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  1. One point of view, or observation about our existence that I let my mind attempt to decode is the possibility that we are biological machines, perfectly built to program ourselves throughout our lifetimes. Nature versus Nurture Is is not the environment that codes your subconscious mind, or programs your responses exclusively. It is not your genetics that makes you decide the choices you are faced with. But, it is a mixture of the two. We are born with a "base-set" of programming that we inherent from our parents. This is the real mystery, as even competing siblings have varying differences as well as commonalities. So, truly, this understanding is tainted with mystery as to "why" we individually inherit this trait or that, but then have instances of certain traits skipping generations, only to reemerge somewhere down our genetic path. Scientists have proven that senses, such as the sense of fear are inherited traits. One example is the study involving laboratory mice and the scent of cherry blossom. In the study, a shock was applied to the feet of the mice whenever they introduced the smell of cherry blossom. This caused a natural fear and an association between that fear and the scent of something illogically associated with pain. The study then went on to allow the mice from the study to breed. Their litter was then stripped from their parents and raised to maturity, and when the scientists introduced just the scent of cherry blossom to this new generation, they evoked a scared response. Further, they bred the mice for a few generations, and found that through multiple generations, these mice all had physiological changes, such as heightened sense of smell, for one. Here is an article on the study: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24677-fear-of-a-smell-can-be-passed-down-several-generations/ So, now we have proven that traits can be handed down generationally. I think most you all knew that through intuition and based on experience, but now science has taken the next step in proving this is a real phenomenon. Now, lets talk about environmental factors that affect your internal programming... From an early age, you are a natural "explorer". You explore your surroundings, and learn through a series of trial and error runs that enables you to define what is, and what is not beneficial. This programming is the second part of the "coding" that your sub-conscious mind uses to make future decisions. Passive Frame Theory "Morsella suggests that the conscious does not do nearly as much as we thought. In fact, conscious thought is just a small fraction of what is happening in the brain. Instead, it is the unconscious that is doing everything for us, and we are completely unaware of it." http://www.medicaldaily.com/new-theory-suggests-all-conscious-thoughts-and-decisions-are-actually-made-your-340238 DNA is data... Light is data filtered through your optical nerve, and then translated into an image... Your brain is your processor, and your choices are confined to what your "programming allows". Your subconscious drives the train, and your conscious mind lags behind, only agreeing with whatever your subconscious already decided. The data and interpretation that your biological machine allows for based on your genetic and experiential programming constitutes your self-identity....
  2. Summer 2014, UFO Experience, With Vivid Dream (Shown Visions)

    The above "wall of text" is the MUFON report I made in plain text form. The link in the OP is the MUFON report link. I have had 3 years to reflect upon that day. Some things I have determined are; *My son has an active imagination, and his side of the story is just that...I have no recollection of that aspect of the story, so I discount it. *I was shown the Book of Revelation being played out in the first vision the being showed me. *The being did not say "God" as the way it communicated was telepathically and in the form of symbols and shapes, which my brain deciphered as words---it said "King"or "Messenger from God, not the literal God. *The burned out city from the second vision, was the city of Jerusalem, only a war-torn version, deserted. *The "green door" is a real door on the courtyard wall, next to the wialing wall, leading to the Temple Mount, and the Dome of the Rock. It actually exists! *The branch I was holding was either a palm branch, or an olive tree branch, but was a branch from a tree, I am unsure which. *The battle I was shown was Armageddon. So, with everything going on, I determine that Syria, and the US's coalition of the willing is one side of the war, and Arab nations with the backing from Russia will represent the other side. *I believe that we are in the End Times. If you all want to know anything more, just ask. I will check the post here and there, and try to answer. If this is too fringe for you, I understand. This was a real experience that I endured. One that has plagued me. I see the events I was shown happening, in real time. Peace, and good day...I hope my experience was false, as I do not want to see what I was shown happen.
  3. Summer 2014, UFO Experience, With Vivid Dream (Shown Visions)

