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  1. Well one of is white and Native American and the other is Hispanic. Why can it not tell you much if your not white?
  2. My husband and I did one about a year ago. They both came back as inconclusive. We followed the instructions exactly as stated. I don’t know why but it freaked us out a bit, so the new kits the company sent out have been sitting in the office ever since.
  3. We too have searched for explanations but like you said there is nothing we can find on the internet. I have posted on other message boards but never have I had anyone say they have seen them, so it is exciting to hear other people are seeing them. We have even shown friends and family these when they are over and they are amazed too. It just gives us a feeling that something is taking off from that point.
  4. We are in North Idaho. There are two general areas we see them from our house, the sky is pretty dark where we are which makes them fairly easy to see. The time between the first, second and third flashes are a few minutes between each.
  5. There is definitely something already going on right outside of our atmosphere. In the summertime my husband and I like to sit outside and watch the satellites, space station, meteor showers and whatever else we can get a glimpse of in the night sky. So we are pretty good at knowing what we are looking at. Over the last two years we have noticed something completely different. There will be a small flash, then after a few minutes there will be another flash which is not as bright as the first one but in the same spot, then there will be a third flash which is dimmer then the first two. They are not iridium flares because they are not moving across the horizon, they are stationary. It always gives us the feeling we are watching something that is moving away from the earth almost like a rocket, as if it is taking off from the area just past where you see satellites.
  6. This is interesting. We are in north Idaho and when I went out this morning I heard almost a trumpeting sound. I wondered if we were going to start hearing the booms. i just hope it is not Yellowstone waking up.....ugh.
  7. A lot of those churches have a loft area in the back of the church for the choir, etc. Would be interesting if someone had been up there that got away. Look how the Colorado Wal-Mart shooter just walked out the door.
  8. Watcher777

    Gab is Down DDOS

    There seems to be problems all over today....including government sites. Kind of creepy.

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