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  1. We hang together or we hang separate. People need to stick up for Brian. Start email campaigning the damn U.S. Attorney Thug Anand Prakash Ramaswamy asking him not to destroy Brian's freedom of speech and right to prove his innoicence under Writ of Habeas Corpus a Constitutional right and issue. Ron Paul would noit like to see the destruction of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. They are coming after Brian in Federal Court. They want all of his affidavits, declarations, and innocence evidence to be SEALED and then barred from being discussed on forums and blogs as discussing or posting any SEALED documents will lead to a contempt of court charge. If they have their way. This news article needs to be reposted, blogged about, and Infowars needs to cover this ASAP! Information Civil War engaged against Brian D. Hill by corrupt U.S. Attorney Assistant Ramaswamy. They will censorship and cover up everything if we don't fight to stop this before the Judge considers this injunction request. It isn't granted yet but time is ticking. Tick! Tick! Tick! https://justiceforuswgo.wordpress.com/2018/03/25/assistant-u-s-attorney-pushes-for-injunction-to-shut-down-foia-2255-cases-alert/ If Brian committs suicide like the U.S. Attorney claims Brian is stating he will do in his filings, the U.S. ATtorney is pushing him towards it even faster. They will eliminate him like Aaron Swartz and Andrew Breitbart. Now anybody can be framed with child porn. It is now legally acceptable practice for the Deep State to frame people with child porn and commit perjury in Federal Courts. The injunction, if granted, will protect the U.S. Attorney from criminal liability, the court can order all blogs and forums talking about Brian's case to cease and desist. It will end his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeal. Infowars has blocked Brian from calling them. Attorney Susan Basko demanded that her name is left out of Brian's criminal case. All of Brian's defense witnesses will refuse to testify in Brian's case. They have likely been threatened behind the scenes and now Brian may kill himself or be mysteriously assassinated. He has to be a registered Sex Offender with his photo on the internet but he is not allowed to prove his innocence and not allowed to tell his side of the story. This is LEGAL TERRORISM!!!! Deprivation of Writ of Habess Corpus. Our Federal Courts are admiral courts under administrative tyranny law.
  2. Great News! More evidence filed. Government may now be panicking. All of the evidence that his Federal Public Defender acted did not exist is finally all filed. Brian David Hill v. United States of America (1:13-cr-435-1)(1:17-cv-1036) : U.S. District Court, Petitioner Brian D. Hill of USWGO : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive https://archive.org/details/HillvUSA RECAP having major issues so it is posted at my Internet Archive page with all of the legal case files. Addendum to https://archive.org/details/USAvHill Actual Innocence Post-conviction relief motion, brief, evidence, Exhibits, and any further Orders from the U.S. District Court. Brian D. Hill (Defendant/Petitioner) has filed a Motion to vacate, set aside, or correct a sentence (2255 motion). This motion has the ability of overturning Brian David Hill's wrongful conviction and grant him a certificate of innocence. Brian is pleading his innocence with 53 Exhibits, 5 Additional Evidence Declarations, and discs as evidence to prove that Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News is actually innocent. I will update whenever I can so keep checking back. Docket Sheet as of November 7, 2017: https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Docket-criminal-December-7-2017.pdf Anyways here are the new filings: Document #136 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.0-3rd-Additional-Evidence-Declaration.pdf - Docket Text: DECLARATION entitled "Third Additional Evidence Declaration" filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [128] Memorandum. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1, # (2) Exhibit 2, # (3) Exhibit 3, # (4) Exhibit 4, # (5) Certificate of Service, # (6) Envelope - Front and Back) (Civil Case number: 17CV1036) (Garland, Leah) Document #136-1 - Exhibit 1 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.1-Exhibit1.pdf Document #136-2 - Exhibit 2 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.2-Exhibit2.pdf Document #136-3 - Exhibit 3 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.4-Exhibit3.pdf Document #134-4 - Exhibit 4 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.4-Exhibit4.pdf Document #134-5 - Certificate of Service - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.5-Certificate-Of-Service.pdf Document #134-6 - Envelope - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-136.6-Envelope.pdf Document #137 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.0-5th-Additional-Evidence-Declaration.pdf - Docket Text: DECLARATION entitled "fifth Additional Evidence Declaration" filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [128] Memorandum. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1, # (2) Exhibit 2, # (3) Exhibit 3, # (4) Exhibit 4, # (5) Exhibit 5, # (6) Exhibit 6, # (7) Exhibit 7, # (8) Certificate of Service, # (9) Envelope - Front and Back) (Civil Case number: 17CV1036) (Garland, Leah) Document #137-1 - Exhibit 1 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.1-Exhibit1.pdf Document #137-2 - Exhibit 2 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.2-Exhibit2.pdf Document #137-3 - Exhibit 3 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.3-Exhibit3.pdf Document #137-4 - Exhibit 4 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.4-Exhibit4.pdf Document #137-5 - Exhibit 5 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.5-Exhibit5.pdf Document #137-6 - Exhibit 6 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.6-Exhibit6.pdf Document #137-7 - Exhibit 7 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.7-Exhibit7.pdf Document #137-8 - Certificate of Service - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.8-Certificate-Of-Service.pdf Document #137-9 - Envelope - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-137.9-Envelope.pdf Document #138 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-138.0-4th-Additional-Evidence-Declaration-Redacted.pdf - Docket Text: DECLARATION entitled "Redacted Fourth Additional Evidence Declaration", filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [128] Memorandum. (Attachments: # (1) Certificate of Service, # (2) Envelope - Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) Document #138-1 - Certificate of Service - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-138.1-Certificate-Of-Service.pdf Document #138-2 - Envelope - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-138.2-Envelope.pdf Document #140 - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-140.0-Defendants-Petitioners-Motion-to-Seal.pdf - Docket Text: MOTION to Seal entitled "Defendant's/Petitioner's Motion and Brief to File under Seal" re: [137] Fourth Additional Evidence Declaration, filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. Response to Motion due by 12/28/2017 (Attachments: # (1) Envelope - Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) Document #140-1 - Envelope - https://archive.org/download/HillvUSA/Document-140.1-Envelope.pdf Document #139 - Docket Text: SEALED UNREDACTED DECLARATION entitled "Sealed Fourth Additional Evidence Declaration" filed BRIAN DAVID HILL. (Attachments: # (1) Certificate of Service, # (2) Envelope - Front and Back) (Garland, Leah)
