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  1. One of the protests on Saturday is a couple of miles from where I work. I don't think it will go well for them here in Northwest Arkansas! HUGE Trump following here. Looking forward to watching the fireworks! Stay safe y'all!
  2. Hi Shiftyze. Sounds like you might be an empath. Welcome to the club! It is an interesting ability/awareness. I used to see it as a handicap but now that I have embraced it, its a beautiful place! I just have to stay away from crowds. Also, smoking green did the same for me. Was a smoker for about 20 years and quit a year or so ago. I dont remember having any dreams for about 10 of those years. Now, almost every night. Just wanted to address your post.Sorry to get off main topic.
  3. F everyone! 😡 Just Kiddin! Come over and have a beer. I'll cheer y'all up! 🤓🍺😜
  4. LOL! I guess I could have been if it weren't for me being a girl. Any chance you're missing a daughter?
  5. That was awesome!
  6. I have a shop full of guys out with the flu. 12 out of 18 have had it in the last two weeks. It has got to be the master tonic I have been taking that has kept me from being sick! Easy to make. Ginger root, horseradish root, turmeric root, white onion, garlic and apple cider vinegar. Been taking it for a few months! Never felt better. Please check it out y'all. Seriously is good stuff.
  7. I think it's really neat. She was an advocate and talked openly about her depression. If they can fit my fat a$$ in the bottles of a six pack of Killians Irish Red beer, more power to em!! Toss me in six different locations that were on the bucket list that I never got to see! 🍺
  8. Feeling like more of a Bit!h than normal but hubby says its normal. Odd bought's of nausea. Feeling a little disconnected with my usual self. Hubby is feeling the nausea and disconnected feeling, as well. Strange internal energy that feels kinda like electrical pulses. Usually have that feeling when we are going to have larger EQ's in Oklahoma. Other than this stuff I'm my usual perky self, i think.
  9. @thedudeabides Construction workers uncovered an old potentially active aerial bomb from WWII in the area.
  10. @Lucy Barnable Thank you for splainin' it to me Lucy! Never really thought much about it until recently. Saw a thread somewhere talking about the RHneg blood isn't really that common thru out the world and of course there are many conspiracies regarding it. Reckon I need to do some research on this. Thanks again!
  11. @Cryptid Mold ; @foxtrot2000 Strange that this is mentioned in this post. The past few days I have been thinking about the RHneg thing. Im wondering why I am the only member in my family that is RHneg, out my parents and four siblings, Im the only one. Just a curiosity. Any thoughts? Sorry to derail. :(
  12. This is the area I live in. In the past couple of years we have had a lot of complaints about these meters. Electric and water type. Some have stated that the meters are showing significant usage when no one is even home. Thankfully I live in the country and wont have to worry with the meters, even the WIFI companies don't come out there.
  13. I think possibly one of the issues with the rehydration solution is overconsumption. Could definitely cause bigger tummy issues if you drink it too much. Just going by what hubby and I have experienced with it, you should probably only drink for a day and transition to broths or soups as soon as possible. He did have a bad bought of heat exhaustion and drank it for two days. He ended up with an upset stomach. I think it was from too much salt and no solids. I keep several containers of lite salt around the house and in his work vehicle just I case. The recipe on the WHO site tastes a lot like children's Pedialite.
  14. In the last two weeks I have had 18 of 23 employees get a stomach bug. Same symptoms as mentioned here. A couple of them have had to go to ER for dehydration. So thankful that I have been taking my master tonic and garlic supplements. I truly believe that is what has kept me from getting sick. Garlic, white onion, ginger root, turmeric and horseradish root in ACV. Easy to make and I highly recommend it!!! Also the World Health Organization had a recipe for a rehydration solution. I made it for my hubby for heat exhaustion a couple of years ago and now we use it when feeling a little under the weather. It has lite salt in it. Iodized salt and potassium chloride. 50% less sodium than regular salt and really seems to help with dehydration. Good stuff!
  15. Well Ive managed to watch the last 9 minutes. That'll do! Thought I would log in and be a part of the discussion but honestly I cannot stand to listen to him anymore. Im going to get my Zombie killin' gear ready.