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  1. Thank the lord Couldn't sleep last night worrying It was all going to go wrong
  2. Congratulations Mr president
  3. Probably another excuse for global warming... And another to blame on brexit
  4. For the last ten years I have seen declining numbers of bees around my garden to the point where I could count on one hand the number per year. So this year I went all out and planted loads of dahlias zinnias sweet peas nastertions boom the bees were back the garden has hummed like a well tuned engine all summer long .
  5. Just picked two carrier bags full of Victoria plums yummy Shep you ain't so far from me you could help me pick plums and damsons the trees are dripping with FRUIT
  6. Just picked two carrier bags full of Victoria plums yummy
  7. The weather in Blighty is living up to its reputation but we have broad beans cabbages purple Caulis beetroot Swedes turnips potatoes peas asparagus peas blackcurrant redcurrant Victoria plums chickens geese ducks
  8. That's it they've taken a step too far it's time we looked the do holders in the eye and ate them