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  1. I remember in 1st or 2nd grade there was an eclipse and we went outside at school and did the thing where you hold up the paper page with a hole in it and the shadow shows the progression of the moon across the sun, we had special lenses we could watch through ect. My son will be in 5k this year and they are closing school at 1100 for 'safety'. The school year doesn't start til Aug 17th and all of upstate sc schools will be closed or close early. I think that's so weird.
  2. 3 Cases Known / Incurable Gonorrhea

    We are having an increase in my county of it. I work third shift at the hospital and over the past couple months I've had a bunch of positives. Kinda gross.
  3. 3 Cases Known / Incurable Gonorrhea

    It can disseminate but will most likely cause a joint infection/arthritis type deal. If it gets into the blood stream you can become septic and that will cause mental changes.
  4. Yeah. I'm still trying to figure out the rifle under the lab coat. I written in a hospital lab, and I'm thinking you'd be able to tell if you just happened to have a rifle under your lab or Dr coat.
  5. At the press conference thing some dude mentioned that there was a fire that complicated things. I thought that was weird, but I guess makes sense If he tried to light himself on fire.
  6. Blue is from contrast dyes fot when they do imaging scans. Methylene blue will do it too. I've heard of people adding a little to already blue drinks as pranks. Green can be a psuedomonas UTI. Some medicines and food dyes can do it.
  7. We got a really pretty turquoise urine one day in my lab, green and blue are a lab techs favorite colors. Just because they are rare, and a nice change from all the stinky yellow and brown pee we get all the time.
  8. Basically what they are saying is that some dying cells avoid actually dying, so they found a way to kill them. They found a compound that will kill cells that are in a senescent stage, meaning old, dying or unable to divide to reproduce 'fresh' cells. I tried to find a full article through my college and there is no full article available anywhere for free, they want you to pay a crap ton of money to read it. Id like to see their methods and discussions and to see if they claimed any conflicting interests or listed if they were paid by someone to do research. I bet the research isn't nearly as great as it seems.
  9. The medicinal properties of fenugreek

    I took it when I was nursing my children to increase my milk supply when I went back to work. It worked, it also is supposed to help naturally lower blood sugar. If I didn't eat when I took the pill form I'd get a little shaky like my sugar was low. It worked for me, but it does make you burp and smell like pancake syrup! Oh and it helps 'keeps you regular'.
  10. My grandmother was fascinated with royalty and traced our family back through robert the bruce of Scotland through his daughter Marjory/Margaret who married Walter stuart. She came up with robert the bruce was a high born merovingian and he created the Rosicrucians to hide the Knights Templar. It's amazing how all those families are intertwined, the Bruces came from the Sinclairs, through Marjory and Walter came part of the Stuart line. Just craziness.
  11. It's known to metabolize to formaldehyde in diabetic patients too, and a lot of sugar free things are sweetened with it.
  12. All my college got was a letter saying our counselors were available If we needed to speak to them. I want play doh and a puppy....ohhh it's soooo unfair!
  13. This is crazy! I've been watching people I didn't realize were such pansies cry all day on Facebook! Some of them went and got tattoos that say "don't grab my pussy"... really!?
  14. A Real? Conspiracy

    I don't think I'd use coconut water. .it couldn't be a blood replacement because there are no cells. Maybe similar to using plasma as a volume replacer, but I'm not sure if would throw off your electrolyte balance. Its good rehydration to drink but I'm not sure about directly in the veins.
  15. A Real? Conspiracy

    In the 1600s they tried milk it didn't work so they tried wine. ..unfortunately that didn't work either.
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