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  1. Love the professional printed signs and t shirts. Gee, wonder who paid for them? 😉
  2. https://in-the-sky.org/news.php?id=20170407_13_100
  3. Don't forget where Jupiter is right now.
  4. Works so good with heroin and Meth.
  5. EMP time maybe?
  6. Dwight Eisenhower played 800 rounds of golf in his 8 years - or about 1 round every 3 days and America survived.
  7. Hi neighbor. 1 1/2 hours drive west for me.
  8. Is this how Shaun King came to be too? That kid is as white as wonder bread!
  9. Yep. Unfortunately for us there are several flavors of kool-aid being poured into our glasses. I think I am going to stick to water. Too much sugar is bad for anyone.
  10. Looks like the thread title should read, Refugee arrivals to skyrocket under ultra liberal judge decision.
  11. I don't have much to say about world views but I do believe that this summer will bring civil unrest in the USA. I say this because of the political fighting taking place. I see people getting pushed to violence. This will ramp up as the weather gets warmer and students get out of school for the summer. I do hope I am wrong on this but I have a feeling I may be right. Please let me be wrong. Either way, I'm prepared.
  12. Tell me again why we want to keep them as enemies instead of friends? Oh, stupid me. Nobody to blame shit on. Got it. Almost forgot my programming for a minute.
  13. It would most definitely be the spark that lights the inferno!
  14. I have a great idea that nobody seems to talk about. Why don't we get the cost of pharmaceutical price gouging and medical price gouging under control. I am serious. Do this and the health care issues go away. Seriously, $1100.00 for 4 stitches to my hand and a Tetanus shot. WTF!!!