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  1. Great News! Brian's family has apparently published his book on Amazon. It is time for people to get the word out about this, get Brian a good lawyer before the SBI destroys his computer making it impossible for Brian to prove his actual innocence. I ask the Admins to help get the word out and let people know by pinning this or I can create a separate thread with the link to his book. A copy of this book will go to Donald J. Trump after his inauguration, along with an Affidavit and letter asking Trump to pardon or acquit Brian. Brian may even file a Rule 33 Motion for New Trial, then ask Trump to pardon him to avoid an expensive and rigged jury trial, then Brian won't be convicted. Brian is trying to figure out how to fight back against the powerful and corrupt U.S. Attorney that will lie in court and put lying witnesses on the stand. At this point it may be too dangerous for Brian to face trial unless the prosecutor was HONEST. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1541362497/ The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill Paperback – December 29, 2016 by Brian D. Hill (Author) Brian D. Hill, a Former Alternative Media Journalist who tried to fight the political corruption all by himself, armed with knowledge but limited with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He founded and operated USWGO Alternative News at uswgo.com, then was transformed into a wrongfully convicted felon who continues to fight for acquittal. Trying to prove actual innocence, due process deprivation, health deprivation while incarcerated, and was forced into a false guilty plea agreement, but he is still willing to risk life and limb to prove innocence. Will Brian be acquitted in the corrupt Federal judicial system, which has a 93% successful criminal conviction rate? He is the victim of political and judicial corruption, denied justice by court appointed lawyers. What has happened to Brian D. Hill has happened to Ryan Ferguson, Kalvin Michael Smith, Amanda Knox, Rubin Carter (The Hurricane) and other wrongfully convicted people. It can happen to you. All proceeds will go towards his legal fund. Editorial Reviews About the Author Brian D. Hill was the founder of USWGO Alternative News. He had formerly written for FederalJack, and has contributed towards other alternative media websites. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Type 1 Brittle Diabetes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Brian had operated USWGO for three years (2009-2012). Brian had interviewed various people for his YouTube channel and website. Some of those are Pastor Manning, Orly Taitz, Virgil H. Goode, Carl DeHart, William Beck, Jim Tucker, and others. He had been wrongfully convicted in 2014, and has been working on overturning his wrongful conviction since that time. Product Details Paperback: 194 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (December 29, 2016) Language: English ISBN-10: 1541362497 ISBN-13: 978-1541362499 Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.4 x 11 inches Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds https://www.createspace.com/6825936
  2. Whoever claims to follow the Constitution and even claim to be an Oath Keeper is a HYPOCRITE when they feel Brian is already guilty and rather deny him a good lawyer, a right to cross examine evidence and witnesses, and deny him the the right to even prove his Innocence? Would the Founding Fathers condemn Brian to HELL and refuse to let him prove his Innocence? Is the Constitution just some *** dam piece of paper as George W. Bush Jr. had said? It's stupid, when it comes to the emotional instinct of protect the children, the human shields known as Frame Up victims (real perpetrators go Free) must go to HELL along with the real culprits of child abuse? Am I right or am I wrong? So say if one of you got framed and you beg for help and nobody comes for you, how will you feel about that Is that Justice? Or Just Us?
  3. The ones that sit and believe that Brian is guilty have never been in Brian's shoes, they were never framed with child porn, and when they are framed, then they will be condemned to HELL like Brian Hill was, without a good reason other than false accusations that may never be proven. I understand that children are being victimized, I understand that they go through a nightmare when they are molested and it effects them for the rest of their lives, but Brian harmed no child, he is NOT into child porn. Just one charge coming from Mayodan Police Department, his sworn enemy before the accusation even began, and then the NC SBI corrupt agency, and his life was condemned to HELL, his life was ruined. Brian might as well have been a molestation victim himself, then you would feel sorry for him when he got framed. He is being constantly harassed and called a sexual predator. He met three beautiful women around his age, they searched his name up on Google, found that he was wrongfully convicted, and they turned on him, refusing to call him. Brian is condemned to being a false pedophile, not allowed to date beautiful women. THIS IS TRAGEDY! If Brian wants to date BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, then he is NOT a pedophile, he is sexually mature to be with women, he is not into children. He was framed and his life was ruined. Who will stick up for him? Will nobody who believes in our Constitution and Due Process stick up for his right to prove his own Innocence? Or will they rather condemn him to HELL? Such hypocrites that claim to follow the Constitution and support it, don't even support the Constitutional rights of a suspect falsely accused.
