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  1. watched the first video for a few minutes REALLY VERY important to watch! I will continue bit by bit. Thanks OP for posting this!!!!!
  2. ... here in a small town they check how many people live in each house ... .
  3. Yes indeed, they city of munich wrote to an elderly lady that they consider her flat to be too big for one person and that is why she MUST house "refugees" in her home. They make an over 70 years old lady in her own home to a servant to 7 monkeys ! As much as I know she refused ... But then they said they will put the monkeys in her home anyways (by force!) .
  4. The Kundalini Awakening

    I was seeking all my life. Went to India, Nepal, Himalayas, went to all kinds of false Gurus, went to monasteries in the mountains .... all these "enlightened" people: NOT one was able to give it to me! Then I met an indian lady, a great master, totally unknown to the world at that time: SHE awakened my Kundalini ... and much more! Here a speech from her, at the end you get a really good exercise and this awakens your Kundalini for sure!
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