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  1. We Demand Justice for Seth Rich

    Im ready for kim or others to give the information that confirms he was the leak. I hate (and love_ ) being devils advocate, but is he was shouldn't we know for certain by now? Transparency hidden to protect a life is one thing, to protect the others is not really .... advantageous to the cause, just to those in cohoots./ Theres going to come a time, hopefully soon, where all information comes out. I truly believe kim/wiki/anon/ass:P all wants it out. The just know, until the people are ready for the whole truth - no ones safe.
  2. We Demand Justice for Seth Rich

    Great video. We need truth and transparency in actions made on our behalf. Govt should act for the people. And answer to them.
  3. Im going to reply as I listen because while he has a theme, he hits many topics and uses them to validate his thinking, I'm going to do the same. I like unisex toilets because I have a husband who takes my two daughters out, and they are young enough to need a person with them to use them. That there are toilets he can do that, I require. Mostly in public toilets men with girls are given the friendly nod, and understanding that logistics reigns, but that he is contravening 'legal' rights is bs political rightness gone crazy. Culture is a changeable aspect of society. 'Source related' as a term is valid, but not part of the ramble about chaos, unsure if hes just scared to call them out? Chaotic Instigators is also valid. I think its not out of the box to call them agent provocateurs. Known to try and change the influence of the people. They are prolific in one of two camps that we all see operating, three if you watch close. The rest is about the removal of historical items, which he assigns to soros. I don't see that, but I don't follow the soros attempt to control or counter the memes. Cinn, your title is referenced in the end only, and forgive me, I miss the connection to most of the words. Other than.... history has many eyes, and will remember only the controlled explanation, and the one other that was forgotten. Thats always been the way of history. Something about the Bible and the Koran. Religion being the ultimate in repeated control systems. I don't think anythings lost, if we are talking about the the data. Especially now. Back up is a beautiful term. What we have is a selective memory. What suits our situation becomes truth, even when its not. If I was to espouse on what I think he was getting at, in actual relation to the moving of statues/icons of history is that the reality of the societal situation can never be related by mere words or objects. Alas we are unable to coherently convert the situations of the past to the future, unless we are able to gather ALL the lessons of the past.
  4. Im not sure why I can't find a heading to put this under. But this post was deleted at another 'oh-so-controlled' forum, and I was banned. Meh. Kinda a nice thrill given It's been a while. But I am curious as to why> was it just the link? If not, there is a good pointer to :nefarious control) and more juicy..intel about the coming shit. Post was innocent enough I thought: I know very little about Kushner but its not hard to find a connection that might prove significant in that of Lev Leviev. From the wiki Israel-Russia Relations page.. The dissolution of the Soviet Union caused a very large immigration wave of Jews from Soviet states. Due to demand from the new immigrants, many Russian language newspapers appeared, and with the development of the multichannel television in Israel during the 1990s, many Russian channels started being rebroadcast in Israel. In November 2002, a new Israeli-Russian channel, Israel Plus, emerged. From there a Kushner/Leviev connection: The Times article mentions in passing that Kushner, in 2015, purchased the former New York Times Building on 43rd Street in Manhattan from Uzbek-Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev. https://psmag.com/news/trump-and-his-advisors-are-connected-to-a-self-professed-friend-of-putin
  5. I would like to apologize.

    Or we have NO f**king idea why? But it presents around the time we inoculate the young? Lets not do that...and maybe get a better idea about how vulnerable the immune system at that formative age in the human growth period., before we put synthetics in their system... until we better understand the process.ss.s...just an idea.
  6. I was taken with the story. Reminds me of a couple of other 'experience stories' that relate to future knowledge based on current conditions and experiences. Whitley Strieber comes to mind as do a number of other UFO books. When is fiction - Reality described in real terms, before it can be scientifically defined? Always, I'd assume.
  7. I would like to apologize.

    I've no idea why you are apologising, but anything that heart felt from the the dude, deserves a link to the offending matter I've liked your words. (was it vulgar?) I've not been watching, curious I am/.
  8. Nothing happened in regard to the nuclear threat from Iran. Because politics took a back seat. War off. NOW we have a different situation. War shouts loud.
  9. Just Ordered 100 FET Transistors

    I paint. It feels nice. My chickens, cows and garden are a big bunch of "points for trying", but Im getting better. Hobbies to aspire to: self sufficiency. I like to see all the people who tech beyond my understanding. And trade like I can't.
  10. Para Site

    You just tinkered, I love it. Hand me a couple of fluffy white shoe balls will ya? Who would want to stop it?
  11. Mmm see all that nice data. Identification is key in eliminating known objects. We are self sorting the information ourselves on various internet platforms already. It'll be interesting when more results are released about anomalies. < I know..dreams. As for psychics... we all are. That Geller gets used as the example shows a lack of depth in knowledge about the military use of mind control.
  12. So many warm fuzzy memories reading this thread. They do it for revenue, and hey if the dumbf**ks want to pay for shit threads let them. Hello, my names flute and I AM a GLP ADDICT. Who knows why, place is shit. I think its cause I like to know where the crazy is at. Thanks Shep and Cinn, glad to see you still ... leading. Can't say f**k, got it. Ima try harder to keep vulgarity to a minimum :)
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