    Long Description of Sighting Report Had an urge to camp, and a strange sequence of events led to me camping on the weekend of July 25, 2014 with my family. A series of events led to us ending up camping on the side of the mountain, along the Nisqually river on the primitive, free campsites, due to the campground being fully booked. At night, my wife and kids went to sleep, and I went with them. Me and my wife were on our backs, looking towards the sky through the tent skyview (netting top to the tent that you can see through). It was approximately 09:00 pm. We both watched as a brilliant, white spherical craft flew overhead in a generally straight line, but the flight path was zigging, and zagging, left to right. It was flying in a pattern and we both looked at each other, and back up and watched for the next 15 seconds as it flew through our field of view. The light was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was bright like a star, but with perfectly defined edges. It glowed a warm light that was easy on the eyes. I got up, and she continued to sleep. I went out to the campfire, and tried to keep the fire going. No matter what I tried, I could not keep the fire going, so at around 10:00pm, I went to bed as well, and as soon as I fell asleep, my wife nudged me. Now, we were alone, and there were no other campers anywhere, and it was only by chance that the park ranger showed me on aAmap where these primitive, "free" campsites were located. Totally a chance encounter. My wife nudged me to tell me that she heard two voices behind our tent, and wanted me to check it out. My son confirmed that he heard the voices too. I got up, and looked, and could see no lights. The forest was thick behind our tent, and anyone who would have been there, would have had to use a flashlight just to move a couple of feet. There was nothing. I began to ask her, "what did they sound like? What did they say"? She said they sounded like they had a southern drawl, but she could not make out the words. She said their were two voices. Naturally, both my wife and son were scared, so we went to the car and slept the rest of the night out. Now, here is where it gets a little crazy. My memory is a little sketchy for the next few minutes, but I remember attempting to build a fire with my headlights on, and then being back in the car. Nothing in particular there, but that would change a few months afterwards, when my son approached me and told me some troubling things. We had never really talked of the ordeal, but I know each of us walked away from that experience changed. My son told me how we were trying to build the fire, and I walked into the shadows up on a being that was twice as tall as myself. I am 6 foot 2 inches, and I have no recollection of this happening, but I had my own experience that will come shortly. He told me how the being told him to stay there, but without talking. I then asked him what he looked like, and he began to describe the being. He told me that he was tall, but he could not see the beings face. He told me he didn't remember even trying to look at the face. He said the being's skin was like an old persons. I asked if he was wearing any clothing, and he told me that he did not remember. He told me that I left out to the woods with the being, and then the next thing he knew, he woke up in the tent at the same time he heard the voices. I have no reccollection of this event. My son is 13, and kids his age have an active imagination, but this is where the story gets weird. In the car, after everyone in my family went to sleep with the heater blowing in the car, I finally relaxed, and fell asleep myself. I remember looking at the clock on the dashboard, and seeing the time 11:00pm. I had the most vivid dream, I have ever had in my life. I do not dream often. I never remember any of my dreams. It sucks, but is just how I am built. I found myself, on all-fours. I was in an area that was illuminated from above me, but my field of vision was what was in front of me only. I was looking through my own eyes. I could see a set of feet in front of me. The skin was bluish, like only what I would call, ancient. All of the sudden, a voice comes through my thoughts. It identifies itself as God. I ask, "why have you brought me here"? Immediately my eyes close within the dream, and a series of images is shown to me in rapid succession, much like a slide show set to overdrive. It was so much information, that I could hardly perceive what I was being shown. Still, to this day, pieces are released from time to time. Almost like I was shown future interactions of some sort. I see things in the news, or that I come into contact with, and I get an intense sense of deja-vu. Crazy coincidences I suppose. Although I do not remember the visions in their entirety, I do remember the "end" events. I saw a large Army marching through a war-torn city, and then I saw a mother, and two small children, crying in a corner of a torn-out building as the soldiers marched towards them. I then saw the scene pan-out, and I saw the entire Earth erupt into flames as seen from space. I then awoke out of the vision (or mini-dream) and I was there