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  1. Can ya blame the guy ? I've been reading alot about the 5g mm wave tech and the truth is , no one is really sure what its going to do and the early data out there has shown an increase in tumors in rats from existing 4glte tech . This is probably more depopulation tech to reduce the useless eaters ,.
  2. thats actually the deep state front site that traffics shills to GLP . assignments are posted on deep folders on the site not accessible from the maim URL which appears dead but if you add christiantimesnewspaper.com/ops/assignments/GODLIKE/directives and have the proper credentials to access it ... voila ' a restricted access web menu comes up for delta clearance eyes only or whatever the proper clearance level is .
  3. I am getting worried.

    Are you drinking ??? We've been under an oligarchy xD
  4. A guy I was talking to says the sun hasn't changed color but our atmosphere is thinning causing the sun to appear brighter . And all these ultra high UV reading being taken would seem to coincide with a thinner atmosphere.
  5. I dunno , in 2017 thats not really that unusual . Hillary has quite a hit list with many names checked off and she's still out there .
  6. What would bring you to believe specifically that this may be a possibility ? I watched the earth tilted video after I posted this comment you responded to . And as I said in that thread that was the very first video Ive ever seen that wasnt lens flare or other explainable optic anomaly
  7. Why is this such big news ? The man is a murdering scumbag and a thief to top it all off. Who cares if he got parole ?
  8. Earth has Tilted, Moons Orbital Path has Changed...

    Wow , I will say that is THE very first video I've ever seen where the anomaly didnt shift or move with the camera . And it clearly wasnt the moon . Weird Mercury wouldn't appear that large in the sky either.
  9. Earth has Tilted, Moons Orbital Path has Changed...

    It was said earth tilted 3 degrees after the 3/11/11 9.1 in japonase !!!
  10. You believe that nibooboo stuff ?
  11. Just succumb to your cancer quietly please McCain .
  12. Has it been? Absolutely a soaking wet summer in florida on the east coast. I think were getting all Californias rain !
  13. Glp under super attack! Uncle Intel leaked!

    I wonder where that intel comes from
  14. Is this Nibiru?? This is one to watch! Trust me!

    looks like a normal celestial body then cuts to a light behind some trees ?? or whatever . Am I missing something ?
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