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  1. -.0 k, youse guys know theres like a "quantum anomaly" in the solar system now hey? hence all the weirdness. and then shep says: "I figured out long ago that i am a pawn in a grander scheme of which i have no control over except over the parameters set forth to expose my reality and the reality of others until a time that my sphere is deemed full-filled." yowza, your right BTW, you CANNOT die, nor anything happen to you till you fufilled yer destiny. mee too, infact this here website is a HIVE of Set Apart people, this place is ROTTEN with AB negs.,
  2. o good grief. go back in time, like 1000 years, and ask the Vikings, what shape earth is, they sailed round an round, an now im in africa, disprove that. sheesh
  3. xD according to me, there will be war regardless, hiltery an trumpo work for the same people, trumps a shriner an hiltery order of the eastern star, so like -.- they probably RELATED aswell, amerikan people, i pity thee, your in for a ride, who here knows where America fits into Bible prophecy? The Nation sonder skaamte that speaks like a Lamb, but acts like a Dragon. Isaiah 18, is, the american continent covered with many rivers? does it have many helicopters buzzing overhead, the WHOLE time, from news copters to black copters etc, woe, woe woe. anyhoo, must say, after being thru this here forum, what a delightful site, im so used to horrible people, that this place is very refreshing, i shall try be even nicer, and i love questions, ask of me, and i shall impart what i have learnt in my life quest, Ancient worldview, no fear, no doubts, busy with social studies, and you lot are the nicest ive come across. very very interesting.
  4. The Kundalini Awakening

    OMW, KUUUUUNDALINI! The gurus! there is "steven christ" , um, "indian in the machine" " david icke" all "christs" or rather, those whose ego has reached such a density, they think themselves gods, EXACTLY the same as the indian gurus! The infiltration of the eastern demon worshippers! kali and elephant guy! THE GODS OF THE NEW AGE. i blame the beatles,. luciferian filth. also, "King of Shamballa" and numerous others CLAIMING to be "god-men" the above documentary fleshes it out nicely! i am BEYOND impressed with this site! yall are lurnin like BOSSES! i have seen some amazing things on here, and i am glad to be here. o and btw,,,,, david icke,, et al = o knows a bout IGNATIUS LOYOLA and his "spiritual exercises" now, i would not complain about "other" "religions" except, what are their FRUITS?? well the documentary about india, shows what happens to the people, poverty an filth, and the second, shows CHURCH, or "circe" when, men, are made into swine.... xD church is the devil yo
  5. Mr Icke - When did you go mad?

    icke is busy with the "externalisation of the heirarchy" which is, bringing into view, the formerly hidden lucferian faith, as put forth by alice bailey and helena petrova blavatsky, it is the religion of the UN. now, people like icky , are teachers, out to teach people about the mystery religions, and to make sure, they stay very very confused. the strategy icke uses is typical, half truths mixed with truths with a spin, never any mention of a Creator, never any mention WHY these "lizards" are allowed to do what they do, i know what they are, they are the cyth, the incorporeal spirits of dead nephilim an rephaim giants, of which 10% were cursed to torment and test mankind as per Book of Jubilees, so, its actually THE UNDEAD and NOT lizards who run babylon, but oooo now we getting "koooky" like icke, an bam, there is his other function, to help obfuscate any who DO know the Truth. now, what, is "enlightenment" ?? its like, when you have no more questions.
  6. Anyone in to vaping?