  4. If anybody else wants to help correct an InJustice then please let me know. I know a lot of you are scared about reputations and are afraid to support Brian because you don't personally know him, but what happened to Brian Hill can happen to anybody. We are all given a Due Process Right to the adversarial system, effective assistance of Counsel, the right to confront the witnesses against him/her, and the right to a Fair Trial. Brian was not given a Fair Trial. The Jury would know nothing about Brian's Autism, his family would not be able to testify, the Jury would have saw his false confession with no cross examination to even prove that Brian's confession was indeed false, the SBI shoddy forensic report would be used, and Brian would have been convicted without a aggressive defense. Brian knows for a FACT that people with Autism or any mental handicaps can be coerced to give false confession statements and misleading statements. In fact when Brian told Dr. Dawn Graney that he was into adult porn for six years, she twisted his statement into Brian admitting to downloading child porn for six years when there is NO forensic proof of Brian's misconstrued statement to even be remotely true. Any statements Brian makes was misconstrued. Even Reidsville PD Detective Robert Bridge injected adult porn into questioning Brian to confuse him into a false admission. Detective Bridge said to Brian "Everybody likes to look at Porn," making him think that adult porn is the same as child porn even though that is not true. The Detectives were on purposely confusing him before questioning him so that if he admits he is into adult porn, they can misconstrue it as child porn. They know that Brian was gullible to tell the Detectives what they wanted to hear, not about inquiring on the TRUTH. They also said Brian's Mother would be "held responsible" aka arrested in Brian's place if Brian didn't tell them what they wanted to know. Four witnesses can attest and have attested under Affidavits. The SBI forensic report was shoddy and child porn downloaded after his Laptop was seized. It is in the We Are Change article and authorized by Luke Rudkowski, yet another child porn set up victim. No Write Blocker was used when examining Brian's Laptop. The NC SBI have a history of manufacturing evidence to prove prosecutor's theories. SBI Agents tried to manufacture evidence against Dr. Kirk Turner to make it appear that he did not use Self Defense when he killed his wife, his lawyer proved that the SBI was manufacturing bloodstain evidence on a T-Shirt. Brian was framed by the very Government law Enforcement Agency infamous for manufacturing evidence, lying, and framing people. AKA the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation. Brian was FRAMED, you all better believe it. You rather believe the SBI that has a history of manufacturing evidence? When child porn downloads to a seized computer and the police are okay with adding child porn to a suspects computer, THEN they are MANUFACTURING evidence of the guilt of Brian David Hill. This can happen to you, any of your friends, and any member of your family, if you piss the wrong people off. Every politician destroys their enemies in a different way. Apparently Brian messed with a politician or cop associated with the Pedophile Rings, Boystown, Franklin Scandal, Sandusky of Penn State, Lolita Express, whatever kind of BS the pedophile scum are doing.
  5. It seems like many are afraid of there being a false flag right at the Convention. False Flag attacks do not happen where people expect them to happen, otherwise it will prove a theory. False Flags happen in unexpected ways and happen when people expect no attack. It is usually after that any evidence may surface of a possible false flag.
  6. Brian filed multiple Declarations and even written letters to the FBI which he made copies on Court Docket. He told the FBI he is innocent, and lying to the FBI is a crime. He written Declarations and Affidavits under Oath saying he is innocent and he wants to prove his Innocence, the FBI and DOJ are ignoring it. Brian is fighting right and left to be acquitted. He has made it his day job to fight every single day and think about his case 24/7. He talks about his case everyday and is worsening his brittle diabetes, OCD, and his health is slowly deteriorating. He won't last ten years of Probation, he may likely die or be hospitalized in a few years.
  7. Thanks! Maybe at least 150 can get this on main Directory. I and Brian are contacting as many lawyers as possible. So far no lawyer wishes to take the case because they WANt a guarantee to win to take it on a Pro Bono basis. Brian has a lot of evidence to be found Not Guilty. Problem was Brian can be manipulated by other inmates and con people. Brian was manipulated into thinking he better lie and say that he committed the crime that he did not commit or they plant child porn on his Mother's laptop. Brian gave false confession statements, then his Public Defender threatened him to plead guilty. Then the Judge threatened him as well after his Plea, to stick with it or risk losing the prison senetence of Time Served. It makes him look bad and they got him. It will be a expensive drive to prove his Innocence. That is why I am working on fighting for his acquittal. U.S. Court of Appeals did rule that one such method to overturn conviction and get his rights returned, is to have his conviction expunged by Executive Order. I assume that is the pardon process but it ain't some Governor, he has to be pardoned by the President, which is very difficult unless he can convey enough public pressure and outreach to achieve such a goal.
