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  1. It doesnt matter if it is 10 votes. That's not the way our system works and we shouldnt rewrite it because a bunch of snowflakes are butthurt that their candidate lost.
  2. Dewdrop is right. He can give a a blanket pardon for any crimes committed between dates even. So he could pardon her from the time she was SOS until now.
  3. If so, I hope Trey Gowdy is doing the hanging!
  4. You betcha!! A revolution is coming their way!!!
  5. Wow...it will level out and some CEOs might have to start working to earn their keep
  6. You betcha!! A revolution is coming their way!!!
  7. I need a drink
  8. Results coming in ...as expected so far.
  9. Good question 🙄
  10. http://www.bostonglobe.com/elections/2016?s_campaign=bostonglobe%3Asocialflow%3Atwitter Very cool web page. Click on the map to get state details.
  11. AJ is too much for me..lol. He makes great points but he sure doesnt have a cool head.
  12. I think what wikileaks has done is amazing. It is more than enough or should be. Our response to all the corruption they leaked has been pitiful. I honestly dont know what more we expected. Also, does anyone have link to video or audio of Assange saying there would be an election day leak or a leak that will jail Hillary? I have seen it quoted and watched every video I can find and cannot find him saying either thing. He said the video showing that Saudi Arabia and Qater funded ISIS is the most damning of the collection, in his opinion. Linking that to the fact they also gave so much money to Clinton should be enough. Im not a Clinton fan at all...cant stand her but I cant fault anyone other than the American justice system, media, and people for allowing her to continue. We did alot of whining but we have allowed all of them to get away with treason. I hope our votes turn things around today.