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  1. My grandmother was fascinated with royalty and traced our family back through robert the bruce of Scotland through his daughter Marjory/Margaret who married Walter stuart. She came up with robert the bruce was a high born merovingian and he created the Rosicrucians to hide the Knights Templar. It's amazing how all those families are intertwined, the Bruces came from the Sinclairs, through Marjory and Walter came part of the Stuart line. Just craziness.
  2. It's known to metabolize to formaldehyde in diabetic patients too, and a lot of sugar free things are sweetened with it.
  3. All my college got was a letter saying our counselors were available If we needed to speak to them. I want play doh and a puppy....ohhh it's soooo unfair!
  4. This is crazy! I've been watching people I didn't realize were such pansies cry all day on Facebook! Some of them went and got tattoos that say "don't grab my pussy"... really!?
  5. I don't think I'd use coconut water. .it couldn't be a blood replacement because there are no cells. Maybe similar to using plasma as a volume replacer, but I'm not sure if would throw off your electrolyte balance. Its good rehydration to drink but I'm not sure about directly in the veins.
  6. In the 1600s they tried milk it didn't work so they tried wine. ..unfortunately that didn't work either.
  7. Rh factor shouldn't matter. Rh neg is just the absence of a D antigen, like O is the absence of A or B. All they are sugars or protein chains on the red cell. I think in general all the blood replacements just suck because blood is so....elaborate? There are so many things on red cells that they just can't be replicated. And even the artificial hemoglobin isn't that great because they can't synthesize a membrane for it so it degrades in about 20 hours.
  8. So just looking really quickly it looks like some new trials are going to start in 2017. It's a 'blood substitute' meant to replace the bloods role of oxygen transportation. It's made of adult bone marrow stem cells and cord blood stem cells. From these they are creating red cells. To me that doesn't make it artificial blood, it's being made with blood. There are a couple other oxygen transportation replacement substances but it seems like they basically suck. One is flourochemicals similar to the stuff in teflon pans mixed with some lipids, and one is hemoglobin derived from E. Coli. I think I'd rather have some real people blood if I needed it. ...
  9. Ok I will. I work in a hospital and do a lot of blood banking, I'm going to see if we have any articles in a journal or something
  10. I would think it would be easier to synthesize Rh neg because that's one less red blood cell surface antigen you'd have to deal with. Rh neg blood just lacks the D antigen. I remember hearing about the synthetic blood a couple years back but I've never seen it used. I'll have to look back into that, that's kind of interesting.
  11. Look up William schnoebelen ( I think that's spelled right. . Or at least close). He was a witch at like 19 got into free masonry and Illuminati, is a former Luciferian ect, but is now out of the occult. He has done some stuff on now you see tv, they just did one on halloween. He shares a lot of information.
  12. Kuru.....you're good as long as you don't eat the nervous tissue...theoretically....
  13. I work in a hospital lab. Over the past could of years I've noticed a rise in accidental Tylenol overdoses.....aspirin ones too.
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fo7qMRSPwUg Delete it- email parody