    xD o you mean tabacco, not tamacco, xD never mind
  7. Anyone in to vaping?

    i tried the vape, its, not the same, its a different high, and you dont get the cannnaaaabinoids, i even made ones using soldering irons etc back in the day at agricultural college, and made whole rooms in vapourisers, but if you really want to do it the gaulish way, you need a vacuum cleaner, 10 kg of tamacco, and a steel chalice to put it in then sit in room, turn on vacuum. -.-
  8. Likewise! :D War! and, i did not mean to be rude, its just, like, im Lawfull Evil and if i seeeee another "evil" then im like, what is thy alignment? Lawfull? Chaotic? Good? cause, im at war with chaotic evil, and "good" evil (lol that one takes explaining, xD ie, all sunday xitans, are "good" evil, the roman scum, im a Gaul and a very very evil one, and i seeee your proclamation, and wonder? is it like mine? i go like this guy: Job 42:1 And Iyoḇ answered יהוה and said, Job 42:2 “You know that You are able to do all, and that no purpose is withheld from You. Job 42:3 Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge? Therefore I declared but I did not understand, matters too marvellous for me, which I did not know. Job 42:4 Listen, please, and let me speak. I ask You, then would You make it known to me?’ Job 42:5 I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You. Job 42:6 Therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.” because, i found a secret. Opn 22:14 “Blessed are those1 doing His commands,2 so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life, and to enter through the gates into the city. you, can be ANYTHING YOU WANT, as long as you keep the Commandments! and i choose, LAWFULL EVIL, and, the Book says it rad, and im gonna DIE because of it, and that rocks. Opn 13:10 He who brings into captivity shall go into captivity, he who kills with the sword has to be killed with the sword. Here is the endurance and the belief of the set-apart ones. and my sword is awaitin, and Ragnarok is just around the corner! so one must show ones flag and be TRUE. and, i say Lawfull Evil, but WHAT LAW??? TORAH. and what is Torah? Much of the Torah involves commands, laws, right-rulings, statutes, etc., which relate to a properly constituted society, such as that which prevailed under Mosheh or under the sovereigns of Yisra'ĕl. As such, laws which clearly apply within a civil or national context are not to be misapplied by individuals living in a society that is not totally subject to the Torah as its constitution and legal code. Thus for example, you may not decide to stone someone to death for desecrating the sabbath. The decision would have to be made by a judge within the framework of such a Torah-based nation. Clearly then, although these laws are still applicable, since the context in which they are to be applied is lacking at present, they can only be applied when such a Torah-true nation comes into existence when Daniel 12:1 kicks in, thusly is my alignment, now you know everything about me, your turn.
  9. pah, i will NEVER respect the views of the perverse. nor will i tolerate it, ahhhh Latter Days, "theory" and such, i believe any concept brought forth by a mind organic, is base from the start. i suggest you read the book " a natural history of evil" for methinks you dont have evil inside, but are Beliya`al instead, big diff. evil, has a place an function.
  10. i think you got the point EXACTLY. unclean bird said: "Your claim is that everybody with a good heart is necessarily religious, this isn't true" i claimed nothing of the sort. and, you neglect the question at the end, bird of which there are many, which is: "and i would go "hmmm" so, against any organised attempt to do good are we? what do you suggest in its place?" can you answer that? or do you think, chaotic self-love and self -service the answer? cause thats when this place becomes "hell". for how does one define an "angel" or a "demon" ? a definition that covers all sentient entity's and beings.. it goes, any entity that loves its Creator, more than anything, and loves its fellow entity's MORE than itself, it is, an "angel" now, conversely, a "demon" is an entity, that loves itself more than anything, and values its own comfort than any person or thing, ie self above all. Now, where do you fall eagle head? self above all? or others above thyself xD yeah right
  11. ah "religion" quite a topic that. Religion is best defined as "the organized attempt to do good" , therefore any person, who hates "religion", hates any organised attempt to do good, and prefers the doctrine of chaos, it is true however, that evil men, have hijacked "religion" and used it as a front for evil, more easily said thusly: "all of Mankind's organised attempts to do good, have been subverted by those who love themselves and their comfort, more than anything" Technically, every single person should have their own unique religion, the ONLY thing that should be the same for us all, is the adherence to the 10 Commandments., or, "You can have ANY religion you want, as long as you keep the 10 Commandments" or, summed up even better by our Master: " Mar 12:28 And one of the scribes coming near, hearing them reasoning together, knowing that He had answered them well, asked Him, “Which is the first command of all?” Mar 12:29 And יהושע answered him, “The first of all the commands is, ‘Hear, O Yisra’ĕl, יהוה our Elohim, יהוה is one. Mar 12:30 ‘And you shall love יהוה your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first command. Mar 12:31 “And the second, like it, is this, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no other command greater than these.” For, if you adhere to the First Great Command, you keep the first Four of the Commandments, with extra attention on the Sabbath Commandment, upon which much war has been waged. Then, if one adheres to the Second Great Commandment, and love thy neighbour as thyself, then you wont murder him, nor steal from him, nor covet his car nor skank wife, That, is the summary of "religion" so, i would translate this heading: "the-dangerous-ideology-of-religion" and say "the dangerous ideology of attempting to make an organised attempt, to do good" , and i would go "hmmm" so, against any organised attempt to do good are we? what do you suggest in its place?
