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  1. Mikey doesn't 'hate EVERYTHING'... He'll 'EAT anything', because... Who's Bad!?
  2. ho-HA! Perhaps ole George Dubya spoke too soon when ha said that Saddam Hussein had killed ALL the Mandelas... To the Bastille! Sovereignty of the Individual! And Vive le difference! ;)
  3. R I P Joe

    Man... everybodys coverded this song... but not like this... What a voice! :)
  4. Hate to be a dirty old negative Nancy, but IMO politics, after humanity being conditioned by thousands of years of put-on-stagecraft-storytelling to the point of salivating on command when the dramatic music is cued, is just a TV show/concert series where the only way our views count is when they are counted up (on one hand) by our owners. And ppl thought American Idol was a 'new program'. We always get roped into the drama... playing the numbers... just like with 'sports'. You know how I knew Kansas City would win the 'Series'? I heard the song Royal on the radio for a month before the game. Like theyre gonna let THAT mutually beneficial commercial tie-in slip?! Come ON! They Live/We Sheep- Baaaah! As George Carlin said, " you don't have leaders... You have OWNERS ", and if you vote for these 'people' you can't complain lol
  5. Anyone seeing gas shortages yet?

    Music City, Tennessee. Stations shut their pumps down by end of day Saturday. Kroger's seems to be getting refills and reopening. Son of Flying J Truckstop/gas station family, Bill Haslim, (also our governor ;-( issued a state of emergency Friday night in advance, pumps shut down pretty quickly over course of Saturday. Looks like a good way for the public to 'wrap their heads around' a coming nationwide gas hike
  6. This Mandela effect begs the question: How do I get my passport to the timeline where COREY HAIM is ALIVE?! ALSO, I think we should program the robot we send back in time to Terminate this TV performance with a cool one-liner... you know, something like, "Naht een myee tieem-lieen, yoo dohn't...", cause let's not forget, we're doing this for the future past of the children... and the 'Angels' lol ... Oh, yeah... Has anyone heard about the effect where Arnold Schwarzenegger no longer says, "Iyall Be Bach..." in the original Terminator before he slams a car through the police station? Now he says, " I'll be back...", with virtually NO ACCENT. And this has to be one of the first mass produced home video tapes that really sold huge and was watched over and over in american households. Also it was all over HBO all the time. Almost everyone I knew watched that scene several times and practiced doing an impression of that accent on that one-liner. Now its just another 'mass misquote'...
  7. If tomorrow all mankind was given a message by aliens that: A. there is a currently operating secret government research program which will lead to advances in technology that will eventually result in sentient computers, imperiling the future of the human race by causing a war between man and machines...but, it will also result in time-travel technology giving us the ability to send a musclebound robot back in time to prevent this Corey Feldman performance from ever having happened and... B. The choice is OURS of whether we should continue the secret research program or not... I vote we should Go 4 It !
  8. "Woohoo!", yay! It was real! Fry wanted to be a delivery boy because now it was his CHOICE! And Leela was mad cause she had to chase him everywhere because he didn't want to be FORCED/CHIPPED to be a delivery boy. It's funny. I get an eerie feeling when I remember watching the world premiere of the pilot. I don't even know why I watched it, I wasn't really into Simpsons anymore, and I don't think I even enjoyed this pilot at the time. It seems like I caught it by chance, but I get a fuzzy feeling when I think of watching it, like it was some kind of deja vu dreamlike event. I didn't continue to follow the series and only grew to like it years later in syndication. But that pilot especially grew on me. Especially that ending. I've checked Netflix and the DVD. I guess it now only exists in our memories. Well... at least it exists ! lol
  9. Top Three Mandela's : 1. Life cereal.. Mikey definitely will EAT ANYTHING 2. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED... if it was never in the KJV bible, then who DID originally say or publish it, I mean... Can we get a little ATTRIBUTION up in heah?!?.?.?! 3. The pilot episode of Futurama... Does anyone else remember the very last lines of dialogue (exchange between Leela and Fry)? I BELIEVE they had something to do with freedom of, or at least the ILLUSION of, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, and were the punchline of the whole episode that made it both funny and intellectually provocative... Now Fry just says, "Woohoo!"
  10. The Grease Conspiracy

    I like this theory. I'll definitely be keeping this in mind when I inevitably see this movie again... Reminds me of my first exposure to Grease... (flashback) As a kid I went on a school summer trip to the Grand Canyon with a boy and girl who had just finished acting in the school production of Grease, and couldn't stop singing the songs ( in an RV, across six states ; Ouch! ). I'll always remember how, as we were all eating lunch, the girl lay on a big rock on the edge looking out over the massive drop off into the canyon. And how, when the lady chaperoning us looked over and saw her, the girl put the back of her hand dramatically to her head, said "Goodbye, cruel world!", and rolled off, over the edge! The poor chaperone jumped up and gasped and reached out, face red... I thought she might have a heart attack! Until the girl stood up from the ledge behind the rock. Teenagers, huh? What a FAKE OUT... what GREAT ACTING! We ALL BELIEVED it! ...now I wonder if she played Sandy :-)
  11. "I would not say such things... If... I... Were... YOU!!!", says future president Biden... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yy46i7o0helfirj/AACYEidr3U9GEfMrFF-GzK1Oa?dl=0 "AH HAHAHAHAHAHA...!".... ...whatta creeper....
  12. The story goes something like this: in 1996 Hillary Clinton, comedian Sinbad, and singer Sheryl Crow were all killed on a USO trip to Bosnia. To cover up the mishap, they were all replaced with doubles. "Hillary" was raked over the coals Brian Wilson Style for saying that they were fired upon when they landed at Eagle Base, when in fact the original Hillary, Sinbad and Crow were all actually killed, as was U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown a week or so later. Thus, all of the popular recordings, films, comedy acts, etc. for which Sheryl Crow and Sinbad are famous were made BEFORE march of 1996, neither has released anything of note since, and Sheryl Crow live performances before 1996 sound different to performances after. The theory also holds that documentary evidence of the USO tour, photographs and videos, have been fabricated in the intervening 20 years and only recently released. Any connection of this OLD theory to the mandela effect 'Tale of the Missing Sinbad Genie Movie'... has yet to be uncovered. http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Bosnia-a-war-zone-when-Hillary-visited-in-1996-3220549.php
  13. Why make the earth Round through deception?

    If the earth is NOT a celestial body, then the comparison to celestial bodies is pointless... And if outer space only exists in the movies, it doesn't have to mean adventure stories aren't still stimulating, fun box office gold :-)
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