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  1. modern day feminist society is so disheartening. I went to my college campus today and it's blatantly obvious that the women are outnumbering men, even most of the people working for the college is female. even when I'm going shopping or going out to eat, its an 80% percent chance it'll be females only working there. Even Princeton University banned the word "Man". WTF? I also notice the male population decreasing significantly. It's making me think twice about what I really want in life.
  2. you guys stereotype millennial's way too much, as if your generations are any better smh.
  3. Paganism, female goddess worship, anti-Christ worship. Catholic Temple of LUCIFER shocking illuminati Exposed (2016) An exclusive look inside America's biggest Jesuit Temple in Washington DC.
  4. we never even went to outer space. nuff said
  5. The very sinister mastermind that will stop at nothing to destroy of what remains of our democracy.
  6. preparations for WW3, Atheist/satanic takeover, persecution of Christians, floods, hot weather, volcanic eruptions, female (Mary) worship, indoctrination of children to Satanism, transgenderism, rise of ISIS.
  7. In order for the false light Luciferians to achieve their New World Order, they must persecute the Christians! leaders of climate change want Christians dead!
  8. Truthstreammedia exposes how U.S. will target Iran and is preparing us for a perpetual war on terror! corruption at it's highest level! Liars, Cheaters, and Stealers!
  9. I think you're getting there but unfortunately, lack of time prevents you from fully understanding the knowledge being presented. this quote from him best summarizes the word codes you mentioned, "Everyone on this planet is being controlled by these words and spellings because it is truly a spell. The spellings that spell out this nightmare for us in our life sentence while being written in cursive by the controllers of this story because it is a curse against all of us. Did you think you lived on a planet? No, you live on plan E.T. - The E.T.'s or Extra Terrestrials who take your life and "Plan it" and plane it (planet) right down to the finest detail".
  10. I had to repost cause y'all are fallin for these false narratives! don't worry the vid is short and straight to the point! zika virus was considered benign not too long ago...now, they're pushing this agenda on us and acting like it's deadly now. but the real deadly thing is the gm mosquitos that they plan on releasing into our ecosystem. I care about you guys too much to have you fall for this!
  11. Truthstreammedia exposes the lies of this false zika virus propaganda! please watch :) Bill gates want eugenics(world depopulation!) gm mosquitos they plan on releasing into our environment are the real dangerous mosquitos!
  12. thanks for advice :) and dammit I don't even feel like drinking soda anymore. most of our foods and beverages are poisoned these days
  13. Sorry, pay no heed to me, and go on doing what you do. this is a forum full of good people :) And Cinnamon, don't worry I ordered pizza with soda. then I'll get some sleep after I eat. this is how my head is feeling right now :( I listen to instrumentals when life feels so empty
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