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  1. if you watch the video over and over you will see a guy in blue track pants with a white stripe he goes around and around and comes out with a different jacket on each time. obama and holder did a bad job of making this real.
  2. The lady in the long jacket was not part of the movie set.
  3. I lived in milford c.t one year before newtown as far as I can remember that school was closed. heres a helocopter view of it that day watch the boy in yellow jacket walkin around whats he doin? all the pa {production assistance} are wearing purple.it was a movie set.the kid in yellow sweatshirt is a dead give away. pay attention to the ambulance you will see a women in long sleave jacket with camera taking pictures the purple pa guy does not like her much does he? he pins her to the back of the ambulance out of site from cameras when she questions him he gives her the finger...
  4. how do they explain this?
  5. Myrtle beach here.... wind starting blow pretty good rain and it looks like its going to make land fall right here this thing is huge... wind blowing this hard and the eye is in georgia. lots of rain in charlotte 200 miles away... just out on front porch gust blowing trees already...
  6. Heading down to beach to take a look at high tide i'll try to get some video. we had a the 1000 year flood a few months ago water came up to the foundation of house I think this storm might bring water into house...
  7. dont hold your breath laws and rules are only for the little meaningless people... the disposable people...
  8. cinnamon we have hurricanes here all the time not really a big deal.... during hurricane bonnie I saw a 50 foot tree go down the street standing up...water damage ,trees fall and flooding as usual..... hugo was pretty bad also boats in trees still have pictures of that one, alot of boat damage...anyway went by the beach today water was like a washing machine .. getting bigger... you can feel it in the air... like tropical moist air... very exciting......
  9. people lined up for 200 feet waiting to buy propane today at end of street.
  10. not really i've surfed every hurricanne from bonnie to mathew loved every one great surf and tons of work after.... storms make life good for some people and surf is up but aliitle choppy when storm passes north thats when the waves get uniform ...can you say rollers!!!