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  1. The issue of inborn quality

    One thing I don’t understand is how I manifested or caused traumas to myself as a child...I lost my brother to cancer when he was 14 and I was 8...and my parents and I were in a near death car accident when I was 10... how as a child would I have caused this trauma??
  2. What is MS-13, the violent gang Trump vowed to target?

    The are pretty big on the South side of Chicago
  3. Yes it will go against us good homeschoolers 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  4. Measles exposure risk at Newark Airport

    Same thing at O’Hare in Chicago...was just reading about it
  5. ITV This Morning, turmeric cured cancer

    @Cinnamonyou can also take Quetcertin pills to help with bioavailability of turmeric
  6. Walmart is abruptly closing Sam's Clubs. [Merged]

    The suddenness and immediacy of the closures is what is concerning to me
  7. Stop....I’m on the fault line 😲😲😲
  8. The End / Goodbye

    Is @Guitar Doc giving us a hint...to get final preps ready?...be ready to move out soon? It seems ominous to me, but maybe I am reading too much into it.
  9. Super Blue Blood-Moon Will Happen This Month

    I’m going to need my tripod...📷
  10. I have a white lab, too...named Aspen...we absolutely love. We also have a silver lab.
  11. Is anyone starting to lose power yet? My husband’s crews are on stand by as their sister company is that area.
  12. Starting to take pine pollen

    Where do you get it?
  13. As a professional photographer...this makes me happy!!!!
  14. Is this high level person Lisa Madigan?
  15. Check Out This Current US Heat Index Map

    Funny...I live an hour from Springfield