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  1. You can understand that?
  2. its ok. one day they will learn and start getting interesting. till then
  3. Sit back, observe all that is going on, and keep your ears open. An open mouth can't learn new things.
  4. Why cant it be a boobs out protest instead...........instead of dumb ol hats.....
  5. Get your popcorn ready. This could be an interesting inauguration for a change.
  6. So if Israel is able to take Jerusalem as their capital, what does that mean for the Dome of the Rock? Can they take that over?
  7. No Moro Rebellion. Take a page out of Pershing's play book. Jump to Popular culture section. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moro_Rebellion
  8. This whole thing was BS from the start. He should have been charged with disturbing the peace and convicted of it. Maybe he should try to get adopted by Madona, two attention whores would do great together.
  9. most emojis are yellow. So emojis are pro asian???
  10. Haha love it.
  11. Since we have this Can we get this It might help ease the pain.
  12. Hope they love the winters.