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  1. how many of those countries are actually U.S. vassal states? Vietnam. Philippines. Malaysia. as for respecting international law. what's that proverb about idiots in glass houses?
  2. i think it's a little bit more than that. http://www.mintpressnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/donald-trump-hillary-clinton.jpg does he have plausible deniability when it comes to epstein? of course. but is it a legitimate defense? probably not. probably about as much legitimacy as ben affleck (and others) have with that fat pig Weinstein. this orange jerkoff has admitted going after a married woman. that's a pretty good indicator of character... the fact he's not remorseful for it, and instead half brags about how he failed at bedding her. and. who did tiny hands appoint as labor secretary? same asshole who cut a deal with a pedophile. just a cursory look at who he has surrounded himself with is enough. the fact is you cannot build a solid wall on a crooked foundation. ya just can't. and that's what this system is. a crooked foundation. super orange man is playing you hard; says he's going to drain the swamp, then promptly fills it with anacondas. basically he says what you WANT to hear, and then does the opposite. i'ma put her in jail ... nah i don't wanna hurt them. we're toning down military engagements abroad --- ramps up military engagements abroad. draining swamp -- installs monsters flat refused to remove conflicts of interest from the get-go. unless he never planned on talking to his boys for the entire period of the presidency. used political office for personal gain yeah nothing says wholesome more than gambling houses and shady goddamn real estate deals; beauty objectification pageants and gold plated crappers. how's that rolling stones song go? "please allow me to introduce myself, i'm a man of wealth and taste.... pleased to meet you... hope you guessed my name"
  3. meh. not recent history. obviously if we got the list of all the shady shit that has gone on, and then made a column for who got their ass kicked as a consequence... apart from the odd, and entirely token, bernie madoff... by and large nothing happens. they run a few fraudulent investigations, commission a few laughable reports, and we all just sit here twiddling our thumbs. basically. we all suck. we're like titties on a bull. useless. at this point the only "hope" i have is the god brain they've been busy building will turn out to be an ELE.
  4. he certainly seems like the kind of retard who would. see this. golf course operators. heh. the diet coke swilling tiny hands fella operates a couple of courses, doesn't it?
  5. now that dopey orange tiny hands has got the hatchet out... i expect it'll all get better.
  6. there is. two nurses need to sign off. and it's for everything. gloves. gauze. the lot. they failed. and they will have a hundred different excuses as to why they failed. and they will be protected by their peers; because as with the cops... they defend their own, and the entire industry. they routinely cover for each other. you'd have to be one of the most careless dolts to have ever lived. a surgical sponge you could kind of understand. a metal tool. GTFO. now. done. adios.
  7. not much has changed. so in clinton's defense. they were just doing what americans do. rob people. while pretending to be good guys. xD
  8. yeah as best i can tell that's exactly it.
  9. it's called balance. whenever one allows any singular particular group to hold all the marbles... that group practices the absolute power trip. that has been the yanks for the past 60 odd years (in collusion with the five eyes). they didn't need to behave as they have. they could've traded with dignity. they could've lifted others and would've been respected and trusted. but nope. the maxim is true. power corrupts. and absolute power is always a f**king disaster. that's why. i promise ya. they'll be handed their asshole in garbage bag.
  10. how many do you think you will lose? i mean if they end up doing something stupid with NK, they're probably going to end up fighting other people who can actually punch back. that seems to be the reality of the situation. and those boys are just as equipped (in some areas better), and also have some big buttons which work. and it's probably worth mentioning... i've watched yours lose 7000 against some starving camel herders with nothing but the rudimentary basics. 7000. there's room to expand at Arlington, yeh?
  11. for it to have been put there alive... it would've had to have been tranquilized. so let's hope that isn't the case. ...definitely cannot handle a wild one of those little fellas. it'll slice you up better than a butchers knife.
  12. and hati and cuba and the ukraine and bosnia and... jeeeesus. umm, probably be easier to say who they haven't screwed over.
  13. oh. ok. now i see from whence you come. i only watched you're shortened vid so i thought you were coming from a different angle. and yeh i see what you're saying. worry not, i say. i've heard they're going to do away with all this stuff. i mean they've got most of us to worship technology now. that's the new god. which. ironically. may very well be the old god too ;o) tbh. the entire reason i checked out your thread here was because: "The Mark of the Beast is Imminent" ... something i know is actually upon us. and once activated... that's when the real war starts. annnnd i'm kinda in a hurry for that to happen because there are some scores i'm itching to settle... before age curses me to irrelevancy. :o(
  14. yeah i just don't understand why you're getting wound up over the sunday thing, when sunday--according to the doctrine--isn't even the day christians are supposed rest. "annihilate christianity by annihilating the day of the lord". it's not even the correct day! and while we're on this topic. i'm sure you know what the actual punishment is for breaking the sabbath, yeh? do any of you ever do that when you see your fellow sinner breaking it?