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  1. Not true at all . Any conviction of a misdemeanor will trigger a 3 year lay period from the date of the last action in the case where you are not allowed to retain or obtain a CCW permit unless the charge is dismissed or adjudication is withheld.
  2. And was allegedly commited which would have triggered the revocation of his CCW permit immediately . This whole thing smells like active shooter drill psyop
  3. Allegedly on GLP a poster is reporting a Second shooting at Denver international although I cant find anything on it just yet .
  4. Shooter hiding in crowd at terminal 3 with green hat grey pants as per scanner
  5. Whats the star wars reference indicate ?
  6. Now it gets downright bizzare . Unless those two misd were dismissed or adjudication of guilt withheld you are not allowed to retain a conceal carry permit or obtain a CC permit for 3 years from the last action pertaining to any case .
  7. What does that mean for all the vernacularly challenged . What VIP ? , what could it signify ?
  8. And thats JUST HIM , cant wait to see who the other shooters are if caught . I bet this is Obamas brown shirt brigade activating .
  9. I dont have sheeple book so I cant see his profile. But active military , conceal carry permit , no criminal history complete with bible verse on his facebook front page even non members can see ? Yea Im not buying this. Sounds like active shooter drill perped as a real story at the surface and if real then MKultra or FBI handler telling him to do it .
  10. Smells funny . One suspect is in custody. A law enforcement source identifies the accused shooter as Esteban Santiago Ruiz, 26, and had an active military ID for the U.S. Army. Sources say he had a concealed weapons permit on him. The source added he had a minor criminal history. http://miami.cbslocal.com/2017/01/06/report-shooting-at-fort-lauderdale-hollywood-intl-airport/ Sounds like a psyop , I hope this isnt another sandy hoax . Checking for active shooter drills scheduled for this area.
  11. All this does is confirm he's right . But idiot liberals are too stupid to realize they are vindicating him and everything he said .
  12. This sounds like an organized operation .
  13. They dont think the one suspect in custody was alone and another is still at large .