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  1. Much of what we see happening is why the Founders left Europe. There were spies & traitors they had to be watchful for,it just never stopped and here we all are. Thanks for the welcome ...
  2. it's really messed up how the Clinton's have people lined up everywhere, either by blackmail or because they're part of this agenda.
  3. I have my doubts about the case going anywhere since it's been assigned to a Clinton appointee.
  4. I didn't see George Soros on that list of blm founders, I wonder if the reason why is maybe they can only attempt to try and sue individuals from within our country? The case has been assigned to Judge Sam A. Lindsay, a Clinton appointee who is also African American Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/11/fmr-prosecutor-sues-obama-al-sharpton-for-inciting-race-war/#ixzz4ED5GYsXR
  5. yeah but the first amendment,freedom of speech doesn't include the message of marking police like they have been, that's not freedom of speech,that's misusing our constitutional rights against the people. do you think that Donald Trump was selected by the globalist players to run, or do you think he stepped up on his own?
  6. So now they want their own private country in "America" . Notice how they stated that whites will move out if they all move into towns. I'm sure they would make it unbearable for hard working tax paying citizens. I recall Obama saying something a while ago about moving section 8 housing into suburbs,federally funding it with our tax paying dollars. http://www.independentsentinel.com/obamas-latest-awful-scheme-to-move-section-8-and-criminals-into-us-suburbs/ http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/05/09/one-obamas-last-acts-will-punish-suburbs-white-wealthy/
  7. I thought the real reason why MLK was killed was because his message unified all people when he honed in on the division gap between the rich & poor.
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