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  1. So lets bring this convo around away from the radiation talk. The OP's article talked about the salmon runs in a few major rivers running through California and how the fish runs are horribly depleted. Thats the bs of all this. Im being lazy cause im on my phone and dont want to copy and past, but from what ive been hearing is, we are actually having record runs of salmon and steelhead this year. You have to remember, Cali is a liberal strong hold that wants to kill all industry/agriculture/work that makes money and will do this anyway it can. For me this all screams, sierra club, autobahn society, agenda 21 crap.
  2. Thats the problem with written words. They are always up for interpretation. Somebody somewhere will try to say it means something else than what was the original intent. If only religion was as simple as reading an instruction manual. We would not be in this mess. Untill the muslim faith has its own Martin Luther....
  3. It said for my own safety i need to use oven mitts if i was to use anything more advanced than a crayon.
  4. Were in the bible did it call for the spanish inquisition? Thats what your asking for.
  5. So what is daesh trying to currently spread in the M.E.??? It sure aint peace and love. The problem with your demand is that you would have to be physically present in a mosque as an iman preaches, with a recording device, to get this info. The koran might not say it out right but its the leaders and religious figureheads that push the narrative.
  6. Dont really think its a big issue. It rains here alot.
  7. I think hes playing the long game here. Testing the waters and seeing what happens, giving them enough rope to hang themselves when the time is right.
  8. It is rather convenient to say things like that then throw in something about trump. Ill take false flag in the making for 100 alex.
  9. My ears have been popping lately. Wonder if this is why.
  10. Huh, thats interesting.....a politician (oh, wait, trump isnt a politician) that throws shit and then proceeds to walk in it. I think thats never been done before. Its nice to see a person, especially a celebrity and a president, act like a real person and not some 2 faced troll looking for votes and self preservation.
  11. He's got liberal money pushing his decisions. But your right for an elected official to make a statement like that... Dumb
  12. I wonder how much lobbying money they got for this. These visa's are tied back to a specific company that is requesting the foreign worker. So how much money did these idiots get per visa? 5000 might not seem like a high number but at 100,000$ per visa approved, it totals 500mil.
  13. Its amazing the short attention span that the msms have with this.
  14. You would see that odumber been running the white house for personal gain. The Dems cant afford to let that info out.
  15. I bet it has to do with insurance rates and building codes. The state probably sold property to businesses knowing full well they would be underwater in a good flood. I remember the rain of 97 here in Oregon. The weather pattern is different this time. We are getting rain here but not that much.