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  1. PM me you username if you were banned, and I can clear the ban list of your name. Too simple to be done. There is no coordination going on in the chat between my room and Jett's that I know of. With that being said, I know that on Friday night, there were a few that got banned who should not have been banned, and I cleared the ban list once I woke up Saturday morning, and talked to my mods. I check the ban list every morning to ensure that the regulars are not being banned the night before. I am attempting to make the chat as open as I can, but we are also in a battle with the overwhelming amount of trolls that frequent chat. My room is attempting to be "troll free", so there is a good chance that if you are trolling, you will most likely be banned. Every mod has their own style, and criteria for banning. Some will not ban, but close a clam, and others will ban first and ask questions later. PM me the name of the mod in question, and I will talk with him. Or, better yet, come to the chat, and I will make you a mod...so you can see from the other side of the isle how daunting the task is to moderate the craziness that is chat.
  2. I trust my mods cause I have interacted with them daily for the past 7 months. So, unless they are the most underpaid agents in the history of agents, I am positive that none exist within my ranks. We are just like-minded people on a video chat. We are not solving any mysteries, but do use the platform to work through conspiracies that we find intriguing on a personal level. It is what you make of it, and it is not perfect. I am not saying that agents do not exist, but I believe them to exist on the forums more-so than the small video chat community. There are only around 40 regulars. The rest are randoms at any given time. Most times you go into the room, there are only 20 or so, with most being the regulars. As far as my "credentials" go...I have been in the CT community for a little over 2 years. The first half of my life was spent serving an unjust cause, because I was victim to the hive mentality and drank the patriotic kool-aid that my government was force feeding the masses through a fire hose, post 9/11.
  3. I am Balls_Deep, AKA Deep, the owner of the tinychatroom Hidden Truths...Ask me a question. lol From what I see written here, there seems to be a little paranoia going on pertaining to who is running the chats, and I think I might be able to shed some light on it for you all. I splintered the chat, not because of any grand scheme, but to rid the negativity that was consuming Jett's room. I have been very clear concerning this move and have been forthcoming. As far as the mods I have chosen, well those mods were patrons for many months to the chat, and lets face facts, WE are the CT community, so we mod ourselves. If you have not been modded, come by and if you are a regular that has shown good judgment, then you too can be modded. I think this whole mess is jumping through a lot of hoops, and too a lot of conclusions. These so-called "agents" you guys are speaking of are really just members of the same community that the rest of us are in. What conspiracies are we solving? What danger are we posing to TPTB? They wouldn't pay some analyst "x" amount of dollars to watch any of us, because we are just normal people who have found out through the course of our lives that things are not as they seem, and we find ourselves questioning the official narrative. That is why we come together. Not to spread gossip and to fight among each other.