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  1. highly doubt I'll get any response out of a thread like the n. glp is pretty much the only place where people are knowledgeable about the subject and I'm banned from there
  2. Since you didn't mention the N, I'm going to assume you cant disprove his existence. nice try though
  3. Ok let me start by saying thank you for your honesty. I'm surprised you know about psychic stalking. the N also randomly sometimes gets a painful ringing in his ear to the point where sounds are inaudible as if you were near a loud explosion. perhaps there are real people channeling his spirit and its not just those devices that you mentioned. I do believe psychic abilities are in fact real. you look at it from an entirely physical perspective, so your assumptions are eschewed. occultism is real. white and black magic is real. spiritual abilities are real. you are right that growing hair longer makes you more psychically powerful and resistant to demonic possession(body snatching), the native American's knew this secret. I also agree that conspiracy sites have been hijacked by government informants conducting psyops on real truthers and probably some of the double agents are also creating false news stories. I do believe however that The n is real and is probably a superhuman destined to save this universe. odd thing is world events are always somehow alluding to his existence. other odd thing is the disturbing amount of trolls who claim they're him. I'm pretty sure their spies trying to pry as much info as can to track him down and kill him. they're is a spiritual war going on whether you believe in it or not
  4. most people just document his actions and report them in glp. that's about it. like I said. the real N is unrelated to glp and just stumbled upon it by accident. he just finds some of them clever and the rest humorous
  5. A lot of people who pretended to be him disappeared over the years. the leftovers who pretend to be him eventually come to the conclusion that they're incapable of walking in his shoes. The real N does shit that they would never dare to do. The real N actually f***s up his own life to make shit happen. He jeopardizes his career, love life, social life, social status, luxuries, family life, opportunities, (he's friendless by the way), f***ing everything you can think of, all for the sake of his mission. that by itself gets rid of 99% of people who claim to be him. he's a literal f***ing loser pariah nobody. he's not the pretty picture everyone makes him out to be.
  6. he is literally the most unassuming person you can think of. he has a weirdo sense of style and fashion in how he looks, the things he likes and how he does things. he brings out the rebellion in all the youths which is why you see so many young people refusing to cooperate with the systems wishes and they're just having fun.
  7. he is connected to the source. the most high want the powers that be to be defeated in the most humiliating fashion, so he sent a literal loser nobody to do the job
  8. perhaps the n is the one will save the world. perhaps he will merely reset our universe and start over (eternal recurrence). perhaps the n will also be like Jesus to wake people up from their sleep(escape the matrix). it's obvious no one really knows exactly what when or how he's about to start a war with the elite, not even he fully understands himself.of course many want his glory without doing any of the work that is required of him that they don't know of. he was psychologically tortured when he was a child to play this role. some people are glp are at least smart enough to know that world events are about him and his rise to power. he really has nothing to do with glp or lop. He stumbled upon the website by accident. some are just good enough to channel his spirit. there will really be a weird oddball that will do many things behind the scenes and in public. his psychic abilities are on par with that of Jesus who saved the earth for the age of Pisces, but he is someone who will be far greater. he will be the last savior for this universe. he is the singularity. they only call him the nobody cause no one suspects anything of him, he is regarded as the most unimportant person in the world, and he's always like a watchmen who never participates in society but is constantly surveying it. he comes from the astral realm to bring imagination to reality. pretty soon nothing in this world will be impossible. he travels to the future in the astral realm to correct negative timelines into positive timelines that the archons constantly try to lead to destruction using CERN. lightworkers and all the other spiritual devotee's only understand the positive effects he creates but they don't know it comes from. he is truly a master of disguise. glper's knew since he was a kid that he will change life as we know it and have been psychically stalking him ever since.
  9. people say the n is the new Jesus for the age of Aquarius. funny, I thought this thread was about him
  10. If you ask me, I think the government is aware of the N's existence and they try to suppress any information about him cause eventually he is going to overthrow them pretty soon. I think its legit.
  11. If there were no mods on glp or lop, the n would be spoken of all the time. im pretty sure the mods only exist for this one guy. everyone is connected to this one guy. synchronicity?
  12. yep, this earth is flat and stationary, just as the bible proves it

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