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  1. Alabama, no stranger to voter fraud.

    Not all Democrats are KKK members, but all KKK members are Democrats. Got to win no matter what!
  2. Snip In the 1990s in Greene County, Alabama, citizens, local political candidates, federal and state prosecu­tors, and a local newspaper joined together to fight absentee ballot fraud in the county, one of the poorest in Alabama. Unfortunately, liberal groups like the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Con­ference worked equally hard to undermine the effort. Even as the investigation uncovered massive wrongdoing, so-called civil rights groups objected at every turn, alleging a plot to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. But in the end, justice prevailed with the convictions of 11 conspirators who had fixed local elections for years. The Greene County case is proof that absentee ballot fraud is real and not a cover story for an imagined voter-disenfranchisement conspiracy. http://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/report/absentee-ballot-fraud-stolen-election-greene-county-alabama Interesting bit of history.
  3. Trump Serves The War Gods

    Nothing kicks up the economy more than a war or two.
  4. Yes it is. Even the smartest criminal gets lazy towards the end. What i find rather amusing is that the dnc is literally eating themselves alive with all these scandals and screw ups, yet they dont care at all.
  5. ...my name was used... At least they made me sound smart! "Brief Comment I urge you to stop the FCC's plan to end net neutrality *before* the FCC's December 14th vote. I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, split the Internet into "fast lanes" for companies that pay and "slow lanes" for the rest, or force me to buy special "tiers" to access the sites and services I choose. But that's exactly what the FCC plan would do. Please read it: https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DOC-347927A1.pdf Blocking & throttling by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small. If some companies can pay ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. This will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created America’s 5 most valuable companies. Without strong net neutrality protections, Internet providers will effectively be able to impose a tax on every sector of the American economy. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard. If the FCC passes their current order, every Internet user and business in this country will be unprotected from abuse by Internet providers, and the consequences will be dire. Please publicly support net neutrality protections by denouncing the FCC's current plan. Do whatever you can to stop Chairman Pai, to ensure that businesses and Internet users remain protected. Thank you!"
  6. Walt Disney buys Murdoch's Fox for $52bn

    So with Disney buying fox and all its material, that means, where gonna get a new Disney princess. Xenomorph, the lost princess of Nostromo!
  7. Um you dont fire flares. You deploy flares. And flares on an aircraft are solely defensive only. So if flares were popped this story is purposely being twisted.
  8. This things trajectory passes through our habital zone of our system. Mars,Earth, Venus, coincidence? http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/11/updated-first-time-astronomers-are-tracking-distant-visitor-streaking-through-our-solar
  9. Another Sophia/AI presentation!

    A world wide reset.
  10. Anyone surpirsed that it was Clinton AGAIN selling American property and rights to foreign countries?
  11. Why are they shocked when its their agenda 21 thats responsible. DUH!!!
  12. So not the start of the zombie apocalypse?
  13. America Is Haunted -Truthstream media

    Id rather stay poor and live in the woods then move to a big city.
  14. Shouldnt this info be added to the cnn harassment thread?