again in front of the being, unable to look up past it's shins. The visions had troubled me within the dream, and tears were dripping down my face. At that moment, I asked, "Why have you shown me this"? The being began to talk with me, and it was here that I figured out that every time that the being was talking in our conversation, it was actually my mouth moving, and I was hearing myself talk. I stopped talking for the being, and I suddenly understood without the need for talking. Telepathy or some sort of intelligence beyond us, is how the interaction proceeded. Back to the interaction, I asked the being "Why have you shown me this"? My eyes closed again, and another lucid vision started, only this one was like a movie. I saw me, but from above at a distance of three to four feet. Like I was looking at myself, but from above myself. I was in a war torn city. There were two others with me. They were dressed in black, and I waived to them to stay. I walked about 300 meters up this dirt covered road, and came upon a large green along the wall. Here my vision was through my own eyes, and I looked down. My clothing was torn. The city was hollowed out with the caved-in buildings. In my left hand, I had a small tree branch from what I later determined to be an olive tree. So, I had a small olive branch in my left hand. I knocked, three times on the large door. The door opened, just enough so I could see a middle-eastern man, covered from head to toe in black. I asked him, "May I enter"? He opens the door further, and tells me "We have been expecting you"? He then leads me to a building within the courtyard we came out into, and once inside of that building, there was a spiral staircase. He walks me down the winding staircase to a wall. The wall has a metal door, and when he opens the door, the rock is visible to the original structure. He gestures at me to inspect the rock. I see the rock is darker in the center, and blackened. I reach down with my right hand and touch the rock. Instantly, my vision turns to a brilliant bright light, and once again, I open my eyes in front of the being. I say to the being, "what am I"? The being then reaches down, and shows me a device that resembles an IPad, only without any boarders, so an IPad if it was a screen without the white boarder around the screen. No edges is all I can say, and there were no logos or anything distinguishable. A tablet device is how I would best describe it. I could see the beings massive hands, and they resembled human hands. Displayed on the device, was a picture of, and I know you guys are going to discount this, but hear me out. The picture on the device was the iconic picture of Jesus with the crown of thorns. Now, I am atheist, and the fact that the being told me that he was God, and then the picture of Jesus, has done a number to me mentally. I keep my head on my shoulders, but I am just wondering if anyone else saw something that night, as this interaction has led me down a path of intrigue. When I awoke, at exactly 4:00am, I awoke refreshed, and felt like I had slept two days straight. I looked out the window of the car, and I saw the same brilliant white light I had seen before, being silhouetted against the early-dawn glow as Mount Rainier became visible, and the light descended at a high rate of speed towards the top the mountain at a direction, from west to east, and just as it reached the tip of the mountain, it darted up into the sky and accelerated at a high rate of speed. I took this as the being saying goodbye. I never mentioned this to my wife, and when I finally did months later, she walked away as if she did not want to talk about that night. She admits the UFO we saw during the night, but the two voices spooked her while in the tent. A little background... I am a military Veteran having served 14 years in the Army. I know what military equipment is capable of doing in the air, and the zig-zaging light was moving unlike any craft I have ever seen in my time in the service. I work for the Government currently, and would prefer to remain anonymous as I do not desire any attention that could impact my career choice. MUFON, feel free to contact me if you would like to follow-up. I am just searching for answers.
  4. All right, I will post this here, as I have grown as a person, and want to come clean to what brought me to "this side" of the house. I had an experience a few years ago. One that is telling as we enter a period of uncertainty. My experience, cannot be accounted for, but I assure you, it was a REAL experience. One that was so vividly ingrained into my mind, that even today I find myself reflecting on it. I believe I interacted with something in the summer of 2014. Something I cannot quite explain, and maybe someday will make more sense. https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=65725&rnd= I am being open with you all now. You do not have to believe as I believe. I believe the being showing me a picture of Jesus from the dream, was a signal for me to come closer to God. I instantly went from being a non-believer, to a believer in Jesus and God, and here I am.
  5. Mandela effect is real... shazaam found

