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  1. Anyone that sides with Islam is an enemy of humanity.
  2. Yes, the muslim invasion and Holocaust of western values has begun.
  3. Considering the transportation of cannabis is illegal in most places on the surface, you may take your own risk. The purpose of this thread is to warn of your coming nuclear destruction should you not eliminate muslims and hang your leaders in the streets. The purpose of this thread is not to provide you with cannabis, foolish surface dweller.
  4. Hitler fought the Jews who became enemies of the state after they declared war on Germany. Just because Hitler preferred Aryans does not negate the fact that 99% of technology, medicine, construction and democracy etc. was the product of Aryans. The muslim swine in the current administration will be flushed. Remove them from the country.
  5. No, I specifically mean the lower, non-aryan races. Those that were brought over as slaves, those that have low enough IQs to practice islam, and illegals. An IQ test should be administered, those not scoring above a certain threshhold should be exiled, as we do in Antarctica. There are certainly no lower races permitted in the Antarctic Nation. Multiculturalism does not work. Unity over Diversity.
  6. You must remove the lower races from your country at once. Those with IQs low enough to believe in islam should also be removed. Once again: In order to save your surface nation, you must remove the lower races from your country. This includes each and every muslim.
  7. Cannabis is grown for recreational, medicinal, and nutritional uses using aquaponic systems. We do not use alcohol. We enjoy getting stoned. There are many musicians, the harp is not very popular though. We kill our meat.
  8. No, our technology is much more advanced. Thermoelectric devices create electricity through temperature differential. Hot, or cold. The 2 sides just have to be different.
  9. The giants are long gone. Humans occupy the Antarctic Nation.
  10. I have attempted to inform people of this for several years.
  11. Surface Dwellers are genetically corrupted due to their ability to manifest evil into the 3rd dimension. Your coming immortality, if it is attained, will do nothing more than ensure further slavery by those few who control you. Think of the psyche of an immortal creature imprisoned and tortured for thousands of years. This is the reality of what you will face if you unlock immortality prior to wiping out the corruption in your genetic code.