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  1. Bring up a good point. Who is trustworthy these days?
  2. Better than listening to the call of the azan screeching allah u ackbar from a pa system I suppose. Put a trap beat behind that creepy korean track it might not be too bad.
  3. I dont even think neocon is a thing at this point. There is the establishment and there is us . At the top of the pyramid do you really think there is much difference ? You think Bill Clinton and George Bush goto Bohemian grove on seperate days ? Even Trey Gowdy . In a reverse fascist oligarchy like we are under now where industry controls the state and legislates by proxy via a hijacked congress can a real Trey Gowdy even exist ?? Is he just another prop to identify folks like us ? ...... I don't know.
  4. Yea , I dunno man . I don't think all the Obots were paid shills . It just seems like the country is so polarized they are willing to be willfully ignorant just to stick to their east or west . I was blessed with the ability to think for myself . I did support Trump . Think he's doing GREAT job on jobs and domestic industry so far . But what good is a strong economy if you turn it into a glowing ember ??? Gen. Wesley Clark's list of 7 countries to be attacked he received in 2001 of which syria is one is totally discarded and not even being acknowledged . The Novus Ordo Seclorum has had their eyes on that prize for years . I dunno . As I said in the other thread if you're cheerleaders went from the vast majority of the American populace to John McCain , Fareed Zacharia , Lindsey Graham and ISIS something is going horribly wrong .
  5. And I imagine our home planet well atleast mine was farther away from its parent star as I burn going out to get the mail xD
  6. Is that re4ally what you want ? Have you seen that place lately ? Ever since drudge and the fatman started linking it has looked like the GDP of the average american ...going straight off a cliff. But ever since the last election Im guessing because of people googling trump forum it has been inundated with the most blue pill of sheep and children . Becareful what you wish for is all Im saying haha
  7. Not that Im more apt to believe Assad than I'm apt not to believe CNN and the establishment . I dont know if you remember but a couple years ago the establishment tried to get us to believe Assad attacked a specific mosque with chemical rockets . A week or so later a video was leaked of US backed " rebels " loading up a homemade rocket with chemical weapons on board and destroying the mosque the establishment said Assad blew up . You people must think Assad is a drooling retard to do this attack himself. He is kicking ISIS ass in his country . 4 days before this " event " Trump announced he was going to let the people of syria decide the fate of their country and would not be attempting to remove Assad . Then what ?? Assad says " Gee , life is just going too well for me right now . The war on ISIS is winding down . Trump announced syria will decide my fate and in a 180 degree reversal of US policy would not be coming after me . Let's just see what I can do to fix that . EUREKA !!!! I GOT IT !!! I'll launch chemical weapons against my own people !!! GENIOUS !!!! Or is it more likely Trump has either sold out or always planned to be that guy to continue the rollout of the Novus Ordo Seclorum attacking countries listed on Gen. Wesley Clark's list he received ( in the weeks following 09/11/01 )of countries the US decided it would attack in the coming years of which Syria was one of the countries listed on said list ? The path to tehran runs through Damascus . .....and where did Trump the scumbag attack yesterday ? Damascus . on a path to ( let's see if you're paying attention ) __________ .
  8. Ive been watching mary greeley's videos on youtube past couple years and forget the seismos there has been a marked uplift in the surface as per tiltometers and increase in outgassing . Maybe thats what earth needs. Im not sure man should continue to be allowed to persist on this earth . All we do is destroy shit .
  9. Not at all. Just another establishment scumbag who has john mccain , lindsey graham ,fareed zacharia and isis cheering his actions in syria. my country is gone
  10. You dont ? http://www.antraeus.co.uk/Pictures 2015/'New World Order' Pledged to Jewry.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/26/42/b5/2642b59520293b5780bc2da476b1ae8b.jpg
  11. Anti muslim agenda is legit . They arent compatible with the rest of the world . We see their daily degeneracy on heavy rotation these days .
  12. I dunno if that whole Trinity jason lucas mission statement was real but it sure rang of truth . Especially the " People pay a subscription fee to attain an online identity cause they have no identity in real life " I mean he basically defrauded his users out of 150k with the promise there would be a telescope . And none of them even care . Even defend the fraud . Plus all the old regulars are gone for the most part and its mostly shills and newfags from the days drudge and alex jones were linking to it . Amazing people pay 120/yr for 1990 BBS technology that doesnt even have a chat anymore. But , you know what they say . Theres a sucker born ery minute and such .