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  1. o good grief. go back in time, like 1000 years, and ask the Vikings, what shape earth is, they sailed round an round, an now im in africa, disprove that. sheesh
  2. haha! for, the moon goes round and round, what drives this motion? for if one fires a cannonball it leaves the cannon, uses up the initial kinetic energy, and drops to the earth, for it to continue on its path, the impetus must remain, ie the cannon blast, must continually be behind the ball, for it to continue moving, thusly it is the same with the moon, the simple answer would be : "Because The Supreme Spirit Wills it to do so" Futher explanation of the actual mechanics, are so advanced, go to do with "nature spirits in motion" and how all physical "matter" is actually spirit matter bound in forcefield, we call them "atoms" to understand that which drives the motion of the moon, is to understand the same thing that drives the Wind, and the same thing that holds our bodies together, our "atomic fields" so that we dont just dissolve, this mechanism, is called the Firmament, and is the sub-atomic "syrup" that flows between the atoms, and works like a field,. upholding certain Laws that have been put upon formerly unbound spiritual materia. The Firmament is both super conductive, and superfluidic, and it is that, which CERN seeks to gain access to "the higg-boson" or, the "reality field" this, they will be allowed to achieve, and they will open the hellgate, and the lol's will begin. i , personally, am very stoked./ - also i think, to do with the axis shift story, thats Book of Enoch, chappa 80 or something round there, where it says the sun will set far past the western chariot, which is like the point it reaches 21 jul. so i dont really have any doubts nor riddles to solve, its latter days yo, and the weirdness is ON. i am of the opinion,. that any "measurement" is pointless, well post 2004, that is, however, a girding of the loins is valuable xD
  3. Right. Scientific method. i see you dudes trying to measure erths roundness eh, and i ask of thee, if you taking measurements, would one not like a STABLE, consistent environment to take these here readings? i mean, say, if the ENVIRONMENT, was ANOMALOUS , then, would the READINGS also not be dodgy as feck? for instance, this interesting site, which shows measurable data, on how this sucker is wobbling like a drunk, and why we been getting motion sickness randomly: https://axischange.wordpress.com/ i would value , your thoughts on this. especially since you trying to independently measure an unstable and ANOMALOUS environment, i mean,,, guess thats why your pendulum aint swinging right, and why i aint eaten space cake in a while, cause you walk side ways, cause the planet, be wobbling you, measurably. or rather, "the flat plate upon the turtles back has started wobblings since 04" :|

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