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  1. The "elites" are JEWS, both overt and crypto. If that ESSENTIAL NUGGET OF TRUTH is contained within this thread, I didn't see it upon cursory scanning.
  2. The video lost me at about 9:52 when he said that the MOON is also not a sphere!! We can all SEE IT in the sky! Eclipses are proof-positive that the sun and moon are both spheres. What are the odds that the sun is a sphere, the moon is a sphere, but Earth -- well, it's this flat thing... Not buying this at all. I can't stand NASA, but thankfully I have good ole common sense. In addition, the Mayans had Earth's tectonic plates all mapped out ~2,500 years ago. Guess what? In their model, the Earth was a sphere!! Not to mention that ancient mariners figured out that it was a sphere a loooong time ago. That was critical to their navigation calculations. Next!

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