  8. Yep and there is also Galileo program too which had in it's programming to frame people with dirty photos and videos. The technology exists and is capable out there. The download dates are off, and Brian confronted several SBI high ups, and nobody is denying it. The SBI legal Counsel Angel Gray (aka lawyer) did not deny the download dates where it downloaded eleven months after it was seized by Search Warrant and Inventory record. SBI Internal Affairs did not deny the download dates and threat emails plus Whistleblower information from anonymous email. Instead they did nothing about the complaint. Brian has told me he is ready to what it takes to get his conviction overturned by a good lawyer and forensic expert, or be pardoned if he cannot afford it.
  9. I'm sorry for posting a link to a White House Petition but I am desperate here. I worked so hard on Twitter, promoting the WRC right and left, to get Brian a better lawyer. He is stuck in the same spot as when he was wrongfully convicted. Brian cannot afford to prove his Innocence and the Court will not give him the right to prove his Innocence. All I need is 99,999 signatures and one swipe of a pen, Brian's conviction can be expunged via executive order. Brian asked Donald Trump to have him pardoned if Brian can't afford to prove his innocence. Brian faxed his Affidavit of Innocence to Trump lawyers in attachment to his letter, he explained to me. Brian wants to prove his innocence. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/pardon-innocent-autistic-man-brian-david-hill-his-wrongful-federal-conviction We the people ask the federal government to Take or explain a position on an issue or policy: Pardon Innocent Autistic man Brian David Hill from his wrongful Federal Conviction Created by S.B. on July 19, 2016 Brian D. Hill, also known as former Righthaven lawsuit victim Brian David Hill, is innocent of the conviction in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina. Case #: 1:13-cr-435-1, can be found on PACER. Brian is innocent of possession of child porn for following brief reasons: (1)Child porn had downloaded on Brian's Media Laptop for 11 months while in custody of SBI/Police. (2)Brian received a child porn threat email from tormail.org and similar threats were carried out against his friends. (3)Brian has Autism, OCD, and Anxiety. Brian is incapable of committing a sexual assault. He is a virgin. Part of all of the evidence to prove his innocence can be found at the two links below: http://wearechange.org/case-brian-d-hill/ https://archive.org/details/USAvHill Civil Rights & Equality Criminal Justice Reform Government & Regulatory Reform
  10. WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Setup On Child Pornography Possession: | We Are Change Source: http://wearechange.org/case-brian-d-hill/ Brian D. Hill is an activist, writer, and the founder of USWGO, an alternative political news site. He has also worked with We Are Change North Carolina, writing various alternative media articles under different aliases. Brian was involved in a huge petition to push the nullification of NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) in the town of Mayodan, NC. Hill confronted Senator Phil Berger with a petition to nullify the NDAA. Now Brian Hill says this is one of the many reasons he is currently being targeted falsely for child pornography possession. Hill says he is innocent, and that a virus he calls the e-mule virus infected his computer. Hill has filed an appeal to the courts to allow a forensic investigator to examine his computer to prove his claim that he is innocent and being framed. Either through a virus accidentally infecting his computer – or purposefully implanted by law enforcement through using some type of software like hacking teams Galileo. In 2014, we learned that governments worldwide were paying for a Remote Access Trojan (GALILEO) which seemed to have attributed the source code in possibly forging child pornography. It’s interesting to note that prior to being charged with possession of child pornography, Brian wrote several stories on various websites about others in the alternative media being setup with child porn, including, Melissa Melton, Luke Rudkowski, Dan Johnson and Stewart Rhodes. Hill received threatening emails in 2013 from tormail.org with the statement “Brian is going to be a sex offender, he was set up with child porn, the police would never believe a word he says, and his friends are next.” The emails Brian Hill was sent were provided to We Are Change, and Hill also talks about them in a video he made that his family sent to We Are Change. http://wearechange.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/brianThreatemail1.png http://wearechange.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/brianThreatemail2.png http://wearechange.