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  1. why would you hope that is true? have they both done something to you? personally? ya want revenge?
  2. just wanna point out that the creator of that video pretty much said the 2013 superbowl would be the day. which is kinda funny considering that the doctrine says: "no one knows when, expect for god". so now unless i am mistaken... according to christian thing--because thou must not ignore the old testament--he should be stabbed to death, by his parents. that'd come under false prophets thing. Zechariah 13:3.
  3. the harness stuff is obvious as... and that hair on the chick... wtf is up with that? no movement. so apparently zero G makes ya hair stiff. she looks like one of those little troll toys from the 80s. seriously that is some goofy shit. why would they even bother? the first rule of illusion is... don't make it obvious.
  4. it'd be (basically) suicide for the Russians to side with the Americans and the British. the Russians would have to be the most gullible idiots to have ever lived for that to happen. and they're far from that. ^Putin basically tells megan kelly he thinks (as do many others) the "west" is the problem. and he ain't wrong.
  5. that's what it wanted, hence the "freewill", right? so when you get down to it...
  6. from memory and without looking... i think they purchased a massive cleanup operation a couple of weeks prior. BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill and a bunch of others would've as well.
  7. seems like a goofy spy. did you see the crocodile tears on that guy? jesus. what a softy. the video i've watched on this the entire thing seems forced. his childish blubbering... even the soldiers marching the guy around seem a bit weird. something off about it for sure. Now IF this is legitimate as per what we've seen/heard... i reckon some wacky field agent has had this guy bugging him for a contact into langley, and he's set him a task. "do this and we'll find you a job... this is your initiation". wanted the picture as a trophy. aha.
  8. same here. just opened it for first time today about 20 mins ago. got the big purple monkey a few times.
  9. i'm not sure what to take from that. i mean what does that say about our (Caucasian) biological constitution? we're weak? since when did this lot need logic to enact more bullshit "laws"? they can say whatever the f**k they want, make correlations where there are none, and too many zombies are going to go along.
  10. Police Caught Staging London Bridge Hoax !!!

    they never do. they move it along. something else will happen next week, and everyone will then focus on that.
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