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  1. Giant Wolves Run Alongside Car On Highway

    Most people do not realize how big these wolves are....scary big. I saw one running on the side of the freeway just like this..there was an elk farm just up the road from where he was running from, he was probably out for an easy snack. These are not your average gray wolves they are timber wolves and there is not much they are afraid of...gulp.
  2. Forever Men

    He was a member on ATS, that is where this information is coming from. In the video they read his entire post from the last thread he made over there. It was in 2014.
  3. Forever Men

    Astr0 was a well respected member. Most of his posts were about aviation and he knew a lot about different military and non-military aircraft. He took on most subjects with a semi skeptical analysis. It was truly a great mystery as to why he would post what he did.
  4. Forever Men

    I remember when this all this came out, it was like having a ton of bricks hit you from left field. Crazy stuff.
  5. As someone with a Hispanic last name I can tell you when we lived in California both of my children's social security numbers were used when they were young. The only reason I even found out was when I went to file my taxes electronically it stated the social security number had already been used. We watched their credit reports for years and luckily nothing ever showed up. I have always wondered how someone would have had access to the numbers. My only thought would have been through the school system. It would be very easy to use fake identification for years without being caught.
  6. 50 States ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

    With Idaho at seven and Montana at one, I think I will be doing just fine.
  7. I totally agree Cinnamon! I noticed this over a week ago on twitter posts and other CT sites. Contributers that I have known over the years are all of a sudden just making odd statements which seem out of character for them. Are they compromised? It kind of creeped me out and has me second guessing people. The article referenced the Google definition of fascism which I too noticed last week had a negative spin regarding conservatives. They (whomever they are) has a full media blitz starting.
  8. These are anonymous twitter accounts, we don't know who is controlling them....probably more of the Soros gang. I am trying to dig a little deeper to actually find out who these accounts belong to.
  9. All Madonna is doing is using this as a platform to stay current. Her music is horrendous, her life is a joke and she glams on whatever controversial issue to keep her name out there. I hope the government investigates her for this. As for Ashley Judd, her words just sicken me. Another piece of trash who needs to disappear into oblivion.
  10. Cathy O'Brian spoke about her experience in the Monarch program. I believe she said the CIA used all types of different drugs on her with the exception being marijuana. They told her or she believed that when someone uses marijuana they could not control the person like the other drugs. It changed something in the brain then they could not manipulate the person.
  11. ATS bans pizzagate discussions

    I saw this over on ATS just a bit ago and it really concerns me. I have been a member there since 2005 and I don't think I have ever seen them sensor an entire subject. This certainly does not feel right to me. This site has been open to ALL discussions without fear of ridicule. I appreciate what the owners are doing here and you are doing a great job. I am glad I found you a few months ago.
  12. I had posted this on another site but the thread "disappeared'. It looks like the advisor this so called religious organization was using has a long list of trafficking and other nefarious dealings. Jorge Orellana
  13. Great video, these guys did their homework. These are the kinds of journalists we need.
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