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  1. The Spirit of the Lord says.

    Lol going to the curator of the Egyptian Museum of history for an accurate answer is like as asking Obama or the pope for a straight answer, second the very fact that obelisk in st peters square was actually brought to the Vatican from Egypt actually speaks volumes as to the physical connection between the two. What are these obelisks pointing too? All these Christian monuments and Egyptian ones all point to the same celestial stars the same race of beings you can easily verify this.
  2. The Spirit of the Lord says.

    Your right I should have quoted it
  3. The Spirit of the Lord says.

    Lol that video is trying discount based on not citing sources among other crazy things based on another youtube video.All my sources are the actual structures around you easily measured there is so much fact and provable and reprovable evidence your argument of posting a youtube video is hillarious.
  4. The Spirit of the Lord says.

    Please do some research of course jesus is horus and probably ra,sobek,osiris ,zues First fact the Bethlehem star of Christ was refered to as the star of ra or ... the star of Hiram Abif... the Blazing star of the Freemasons... the star of David... and more importantly also the star of "Wain"... the name King Solomon's people called this star. the freemason jacobs ladder and its 33 steps which coincidently is the same degree measurement by astronomers from the rising sacred cross of Orion's belt, which is coincidently also the same measure in the Testament of Solomon text of 33 units of cosmic measure to an important star. On the 25th of december the washington monument aligns perfectly with the Bethlehem star of Christ and the pleadies and the 3kings or the 3 stars in orions belt. Is it just a coincidence that the Pope makes an appearance on Christmas eve and views the heavens where it mirrors the ground? The three Kings of Orion 'follow' from the east heavenward to find a star associated with the 'birth' of the Messiah. Many believe that the 25th of December was the birthday of the SON of God. Is it just coincidence too that up until The Christ was accepted by the masses, that this day was celebrated for the birth of theSUN rising in the East? The new findings on the Masonic Blazing star, the Bethlehem star, the Star of King David and the lost symbol of The Christ will challenge human origins and the very foundation of all religions. The Sacred Cross Chi-Rho 'XP' symbol for The Christ and the 'real' cross holds the 'ultimate' secret. Read on and see how this symbol unlocks a shocking truth. Yes it actually involves the layout design behind Washington DC, the Vatican city layout design and the detail found on the Key of Solomon and more. Undeniably, this is real measurable material, real matching patterns beyond coincidence and actual history . For example, as seen below, how the stars of Orion was chosen as a sacred symbol. It was Constantines "double cross" symbol used with Christian churches - which appears to be the "Key" of Solomon and The Christ symbol chosen for the British flag. St peters square with chi-ro british flag symbol is the papal promotion of zues there wasnt even the letter j around the time of jesus To ascertain the origin and meaning of the name Jesus, we need first to take a glance at the form of the name. There are several other names which share a resemblance to the form (spelling) of this name. Dionysus and Bacchus are well known pagan Greek deities which share the ending of the name Jesus. This is our first clue. Secondly, the Greek name used in the New Testament manuscripts is transliterated "I-ay-sous" or "yah-sous." This "sous" ending on the Greek name attributed to the Messiah is identical in sound to Dionysous, who is also known in ancient literature as the "sin-bearing son of Zeus." The name Dionysous is fashioned after his father's name Zeus, the Greek super god and father of the pantheon. For this reason, many language experts believe that the name Jesus actually originated from a form of the name of the pagan Greek god Zeus, and not from the Hebrew name referred to in Scripture. Who is Zues the roman god jupiter which is the home of the elohim? you got it jupiter The statues of the 'gods' from the Pantheon are now found in the Vatican Museum with the exception of the great statue of Jupiter, which has been modified, retitled, and seated on a throne in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome as St. Peter. Thousands of pilgrims kiss the foot of Jupiter while thinking it is the statue of Peter. I can keep going into this whole thing but you get the point
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