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  1. Redlistvet

    3 Straight nights of radio waves

    Link if possible?
  2. O.o. Is this just more posturing for more votes? Or is he being serious?
  3. Redlistvet

    Debunking Right wing rhetoric

    Sorry... Lol. At least in the good 'ol days the trolls took their time. Now it just straight up instant dick.
  4. Redlistvet

    Debunking Right wing rhetoric

    Yeah, best not to feed the trolls.
  5. He’s the next Bond villain.
  6. Redlistvet

    Going thru my old coins I received while on active duty

    Ive lost all mine throughout the years.😕 Still have one squad coin somewhere...
  7. Could be one hellofa last bang!🤣
  8. Guest posting should be moderated! It got way to confusing with anonymous posts replying to anonymous posts. Also those that scream the most about censor ship usually have an ulterior motive.
  9. Were's that old tavistock thread at, some really good info in that thread.
  10. Better hide this story. Won’t go well with the anti-gun nuts way of thinking.
  11. Are German no knock swat raids just as deadly as the American version?
  12. Wow. People can be nasty.

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