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  1. How come I don't see anybody breaking windows and setting stuff on fire? Oh, I forgot. Wrong side.
  2. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy the IGNORE USER function.
  3. He should have his surgery covered under Obama care. His bill would only be around $342,000.00. Patient responsibility would only be $341,999.00. No Problem.
  4. Antifa is going to find out real quick what concealed carry is all about.
  5. He would have been given the cure.
  6. Wouldn't put it past him to have some kind of time release toxin or agent on his hands. Deep state does shit like that. Keep this in mind if Trump gets sick in the near future.
  7. Remy: This is CNN

  8. I believe their plan would be to get Trump out first then Pence. Now they can get their good old buddy Ryan in there. He is more liberal than conservative.
  9. Typically liberal behavior. Blame others for what you yourself are guilty of. If she still thinks the Russian shit was real then she belongs in a home somewhere. She has clearly lost it.
  10. I have one question for Mad Max poverty pimp, IMPEACH FOR WHAT EXACTLY? Please be specific Maxi.
  11. That thing in the video looks like Rachel Madcow and Ellen Degenerate recreated.
  12. This makes perfect sense. Everybody knows that the only way you can commit suicide is with a gun. There is no other way in the world. (End sarcasm )
  13. Geostorm coming!

    That looks pretty good.
  14. Hmmm, camera set up to film. Man who set up camera also armed himself. Man who set up camera and armed himself shoots neighbor. I could sell this as premeditated to a judge and jury in under 5 minutes and I am not a lawyer. Seems the old man didn't hire the right attorney. Either way the old man should not have showed his gun, however it was pointed at the ground. The logic of the neighbor shooting the old man that had a dangle grip on his gun pointed at the ground being justified makes me worry about how I carry my rifle and if my neighbor can legally shoot me if he sees me with it. Kinda makes one think.
  15. I don't see the logic. Hey everyone I'm pissed off at white people and Trump so I'm going to do something that tanks my career and has me looking over my shoulder. That will show them. What a fvcking idiot!!!!
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