  3. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    New Status Report has been added in Brian's FOIA lawsuit in regards to how how FOIA case is going to proceed at this point. As discussed in my other thread, Brian has filed a 2255 motion earlier this month on the ground of actual innocence, prosecutorial misconduct (referring to his FOIA lawsuit evidence filings), and other grounds. Brian has stated different issues in his report. He talks about how his Appeal petition for rehearing is ongoing and has frozen the Court's ability to conduct discovery in this matter and appears to have also blocked the U.S. Attorney's ability to file a motion for summary judgment. So the Government is stuck in their lies and deceit right now. Whatever decision they make could negatively affect their position in Brian's criminal case favorable to the Defense/Petitioner. Archive.org will no longer keep the most recent updates from PACER using RECAP, and will be at quarterly intervals. So all updates can be checked here on this docket sheet from RECAP: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/6064365/hill-v-executive-office-for-united-states-attorneys/ Document #44 - PLAINTIFF'S FIRST STATUS REPORT by Brian David Hill. (mlh) - https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.44.0_1.pdf You can discuss his 2255 here: Brian has again asserted that he intends to prove that the U.S. Attorney obstructed justice under a criminal code which provides up to 20 years in federal prison for any cover up, concealment, destruction, alteration, or putting false information in Federal case records. Brian says in his filing that he intends to come after them for their crimes even though he isn't in a position to file a criminal charge as he is not a Government lawyer. However his position is that by proving the Government committed crimes against him in violation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and obstruction of justice clause, a special counsel or a future U.S. Attorney could file criminal charges against Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, Ripley Rand, Cheryl Thornton Sloan, and maybe others. It also appears that he had attempted to contact, by cell phone, U.S. Congressman Mark Walker which covers the Middle District of North Carolina. He has asked the Congressman to hold the U.S. Attorney accountable for their crimes. So Brian has been jabbing at the enemy politically and through the Information-War, non-stop, fighting for victory. Brian didn't put himself up the creek without a paddle, the Government had engaged in obstruction of justice, possibly using fraudulent or false evidence knowingly, and have attempted to cover up the truth regarding the Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill, like he said in his Amazon book which can also be purchased at Barnes & Noble unless the globalists censor that book. Even censoring at this point will not work anymore as that book could be shared on P2P file sharing networks and document websites by his family and friends if that ever did happen. The Globalists need to realize that whomever in the lot of them had attempted the framing of Brian with child porn will have serious consequences and God will not tolerate people framing those that simply engage in truth telling. The truth is coming out. Jon Bowne will have a video news reporter about Brian's situation shortly but will not tell anybody publicly which day because I don't want that plan to be compromised. The alternative media needs to cover Brian's case as he is facing possibly corrupt Federal Judges, corrupt Federal Public Defenders and Court appointed LIARS, and they could threaten his Probation Officer to crack down on Brian, or Brian could end up dead in a ditch somewhere in his city or in the middle of nowhere. The closer Brian proves his innocence and exposes the pedophile rings that framed him, his life will be in serious danger. His family, his pets, they could all end up dead once he backs the serious crime committers into the corner. So I beg all of you, start writing to Activist Post, American LiveWire, Truth Stream Media, End The Lie, Infowars, Michael Cernovich, Mark Dice, email as many as you can and tell them to read this thread or even to read the federal civil and criminal case files of Brian David Hill. Get the word out to every alternative media possible. let them know about Jon Bowne's report once the YouTube video is posted here. I will PM the forum Admins with the Jon Bowne report and see what they can do about this. Jon Bowne on Twitter needs to have over 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Gab, whatever. Support Jon Bowne who creates reports for Infowars. Everyone who supports Infowars needs to support Jon Bowne. He is doing great work looking into Brian's case. I will not give too many details as I don't want anybody being compromised. Why doesn't We Are Change write a second article on Brian's case updates? Why has different small outlets not reported any further updates on Brian's case? More than likely they will were told to stop covering Brian's case and may have faced threats. The real PEDOPHILES and CHILD ABDUCTORS do not want Brian's wrongful conviction story coming out. They don't want attention to be brought to Rockingham County and North Carolina pedophile rings. There are pedophile rings there which would be the only logical reason why Brian was set up the way he was. The whole County needs to be investigated, every town and city, undercover patriots need to keep watch and look into every politician there. Brian is not playing games. For every Declaration he could face a perjury charge if the Government manages to fabricate any more evidence or lie any further about Brian and the corrupt Federal Judges will shut up Brian by going along with it. Brian is putting his life at risk and may forfeit his life with his actions against the criminals and pedophile rings psychopaths. Brian needs all of the media attention he can and he needs a fair and just hearings. Due process of Law, Rule of Law. He needs all of that as every American citizen is entitled to due process and other Constitutional rights afforded to those that plead not-guilty or plead actual innocence.
