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  1. The Midnight Special STRAIGHT UP ROCK`NROLL no Bullsh**! WELLDONE Another LOVE SONG with cool dueling guitar bridge
  2. This is Dick Clark drooling over another AMAZING LIVE PERFORMANCE on his show by an extraordinary singer/musician (guitar, piano, etc.) as well as an Artist later to be Known As "insert fax machine sound here"... ALBUM PURFECT PERFORMANCE
  3. This is an AMAZING LIVE PERFORMANCE by a multitalented artist/singer (piano, guitar, etc.) classically trained musician and incredible hypnotic performer in different genres, proficient in 'rocking out' or adapting his style to have a string of hits on the pop charts, a virtuosity which reminds me of another virtuoso artist/performer we lost recently, who will be missed ( I'll let YOU fill in the BLANK)... ooh, i feel flushed... and my head hurts a little... need to invest in a little vinegar and aloe... think I might be getting a slight CT-burn... FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE
  4. FAVORITE LOONEY 'MANDELA EFFECT' TUNES: 1. Struggling wth the Facts 2. Accepting that your World has Changed 3. Learning to 'Ride' the Effect
  5. perhaps the GiAnT Trees of flat earth were felled by the little understood process of InFlAtION . . . MEXICAN RADIO
  6. Oh...😂hahahahaha, thanks, so much, grav! I needed that laugh so badly right then!
  7. Wow! Amazing quote! Mainstream "science" has so been taken out of the hands of any "direct observer" who isnt a high Mason, that the man on the street has been so forced to accept stories instead of direct observation, that most of us would now accept a story over what we see with our own eyes. Its great to see info from back when "science" was still more a "personal discipline" based on "personal experience" replicable by people, the scientist IN everyman. I feel bad for the child student interested in science today: "I would have passed my Physics class, but alas, my family is poor.... we were the only house on the block without the Junior Curriculum required hadron collider...." lol
  8. Albert Einstein had to be the Stoopidest Nincompoop who EVER LIVED for his name to mostly be used now to mean IDIOT, like... "Way to go, EINSTEIN!" Oh, yeah and hey, "What a Fxxxkin' Genius..."
  9. That's SO FREAKIN' wEIRD! Cool music... cool video...oh no... I can't stop watching it... I think I'm hot for Teacher
  10. He was a bit of a Salty Old Dog, but we miss him. lol
  11. "... Flatter than Angelina Jolie...", he'd say with that sparkle in his eye...
  12. Oh, yeah... I have that perception too, of "not enough hours in the day!" Pardon my use of an old traditional expression in my family that my Great-Grandfather passed down to us, " The day is as long as the Ground is flat . . .", he used to say...
  13. Great video. True Science... Rob Skiba sure sounds a lot like Ed Chiarini.