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  1. Lol! The article states that he ordered the evacuations to the 600,000 some odd people with criminal records to allow the rest of the public use of the shelters. Now thats a good way to rid your country of some vermin! The Russia drill was kinda spooky, like something was about to seriously go down and we sure that hell weren't prepared for it. I guess it SHTF, I'll have to dig myself a little hole down in the hollow and wait it out.
  2. Not sure of this source. Fake news or not?? Anybody know? It states that lil Kim has ordered evacuations. http://www.pravdareport.com/hotspots/conflicts/12-04-2017/137480-pyongyang_evacuation-0/
  3. One of the biggest problems that I have with how this issue is dealt with is the failing nature of the probation and parole efforts. Parole/Probation officers loose track of them and don't or can't do the mandatory piss tests. The offender gets back into it and the downward spiral starts again. Then, we the people, have to take care of the offender for more years. Our dime! The person does their time, gets out, family has all but disowned them so they turn to their "friends" that they were hanging out with before. You get the gist. They only true solution, in my opinion, is lloooonnnngggg term rehab facilities and strict enforcement after they are realeased. We don't have the money or time for that. Ive always felt that meth is way to weed out the stupid people and maybe it's the only way. Let nature take its course. The hard part is seeing the damage it does to the individual, their families and innocent people that may find their way in the path of an addict just trying to score a high.
  4. I like it! Trust me, as an ex dispatcher/jailer in a small town. You get the word out that one or two tweekers are being watched and they all freak out! You usually will catch multiples when you trigger the right one. Trippy twisted tweakers 😵😵😵😵
  5. I love water witching! I have used metal coat hangers and willow tree branch. My preference is the metal coat hanger. I have found two awesome natural underground springs on my hubby's family's property and a well at my work place. I also have located old water lines on my property so that we could dig a trench and not damage the lines. It is a fun and interesting little hobby. I'm definitely not a witch but my old man might tell you otherwise.
  6. WoW! Thats just nuts! 8=====D
  7. One of my favorites! Also archaeologica.org. If you haven't, you should check it out.
  8. I'm in Northwest Arkansas,USA. The land of Walmartians. I usually browse ATS, Breitbart, RT and a couple of others. Im more of an archaeology freak than a CTer. Was searching for something fossil related on google and one if the searches pulled up a topic on a forum here. I clicked on it, trolled the site for a while, created an account then fell into the wormhole! Kinda cozy here.
  9. Just my 2 cents... My 77 year old father was diagnosed with type 2 about a year ago. He swears by garlic for internal health. Walks a mile a day even though he has no abdominal muscles. He became diabetic after our car accident three years ago and was sedentary for quite some time. When he was diagnosed he immediately changed his diet to the "no white diet". This was his go to diet most of his life if he needed to drop a few pounds. He lost 20 pounds within 2 months. Within 5 months of being diagnosed, his blood sugar levels were almost normal. He went to a dietitian and found out what fruits and veges not to eat and which to eat in moderation. He needed to see a professional because of the way he was raised to look at food. Being a southern guy that grew up on a farm, there was a common misconception that those calorie and carb rich meals were ok because you were going to work it off during the day. The overwhelming amount of information on the internet didn't help, it was just confusing. He didn't have bad eating habits he just thought that three square meals a day and an early evening treat was ok. Just because you use natural and raw foods does not mean that they are healthy for your diet as some fruits and veges that you would think are great for you actually metabolize into sugar. That little bit of information was what helped him the most. Understanding the way foods, starches, carbs, sugars etc react inside your body. He walks daily, checks his blood sugar two times per day and keeps his diet in check as to allow for that little sweet treat that he occasionally allows himself. Not everyone is the same when dealing with Diabetes. We all metabolize differently. What works for someone else may not work for you. If trying different foods or juices, check your blood sugar afterwards to get a true reading on it. You must do your homework on the foods that you are eating and how they are truly affecting you to help you overcome.
  10. @olderbytheday I had forgotten about my old e-cig. Been a couple of years since I have used it but did cut back a lot when I did. Will give that a try again. Even the juice with no nicotine seems to help with the craving of a real cig. @Ukshep Thanks. I will check out the recording. I also have a some recordings for self hypnosis that I had started a few years ago. They were pretty relaxing. Only used them for a week or so then got involved in a car accident and totally gave up on quitting smoking as my stress level was thru the roof! @NowServingNumber52 Thank you for the info. I will definately be researching more into that today. I love herbal remedies! The hubby and I will be starting the Cream Of Tartar/Orange Juice remedy tonight. Will be starting out at half the dose for a couple of days to make sure there are no adverse reactions with the very high amounts of potassium. This process could take up to 30 days. The premise of this method is that it makes the cigarettes taste so bad that you loose your craving for them as it is also doing some cleaning of your lungs. This is what my problem with the addiction is, I love the taste of a good cig. Ill keep ya posted on any reactions, good or bad, as I go thru the process. The desire for change and growth is here so please send positive vibes or a little prayer my way for strength, persistence and all around badassery for getting over this addiction!
  11. @Kral That was awesome! I like that guy. Gonna spend a lot of time this weekend checking out what he has to say in his other videos. Very informative and very to the point!
  12. Was about to look up a recipe for making that. Thanks for posting! Happy St Patrick's Day!
  13. So I have been looking into remedies that will help me with my craving of cigarettes. I currently smoke American Spirit cigs. Occasionally I smoke all natural, unprocessed, pure leaf tobacco. I love the flavor of a good cig. I would compare it to how some folks love the taste of a fine wine, a small batch brewed beer, good homemade pie. Seriously, it is kinda like that. The cream of tartar and orange juice method sounds interesting. Have any of you ever tried it or know of someone that has? Or do you know of any herbal remedies that could help with the craving? Some linkies for your reading pleasure, if you are interested: http://www.wikihow.com/Quit-Smoking-With-Cream-of-Tartar https://dailyhealthpost.com/cream-tartar-benefits/ http://www.justnaturalremedies.com/mix-orange-juice-flush-nicotine-body-5-04/ Please no "smartypants" comments. I'm seeking insight, advice and words of wisdom from others. I am fully aware that cigs are bad for me. Big hugs! Appreciate your time!
  14. @LuckyBolt Just wondering, How long have you been using the diatomaceous earth? I started taking it about two weeks ago. Not sure how ling to take it because seeing conflicting information on long term therapy. I decided to go with it because I have a couple of ulcers and roseacea. Pretty much already had the ulcers under control but couldnt calm down the skin issue. The diatomaceous earth is working! Amazing stuff!!
  15. Aw someone's playing with their emojis.😃 These are some of my fav's. 😳😲😔😣😖😩😢 🤢😷☠️ And this one 🤓, because it resembles me. wait.. what's this thread about?