  4. Jon Bowne and his wife are looking into Brian's 2255 and other evidence materials. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.135.0.pdf - Document #135 - ORDER signed by MAG/JUDGE JOE L. WEBSTER on 11/16/2017, that Petitioner's Application (Docket Entry [126]) to proceed in forma pauperis is denied, that Exhibit 49 as contained in Docket Entry [134] is stricken and will be removed from the record, and that the United States Attorney is directed to file a Response to Petitioner's § 2255 Motion (Docket Entry [125]) within sixty (60) days from the date of the entry of this Order. Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Taylor, Abby) 11/16/2017 -mSet/Response Deadline in case as to BRIAN DAVID HILL 125 MOTION to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct Sentence (pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2255). Responses due by 1/15/2018. Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Taylor, Abby) (Entered: 11/16/2017) The Government has 60 days to refute Brian's actual innocence claims which would create evidentiary hearings. Brian could file more evidence with the subpoenas stricken from the record. More evidence of actual innocence may start being filed from how confident he is.
  5. USWGO Alternative News founder files 2255 motion for actual innocence of accused crime Photograph of Brian D. Hill, Alex Jones, and Stewart Rhodes: https://wearechange.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/10-USWGO-Founder-Brian-D.-Hill-with-Infowars-founder-Alex-Jones-and-Oath-Keepers-founder-Stewart-Rhodes.jpg This it it everybody!!!!! This is the day we all been waiting for. An innocent man framed with child pornography has now declared his innocence under Affidavits, and has filed a ton of evidence with the Court. It can all be accessed for free without a PACER account thanks to the RECAP program. Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has declared his innocence and has filed his Writ of Habeas Corpus under Title 28 U.S.C. §2255 motion to vacate, set aside, or correct a sentence. Brian is pushing for relief of having his criminal conviction vacated, release a certificate of actual innocence giving Brian the right to expunge his DNA off of the FBI criminal database once Brian is found actually innocent or Brian will push for Congress to remove Brian's DNA from the FBI database since Brian will be found actually innocent of the crime. It all depends on if Judge Thomas D. Shroeder finds him actually innocent. Original criminal case files: https://archive.org/details/USAvHill RECAP has the 2255 motion but most of the documents aren't available so check the link above: https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541 Document 125 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.125.0.pdf - MOTION to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct Sentence (pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2255) by BRIAN DAVID HILL. (Attachments: # (1) Envelope)(Taylor, Abby) Civil case 1:17-cv-01036-TDS opened. Document 125-1 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.125.1.pdf - Envelope but it appears to be a box that had used an Express mail label Document 126 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.126.0.pdf - MOTION/APPLICATION for IFP by BRIAN DAVID HILL. (Taylor, Abby) Document 127 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.127.0.pdf - NOTICE by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [125] MOTION to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct Sentence (pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2255) Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Taylor, Abby) Document 128 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.128.0.pdf - MEMORANDUM by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [125] Motion to Vacate/Set Aside/Correct Sentence (2255) filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Attachments: # (1) Additional Attachments, # (2) Additional attachments)(Taylor, Abby) - Pages 1-101 Document 128-1 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.128.1.pdf - Pages 102-172 Document 128-2 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.128.2.pdf - Pages 173-228 plus 2 pages of certificate of service Document 129 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.129.0.pdf - DECLARATION by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [125] Motion to Vacate/Set Aside/Correct Sentence (2255) filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Taylor, Abby) Document 130 - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541/gov.uscourts.ncmd.64541.130.0.pdf - SECOND DECLARATION by BRIAN DAVID HILL re [125] Motion to Vacate/Set Aside/Correct Sentence (2255) filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Taylor, Abby) Criminal Case #: 1:13-cr-435-1; Civil Case #: 1:17CV1036 United States of America v. Brian David Hill U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina Case opened on November 25, 2013, Case closed on November 12, 2014 Charge Count #1: Possession of child pornography Actual Innocence claims will default the charge and Brian David Hill will be found actually innocent based upon how many facts of actual innocence Brian can prove in the Federal Court of law. Stay tuned in this thread for the criminal case evidence to come out. Jon Bowne will also be given this link to independently watch this case, to prevent Brian from being secretly abducted or killed. News reporters MUST, MUST, MUST, absolutely MUST watch this criminal case NOW because Brian D. Hill is putting his life at risk, his life may now be in danger by going up against the pedophile rings and demanding their arrest and that certain criminals be held accountable for Brian being set up like what had almost happened to Luke Rudkowski, Jeff Lewis, Stewart Rhodes, Melissa Melton who is now Melissa Dykes, Aaron Dykes collectively with Melissa since the frame up would have caused him to be a suspect, and others in the alternative media. This is separate from the FOIA lawsuit in Western District of Virginia, but you may follow that civil case from the other thread here: Three or Four Grounds are being used