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  1. Why? The tree must be watered from time to time. And that time is quickly coming up.
  2. For a group that hates free speech. They sure love to use their right of free speech.
  3. Are you scared of trin

  4. Nah, communist love their statues too. Much like a lot of other societies. Cant find it now, maybe someone can help me here. I though i read an article that was talking about CAIR had a hand and financial backing in these Antifa protesters? That would be one way to spread your religious beliefs with out openly saying it. Get these antifa idiots to call for the destruction of statues under the guise of PC, where as if they, cair, called for it, it would be dismissed under religious fervor. Heres an example of what im taking about if some didnt know https://islam.stackexchange.com/questions/33642/if-statues-are-haram-why-are-there-statues-in-muslim-majority-cities
  5. Huumm. Destroy all statues, next it will be art. How very muslim of them.
  6. Doesnt look like enough debris to be a helicopter crash.
  7. Only 3 inches of uplift? Its old but still interesting. https://www.intellihub.com/unnamed-source-usgs-suppressing-supervolcano-activity-yellowstone-white-house-orders/
  8. Notice anything odd.....NOAA.GOV!

    O.o. interesting.
  9. Yeah. And this is coming from the country that made their own Ipad. Called,...........wait for it.............. the Ipad! I bet someone found an old disco ball on one of their beaches and pulled a fast on the little guy. NK launches ICBM. It explodes over Guam. Glitter, Glitter everywhere. Guam stuck with the clean up.

    Oh great and wise chemically castrated of all emoticons (well in that one thread you said u were chemically altered for societal reasons) person of the frozen North. Please reconsider in helping us lowly sub-humans survive the coming nuclear war. We can send our best and brightest minds to negotiate a peaceful enslavement. Please except the following as envoys for us pitiful sun apes. Bill Nye, master of earth sciences and t.v children shows. Clinton, a great public figure much adored by the mindless throngs of our education system and by millions of women that wear pink hats. Um, the one that wears the pant suits. Obama, the one with the penis... Well....the one that doesn't wear a dress....Well, in public at least. And finally Gore, master of all things weather and hot air. We will glady send these four ambassadors to you in a small un-powered row boat to signify our deepest and utmost respect at keeping your ice unsullied with our dirty emotional ways. Sincerly Im-not-worthy, im-not-worthy, I-welcome-our-insect-overlords. Sub-human pink skin
  11. Anyone else having pet issues today?

    My basset is being his, Squirrel!! typical lazy self.
  12. Huh? Dont follow. Can u expand on this?
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