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  1. DIY: How to Make Your Own Herbal Tinctures

    Tinctures are awesome! I used to make dandelion, st johns wort, lemon and a few others. My favorite was one made with a "weed" that I don't do anymore. The effects were crazy good.
  2. Just because I can..??...

    Back at ya DRUMZ! Have a spectacular one!
  3. Hi @Rom7777777 So upon reading your post I am seeing similarities between your diet and the Ketogenic Diet. Using low carb, high fat, high protien in a manner as to induce a state of ketosis. Am I correct?
  4. I facepalm at the coming update!

    @CSB LOL! Maybe i'm your long lost cousin. Surely we must be related as we have the same round yellow face and dark, hollow eyes.
  5. Good God man

    Well......shit! (insert smiling poop emoji here)
  6. I facepalm at the coming update!

    Can I get a job here too?
  7. The Keto Diet

    IM OFF MY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS, and down 12 pounds. Been on it 11 days as of yesterday. Doing strictly low carb, no more than 20 ish per day. Still miss my beer but thats ok. Keeping my electrolytes up so i dont get the Keto Flu. Really enjoying the new recipes. If you havnt tried Fat Head Pizza, you should! Lovin it!!!
  8. The Keto Diet

    @Kadosh Thanks so much for the feedback and videos. I'll look forward to trying IF in a month or so after I'm mentally and physically adapted to keto.
  9. The Keto Diet

    @Kadosh Have you done the intermittent fasting? Results?
  10. The Keto Diet

    Thanks @Millevolt Down 11 pounds of water weight in 3 days and starting into ketosis. So excited! Im considering this more of a lifestyle than a diet. Lovin it!!
  11. The Keto Diet

    @Kadosh Thanks for replying. Ill def check out the video.
  12. The Keto Diet

    Hello everybody! Hope this new year finds you all doing well. I've decided to start my year off with a lifestyle change. I have started The Keto Diet, LCHF (low carb high fat). I am excited to give this a try and am on my 4th day. So far so good. Only consuming about 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. No bread, pasta, sugar or starches. By far the worst part of the diet for me is NO BEER. I plan on doing this for a month or so for some weight loss then to transition the mindset into my everyday life. Have any of you tried or are currently eating this way? Does anyone have any success stories or LCHF recipes that they would like to share. Here are a couple of links, if anyone would like to check it out. https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/type-1-diabetes-guide/what-is-ketosis#1
  13. Healthy Breakfast

    OMG I picked the wrong thread to visit! Started a new diet today. That breakfast looks awesome!! @apache54 Happy Birthday! Hope your day is all you want it to be.
  14. It's Colder Than A Well Diggers Bum Today

    A little chilly here in the sticks! 19 here in Northwest Arkansas last night. 32 today and Sunday night they are calling for 5. I wish I could migrate! I shouldn't complain though! Up until the early 80's we had colder temps, a few feet of snow/ice and our winter school cancellations were typically 2-4 weeks long. The winter season has definitely changed here over the last couple of decades.
  15. Recovery

    @YaKnow2.0 I don't know you, but then again, maybe I do. Just wanted to chime in on this thread and say, I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work!