in Brian's 2255 motion based on the following: (1)Actual Innocence, factual based innocence evidence (2)Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, U.S. v. Massaro and other cases (3)Prosecutorial misconduct by covering up the evidence inside their prosecution case files as reported in Brian's FOIA lawsuit in the other thread on this forum. From the little bits I have read over so far, and skimming over some of the filing, it appears that Brian may have a very strong case for actual innocence. They never verified that actual child porn was found on Brian's computer as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children did not confirm the so-called victims so no victims were listed. No blurred thumbnails of the alleged child pornography. There may have been adult pornography on Brian's computer which may have been misconstrued as for example: teen porn aka child pornography. Dr. Keith Hersh ruled out Dr. Graney's earlier diagnosis for pedophilic disorder, so Brian has been ruled to NOT be a pedophile. Instead they labeled him with delusional disorder because of Brian's set up claims with no proof because he was in Maximum Security Jail with no effective assistance of counsel. Dtective Robert Bridge claimed that Brian's IP Address had downloaded known child porn videos from eMule, yet the U.S. Attorney disagreed by telling the Probation Officer for the Presentence Report that none of the images are part of a known series. Again, there are no blurred thumbnails, no actual photos of children, no names of children, just they say it is what it is. This is ridiculous. No file lists, no confirmed CP, no thumbnails not even blurred thumbnails, no confirmation that all of the alleged claimed files of interests were of actual children. It could be a adult woman that looks like a teenager but is legally an adult. He was accused of this around age 22, and if Brian was into college aged women, then they could look like typical teenagers but are actually of legal adults. They ruined Brian's life and they have no victims, no victims of Brian David Hill except the darn State of North Carolina. How did Brian victimize the State of North Carolina????? By writing articles about their corrupt star-Senator, Philip Edward Berger Senior. So I guess Brian did victimize the State of North Carolina but not any children. What a bunch of Bull$#!t, pardon me for my french. Brian has asked the Court for a audio forensic expert to analyze the confession audio, a psychologist and/or medical doctor to determine if Brian's blood sugar was high or low which caused him to give purely false confession statements that cannot be proven true but are proven false upon a cross examination, and a computer forensic expert. A private investigator may be appointed as well unless the Federal Court does not want tons of money to be spent on all experts. Brian has apparently asked to subpoena Alex Jones, Darrin McBreen, Aaron Dykes and/or Melissa Dykes (Melissa Melton), Stewart Rhodes, and Dennis Debbaudt (well maybe not him as of yet but Brian has pasted his address and phone number on his filing) a law enforcement trainer who has trained federal law enforcement officers or agents. Susan Basko may also be called forth to testify. He has also appeared to have added Luke Rudkowski but hasn't been able to track down his address and I was unable to track down his home address. The subpoenas will be filed under SEAL to protect the home addresses from being revealed in federal court, since some may be of personal home addresses via tracking down the addresses of some witnesses that do not publicly give those addresses. Certain services were used to track down Stewart Rhodes and other home addresses. Infowars has a public Agent and Attorney that is filed under the Secretary of State regarding a business license, so Alex Jones and Darrin McBreen will be subpoenaed through the Agent of Free Speech Systems, LLC under the name and business address of the office of Alex Jones and Infowars productions. So yes guys, Alex Jones may testify in Brian's criminal case if the Judge determines that the video of Brian D. Hill, Alex Jones, interviewing Stewart Rhodes, the photograph of Brian and Alex and Stewart Rhodes, and other evidence is enough to formally subpoena Jones to testify before the Honorable Judge Thomas D. Schroeder. More information will be added overtime, as new updates come. I will continue updating Brian's FOIA lawsuit in the separate thread below: The criminal case, with respect the Conspiracy Outpost forum and its rules, will be updated on this separate thread. I will do the best I can to keep the updates relevant to their separate respective threads. God Bless Trump! God Bless America! Once Brian proves his innocence, they may expose the pedophile rings hidden deep within the State of North Carolina and it's state and/or local Governments. Brian should be given a medal for proving his innocence and he may reveal pedophile rings depending on what words are exchanged at the federal habeas corpus hearings in the future. Brian has a good list of experts and has done well explaining to the Court why they are necessary for proving Brian's factual innocence. I recommend everybody at Conspiracy Outpost forum to keep watch of Brian's criminal case during the § 2255 phase. That way Brian will be protected from any form of disappearing, mysterious death or suicide, any witnesses disappearing, you know the usual deep state garbage from the CIA and the pedophile rings. To protect Brian, his family, the witnesses, and to prevent the Federal Court in the Middle District of North Corruptilina (North Carolina) from acting corrupt in any way, this thread has been posted for Brian's safety. Just like how Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change posted the set up with child porn video for his safety. He didn't just file a report with the FBI because they are corrupt, well maybe just the high ups, and so he did a YouTube video for his safety. I want Brian to be safe from harm and safe from any attempts to end his life. I want Brian to be safe and that he be allowed to prove his actual innocence without any fettering from the crooked Feds.
