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  1. - the Day we will become Blind

    yes, that's perfect..they be telling us, quite plainly here...will be Their Dimension's celebration...and mankind's torture chamber
  2. - the Day we will become Blind

    it's no joke what you write here loNe you know most souls, they are use to having an ego, "i" as surroundment to their souls another "I" all ready rules their "i", what is concealed to most..and It's terrifying, and deeply hateful of Him and all souls.. and as horrific as you say loNe another Dimension/consciousness..all ready invaded man's subconscious, steering him, guiding him, governing him, telling him what are his thoughts, feelings and beliefs...all Scripted through his ego, or "flesh" as Paul called it i wish i could describe what it is... it's a Saturnian devotee - what chains every Adamite to this hellish Tuat.. it hurts..when I read how so captive is male by his "i", is like some stunted growth or arrested development...as he's ritually put to work by It, as a helpless childslave in this matrix....never having seen the light of day outside of what this toroidal Saturnian tomb transmits and apeframe eyes, think they see,.. vampired on and transmuted into It's artificial Saturnian Realm..grunting It's zoo words with monochrome tones, robotic ... scripted, sightless, heartless, powerless, creationless, a prisoner ....no beautiful words what tell of glimpses of Heaven's Realm...never has mankind been so Blind He commanded 'let my people go" as a literal playout of His people coming out from Egyptian rule...what enslaves all mankind... oh..but .. He Always had in mind :).....for His to Entirely escape this "fallen world"..and to re wind back to Eden - to His Original - all He made His Adamite to be..a most brilliant, magnificent and splendid Creation, radiating all the rapturous love and joy of Heaven what is so tiring, is Adamite stubbornly clinging to his dirty "i",...and not caring for His things.. his so cherished "i" deceived by Canaanite trickery ..and his neverending theatricals of villian and hero, baiting Adamite to pant after his MSM mirages of false freedom and false honour.....burying the Promise of his first love...while the most impending and terrifying doom approaches...the Raw Hatred of that Saturnian Consciousness...what will devour all souls is a hurt i feel for Him...a stabbing heartache what could make my soul to sink except He is kind to make her to remember the gorgeousness of her first love on Heaven's Plane..and the Brilliance of His Manchild cuddle
  3. The Sky Of Iron

    sorry..i meant that for the ritual of the French church attack and murdered priest
  4. The Sky Of Iron

    thats an incredible ritual..it's telling of the disc ..where is the H'ER/Anunna rule exactly as the glyphs tell us and exactly what it's doing to Adamites..maiming us,...this is what these Rituals do also what harvest energy for It's Rule...Mouth/Speech it's telling ..that it does so through Adamites speech and therefore, male is stripped of His Rule...set.castrated.fallen adam is that close Lone? because if it is, then it's a most graphic ritual Canaan telling us, exactly as it is..it's a kind of disclosure? I feel a bit silly for saying so but also i had a so bad downturn at the time of the Ritual and have been ill most of the day this always happens to me...with these Rituals... and we talked of that...how we are being disabled and again..this was on topic, and where you are in the glyphs it's quite incredible you can't make this kind of stuff up
  5. Yes.. Canaan knows, it's imperative, as Director of the Global Stage Production, to remain concealed to Adamites, CHOOSING for them what they believe through his MSM lies, and how they should believe and where their attention should go, and even, how they should respond...exactly as Canaan directs of course, because he owns every part of this globe.... he has the monopoly on all media...all politics, religion, economy...and all is just one big Masquerade Canaan...has the monopoly on the "minds" and "heart's" of all those souls, who are actively participating in the Script...supporting TPTB's tyranny, while all the time that dualistic fight..is just an illusion...to keep the West duped, believing exactly what Canaan's wants us to believe ..so he can continue on with his Plan, completely undetected...and WITH the championing of Adamite souls...it grieves me too...how so thoroughly grooved along every Canaanite track, is the "i" of Adamites oh come on, so true, .. is childish..to go believe this whole goodcopbadcop pantomine that Canaan presents us with, under the direct orders of their Masters, the fallen ones ... to sabotage the faith of all those who believe and trust in God...because this is a war on our beliefs..Canaan knows , all he need do, is have Adamites believe all his wrong things..and he has conquered
  6. well, that is a graphic song ..thank you for posting there's much in that, not just the obvious artificial and robotic nature of the Canaanite soul Strange apparatus You've never seen Strange apparatus, even stranger theme that "strange aparatus, you've never seen" has to be the disc/Anunna face which revolves around the Adamite originals in the North and the "stranger themes" are referring to the Egyptian pantheon (Canaan's ancestors) as is the "stronger the wood, the straighter the arrow" = the ennead, always depicted with an arrow and yes..the whole song is about Esau/Canaanites invading and ruling Adamite the reference to "navigating us through a change of style" is also about that disc in the North Will navigate us through a change of style I came, I saw what manner of beast is this New York, you talk a little bit left of centre now, that's an interesting line because that is exactly what that disc did...make this earth "off centre" well, I could go on about that :) cuddle back
  7. yes it is deeply nasty and sick..and the FB narrative, which I can't even repeat, it made me so nauseated..these are the type of deeply nasty, sadistic scenarios Canaan devises for his Occult Rituals, apart from the meaning of the Ritual itself head = His Rule Attribute this mockery is so typically detestable because our present rule which invaded His .. IS Insane and they know it
  8. No ashamed please loNe your'e always correct in deciphering their Rituals we look forward to the website thank you so much the high exalted place [the mountain] / of Esau's legal right as presumed Offspring [david ] / of he [esau] being the corn / dismisses / the mountain [ =rule] / of the "One" this is that Ritual : esau again dismissing, Ritually, that place [on the north mountain] of God's rule, I'm sad too..right now millions of Adamites are agreeing to Esau's Rebellion to Him Whether they know it or not, they are also choosing this Dark Realm's rule which usurped His..it is again the deep nastiness of Canaan's mockery - all His one's mourning unknowingly what they should mourn knowingly it is as you say
  9. yes, it's an incredible fabrication the name was selected for the Ritual sad Canaan murdering more people
  10. Gunman Ali Sonboly used Facebook account to lure victim with offer of free food He was described by police as a "depressed" loner receiving psychiatric treatment He kept stash of books about shooting rampages in his bedroom - police Authorities say "obvious link" between Munich shooter and 2011 Norway massacre How the attack unfolded Gunman 'probably' acted alone He was 18-year-old with German and Iranian citizenship Munich attack: everything we know so far
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/23/munich-shooting-german-iranian-gunman-targeted-children-outside/ Munich shooting: Teenage killer Ali Sonboly 'inspired by far-right terrorist Anders Breivik' and 'used Facebook offer of free McDonald's food to lure victims'
  12. yes, wer'e waiting on that now, that's a good find, thank you..now let's see Canaan's narrative...the name of the shooter, that will tell us the Ritual
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