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/BrianCPproof.jpg Additional evidence that supports Brian’s claim of being setup is the fact that his computer was downloading the image’s of child pornography while in the custody of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) in August 2012 and 2013. This is evidenced by documents titled “the Joy Strickland emails,” in which Joy Strickland tells Agent Rodney White that “Brian might be innocent.” The Joy Strickland emails, provided to We Are Change by Brian’s family, provide proof that Joy Strickland was provided a prior warning that Brian might be innocent before the DHS arrest. So why then is Brian still facing the charge of unlawful possession of underage material of a minor? Hill was forced to falsely confess under intimidation when a Mayodan police officer threatened him and his family by saying that if Brian didn’t confess that his mom would be held responsible. Therefore Brian’s confession was pure coercion and not a choice made by free will. Leading up to all this, the Mayodan Police Department and U.S. Government were very aware of Brian’s Political presence. On March 13, 2012, Hill’s organizations USWGO/WAC-NC attended the http://uswgo.com/uswgowac-nc-attends-the-mayodan-town-council-to-speak-on-agenda-21.htm" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Mayodan Town Council to speak on Agenda 21. A few days later, on March 18th, USWGO is documented having an increase in viewers which Brian attributed to surveillance by the US government. In April, Brian gave a speech on http://uswgo.com/uswgowac-nc-brian-d-hill-gave-a-speech-on-the-ndaa-law-april-9th-2012.htm" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> NDAA , and he urged Rockingham County Sheriff Samuel S. Page to not endorse NDAA. A month later in May, Senator Phil Berger received the nullify NDAA petition at the Mayodan Town Hall. Then in June, Brian met with Stewart Rhodes, Alex Jones, and Aaron Dykes at the Hyatt Place hotel in Chantilly, VA to cover the Occupy Bilderberg protest. Brian also published a special report on the Bilderberg group . Three days later, Brian asked Rockingham to end the Media Blackout on his Nullify-NDAA resolution. Then on June 18th, Senator Phil Berger refused to take action on the Nullify-NDAA bill. Brian then published an article he titled “The only way to change the system is by opting out of it.” A month later, on Aug 29, Brian was accused by the police of being a “Sovereign Citizen” after asking people to peacefully separate themselves from government authority. Hill then began to write various articles about Seantor Phil Berger’s campaign contributors. On July 8th, the Mayodan Town Council refused the nullify NDAA resolution. A day later, Brian was intimidated and kicked out of the Town Council, an incident captured on video. Brian then prophesied his own demise as he posted on Prison Planet forums warning that his mother, family and him were being harassed. So the question must be asked — WHY would Brian be downloading child porn on his Laptop after he knew they were after him? If he was guilty and knew he was targeted, then why leave child porn on his laptop when he knew he was being targeted? Why not just destroy the hard drives? These questions are referenced in this court document. On August 28, 2012, police raided Brian’s residence in Mayodan, North Carolina. Brian was charged with possession of child pornography and threatened into confession as police told him his mom would be held responsible if Brian didn’t confess. Brian was then taken to four different jails and held for 11 months. He was given only half of his required dose of insulin, causing a dangerous drop in body weight. Brian is now facing the charges for child pornography, a crime he adamantly denies. He has been through hell and says he is not properly represented in court by the public defender. No one deserves this, and if Hill’s allegations are true, this could happen to anyone alternative media community. Brian is emotionally broken down, a matter exacerbated by a form of autism he suffers from. Hill also suffers from anxiety and diabetes, but has received no help. It is undisputed that Brian Hill’s computer has a virus that constantly downloads illegal material — even while it remains in the custody of the SBI. Brian’s hope for exoneraton now lies with you — the public. If you are an attorney who will take on this case or a computer forensic expert, please contact We Are Change to get into contact with Brian and his family. The evidence of Brian’s innocence is clear – you can access it all below. FILES: https://mega.nz/#F!dlRgkTbB!s1UU-N8i7pVzxvG-gLbE7w Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8b0_1468120165#MT8FOvFqOGS8SLhR.99 Published on Jul 5, 2016 Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt News framed with CP (Revision1)
  11. We Are Change is under DDoS attack, we are assuming. I reported the incident to Luke Rudkowski. See links here: https://mega.nz/#F!R0xhiK4B!JHZhb85L6lUU-6eGUd-40A https://archive.org/details/WeAreChangeDownJuly32016 Awfully convenient, when Aaron Kesel's article of Brian D. Hill is picking up steam by increasing traffic. The same shit start happening with USWGO Alternative News. They even had to beg for donations as uswgo.com kept getting suspending, over and over again. Now is is happening to WRC. We are monitoring how long the blackout of wearechange.org is going on. The U.S. Government is declaring war on Brian David Hill and wants him as a Sex Offender Slave. A slave to be abused by the Federal Government. He can't have a normal sexual relationship with a woman, but the Federal Probation can target and abuse him. Brian is in trouble as the Federal Government ramps up war against him and his allies. This will discredit the Sex Offender Registry, the more the Government resists the idea of pardoning him or acquitting him. I won't give up this battle, until the U.S. Attorney agrees to acquit Brian or the U.S. President acquits Brian of his wrongful conviction. I pray to God and Jesus that we will prevail. We shall defeat the NWO and their sex slavery system.
