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  1. You just tinkered, I love it. Hand me a couple of fluffy white shoe balls will ya? Who would want to stop it?
  2. Mmm see all that nice data. Identification is key in eliminating known objects. We are self sorting the information ourselves on various internet platforms already. It'll be interesting when more results are released about anomalies. < I know..dreams. As for psychics... we all are. That Geller gets used as the example shows a lack of depth in knowledge about the military use of mind control.
  3. So many warm fuzzy memories reading this thread. They do it for revenue, and hey if the dumbf**ks want to pay for shit threads let them. Hello, my names flute and I AM a GLP ADDICT. Who knows why, place is shit. I think its cause I like to know where the crazy is at. Thanks Shep and Cinn, glad to see you still ... leading. Can't say f**k, got it. Ima try harder to keep vulgarity to a minimum :)