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  1. I will look over what is here. Just know that I am a skeptic. I used GPS in a remote place once, that had ZERO infrastructure. So, I know that satellites exist, as my GPS receiver had to wait to find 5 satellites in order to give me a pinpointed position. There were no radio towers in this region of the world. In the training for my job, I received a two week block of instruction on the inner workings of military-grade, hardened GPS receivers. I had to learn how they work and how satellites are a key to pinpoint a position within 1 meter. This is a good video on how GPS works.
  2. Have any of you ever seen the ISS go overhead? Have you ever noticed the shadows on the moon are curved? Are you aware of time zones? How does the different seasons occur on the flat Earth? Why do toilet bowls flush in different directions depending on if you are in the northern hemisphere, and the southern? Why does the moon appear different from the northern and southern hemispheres? Why can different constellations be seen from the northern and southern hemispheres? Why doesn't a northern hemisphere compass work in the southern hemisphere? Are there giant magnets under the ocean water in the northern hemisphere on a flat Earth? Why can't anyone prove the flat Earth?