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  1. I may not vote for Trump in 2020.

    Id be happy with not selling saudi arabia so much as one rd of .22lr .
  2. CNN report: Hannity pulls gun on Juan Williams

  3. CDC Prepares Public For Nuclear War (merged)

    Nuclear War™ " Fun for the whole family "
  4. Frostbite in 30 seconds!

    46 deg Fahrenheit Here near Melbourne florida .
  5. Frostbite in 30 seconds!

  6. Is everyone ok ? Oh shit a human !!! KILL IT !!!
  7. Refugees aren't welcome in Israel

    Wow , barbara Spectre as in " Spectre " attack . Bit odd.
  8. I often mirror this sentiment . Literally everyone I know cept my folks has tattoos . brothers , sisters all my friends . My nephew who seems to be a red pil fellar just got full sleeve tatts . yucckkkk ..
  9. No. Earth is a globe! Has anyone ever seen the North Star from Antarctica? No. That is because the earth’s curve prevents anyone from seeing it from the southern hemisphere. (I would like to see anyone tie themselves into knots to deny that! So BRING IT!)
  10. Wish the POTUS and VEEP would move over to Gab.AI Either way bout time someone stands up for the christians of this world . Too bad trump is merely an 8year speed bump AT BEST for the Novus Ordo Seclorum™
  11. Ok , no I didnt . For the first time my bike got hot and overflowed into overflow chamber. 3 different mechanics knew this bike sat for 10 years . 3 different mechanics were asked to do a general saftey check . 3 different mechanics couldnt be bothered to do what took me literally 2 minutes to take the radiator cap off stick their finger in and say wow , this looks like coca cola classic . This is probably the original swampy coolant from before it sat . ANNNND no one will work on it till after news years to do a freaking coolant flush and check . Ok , Dec 21st ok , you are officially an official shitty day . Good thing the motor didnt blow and I didnt die right ? Good to have solid mechanics that care about my safety . /sarc
  12. I just lined up atleast a couple trial days for a new job on the 2nd of january !! I just broke the curse of the 21st for EVERYONE !!!
  13. Those wiley Amish strike again !!!
  14. - Former congresswoman Corrine Brown after being sentenced to 5-years on fraud charges in connection with a charity, One Door for Education was ordered to report to prison in January. A judge has denied a motion that would keep Corrine Brown out on bond during the appeal process. http://spacecoastdaily.com/2017/12/judge-orders-former-representative-corrine-brown-to-report-to-prison-in-january/
  15. Anyone see anything odd in this?? I do!

    I thought that might be what you were going for as the net sequence and focus seemed a bit exaggerated . I wouldnt be surprised shep . Those illuminati scum love exhibitioning the operations they are going to begin against the serfs . I wouldn't at all be surprised.