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  1. I dedicate this song to everyone who ever had someone they loved taken from them. I like this song because it depicts many emotions such as sadness, rage, melancholy, and acceptance. The different stages of loss. Enjoy!
  2. Try a cleansing protocol for your son. What he likely has is like you said damage from vaccine's and other man made toxin's. Below is a link to information about how to heal yourself and those you love, or at least mitigate damages. Bentonite clay, silica, absorbic acid, and other chelating substances will help purge his body of some of the poison. Good luck and always remember NEVER GIVE UP. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-contamination-staying-healthy-in-a-world-that-isnt/ Also try nootropics such as Piracetam and Choline Citrate to rejuvenate Brain tissue and the nervous system.
  3. I discovered this from a post on one of the chan's a while back. UkShep and Cinnamon you guy's are doing good work keep it up. There is nothing more fearful for these traitors and shabbos goy puppets than the light of truth being shined on them. I usually lurk but felt compelled to say Thank You, for your diligent work against these gutless cowards and liars. There is nothing more disgusting than those who have sold their soul's and honor for money. Your reaching more people than you know.
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