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  1. Here's a link to Farmer's Almanac "Long Range Forecast". I like keeping an eye on their forecasts each winter to see how accurate they are. https://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange
  2. Anyone have a Persimmon Tree? If so, check the seeds and it will tell you how your winter is going to be. This method has always been correct for my neck of the woods. Linky on it from the Farmers Almanac for those that don't know what I'm talking about. https://www.almanac.com/content/predicting-weather-using-persimmon-seed
  3. Is Something Strange Afoot?

    @CSB thanks for posting link havnt figured out how to do that on my phone
  4. Is Something Strange Afoot?

    Something I have been paying some attention to lately is Dutchsinse predictions. I have noticed a correlation between the way I'm feeling and pressure transfers after quakes. Recent EQ's are California, Mexico, Illinois and Texas so it stands to reason that we in the central states are going to be feeling that pressure. If you have never checked out his YouTube videos, I recommend doing so. They are very informative and he lays out info in laymans terms regarding transfers of pressure and plate shifts.
  5. Is Something Strange Afoot?

    Hopefully my spidey senses are wrong. It does definitely feel like something is going on. Changes in barometric pressure, EQ, Solar Flares, Menopause..........Who tha hell knows!
  6. Is Something Strange Afoot?

    @TrustNoOneKS I'm in Northwest Arkansas, not too terribly far from you. I have had the pressure in my ears and head and feeling kinda "out of sorts" since yesterday morning. My yard rats (squirrels) have not been out of their nests to eat yesterday or today. May be an EQ coming.
  7. Arent there a couple of high security facilities that house extremely volitile diseases there? Seems like I read something about that before Harvey hit. Some of the locals were wondering if the places could withstand the hurricane. Sure hope some of that crap aint on the loose!
  8. Looked at a couple of attorneys sites that were talking about this. They are advising not to take the free credit monitoring offer because if you do you're waiving your right to financial compensation in lieu of their "free credit monitoring".
  9. Yeh I'm pretty pissed about this! I checked the site and my info has been compromised. Spent the last 2 hours changing all my passwords on personal and business accounts. Going to the bank later to close old accounts and open new ones. Thankfully, Im poor and have recently acquired a horrible credit rating so i know they wont be buying or securing much with my info. What a pain in the ass!
  10. I was wondering what was going on and kinda figured they were heading to Texas. Saw so many Walmart trucks yesterday as I was heading into Bentonville, at least 100. It was crazy! Really wish they could be more proactive and send the trucks out with the necessities before the storms hit so the customers don't have to wait in line for it or go without. Thats the last thing that people trying to prepare should have to do. As much as I dislike "China Mart", I'll admit, they do some good stuff for the communities
  11. Check-in if nothing happened :D

    Well.....took off from work at noon to watch something awesome. Not too much went on. Three crows stayed perched on the old dead tree across the road the entire duration of the eclipse. That was pretty cool! Watched a skink slither around the porch and eat a couple of gnats. That was pretty cool! Watched as a hummingbird flew into my house window. He was pretty stunned so we watched all this together, until he came to his senses and flew off. That was pretty cool! Realised that I have drank four beers in a little over an hour. The world is still here. I haven't got a care in the world. That's pretty cool! Feelng pretty damn spectacular! Gonna take a short nap then take my kayak down to the lake for a couple of hours. All in all, this was the best damn eclipse ever!!!!!!!
  12. It's really not spicy like one would think. I don't do spicy at all because of the ulcers but this stuff is ok. The only exception that I had to make with my second batch was with the horseradish root. I couldn't find it in any stores so I used a couple of jars of prepared horseradish. Good stuff!
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