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  1. Graham Hancock -

    ... all the 'astrophysics', Graham Babbles about, has nothing to do with ancient egypt, itself : they was solemly, and exclusively, occupied with having stolen Adam's aspects [ after Eden's fall, 10,000BC] . Every pyr spell, every Coffintextspell, is solemly about having stolen Eden. Hancock dont know that - cause HE NEVER READ NOR UNDERSTOOD THE PYRAMID TEXT SPELLS. like SO MANY who are CT : they NEVER READ THE SOURCES THEY SAY THEY QUOTE. well fk - i DID.
  2. Graham Hancock -

    .. i have a weakness for Graham. But he is just Babbling on something; projecting things which arent there. - He may talk on about 'egypt': but since he dont understand what THEY talk about, he is but projecting his own fantasies upon what they ACTUALLY SAID. dont believe me / - proof will come, soon.
  3. try follow me, - a sheep hand-puppet around the right hand, RT, talking to the lefthand puppet - a wolf - being 'USA', saying to the Children "look there was weapons found".......
  4. ofcourse not. canaan will throw in your face his theatre that "us/israeli weapons are sent to terrorists", just to keep you deluded and unrightful "angry" about "that bad USA gov.". Dualism theatre of First Magnitude. ...and 99,5 % of CT bait it hook line sinker.
  5. For a start, suffering from a mental illness does not also mean that it is impossible for someone to have a link to a terrorist organisation or be inspired by terrorist ideology. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/after-the-russell-square-stabbing-we-need-to-talk-about-vulnerable-mentally-ill-people-and-isis-a7171566.html very true --- canaan knows how to excute his occult Rituals. ...we said 'Russell' ment " red man", right ? and that we only needed to know the name of the 'stabber' , to understand why they let their BBC to start a live blog of it, yes ? Zakaria Bulhan , i learnt from sky news -- and it took me 45 mins this time to find it : it's a personal thing okay bulhan is the name of an occult-islamic book from 14th century, kind of a quabbala thing, but there is no root in 'bulhan' , though it is supposed to mean 'book of wonders' , Kitab [book] al-Bulhan " ...so i got to the root : B-L-H is semitic, 1090 Bilhah bil-haw' from 1089; timid; Bilhah, the name of one of Jacob's concubines; also of a place in Palestine:--Bilhah.1091 ballahah bal-law-haw' from 1089; alarm; hence, destruction:--terror, trouble.1092 Bilhan bil-hawn' from 1089; timid; Bilhan, the name of an Edomite and of an Israelite:--Bilhan. Zakaria : noun זכר (zeker), meaning 'memory' , 'act of rememberance' or 'male' . the terrorizing EDOMITE [bilhan] + ACT of REMEMBERANCE ----------- this is the reason their bbc made a 'live page'. Whoever deleted my 'blind' thread, is insane.
  6. - the Day we will become Blind

    -- deleted the post... reason : inside warning
  7. - the Day we will become Blind

    God blesses you
  8. - the Day we will become Blind

    not surprisingly, 'Queen' knows very well what is going on...as one of many Canaan's musical Spokesmen... btw .. the text of thread topic, by previous 'queen' vid, "one flash / of light / yeah / one god / " [1.55] OK - let's wait for his next Pathetic announcement ,
  9. - the Day we will become Blind

    i see.... - from CaNaaN 's personal blog : " The incident comes just hours after authorities announced London would increase its presence of armed police after recent terror attacks in Europe." http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/03/europe/london-knife-attack/index.html well, thats a Lie within a Lie ----- for days now already, our main airport Schiphol is guarded by mil. police, saying "of terror threat" , but ofcourse it's toecurling obvious that its just 1 Play..... and they play it so poorly.... it is Toecurling.... - you can almost HEAR canaan's command : you guys there in holland, go organize some spectacle show of guarding the airport - dont forget to use the phrase "expected terror threat"... you think i m joking ? next CaNaaN page, http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/03/europe/london-armed-officers-increased/ , As part of a new anti-terrorism operation, 600 additional armed officers will be present in highly visible locations across the UK capital to protect against the threat of attacks. unquote ...its a fkn Theatre.... his theatre..... c'mon.... putting up the Show....
  10. - the Day we will become Blind