    I am not saying that the clip is not real, but I am saying that the owners of the channel on YouTube is Collegehumor. This was dropped on April 1st (April Fool's day). With that being said, perhaps this is an elaborate hoax? Perhaps Sinbad agreed to do this one as a gag? P.S. If you watch the video, you will see that the Fruit Loops box commercial is Mandela'ed out, and the newspaper article saying "Mandella is Dead". Good April Fool's joke.
  6. "In a study just published in Psychological Science, Paul Bloom and I explore a radical—but non-magical—solution to this puzzle. Perhaps in the very moments that we experience a choice, our minds are rewriting history, fooling us into thinking that this choice—that was actually completed after its consequences were subconsciously perceived—was a choice that we had made all along. Though the precise way in which the mind could do this is still not fully understood, similar phenomena have been documented elsewhere. For example, we see the apparent motion of a dot before seeing that dot reach its destination, and we feel phantom touches moving up our arm before feeling an actual touch further up our arm. “Postdictive” illusions of this sort are typically explained by noting that there’s a delay in the time it takes information out in the world to reach conscious awareness: Because it lags slightly behind reality, consciousness can “anticipate” future events that haven’t yet entered awareness, but have been encoded subconsciously, allowing for an illusion in which the experienced future alters the experienced past. In one of our studies, participants were repeatedly presented with five white circles in random locations on a computer monitor and were asked to quickly choose one of the circles in their head before one lit up red. If a circle turned red so fast that they didn’t feel like they were able to complete their choice, participants could indicate that they ran out of time. Otherwise, they indicated whether they had chosen the red circle (before it turned red) or had chosen a different circle. We explored how likely people were to report a successful prediction among these instances in which they believed that they had time to make a choice. Unbeknownst to participants, the circle that lit up red on each trial of the experiment was selected completely randomly by our computer script. Hence, if participants were truly completing their choices when they claimed to be completing them—before one of the circles turned red—they should have chosen the red circle on approximately 1 in 5 trials. Yet participants’ reported performance deviated unrealistically far from this 20% probability, exceeding 30% when a circle turned red especially quickly. This pattern of responding suggests that participants’ minds had sometimes swapped the order of events in conscious awareness, creating an illusion that a choice had preceded the color change when, in fact, it was biased by it. Importantly, participants’ reported choice of the red circle dropped down near 20% when the delay for a circle to turn red was long enough that the subconscious mind could no longer play this trick in consciousness and get wind of the color change before a conscious choice was completed. This result ensured that participants weren’t simply trying to deceive us (or themselves) about their prediction abilities or just liked reporting that they were correct. In fact, the people who showed our time-dependent illusion were often completely unaware of their above-chance performance when asked about it in debriefing after the experiment was over. Moreover, in a related experiment, we found that the bias to choose correctly was not driven by confusion or uncertainty about what was chosen: Even when participants were highly confident in their choice, they showed a tendency to “choose” correctly at an impossibly high rate. Taken together, these findings suggest that we may be systematically misled about how we make choices, even when we have strong intuitions to the contrary. Why, though, would our minds fool us in such a seemingly silly way in the first place? Wouldn’t this illusion wreak havoc on our mental lives and behavior? Maybe not. Perhaps the illusion can simply be explained by appeal to limits in the brain’s perceptual processing, which only messes up at the very short time scales measured in our (or similar) experiments and which are unlikely to affect us in the real world." https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/mind-guest-blog/what-neuroscience-says-about-free-will/ Our subconscious mind runs our "operating system" and your conscious mind is dictated by the subconscious. Everything you do is bounced off your memory banks to determine what the probable outcome will be, dependent upon what is being done. We are self-programmed from inception, and our minds formulate a set of rules which govern our decision making processes. If one were to quantify their experience down to every instance where a decision was made, over time, would start to show a pattern. This pattern could be used to determine with my estimate, 99.9% accuracy what you will do in any given situation. An algorithm could be constructed and assigned to everyone who had enough data collected on them. We live in the age where all our data is being warehoused in a central location by our governmental bodies. For what? The future is closing in fast and we will soon see preemptive prosecution over those who are deemed most-likey to commit crime, or those that could rise up and challenge the system... Think this is science fiction? Well let me introduce you to the Brain to Computer (BTC) interface... "Tech billionaire Elon Musk is announcing a new venture called Neuralink focused on linking brains to computers. The company plans to develop brain implants that can treat neural disorders — and that may one day be powerful enough to put humanity on a more even footing with possible future superintelligent computers, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing unnamed sources. Musk, a founder of both the electric-car company Tesla Motors and the private space-exploration firm SpaceX, has become an outspoken doomsayer about the threat artificial intelligence might one day pose to the human race. Continued growth in AI cognitive capabilities, he and like-minded critics suggest, could lead to machines that can outthink and outmaneuver humans with whom they might have little in common. In a tweet Tuesday, Musk gave few details beyond confirming Neuralink's name and tersely noting the "existential risk" of failing to pursue direct brain-interface work." http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/elon-musks-latest-target-brain-computer-interfaces-46422016 "At a restaurant recently I faced many temptations: a heavy stout beer, a buttery escargot appetizer, a marbled steak, cheesecake. The neural networks in my brain that have evolved to produce the emotion of hunger for sweet and fatty foods, which in our ancestral environment were both rare and sustaining, were firing away to get me to make those selections. In competition were signals from other neural networks that have evolved to make me care about my future health, in particular how I view my body image for status among males and appeal to females and how sluggish I feel after a rich meal and the amount of exercise I will need to counter it. In the end, I ordered a light beer, salmon and a salad with vinaigrette dressing and split a mildly rich chocolate cake with my companion. Was I free to make these choices? According to neuroscientist Sam Harris in his luminous new book Free Will (Free Press, 2012), I was not. “Free will is an illusion,” Harris writes. “Our wills are simply not of our own making.” Every step in the causal chain above is fully determined by forces and conditions not of my choosing, from my evolved taste preferences to my learned social status concerns—causal pathways laid down by my ancestors and parents, culture and society, peer groups and friends, mentors and teachers, and historical contingencies going all the way back to my birth and before. Neuroscience supports this belief. The late physiologist Benjamin Libet noted in EEG readings of subjects engaged in a task requiring them to press a button when they felt like it that half a second before the decision was consciously made the brain's motor cortex lit up. Research has extended the time between subcortical brain activation and conscious awareness to a full seven to 10 seconds. A new study found activity in a tiny clump of 256 neurons that enabled scientists to predict with 80 percent accuracy which choice a subject would make before the person himself knew. Very likely, just before I became consciously aware of my menu selections, part of my brain had already made those choices. “Thoughts and intentions emerge from background causes of which we are unaware and over which we exert no conscious control,” Harris concludes. “We do not have the freedom we think we have.”" https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-free-will-collides-with-unconscious-impulses/
  7. GLP Is A "Groupthink" Tank, Mind Controlling Its Patrons