  12. verily verily i say unto thee: "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAaa" look really, any voting fool who cannot see the game is rigged, after this, deserves to follow the old foe, he who the citizens of idiocracy will welcome with blossoms, simpsons called it back in the day, TRUMP is up for his turn,. anyway, which pres would be cooler for total war?? hitlery or trumpo the ammonite daughter lover? hmm??? which, is more likely to throw nukes, thats the one i want for pres, which one, is most likely to react to taunts? trump or hitlery? which would be easier to manipulate ? if your goal was getting them to commit their ENTIRE army to one single operation. i ask these questions, because i have seen there are clever ones lurking here, who dont say what they know, because they know, so i ask unto thee, which would be funner? which of the 2, would commit the ENTIRE US army, to one operation: trump? or hitlery? hilery... booooring, the don,,, hohohooo, his ego, so huge, has own gravity, and he has a very fancy darkroom where he gets his btk thrills, shriners love their hostel like darkrooms, hitlery has one too, but i prefer trump,. his ego will lead him, women, can be sensible sometimes an lack that mega ego fake honor thing these old masons have, she is just a carrier of the jezebel spirit, and seeks only power an dominion over others, there should be a "ahab" type, weak willed man, near her, o wait... xD anyway, let the reader understand
  13. haha! for, the moon goes round and round, what drives this motion? for if one fires a cannonball it leaves the cannon, uses up the initial kinetic energy, and drops to the earth, for it to continue on its path, the impetus must remain, ie the cannon blast, must continually be behind the ball, for it to continue moving, thusly it is the same with the moon, the simple answer would be : "Because The Supreme Spirit Wills it to do so" Futher explanation of the actual mechanics, are so advanced, go to do with "nature spirits in motion" and how all physical "matter" is actually spirit matter bound in forcefield, we call them "atoms" to understand that which drives the motion of the moon, is to understand the same thing that drives the Wind, and the same thing that holds our bodies together, our "atomic fields" so that we dont just dissolve, this mechanism, is called the Firmament, and is the sub-atomic "syrup" that flows between the atoms, and works like a field,. upholding certain Laws that have been put upon formerly unbound spiritual materia. The Firmament is both super conductive, and superfluidic, and it is that, which CERN seeks to gain access to "the higg-boson" or, the "reality field" this, they will be allowed to achieve, and they will open the hellgate, and the lol's will begin. i , personally, am very stoked./ - also i think, to do with the axis shift story, thats Book of Enoch, chappa 80 or something round there, where it says the sun will set far past the western chariot, which is like the point it reaches 21 jul. so i dont really have any doubts nor riddles to solve, its latter days yo, and the weirdness is ON. i am of the opinion,. that any "measurement" is pointless, well post 2004, that is, however, a girding of the loins is valuable xD
  14. Right. Scientific method. i see you dudes trying to measure erths roundness eh, and i ask of thee, if you taking measurements, would one not like a STABLE, consistent environment to take these here readings? i mean, say, if the ENVIRONMENT, was ANOMALOUS , then, would the READINGS also not be dodgy as feck? for instance, this interesting site, which shows measurable data, on how this sucker is wobbling like a drunk, and why we been getting motion sickness randomly: https://axischange.wordpress.com/ i would value , your thoughts on this. especially since you trying to independently measure an unstable and ANOMALOUS environment, i mean,,, guess thats why your pendulum aint swinging right, and why i aint eaten space cake in a while, cause you walk side ways, cause the planet, be wobbling you, measurably. or rather, "the flat plate upon the turtles back has started wobblings since 04" :|
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