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  1. My 16 yr old son and I did, too. We homeschool and we were studying Macroeconomics CLEP (he's in college)...which some how morphed into NK, China, Russian, Snowflakes, welfare .... Thankfully, he is not like many in his generation
  2. Wonder if this works for EBV? Thank you for posting this!!!! I am going to look into this further
  3. @schon Any that you would be willing to share that might not be so obvious. I have been working with a couple of dR. that are more neuropathic in nature. I am pretty savvy to what goes on the medical community, but I am sure there is much more I could learn
  4. I broke my back in a car accident when I was 9 and also have 2 herniated discs...my husband does as well. We keep talking about getting an inversion table, but can't quite make the leap. Any recommendations on which one to get? TIA
  5. EASY option...homeschool
  6. In 1999/2000, I worked as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children)...and we celebrated/recognized it way back then...blue ribbons.
  7. April has been National Child Abuse Awareness month for ar least a decade.
  8. great job...I know that was hard!11
  9. Well said....! And please give us more information
  10. They can suck it...I am keeping my kids at home!!!!
  11. Can we please not make sweeping generalizations about ASD and parenting??? In 2008, My husband and I adopted a little girl from Guatemala at the age of 6. We had 2 biological sons and wanted a little girl. The told us that she didn't speak until she was well over 3 and when she did, it was quiet and soft that no one could understand her. Yes, she was vaccinated in GT and some in the US, so were my boys. I have since stopped vaccinating. Once we got our daughter home and through the first 3 years of adjustment, I realized that something was clicking. Long story short, she is has Aspergers (yes, I know in the DSM V it does not exist). We, as parents, have worked REALLY hard to help our daughter overcome issues relating to ASD, SPD, ESL...we work hard as HELL to not only help her realize the world around her is thinks differently than she does, but how to deal with that as well as learning it is OK to be herself. Lots of parents work to help their ASD children and believe...it's not the diagnosis that you hope and pray for....it's not the "Hip" diagnosis that every parent wants for their child. They will live in a world (and yes, increasing amount of people are being diagnosed with ASD) where she will always be different. She marches to the beat of her own drum. But let me tell you something, this is a girl who lived in an orphanage until 6, was adopted to another culture/country, learned a new language, and works extremely hard to be LIKE YOU. We tell kids it's ok to be different, when in reality, we don't want them to be different. Sorry to go a on rant, but this is the second comment about ASD on this board. Some of us live with ASD every day.
  12. And that's a completey bad thing????? Hmmm...you must have anyone close to you that has autism
  13. Ummm...my Dad is a member of Mont Pelarin...since I was little, maybe even since before I was born.