  6. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Now it is time that people start sending emails to the Assistant U.S. Attorney that has successfully helped ruin Brian's life and are blocking him from the very criminal case evidence that will help to prove actual innocence via affirmative defense of frame up. You may criticize her, call her corrupt and crooked, tell her that she is not morally in the right. You can tell her whatever you want as long as it is legal and lawful. The contact information on one of the corrupt U.S. Attorney staff is below. Brian has told his friends that he is not playing games and is done with the games that the U.S. Attorney has done against him. Brian will not continue tolerating being treated like a pedophile while being blocked from proving his innocence. Brian will be filing hundreds of pages more evidence and call for the removal of the U.S. Attorney from Brian's criminal case. They are too corrupt and are breaking laws to keep Brian on the sex offender registry when there is a lot of evidence that points towards his innocence. Protest, send her any petitions, be a true peaceful activist when you send any emails to Ms. Sloan. She is a corrupt Assistant U.S. Attorney and is protecting the other corrupt employees there that are blocking Brian David Hill from proving his factual innocence. Of course the corrupt Federal Judges are also to blame, but the Judges weren't the ones that used evidence manufactured by corrupt law enforcement. It was the U.S. Attorney that had introduced invalid evidence to coerce a false guilty plea. So the U.S. Attorney is the blame for all of the suffering and suicidal thoughts of Brian Hill. Why is Cheryl Sloan and Anand Prakash Ramaswamy not sitting in prison? Jeff Sessions needs to quit ignoring Brian and need to take action against the corrupt U.S. Attorneys and the corrupt Federal Judges protecting them as if they are god, as if they are royalty. Disclaimer: All emails should in fact be legal and lawful, no threats, no unlawful conduct. I will not be held responsible if you go too far and you are responsible for whatever you send in an email to Cheryl Thornton Sloan of the U.S. Attorney office in Greensboro, NC. The email is public and is on public court record. Whatever you email or call her about is your responsibility, so please keep it legal and lawful. You may call her corrupt, you may even call her a criminal for the laws being violated here, but keep it lawful to be protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Ask her questions like any member of the press would. Cheryl Thornton Sloan Cheryl.Sloan@usdoj.gov Assistant U. S. Attorney Middle District of North Carolina, Greensboro division Direct: 336-333-5351 In fact you may phone call her and leave voicemails. Just all start calling by the hundreds and thousands of people that need to criticize that witch b*tch that won't let Brian prove his innocence, as if they are god and can judge Brian as a guilty pedophile sex offender when the evidence being covered up, that they covered up, would have caused Brian to be found not guilty by a Jury or raise any facts of actual innocence which is far stronger than a reasonable doubt being raised at trial.
  7. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Bad News guys! The U.S. Court of Appeals dismissed Brian's appeal and are refusing to protect Brian's constitutional rights which were deprived thanks to the corrupt U.S. Attorney of Greensboro, NC, and the Mayodan Police, as well as the State Bureau of Investigation. They didn't just ruined Brian's rights to getting access to his criminal discovery records but they made sure that their opinion was unpublished so that no mainstream media will ever cover this. They wrecked Brian's appeal. https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.41.0.pdf - USCA Memorandum Opinion from 4th Circuit re: [33] Notice of Interlocutory Appeal; dismissing; decided on 10/19/2017. (mlh) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.42.0.pdf - USCA JUDGMENT as to [33] Notice of Interlocutory Appeal filed by Brian David Hill. (mlh) from https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866 JUDGMENT ORDER filed. Disposition method: 17-1866 opn.u.sub. Decision: Dismissed. Originating case number: 4:17-cv-00027-JLK-RSB. Entered on Docket Date: 10/19/2017. [1000176616] Copies to all parties and the district court. Mailed to: Brian Hill. [17-1866] (RW) - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866.13.1.pdf http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866.13.2.pdf The U.S. Court of Appeals is the most corrupt ever. It is now time that we all start sending emails to the U.S. Attorney office to criticize them for not letting Brian prove his innocence and blocking him from his Brady/Giglio right to discovery evidence when accused of a serious crime. All of his Constitutional rights, including the right to Notice and Hearing, was also violated and deprived. So it is okay to make an innocent man a sex offender after child porn was planted on his computer. It is okay to ruin political activists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF6_kAFv264&feature=youtu.be&t=6896 1 hour and 54 minutes into the video, Brian had called in from North Carolina. Brian called into the Alex Jones show on March 11, 2012, to try to persuade any Infowarriors to head to the James A. Collins municipal building to have a lot of support against the Agenda 21 plan. Brian spoke at the Mayodan town council a day later on March 12, 2012. So Brian did have a history with the Infowars people and other alternative media which includes FederalJack, ActivistPost, Darrin McBreen and Aaron Dykes as well as Richard Reeves which was one of the producers there. Brian was politically character assassinated and all of his Constitutional rights have been officially deprived by corrupt Federal Judges.
