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  1. someone didn't like being called. i pointed out the absurdity of his bullshit and he didn't like it. you have a problem with me voicing my opinion?
  2. you're a backpedaling liar. apparently without enough discipline to stop visiting somewhere. critical hit ya reckon? funny shit little yank. funny shit.
  3. they're coming for the rest anyway. so it doesn't matter. said it before. say it again. that is well known. but you know what? that's the same the world over. the average iraqi wasn't an enemy (at least not until ours destroyed their water/electricity and started raping them in abu ghraib.) the average afghani, the average vietnamese, the average korean, and so on and so forth. it's known. but it doesn't change much.
  4. so no answer for the reason you stand behind a bunch of liars? duly noted. and you'd fold like a cheap suit if you were threatened. of that i'm positive.
  5. just thinking about this a tad here... wondering if this some agency bullshit to inspire other impressionable wank stains into trouble$? that's what it looks like.
  6. unfortunately. very true. but this guy in the video... what a f**king dick. we don't need this shit.
  7. heh. points out the absurdity of suggesting using preemptive nukes.... goes on to suggest using preemptive nukes. #HIGH-larious oh and btw. the chinese and russians aren't positioning to support a maniac. they're positioning to smash a maniac should that maniac finally lose its last tiny little marble. that would be your maniac. and you know what? i personally hope they knock those fake as hell white porcelain monstrosities out of its head. and get this bit!!! i don't even much care for the chinese! ... nor the russians!. it's true. i don't. but then somehow i still think more highly of them than i do of yours. imagine how sad that makes me. sorry did i say sad? i of course mean furious. meh. que sera sera, n'such. anyhoo while we're waiting for your comeuppance to be delivered (keep being dicks and it'll no doubt be coming express, to your door) ... why don't you tell me the one about the yuge incredible weapons. or maybe tell me the one about the babies in incubators. i'd like to know why both times yours massacred innocent men women and children, by the truckload, based on pure f**king lies. maybe you could clear that up for me. or shouldn't i bring that up? what about the one involving a boat named maddox, and the invisible torpedoooooze. again, story ends with yours massacring 100s of thousands of innocent men women and children, with both conventional, chemical, and incendiary weapons. but yours have moral integrity, right? i'll give you a big tip; it'd be a icy day in hell before your dirty little warmongers had any. or... what about the one involving the "ex" CIA rag head, a cell phone, a laptop, and a cave. brought down three buildings with two planes by outsmarting the most sophisticated comprehensive dragnet on the planet. once again, a total load of shite, and the story ends with american and associated assholes slaying thousands upon thousands of innocent men women and children. (they're still f**king at it!). an insane act of treason, against you, and the military went along with it. what a group of guys and gals. but no no, the crazy korean is the problem. clearly. and the brutal syrian dictator is the problem. of course he is. makes complete sense. you get what i'm saying here? the nutty korean dork hasn't really done anything of consequence, and yours have. so i'd think if anyone needs a few kilotons jammed down its yap... well... oh and incidentally, probably the main reason for everyone wanting atomic weapons is because of what yours did to two japanese cities in 1945. just sayin'. bullies tend to be less assholish if they know someone can smack 'em back just as hard. of course bullies don't much care for that.
  8. i don't view this as a game. you'll get no argument from me on that point. but. i would not then go on to make outrageous claims as to virtuous nature of said same. that's cognitive dissonance. so yes. the entire world is a stinking cesspool of corruption. that doesn't mean we use it as the standard. that's exactly how we got to here. by making excuses. oh and for the record, your list of "thanks to big pharma" ... yeh that's entirely contentious. ...that's an unbalanced outlook. you either look at the entire picture, or you admit a clear bias. the fact is when "regulation" is administered by a group of people who often move through the revolving door between private enterprise and the so-called government regulator... that's always going to be more than a bit of a problem. and beyond that I would assume (no doubt safely) there are also kickback programs for career "regulators". bribes.
  9. i was only saying to a friend yesterday that the alphabets who rubber stamped that rubbish probably sat around the table for a few days afterwards... starring at each other in silent disbelief that anyone would so easily volunteer their private information. i watched a doco a little bit back called "terms and conditions"; during which a guy who had been on FB for (from memory) roughly one year filed a FOI to see what they had on him. according to the doco he got back a tome that was (again, from memory) 12 inches thick. it's beyond creepy. it's 1984. and all these narcissistic peanuts who are engaged with it are pretty much clueless.
  10. yes. very thoroughly corrupt. in most instances the supplement industry will (at worst) give a person expensive urine. the same cannot be said for those sharks and liars within the pharmaceutical industry.
  11. while i don't disagree... you really think smashing a (mostly harmless) mouthy drunk girl face first into the bricks is a good PR exercise?
  12. if google wanted to de-list jones' site... i think they'd just manipulate the rank manually. it ain't exactly hard. they do it all the time with youtube and other sites. why would they risk this exact type of situation? you know what this smells like. cointelpro smoke screen to cover his trump fellatio. he was a big part of sticking this current red white and blue dick up the asshole of people clinging to hope. he was cheerleading for an establishment hack. now he has to somehow realign with the base who are probably thinking "hang on a f**king minute". I've said it before. Alex is very likely a manipulator for the PTB. and let be be very clear on this. most of the information he circulates is demonstrably true. but his purpose appears to be just to keep flipping the pages. keep throwing people into the spin cycle. don't stop and assess. let's not find a solution to any of this info i present... let's just keep it moving. a type of information overload and confessional/desensitization all in one bag. i acknowledge that he is the guy who provided the info that woke me up. but i owe him no loyalty for that because i now assume he only provided that info to build trust.