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  1. Awww..ya'll ran the troll off! At least he had a good imagination. Maybe he'll come back and bring one if the overlords with him.
  2. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/09/veterans-home-california-in-yountville-on-lockdown-after-reports-shots-fired-officials-say.htmlAn armed man took three hostages during an "active shooter situation" at a California veterans home Friday afternoon, a fire official said described as the nation's largest, was on lockdown after reports of shots fired. FBI officials are enroute to the scene, KTVUreported, and are enlisting a SWAT team to negotiate with the gunman. Three people were taken as hostages and shots were fired at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville -- the largest in the United States -- near the dining hall Friday morning, prompting a swarm of police activity. The FBI is on its way
  3. Tigerlilly

    Why I no longer say much of anything!

    So sad you feel this way Shep. This place is your baby. Whoever has jumped all over you to make you feel this way is wrong. The thing is..it's unreasonable to expect people to agree with you or say they are just too stupid to realize they are being played. Its the same narrative tptb tries to sell us. Finding our own truth or discovering that what you have learned and say is true is a personal journey and choice. You say it has been three years of dedication to know what is going on. When you started your discovery, did you believe the words of people who had been investigating and sharing before you or did you set out to find out for yourself? Is it not OK for people to believe in one way until or if they choose not to? Look at the crap the flat earthers get for their beliefs...that they know they know about. Would it be fair for them to say others are nust to stupid to see the truth? I dont see them withdrawing...they know they know and most continue to speak their truth here. It makes me sad that you think people debating or not accepting your truth are stupid and dont want saving. In my house...sitting in silence like that is called pouting. I think you are a better person than that. I think your truth is important and worthy..even if it's not always the same as mine. Ive learned from you and youve opened doors in my mind...just because I havent gotten my mind arkjnd everything you believe doesnt mean Im a stupid sheep that doesnt want to be saved. Jesus is my savior..he asks for discernment and He will get that...I trust with an open heart, eyes and ears He alone will not lead me astray. Tigerlilly out
  4. Tigerlilly

    Leaked Document on FISA

    I hope the U.S. memo is close to coming out too!
  5. Tigerlilly

    memo leaked? Q confirm?

    Interesting. I see a few weird formatting thjngs tho..govt office symbols have a dash vs. Underscore. Also paragraphs are usually numbered for future reference. If its legit it's probably a draft.
  6. Tigerlilly

    I’m a daddy!

  7. Tigerlilly

    You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    Ugh..my quote wont work. So it's inevitable? I guess I'm just going to have to be happy I lived out my last days of freedom maintaining my hope and belief that in the end, the good guys win.
  8. Tigerlilly

    You Cant Stop Whats Coming

  9. Tigerlilly

    You Cant Stop Whats Coming

  10. Tigerlilly

    You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    The computers. Look I'm not saying no military would act against us. I have a good friend that's a retired 2 star general that explained to me how easy it would be for the govt to eliminate us all. Drone tanks going street by street that can shoot through buildings and find us with thermal imaging. Why hasnt that happened? There's a reason. Things will happen when God is ready and not a second sooner.
  11. Tigerlilly

    You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    Trump is not that important to them. They know the difference between right and wrong. I tell you what...it's not the men we should fear...it's the drones.
  12. Tigerlilly

    You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    Omg....this is SO not true! I work with them every day and believe me, most would not remain with TPTB if it comes down to us or them. Hell, alot of military follow CT and prep along side the rest of us. I know this because my social circle includes them and we talk about this all the time.
  13. Tigerlilly

    Good God man

    Well, this is quite the shit show tonight!
  14. Tigerlilly

    Where's Shep!

    I'm sorry for your loss Shep and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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