  8. StanleyBolten

    Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    The Deep State wants web hosts to start taking down all websites that Obama and Hillary Clinton doesn't approve of.
  9. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    New filing came in: RECAP Docket: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.docket.html RECAP page: https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173 Document #40 is the latest and is all about US Attorney reacts to Brian appearing for 4 minutes on Infowars, War Room show. Additional Evidence - Plaintiff's Declaration in Support of Document [2] Complaint, and New Evidence Concerning New FOIA Document Release from Defendant EOUSA 1 Day After Call-In Appearance on INFOWARS New Show "War Room" with Owen Shroyer by Brian David Hill. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1 - 2 DVD discs (3 copies), # (2) Exhibit 2 - 9/13/17 Letter and enclosures from Kevin Krebs, Assistant Director, Executive Office for United States Attorneys, # (3) Exhibit 3 - Incident/Investigation Report, # (4) Exhibit 4 - Case Supplemental Report, # (5) Envelope and Certified Mail Receipt) NOTE: DVDs are available for viewing in Clerk's Office.(ham) - Additional Evidence - http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.40.0.pdf http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.40.1.pdf - Exhibit 1 - 2 DVD discs (3 copies) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.40.2.pdf - Exhibit 2 - 9/13/17 Letter and enclosures from Kevin Krebs, Assistant Director, http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.40.3.pdf - Exhibit 3 - Incident/Investigation Report http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.40.4.pdf - Exhibit 4 - Case Supplemental Report http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.40.5.pdf - Envelope and Certified Mail Receipt The video below is what was filed, at least the part where Brian called in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDRjOR66yXU&t=1980s Jon Bowne of Infowars has also started to investigate this: https://gab.ai/JonBownePolitix/posts/12594775 - "Ok, i've got 4 open. I'll bookmark them, but i'll start reading tonight. Thanks!" https://gab.ai/JonBownePolitix/posts/12594443 - "We're glad he did and glad he was able to talk to Owen. Has he talked to David Knight? David's new show is called, Real News. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC1L9FOMSaPgMyoLSnps47g Jon is not currently in studio. I'm making him aware of all of this though." So Infowars staff is starting to investigate this and are acknowledging this. One article by Infowars is all it takes, and the US Attorney will start panicking and pushing for his acquittal before Brian files his 2255 Motion to prevent Brian from proving that Phil Berger and his whole attorney/politician family was inappropriately connected to and involved with Brian's entire criminal case. They don't want frame up victim Brian D. Hill to have justice. So he needs the media now since he cannot afford justice and they are blocking him from justice. Not just about whether he can afford it or not. They won't even let him see his discovery. They don't want Brian to prove anything. Brian's constitutional rights for his criminal case were all entirely violated and deprived. Brian's criminal conviction is unlawful and unconstitutional. If they continue stonewalling him and refuses to let him prove his actual innocence, then he should be acquitted on those grounds. The U.S. Government needs to let Brian prove his innocence or they need to acquit Brian or the Court needs to rule his conviction to being illegal via Writ of Habeas Corpus.
  10. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    EVERYBODY!!!! Brian D. Hill has appeared on Owen Shroyer's WAR ROOM by Infowars. USWGO Alternative News Brian D. Hill appeared on Owen Shroyer's WAR ROOM @allidoisowen to talk about FOIA, frame up 33 Minutes into the video above and you will see Brian coming out of the stigma shadows to finally show his intent to prove his innocence and point to Berger as his enemy. Twitter Tweet: https://twitter.com/stanley_bolten/status/908181711300825088 The ball is rolling. Brian's PR debacle WAR on the Phil Berger family in Rockingham County North Carolina has publicly begun. The Phil Berger family or somebody connected to them (Detective Robert Bridge whom investigated Brian, his sister Melanie Bridge was Assistant District Attorney whom at the time was Phil Berger Junior) may have set him up and there needs to be an FBI investigation. Even U.S. Congressman Mark Walker of North Carolina (republican) called for an investigation into possible money laundering of the Phil Berger family political campaign funds, and yet the FBI did absolutely nothing about it. The Greensboro, NC FBI said that Brian was guilty because he had confessed (falsely) to the crime and taken the guilty plea. The FBI failed to review over any evidence that proves his entire confession to be false. The FBI in Greensboro is a fraud. They are protecting the Phil Berger family. A FBI office in a different state needs to thoroughly investigate the entire Berger family for Brian David Hill being framed and find any evidence that may prove it unless there isn't any at this point. Brian tried to physically visit the FBI office in Roanoke, VA at the BB&T building, and they shoed him away like Brian doesn't have the right to call for a criminal investigation into him being set up with child porn. Brian is ready for war, he is ready to die, to end up a martyr if that is what it takes to prove his innocence. Brian has vowed to fight to prove his innocence until he succeeds or ends up dead. Phil Berger doesn't know who he is dealing with. Robert Bridge doesn't know who he was dealing with and his sister on Phil Berger Jr.'s payroll and Berger endorsed Melanie Bridge to be the next Rockingham County DA. What a bunch of corrupt sons of bitches. pardon my french.
