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  1. we've got shelves full of products from everywhere. something shady as f**k going on there too because--as just one example--we can get these cookies with "made in UK" slapped on the package, and they cost less than the local variety. so apparently shipping things all over the world costs less than locally produced. as for this Hyundai-Kia thing. i posted a video the other day in another thread when y'all where talking about GM or Ford. ^as it says. that's the mexcio plant. and wherever they setup a factory... that's what they get. that's what they're all doing. so you have to understand... people are being replaced. when you think "manufacturing", i think you're being very naive if you think that means lots of jobs. it doesn't. watch the vid. come into the actual reality, and ye shall see. and it's not just manufacturing.
  2. and does it even matter anyway? 86 years old, and apparently a net worth somewhere between 23-25 billion.
  3. yeah i tend to agree. and why is he/wikileaks basically giving them the options anyway? wikileaks have a legal team... so make like nike and just phucking do it. from the link: wtf is that shit? do it. or stfu. here: there's CNN exposed as merchants of bullshit. *rings bell* next please.
  4. fixed that for you. ;o) and really. last 100yrs.
  5. this is what ford will be doing. these things cost pennies to maintain, and they never ask for a holiday or medical. ^that's where everyone is heading. rapidly. even the white collar stuff. this jobs shit is a ruse. what happens next is... NO ONE gets jobs. and before someone wants to chime in with "become a tech/support" person. yeh allow me to insert my preemptive laughter here. and while we are on this... they're not automating everything for no reason. a cull is coming. a big one.
  6. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/88/e2/fa/88e2facb2a7660dde96387ac7dfcc1ac.jpg
  7. was that in response to something that happened just prior to the start of his tenure? i'm not sure. i seem to recall something pretty bad happening around 2007/8.
  8. they're there illegally (uninvited) and should be handed over to someone impartial; to be held indefinitely. somewhere secure. china for example.
  9. if i could get my hands on those little turds i think i'd momentarily forget what Nietzsche said about fighting monsters.
  10. factually he isn't a whistle blower. he and the organization are publishers. and. well if snowden is legitimate... there's probably a good reason he didn't run directly to them.