severe weather, as well." Friday Where: Scattered severe storms are possible in the High Plains of Colorado, southeast Wyoming, southwest Nebraska and western Kansas during the afternoon and evening hours. Another area of strong to severe storms is possible in the mid-Mississippi Valley and the Ohio Valley. Storms will begin early afternoon in parts of Iowa and Illinois and build eastward overnight as a cluster of storms. Threats: Large hail, strong thunderstorm winds and a few tornadoes are all possible. Saturday Afternoon: Widespread severe thunderstorms are expected from southern Missouri into western parts of the Ohio Valley. Scattered severe storms are also expected to flare up in eastern Oklahoma and north Texas. At least a few severe storms are possible as far east as the Virginias and North Carolina. Night: One or more clusters of thunderstorms are likely to persist through the overnight hours from Saturday night into early Sunday from the Lower Ohio Valley into the Tennessee Valley and Ozarks. Threats: Damaging winds will be the main threat, but large hail, tornadoes and flash flooding are all possible, as well as localized flash flooding, given saturated ground from multiple heavy rain events over the past several weeks." My yard critters, birds, squirrels and deer, are pretty accurate at weather prediction. Usually when they act the way they are now, we are on the verge of a weather event. Foraging like they wont be able to eat for a couple of days and very aggressive.
  11. Did you meet any nice people today or recently?

    Yes! Yesterday when I pulled into the parking lot at work, a big car hauler 18 wheeler was in the drive, taking up most of the parking spaces. I got out of car and the truck driver came over and apologized for taking up so much space and that he would be gone soon. He dropped off some beautiful antique cars for his customer. Didn't know what they were but was in awe over the beauty. A bit later a guy and his wife pull up to check out their cars. Her uncle gave them to her as he was getting rid of some assets. When the guy gets out of the car he sees me checking out his new baby. He walks right over to me and starts talking about the car. Telling me the history of it. He then takes out his phone and starts showing me pics. @schon it was an Avanti SS. Never seen one before! Freakin gorgeous! Her uncle sent her a Tesla as well and an antique truck. Anyway, I thought it was really kinda odd but a very pleasant start to my day.
  12. Did I tell you How Wonderful you all are!

    I personally think all of you are my favorites! I respect the individuality that each person brings to the forums on this site. . We don't all think alike or express things the same. When another person feels passionate enough about a topic to post their feelings and thoughts, they get my attention and respect. Im an extreme introvert and I can honestly say that the folks on this site have helped me immensely. By being able to post on here, voice my opinion and not be judged but have conversation, you just have no idea how great it is! I really like you guys!, a whole bunch!
  13. People Search Website knows wwaaayyy too much!

    Most of my info was spot on! Only exceptions were some names of possible family and possible acquaintances. Checked my husband and parents, as well. Lots of info on them too. I feel so violated
  14. People Search Website knows wwaaayyy too much!

    FYI: All these people search places get their info from the main hub that is Intellus. Get hold of intellus and make them take you out of their database. It's the only way to keep it from popping up all over in all those doxxer's places. Once you contact Intellus, you have to give them EVERYTHING you want deleted.
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