  11. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Brian just filed more evidence with the U.S. District Court with further proof that the U.S. Attorney has made a incorrect, false, or dishonest statement before the U.S. Court of Appeals. Lying to the U.S. Court of Appeals will not help win the case. The U.S. Attorney Obama Holdover thugs of Greensboro don't care about giving false statements to the Court. They are just lying to the Court, breaking laws, and violating Brian David Hill's Brady rights under Brady v. Maryland and Giglio v. United States, 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They repay Brian's lawsuit with just more lies and falsehoods. I am getting so sick of how they are conducting their business in our Federal Courts. So much tax dollars wasted with Brian fighting against the liars and thugs in Greensboro, North Carolina. What ever happened to Moral prosecution? The U.S. Attorney Office of Greensboro, NC with Obama holdovers have no morals. Here are the filings: RECAP archive can be accessed here: https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.39.0.pdf - Document #39 - Declaration in Support of Document #2 Complaint, and New Evidence Concerning Possible Dishonesty of the U.S. Attorney Office of Greensboro, North Carolina by Brian David Hill. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1, # (2) Exhibit 2, # (3) Exhibit 3, # (4) Exhibit 4, # (5) Exhibit 5)(mlh) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.39.1.pdf - Exhibit 1 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.39.2.pdf - Exhibit 2 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.39.3.pdf - Exhibit 3 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.39.4.pdf - Exhibit 4 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.39.5.pdf - Exhibit 5 Also a Attorney, named Elizabeth Beck Lee, whom appeared on the Alex Jones Show, has ReTweeted by tweets on twitter regarding "Justice for Brian D. Hill" campaign. Tweet #1: https://twitter.com/eleebeck/status/905507813207810048 Tweet #2: https://twitter.com/eleebeck/status/905507666683977728
  12. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    The Appellant-Plaintiff Brian D. Hill has finally filed a informal reply brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866.9.0.pdf - INFORMAL REPLY BRIEF by Appellant Brian David Hill. [17-1866] (RW) - 2017-09-05 It looks like Brian has brought up that the U.S. Attorney is putting up false facts as fact. It appears that the U.S. Attorney is either being an habitual liar, or they aren't doing any research into any of the evidence that they had received from Brian Hill regarding him being framed with child porn, and needs his discovery in order to prove frame up. The more the Government lies about their criminal defendant Brian David Hill, the more that he may be able to turn his wrongful conviction around, allow the usage of the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") to prove actual innocence under Brady v. Maryland and Giglio v. United States. and he can put a stop to the stigma surrounding Brian Hill's criminal charge. Part of the reason Brian gave a false confession and falsely plead guilty is the stigma surrounding such criminal charges concerning any sex crimes including simple possession which can be fabricated on a computer connected to the internet using Windows, Apple, and any other Operating System with backdoors for hackers. No lawyer wants to protect him from harm, nobody wants to protect him from verbal abuse and bullying over his criminal charge, and nobody wants to prove his innocence because they will be called "pedophile supporters" or "pedophile sympathizers". We need to start resisting our primitive emotions and instincts when hearing a possession case involving a computer since anybody can be framed. Instead we need to consider arresting and convicting child porn producers, those that cannot possibly be set up at all. Production cannot possibly have any doubt or reason to believe frame up, unless the production claim is just some cop claiming there is a video tape but the video cannot be found and the Detective says there is no video when that very detective claims there is a video but cannot prove it to the Court. Possession is the easiest thing to frame people on. Anybody can email child porn. Anybody can upload child porn through some person's hacked Wifi router. Anybody can use CIA tools like Vault-7, Marble, etc etc, to plant child porn then call the police on enemies after the dirty deed is done. Mens Rea should be allowed in all child porn cases across America and around the world. We need to prove that the suspect did indeed download child porn and has done so to collect that sick material. That should be all needed to prove the crime allegations. If there is no real evidence, if there is nothing that proves the claim by the Government, then Juries need to find those people not guilty depending on a case-by-case basis. We need to not just get angry over a allegation, then want to instantly beat up, hate, make fun of, bully, or even considering kill anybody over just a mere possession allegation. Just like cops planting drugs. Pedophiles inside of Federal Courts, and law enforcement agencies. Pedophiles in District Attorney positions. Possession charges are way too easy to be abused when we do not allow Mens Rea.
