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  1. I have also been banned from GLP.......don't know where I will get my laughing fix for the day.
  2. How do you explain the fact that we have 2 pole's. If the earth was flat and disk shape this would not be possible. Any round flat object can only have one "pole" on a side. It does have 2, but the other one is on the flipside. If the earth was flat then we should only have 1 pole, smack dab in the middle and not 2 on opposite ends of the disk. We should not have a south or north pole, just one in the middle witch would be either negative or positive.
  3. Just do what I did, I have not watched 1min of TV in the past 3years. No cable, no local, no nothing. My TV is not connected to an areal or disk. The only thing that is connected to it is my laptop. Best 42" plasma "monitor".
  4. I am in South Africa, Cape Town at 33.9 Lat (southern hemisphere). We have a line that runs right from Table Mountain, ( my work is situated at the foot of the mountain), right up to Egypt and the Great Giza pyramid.
  5. If you are "earth sensitive" I would suggest you find a ley line, take off you shoes, dig you toes into the earth and open yourself. You might experience dizziness, disorientation, even nausea. The energy flows have increase in frequency and temperament. They have become faster and harder, almost angrier. Something is coming. Don't ask me what or when, all I feel is that there is something brewing.
  6. You are all close minded and bigots..... I am out.
  7. It is time ppl should open their minds and start to realize that ppl are not the same, inside and out. We have been brainwashed for centauries as to what a man & woman is, how they should act and look, do, live as and even think. What is between your legs does not dictate, (excuse the pun), who you are, who you love, how you think, how you live. What is between your legs only play a role once you decide to procreate. And that's it. Ppl must stop trying to assume every one should be like they are, hey if it works for you then fine, but it is ludicrous thinking it should be the same for every one else. Let every one love who they will, in the end it has nothing to do with you. If you are offended then the problem is with your closed off mind.
  8. How about banning all religions. But keep spirituality. If you can do that, I'll join.
  9. It will only work if Putin takes the bait.
  10. Link this and link that....almost sound like the ppl say that if it ain't in the news it did not happen. If you have been around like you claim, you would know AJ changes like a chameleon on a smartie box. Here is your source.......me.
  11. Infowars has lost any creditability a long time ago.
  12. It all has to do with the South Pole. Is it not rumored that the Ark was recently brought there and opened releasing energy adding to the naturally occurring particle activity. They are likely trying to re-balance the energies. This interjection is likely causing the earth to grow (expand). Earthquakes and trumpet sounds are birthing pains of the new world.
  13. I agree with you. I am who I am, I see, think, experience this life and world through my actions and deeds. I will not label myself, or be labeled. As soon as you join any group you automatically label yourself and are then constrained in that way of life, thinking and dogma. I think people join groups because they have not learned the wholeness of ONE.
  14. Keep in mind that almost every one has a bible and house holds will have a couple, so finding pieces of the book all over the place is of no real significance.