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  1. Interesting that the owner played lady gaga. "Born this way" because yeah. Thats the calling card of a standard, normal person.
  2. They forgot to add that it illegal for a dreamer to enter mexico with out telling imigration first. So they broke the conditions of being a dreamer. Idiots.
  3. Wait till we have to have a Permit for "Personal Carbon emitting purposes" Dont have your breathing tax permit,,,, fined and jailed.
  4. The oil game is just that, a game. These prices are set by speculators and not by actual demands. These speculators will jump at the chance to raise oil prices at any chance they get. Gasoline manufacturing plateaued 20 years ago. Sure the demand for gas and diesel can swing but its the availability of the crude that speculators depend on.
  5. If the U.S falls the world falls.
  6. Was there video coverage of the dinner with China? You know that they were updated in real time while the U.S was attacking that base.
  7. I think that people are still stuck in the mind set that Trump is a politician and a Republican. Yes, Trump is now the President and ran under the Republican banner during the election but he is and always will be a business man. With the way that his appointees have, either been stepping down, stepping aside, or recuse'ing themselves, didnt make sense to me at first. A lot of politicians, especially the democrats, have no problem remaining in office or position with some sort of scandal hanging over their head. But in the business world, scandals are not acceptable, it affects the bottom dollar. Companies have to react quickly to keep their perceived value whole. I believe Trump has brought this mindset over with him into this Presidency because that is all he knows. Since the start of his Presidency, he has been accused of colluding with the Russians to win the election. We know that it didnt happen but the msm's and snowflakes keep pushing this narrative because of their butthurt. So along comes this Syria thing. Personal opinion aside. Here is an opportunity for Trump to do a few things all at once, and in a big way. The Russian accusations. -----Sure he told Russia he was going to attack, but they responded that there would be "consequences". That shoots down that he's buddy buddy with Putin. How can the msm's continue to say he's best friends with Putin if he sent missiles into a base where Russian soldiers where stationed at. Collateral damage happens, but thats a very risky move, not just for Americans but also for the Russians. So the Russians knew that the attack was coming yet did nothing to let the Syrians know. Talk about destroying any type of diplomatic partnership between Russia and Assad. Foreign relation experience. -----Again during the election this was one of the talking point the Democrats had against Trump. Well he just proved them wrong. He got a country (the Russians) to step aside for a bit, so he could bomb the crap out of a target the Russians were actively stationed in. Does anybody see the significance of this? This is mind blowing here. Our President just bombed a military base that had Russian troops in it, and Russia allowed it!!! When has this ever happened before? I cant think of one. ---This should be an eye opener for a lot of countries. The U.S has no problem getting a super power to step aside so that we can make a statement. I'm wondering what China is thinking right now. Not just on the act alone, but on the fire power used also. This shows that Trump aint gonna pussy foot around when it comes to foreign problems. Unlike Obama, he will respond and in a big way at that. Political clout. ----Obama neutered the U.S.. Trump, being a business man and his personality, always has to be on top, number 1. He promised this during the election so he is showing the world that he will not Bow to foreign leaders like Obama did. Well this was his spring board to show the world that he says what he means. Just my two cents.
  8. Nothing to see here. Move along. Great work guys.!👻
  9. This happened a few days ago. http://www.kgw.com/mb/news/local/ice-arrests-84-people-during-3-day-sweep-of-pacific-northwest/426890395 Cant find it. But theres talk about making .gov official, local and state, financially responsible if an illegal commits a crime, and possible jail time as well. This needs to be done.
  10. Restart the CCC. Use those on welfare and subsidies as the work force. The left would b*tch about free air and water if they could and even more so when it comes to protecting life and liberty. Let them protest. Let em go full snowflake. In the end the wall will get built and we will have more to shake our head at, at the end of the day. I just hope that this brings out the traitors for all to see and convictions follow because of it.
  11. Start a contract providing security for the construction crews. Use Vets.
  12. Jesus also.
  13. You should have kept that to yourself. Starting crap wont get you anywhere.
  14. So lets bring this convo around away from the radiation talk. The OP's article talked about the salmon runs in a few major rivers running through California and how the fish runs are horribly depleted. Thats the bs of all this. Im being lazy cause im on my phone and dont want to copy and past, but from what ive been hearing is, we are actually having record runs of salmon and steelhead this year. You have to remember, Cali is a liberal strong hold that wants to kill all industry/agriculture/work that makes money and will do this anyway it can. For me this all screams, sierra club, autobahn society, agenda 21 crap.
  15. Thats the problem with written words. They are always up for interpretation. Somebody somewhere will try to say it means something else than what was the original intent. If only religion was as simple as reading an instruction manual. We would not be in this mess. Untill the muslim faith has its own Martin Luther....