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  1. foolonthehill

    why this site sucks_ Migraine cure

    Ok after suffering a lifetime of migrain l too was at the end of my tether. I was 50 years old and this had been going on since I was about 3. They would lay me up for days. If it started at work they would shut me in a dark room till someone could take me home. They was (are) nervous linked if something upset me boom but there are all the food antagonists to watch out for. Sudden changes in the weather also can trip one off. So one day I walked into the docs and insisted on seeing a neurologist. After which the neurologist put me on sumotriptan injections.what a life changing experience! If I start with one at work now just a quick trip to the loo inject myself and in ten minutes I am brand new again good to go. I hope this helps because I know how bad it can be
  2. foolonthehill

    Have you ever dreamed of someone BEFORE you met?

    Yes I met my wife in a dream 6 weeks before I met her in this reality we have now been married for 36 years. Sometimes dreaming and waking life can be like having two existences at once
  3. foolonthehill

    Ever Tried Dowsing?

    You can dowse for just about anything.and there are many methods of doing it .to some it just comes naturally to others it' a learning curve .much like everything else in life .you can even do it long distance gazing at a map using a pendulum . I don' think it has anything to do with witchcraft either
  4. The journey is the destination.
  5. I keep chickens ducks and geese.weekly their sheds are mucked out chicken poo and straw composted makes for 12 moths makes absolutely the best compost. mixed into the topsoil its' black gold. rocket fuel for plants

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