    4/8 ...this is another weird thing - LIVE , Russell Square Stabbing Attacks http://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-england-london-36875146 ...why canaan must make from this a "live rolling update page"...? Dont crimes like that happen daily - everywhere - but never any of his MSM goes make a rolling updates page on it..? so, per definition, what is this his umpth occult Ritual about ? ..the name ? From a surname which meant "little red one" in French. [behindthenamecom + others] "red", is typically Esau... - we had his "red" signature before : in Orlando, and Nice - ....we will know more, if he releases the [made-up] name of the , cough, mentall ill "stabber" ..... many cough mental ill stabbers are on the loose...germany...france... - but you can be sure it is one of his Rituals : simply by producing a Live page for it ....
  11. - the Day we will become Blind

    Cinnamon may not know -- but you are 12,000 miles away from me. - the lyrics of the vid is my testimony of Their Hate
  12. - the Day we will become Blind

    .."they" have been telling for decades what is Their goal.... - to bring down their dimension...- murdering Adamite... cause they are the Sons of ancient Egypt.... and will have their dimension come down...
  13. ,,this is NOT a trick thread - but from the heart I'm clear, atm, and post it "to whom it concerns", okay ... - but i do it because i care ...i used to be an enthusiast forum participater for the past couple of years, but it's no secret that more and more, i lose control, failing to see the difference between the poster and the topic involved. I used to see that difference quite sharp, trust me --- but lately, they ....mingle ; which isnt because of that certain poster ofcourse, but because of me. I realize that. And I really do not mind to apologize for that ; I'm not too proud to ; but rather i would desire you to know the reason of that mingling.... - ..how can i formulate this... - Everyone of us is Learning, right ? ...that's why we are on forums like this - because we see something is Wrong with the way 'they' present reality to us - right ? so we go try find out what is the reason behind the things they show - ....but i see [because of a personal history of much trial&error] , to my horror, that we do not dig deep enough i see, to my horror, that [every] CT forum has stranded into "discussing the pro's and contra's of The Lies" , -- instead of finding out why they are all Lies, anyway ...i am struggling to find an analogy for this point ; perhaps, " two scientists, in a heated debate with eachother about " what is the true colour of an E-number in food ", yet ignoring that E-numbers are slow Murderers, anyway.... [it's not good enough; but just an analogy] - this is what i see happening on [virtually] every CT forum, today ... the "talking" about the non-essential themes ; about the results of Lies ---- instead of adressing the core of those Lies, themsélves. THIS is my hearts cry. ...think please : "they" knew that the CT-community [for lack of better description] would result in endless-debating-beside-the-core.... 'they' knéw... - starting troll-forum after troll-forum.... we all know his Disinformation type forums... --- because he knew that souls are prone to go into heated debates about the outward aspects of his constructed Lies : and therefore fail to search the CORE of his lies.... - i need tell you something else please ; I realize few know about it ; and even less few realize the imminent Danger we are in : stuffed as we are [by those same [disinformation] forums !] about "coming natural disasters" etc blah blah -------- which is THE victory of "them" , to have the handful of CT'ers who watch , get to be deluded by those Nonsense... - what so very few, know : but what i desire YOU to know, is that any day now, our I will go blind ..i'm not telling you "but another CT theory", i but tell you, factually, what *is* going to happen. You may disbelieve it, object it, debate it --- but that is all useless : it *will* happen. If you care to know why "they" bombard you with their Lies everyday [which they want you to focus upon, and go debate untill your death] , it is because They dont want you to be forewarned of THIS. 'they' WANT YOU BLIND. - for the dimension which *is* coming down --- the dimension 'they' Serve. And serve for it to come down. This is my hurt ------ i expierienced it : and it is awful beyond belief.... - it is worse as a conscious Nightmare.... - i could fill a thread with its horror, describing it ------- but it doesnt help me, see, all i see everywhere is [serious] people being totally Oblivious of that impending Horror , to THEM...... Yes, i lose my patience then : when i see souls debating his pathetic Lies : instead of seeing that those Lies are only concocted to have every soul Blind for the day when his dimension floods earth...... [for scriptural buffs : the first white horse = false light] ... ...i have said more as i wanted but very word is True ...i refuse to let 'them in charge' win... and i may be an ass sometimes [well i ám] ... but it is because i CARE.... yet there are so, so few souls who see that same danger at the doorstep, of the False Light which is about to Murder them - and those they love.....
  14. ...neverending shit lines.... neverending smokescreens..... by his 'politics'... by his 'msm'.... never fkn ending
  15. may God damn this fkn silly babylonic Zoo of canaan and his neverending Shit-news and created rituals
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