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  1. Thanks shep....yea I know shes on west coast
  2. And oh yea hey cinnamon I can fix anything that runs on gas or diesel.... When we leaving?
  3. Cinnamon I Read these post daily but hardly ever post but i'm always here! PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!! I can build houses thats what i do now I can grow very well I'm actually one of the best growers in america for the last 25 years... TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!
  4. Fighting with libtards and idiots is stupid you will lose every time they will drag you down to there level and beat you with experience...
  5. I did not watch video but I must say here in myrtle beach s.c houses are being built like ive never seen,every mile you see ground breaking house development everywhere...
  6. yea your north of wilmington alot of military in jacksonville... Your so close to wilmington was there last night for dinner LOVE LOVE LOVE wilmington the downtown cobblestone roads the coffeee shops and bars so layed back great music scene to...like the license plates say wilmington has it all....
  7. I call it....... the tourons have arrived....
  8. white bike week no barriers or gated off during black bike week barriers everywhere close down one lane on ocean blvd so have more control over the mayhem...
  9. yup white bike week is first no problems usually.....then a week of black bike week and that can be fun to watch... buisness's close for black week cause they skip on the bill and trash the place black bike week is hated here but everyone has to be pc
  10. It is not a good place cinnamon trying to get out of here and move back to wilmington. wanna vacation ? best place in the states the port city Wilmington n.c
  11. I live 3 miles from this and this is the first ive heard about it, but i dont watch local news or read the paper but I do go down to black bike week on my moped to watch them act like animals last week saw alot of dea chasing people around we get alot of prostitutes and drugs during that week. someone always gets shot
  12. alienspit

    Video: UK cops attack kids in park

    You got a fine? a fine!! for hitting a cop? try that in any state in the usa... you will put in prison for a long time if you survive the beating.... which most dont....

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