    Pretty f**ked up since I know for certain mynameisrickmoranis is no older than 22 years old. Guess Trin likes them young. Borderline pedo shit there....
  8. GLP Is A "Groupthink" Tank, Mind Controlling Its Patrons

    Another link so those in the know can understand why I made the statement above... https://www.kevinthom.com/2009/12/mountain-man-redux/
  9. GLP Is A "Groupthink" Tank, Mind Controlling Its Patrons

    Here is an interesting tidbit... Chip, a mod on GLP, is using an actor's photo as his avatar on the site. The actor's name is Ron Kebic from Ontario, Canada. I do not know if chip is the same person as this actor, or if he just took the pic, but one thing is for sure, all over the internet, Chip uses the same avatar... http://filmhamiltonontario.ning.com/profile/RonKebic
  10. GLP Is A "Groupthink" Tank, Mind Controlling Its Patrons

    Mynameisrickmoranis is a girl. I know this because she used to come to my chatroom. I even modded her for a bit, then she went off the radar. She has cam'ed up, and has talked on voice many times. She went by the name "killerunicorn" on the chat site, but told the other mods who she really was on GLP.
  11. Member Introductions!

    Hello everyone, I am new here, but have lurked in the past from time to time. Big shot out to my brother from another mother, Shep....How you been? About me? Well, once upon a time I served in the military (Army) and once, I led a Platoon to war against the Taliban. Those days are long behind me at this point, and truthfully, I saw nothing wrong with serving as indoctrination plays a big role in the morale of the forces, and I was drinking the KoolAid of patriotism, but I have no regrets going forward. I still consider myself a patriot. My patriotic duty is to question the status quo. I am always critiquing those who have been charged decision-makers, both Government and the private sector. I am the type of person to stick up for someone and help them out whenever I see the opportunity arise. I am a real person. I don't trigger easily, especially in written form. I like to question our reality, and think it is important to do so on a daily basis. I believe that outlets like conspiracyoutpost are designed to allow for intellectual discussion and debate. We should all do this as adults, without all the high school drama. I vow to respect the other users in here, and I would expect respect in return. I run a chat site that is video based and I get good ideas from the discussions that occur on there, and plan on writing from time to time, about topics of interest. If you want to know anything else, please ask, and I will respond.
  12. Why The Simulated Reality Hypothesis Matters

