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  1. Here's a linky to an article from FOX 23 News on it. http://www.fox23.com/news/biological-weapons-simulation-test-planned-in-oklahoma/646596934 This kinda crap just spooks the hell outta me!
  2. @ Mario So true so true We may as well shout it from the rooftops but then there is that fear of being suicided.
  3. It's my Birthday!

    Happy Birthday! Hope its awesome and you have a Blessed nother year!
  4. @Mario No I aint got Nuffinz. I was just wondering. All these folks supposedly there at the concert and I haven't seen any posts on my social media feeds from anyone that I know that knows of someone that was there. Granted I only have a couple hundred "friends" on FB and most of them are family but amongst all of them there would be several thousands possible connections and I dont see anything coming down that pipe from any of them. My mother in law was a bartender in Vegas for 30+ years and has many friends that she is in conact with in that area and they dont know anyone that was at the concert. Just seems really curious, to me.
  5. I was just wondering, does anyone on COP know of anyone that knows of anyone that knows of anyone that knows of anyone that was actually at the LV concert or that was injured at the LV concert??? Just curious.
  6. @The Toolman Marty Weiss is the other guy
  7. He said that it was common knowledge of one guy that I can’t remember the name . I’ll research and try to find. The other was the owner of a popular kids hangout the he and Corey Haim used to hang out at. That would be “Alfys Soda Pop Club”.He said the guy now works for the Dodgers. Sorry I’m providing “halfass information” as I’m on my phone and it hates me.
  8. He already mentioned his 2 abusers on the Megan Kelley Show. How many more did he have?
  9. Little tiny cockroach udders
  10. Feldman on Today Show

    @DRUMZ Thanks for posting that excerpt. He went on another show this morning and was saying the same as in the Today Show. He did mention who his abuser was without giving the name, the owner of a kids only venue and now works for the Dodgers. Wish he would say what he knows. The sex abuse scandals in Hollywood that are coming to light seemingly have shaken the core so now would be the perfect time to bring it all down.
  11. Feldman on Today Show

    He seemed very passionate in his message. Still promoting that damn movie though. Seems he feels that since he has already given law enforcement the names and because of a statute of limitations, he needs to put the movie out to get the names out. I say spill it already! For every day he doesn’t, more abuse is happening.
  12. Corey Feldman is about to do live interview on the Today Show. Wonder if anything will be revealed. Might be interesting!
  13. Freeze Warning

    Good grief!!! Supposed to be mid 20's here in NW Arkansas tonight. Was upper 70's yesterday. So not ready for this!
  14. I take both Carbon 60 and actived Charcoal. Started the Carbon 60 a few weeks ago. Feel pretty good since starting it. Not sure what it is doing for me but it does offer a nice little boost of energy, mentally and physically.
  15. Repugnant Human

    I went onto his facebook page and found that pic from that date. This was the caption for that photo on his page. "Priscilla and I stopped in Vicksburg today to see the battlefield and National Cemetery from one of the defining moments in the Civil War. It's struck me over the past few days how much our history is still part of our every day life. Black and white families living in the same town together in Mississippi are likely descendants of slaves or those who held slaves generations ago. History is recent enough that older folks today can tell stories their grandparents told them from their experiences with slavery and the Civil War. This history is still fresh and shapes our lives today."