  13. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Another Appeal update! https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866.8.0.pdf - INFORMAL RESPONSE BRIEF by Appellees Executive Office for United States Attorneys and DOJ. [17-1866] Cheryl Sloan - Upload date: 2017-08-29 19:16:48 So the U.S. Attorney has filed their response brief, right on the same day as the deadline. They did that with the motion to quash as well, and the Government may be starting to make a pattern of filing things right on the day of the deadline, and when I reviewed through the brief, it was only 16 pages (compared to Brian's Appeal brief containing 44 pages, see http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866.6.0.pdf). The appeal had some errors and some claims cannot be verified as truthful, such as the Government's claim that "but now claims that his confession was coerced." That isn't true as his criminal case files (Link: https://archive.org/details/USAvHill) show that Brian has filed multiple pro se motions in 2014-2015 stating that he was coerced to confess, that he had gave a false confession. So the Government is grasping for straws here, not the other way around. Brian knows exactly what was used against him, and it is a pile of Bull$#it, horse manure. The Government cannot even make false claims right. Brian keeps catching the Government to either be wrong or are liars. They are being habitual liars. They know they are Obama holdovers, like Joe Arpaio and Trump were talking about. The fact that Obama holdovers cannot even write a very well researched and well calculated appeal response brief is a sign that Brian may soon be able to overturn his conviction and get off of that sex offender registry. It is no longer a matter of if Brian is found innocent, it is a matter of when, what year, and what day will Brian finally be free of his wrongful conviction. It is an honor to be friends with somebody that didn't just decide to be a coward and die. He fought against a great and powerful foe with virtually unlimited resources from us tax payers. He has never settled with Righthavel, LLC, when others did during the copyright troll lawsuit. To think they could set him up with child porn, was a big mistake on their part. Now Brian will graduate himself as a self teaching lawyer. Brian didn't have to go to Harvard Law School to become as good as he has. He is learning law on his own by fighting his case. Hopefully this sends a message to the stinken Feds: DON'T FRAME UP US WITH CHILD PORN OR WE WILL FIGHT BACK AND WIN AT JURY TRIALS!!!!! We will not tolerate anybody planting child porn on our computers, we will not tolerate it. We will fight back and prove our innocence. We will not be set up by the pedophile rings of the elite child sacrificing satanists. We will not bow down to Satan, that is a promise. The New World Order will fall, the humanity force will defeat em'. The answer to 1984 is 1776.
  14. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Judge Kiser denied Brian's motion for reconsider since his Appeal is still ongoing. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.38.0.pdf - Order on Motion for Reconsideration - ORDER denying [37] Plaintiff's Motion to Reconsider the Magistrate Judge's Order Under Document #32 and Objections to the Order; Motion, Objections and Memorandum/Brief in Support of This Objection. Signed by Judge Jackson L. Kiser on 8/22/2017. (mlh)
  15. StanleyBolten

    Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Appeal update! https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866 Informal Appeal Brief entered by Plaintiff earlier on today. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866/gov.uscourts.ca4.17-1866.6.0.pdf - INFORMAL OPENING BRIEF by Appellant Brian David Hill. [17-1866] (RW) It appears that a lot of case law was used in this one. The U.S. Attorney is claiming that Brian has no right to the law enforcement reports including his very own false confession audio due to exemptions under the FOIA law. Brian has stated under Oath that he needs the evidence to cross reference and prove his actual innocence. He has asserted his rights under the 14th Amendment under Brady v. Maryland, and even Giglio v. United States. He is asking that the exemptions not apply to the very criminal defendant requesting records on himself for the sole purpose of getting off the sex offender registry of Virginia and prove his actual innocence. If the Court of Appeals grants his request for relief, then criminal defendants within the Fourth Circuit judicial district courts may be able to file lawsuits under FOIA as well, and re-request access to their own criminal discovery evidence packets of the very evidence that was used in the Grand Jury proceedings. Brian isn't just screaming Infowars like I had thought. He has thoroughly planned to change the FOIA law to respect a criminal Defendant's constitutional right to prove innocence under the adversarial system and overturn wrongful convictions of innocent men and women forced into guilty pleas. Back to here: https://archive.org/details/HillvEOUSA https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 37-Plaintiffs Objections to Magistrate Judges ORDER.pdf - Plaintiff's Motion to Reconsider the Magistrate Judge's Order Under Document #32 and Objections to the Order; Motion, Objections and Memorandum/Brief in Support of This Objection re: [32] Order denying [4] Motion Under Rule 45 Asking the Clerk to Subpoena Attorney John Scott Coalter for Discovery and to Prove the Factual Matter Under Complaint; denying [19] Motion for Issuance of Subpoenas to Produce Documents and Subpoenas to Appear and Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Civil Action; denying issuance of [20] Proposed Subpoena to Town of Mayodan Police Department; denying [27] Motion and Supporting Brief Requesting Pretrial Status Conference for Discovery Matter; granting [28] Motion to Quash Discovery Requests, or in the alternative, to Stay Discovery by Brian David Hill. (mlh) This whole appeal boils down to to three major issues, (1)whether a criminal defendant has a right to the discovery materials after a false guilty plea agreement using the FOIA mechanism as a vehicle, (2)whether a criminal defendant should have a right to prove actual innocence, and (3)should FOIA exemptions apply to a legitimate and verified criminal defendant that only wants to overturn a conviction via collateral attack?

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