    It is kind of hard to imagine that technology will stop advancing. I don't see the simulated reality hypothesis as being a doorway to transhumanism, but I do see constructs such as the brain-to-computer interface (BTC) as being a viable means to meld man with machine. This is also currently being developed. The simulated reality would be a computer program, with strict rules to govern the machine. Imagine if someone wanted to run a simulation from the Big Bang onward. What happened prior to the Big Bang? Nothingness? Perhaps the Big Bang was the machine powering on. A state of nothing, to a state of functioning--- with the flip of a switch... Over billions of years time, the simple rules that govern this reality have produced all the matter that can be seen today. What I am saying is that it does not matter if we are ever able to produce the "simulation machine", as Drake's equation tells us we are not alone, and given our age compared to the rest of the universe, we are infants in the scheme of things. An advanced species could have made this reality possible through an advanced sim. It does not have to be us. Nick Bostrom made the case for the ancestral simulation. I am taking it a step further.
  13. Ever wonder why reality seems so contrived? Ever wonder why it seems that this existence is controlled by forces that cannot be seen? Perhaps this existence is just the beginning to what exists behind the veil of secrecy. As the age of computers advances, so will our ability to replicate reality. New virtual reality is constantly being developed and if Moore's law has anything to say for it, then we should see the moment of the merging of the two within our lifetimes. Imagine being able to immerse yourself into an altered reality that cannot be distinguished from the real thing. Now, imagine a computer simulation, much like the Sims, but with complex characters that can procreate for long periods of time, and have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. Are you starting to see the picture now? This is where we were in 2015. Although we have the ability to mimic our world, we still lack the indistinguishable VR that has yet to be developed. But, that is coming. So why does the simulated reality matter? If you are reading this, then you have been awoken to the program. You are questioning this construct we call reality as you have sensed the deception that is taking place. The simulated hypothesis says that our species will ether find two fates concerning the development of the indistinguishable VR system. Either our species will continue to advance our computers and simulations to a degree that they become indistinguishable from base-reality, or all civilization will cease to exist. That is it, in a nutshell. So, either we advance, or fall, either way it can be easily assessed that our momentum will take us to this reality which includes the invention of the "life-like" VR system being developed at our current trajectory. Nick Bostrom, the author of a paper concerning this possibility contends that we will eventually construct an ancestral simulation to study our ancestors. Imagine the popular "ancestry" website that currently offers a DNA analysis as a current version of what will become. Instead of finding out where you came from due to your genetic coding, you could find yourself looking through the eyes of your great grandfather in real time. There are a few reasons why I think that this hypothesis has merit. First, we all know that every bit of data since the construct of the computer has been collected by various governments. All of your movements, if you are American, have been collected through a passive monitoring system that has invaded every electronic device that we have at our disposal. It is my prediction that this data will be released to future generations, and in doing so, will enable the construct of simulations from the computer age on. We all leave a digital footprint. So, that is our future, why does it matter to us now? Simple statistics shows that the probability that we are the base civilization, or the first to develop the realistic sim, are at least a billion to one. The Drake equation shows us that there is a slim chance, mathematically, that we are alone in the universe given the amount of stars with habitable planets that are discovered on a regular basis. What are the chances that we are living in a simulated existence? Ellon Musk is quoted as saying that there are "billions to one odds" that we are the base civilization. How can that be? Simple, this reality is based on a handful of laws. Physical laws that allowed for the manifestation of everything we see that exists today. How can something so simple like laws make everything we see today? The same way the "Game of Life" uses a base set of 5 rules at which the cells will react, we can see that physical laws can develop patterns and behaviors that are quite complicated. Below is the link to the "Game of Life", it is easy to use, and anyone can populate some cells and allow the program to run. Some cells will die out quickly, while others will seem to live forever. https://bitstorm.org/gameoflife/ Why should this matter to the CT community? The simulated reality is the only explanation that allows for all the anomalies that we all know exist. From God, to Bigfoot, to aliens, all of the examples you can think of can easily exist in a simulated construct. Just new coding to allow for the realization of any construct that you can imagine. I have run out of time, but if anyone wants to talk about this possibility, I will respond later on...
  14. GLP Is A "Groupthink" Tank, Mind Controlling Its Patrons

    Here you go. He just posted a video of himself on the other site. Fast forward to 6:20, and a question is asked by the audience. The person asking the question is Astro. Looks like a nerdy kid, not a grown adult.
  15. GLP Is A "Groupthink" Tank, Mind Controlling Its Patrons

    "Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) is an architecture designed to bring interoperability to United States Department of Defense test and training systems. TENA is designed to promote integrated testing and simulation-based acquisition through the use of a large-scale, distributed, real-time synthetic environment, which integrates testing, training, simulation, and high-performance computing technologies, distributed across many facilities, using a common architecture." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test_and_Training_Enabling_Architecture
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