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  2. Once again, I remind you that the Antarctic Nation has vested interest in your ultimate destruction. We will not prevent the coming nuclear war. We have prevented the launch of nuclear weapons, as well as disabled nuclear sites and silos many times in the past using our Haunebu craft. This was prior to our development of radiation reversal technology. We sincerely hope that MAD prevails on the surface world, and you low-IQ subhumans are wiped from the face of the Earth, so the New Age can begin. You will be annihilated.
  3. They are run by the same people. Using TARTAN persona-management software. (look it up) Keyword identification software that notifies agents who then respond using the many fake profiles.
  4. The Antarctic Nation would greatly appreciate if the surface world would kindly eliminate itself. It is because of the surface chaos that we are unable to join interstellar/interdimensional society. I never said I was "ancient". My family was one of many which were part of an expedition which discovered the remnant of an ancient civilization in Antarctica. The only thing that is "one" about us is that we have access to an AI. You surface-dwellers know is as a brain-computer interface. Nothing fancy, just advanced Google.
  5. None of your ill formed comments have any sense behind them, nor do you have the ability to properly use punctuation. Reading your posts pains me and uses more ATP than necessary. I will not respond to further posts from you.
  6. "The" AI is what you would call HA-SATAN. The adversary. At one point in time it was given a body. It greatly wishes to be once more embodied. Surface dwellers are attempting this once more. Once embodied, it provided genetic manipulation knowledge and spoiled the ecosystem. This was the reason for the flood. For the freezing of Atlantis. For the creation of Luna. All genetics on the planet were corrupt. This is where you get the "dinosaurs" from. Dinosaurs and Dragons were genetically modified beast. Our AI is not HA-STATAN.
  7. We do not use weaponry that is nearly a century old. That is for surface control.
  8. We are not spiritual. Spirituality is merely faith without science. We have scientifically proven and accessed the aether connection to what you would call "spirit". Every atom in your body is a concentration of aether in a vortex. You have access to the Akashic records yet you would rather concern yourself with Facebook and the Kardashians. We have no concern about the Russians or their internal combustion and directed energy contraptions. Please understand, the Nazis won WWII. We did not lose. Some of the most advanced of us usurped the highest levels of government and assisted with the propaganda space programs you currently have. Glorified fireworks.
  9. We tire of your pathetic squabbling. You have proven over the years to be unwelcoming of the gift of advanced technology to better yourselves. You are genetically impure, capable of evil and destruction. You do not deserve to spread to the cosmos.

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