  12. I like that website too. It's good for multiple documents storage for public consumption. However, I have always been taught never to keep the eggs in one basket. Brian can't post the documents on the internet, and so only a news reporter can, as Probation cannot charge him with a Violation just for giving documents to his family, they give it to the news reporter, and the news reporter publishes it. I don't want these documents to be lost. So I store them on multiple document, storage, and other online storage mediums. Heck I'd even post them on a Hidden website on TOR, if I had to. I'd store the evidence at every free hosting service. The Government will have a difficult time trying to shut anything down. They are busy trying to cover up Hillary Clinton's deleted emails. Hillary Clinton may be in trouble, and this will send a message to the other criminals in high positions of our Government. I do like mega.co, but I would not post to just one place. I have learned a lot throughout life. I could be backed up on mega.co multiple times. One IP Address can post documents, another IP Address can post a encrypted rar archive with the documents and the password can be on the filename or on the website with the link, and another can be another type of archive. I had dealt with YouTube censorship and even censorship on mediafire at the Government's request or flagging. I have learned how to evade censorship attacks. Our Government doesn't want to be honest, so they intimidate private services to censor for the State.
  13. I archived all mega.co.nz cloud files, since I don't trust cloud storage. https://archive.org/details/WRCBrianDHillDocsPics_201607 - All documents, Pictures, and fax records released by Aaron Kesel https://archive.org/details/WRCUSWGOBrianHill - WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Set up On Child Pornography Possession on We Are Change : Aaron Kesel (article original) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Now the article and all document files have been backed up. At some point, I need to upload to scribd and spread them to all Donald Trump supporters. If I can persuade at least 75% of them to push for the idea of pardoning Brian David Hill(if he wins the election), then it won't be difficult to get Brian out of this without worrying about corrupt lawyers, compromised lawyers, and crooked courts. Even if Trump doesn't get elected, enough people need to start demanding a pardon and then the U.S. Department of InJustice will cave into pressure from the public. If Brian does manage to get a good lawyer, that is both realistic and gathers enough evidence, it can be an effective fighting team to get a acquittal.
  14. What's ironic is that I even sent messages to Brian's lawyer, working on his case pro bono. She is making ridiculous claims of what it will take to acquit Brian from the child porn possession charge. She claims that Brian was convicted off technically possessing child porn, not looking at it, not receiving it, not distributing it, but just simply he was framed with possession. She claims Brian cannot prove innocence the regular ways. Brian and I both explained to her about proving evidence tampering, that child porn downloaded while in law enforcement custody, that his Laptop was hacked by eMule virus and other viruses, and the threatening emails from tormail.org. His lawyer doesn't think any of that will lead to Brian being acquitted by a Jury nor a Judge. She claims the only way Brian can be acquitted for being framed with child porn, is by tracing the virus back to Mayodan Police Department or somebody in Government, then mount a Constitutional defense or he faces a 0% chance at any ground for a 2255 Motion. I beg to differ, Jury has the power to Nullify Brian's criminal conviction. Brian has to prove evidence tampering and that child porn was planted by a PC Virus that ran emule.exe, and that should be enough to convince a Jury to Nullify Brian's criminal charge. Brian should be found Not Guilty just by proving it was planted by law enforcement, yet his own Attorney wants him to prove that the virus can be traced to Mayodan Police Department. What happened to Brian D. Hill, is a Black Hat hacking Operation. You cannot trace hacking operations of this magnitude. His lawyer is crazy for ignoring all evidence that can get a Jury acquittal. At this point, we are seeking a new lawyer for Brian. I think it is ridiculous that not even proving a child porn planting virus is enough ti acquit him. Either his lawyer is crazy, or the federal laws are crazy,
  15. The American people, and people around the world, are getting sick and tired of the pedophiles running the Governments. Trafficking children while they only target small-time pedophiles and frame up some people, right and left. The U.S. Attorney will regret the frame up of Brian D. Hill, we know who he is. Anand Prakash Ramaswamy (sounds like radical Islam!) and Ripley Rand. We know that Brian will soon be acquitted by the Court, the U.S. Attorney will have to file a Motion for Judgment of Acquittal, or by the President of the U.S. and that could be Donald Trump or a Third Party candidate. The Acquittal for Brian Hill is coming.