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  1. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Good news and bad news! First the good news: The Plaintiff has filed a response to the Government's Motion to Quash discovery, and some of the Exhibits were filed in color. One photo is of Brian D. Hill and Alex Jones as well as Stewart Rhodes, another with Brian and former U.S. Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode, another with Brian and Jim Tucker of the American Free Press, and another with Brian and the WXII12 news team. Brian has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that USWGO Alternative News was a thrown to somebody working for the Globalists that probably is also involved in the pedophile rings that somehow the Clintons may be involved in. Brian pissed off somebody in the Town of Mayodan, in the North Carolina General Assembly, and now has made enemies with the U.S. Attorney Office of Greensboro for exposing that they are committing serious criminal felonies and getting away with it. They have been accessories to criminal acts and have committed one or more criminal acts. They cannot even produce an Affidavit at this stage of this case, they cannot and will not present any evidence, and all they do is just deny knowledge of everything. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.0.pdf - RESPONSE in Opposition re: [28] MOTION to Quash DISCOVERY REQUESTS, OR IN THE ALTERNATIVE, TO STAY DISCOVERY and DECLARATION OF PLAINTIFF IN SUPPORT OF [27] Motion and Supporting Brief Requesting Pretrial Status Conference for Discovery Matter filed by Brian David Hill. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1, # (2) Exhibit 2, # (3) Exhibit 3, # (4) Exhibit 4, # (5) Exhibit 5, # (6) Exhibit 6, # (7) Exhibit 7, # (8) Exhibit 8, # (9) Exhibit 2: Video Disc for Clerk to File, # (10) Exhibit 8: Audio Disc for Clerk to File)(ALL EXHIBITS, INCLUDING VIDEO DISC AND AUDIO DISC, AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE DUE TO CLARITY OF EXHIBIT 3.)(mlh) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.1.pdf - Exhibit 1 - Has evidence that the U.S. Attorney manual encourages FOIA requesting to gather information for both criminal and civil cases. The actions of the U.S. Attorney office of Greensboro contradict the U.S. Attorney manual. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.2.pdf - Exhibit 2 - Notice of filing a Video DVD which can be viewed at the Clerk's Office http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.3.pdf - Exhibit 3 - Three photos of leaked SBI documents and the page of Anonymous's claim as to why they were uploaded http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.4.pdf - Exhibit 4 - A photo of Brian, Alex Jones of Infowars, and Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.5.pdf - Exhibit 5 - A photo of Brian and Virgil H. Goode http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.6.pdf - Exhibit 6 - A photo of Brian and a news reporter and camera-guy of the WXII12 news team https://archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.7.pdf - Exhibit 7 - A photo of Brian and Jim Tucker of American Free Press https://archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.8.pdf - Exhibit 8 - Notice of filing a Audio CD which can be listened to at the Clerk's Office https://archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.9.pdf - Exhibit 9 - Video Disc https://archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.31.10.pdf - Exhibit 10 - Audio CD Now the Bad News: U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Ballou has immediately and quickly denied all subpoenas and granted the U.S. Attorney's Motion to quash the interrogatories and the discovery request. That means that Brian can no longer prove his innocence, he will not be allowed to and will permanently remain as a convicted child pornographer and registered sex offender. Now that means the media could attack Alex Jones by claiming that he hangs out with pedophiles since Brian has been wrongfully convicted and Stewart Rhodes was almost being set up. The media could now use the frame ups to attack the alternative media if they decide to go that route. I hate this. Why can't we arrest Agent White of the N.C. SBI agency for downloading CP to Brian's Laptop? Brian isn't allowed to prove his innocence. If he files the 2255 Motion to try to prove his innocence, the Judge would just deny that too. We need protests. We need Alex Jones to make a statement on why people that he was associated with were all getting child porn emails from tormail.org. Why is he not having Brian on his show to talk about his criminal case and why the Federal Courts in two different states are blocking him from proving his innocence. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.32.0.pdf - ORDER denying [4] Motion Under Rule 45 Asking the Clerk to Subpoena Attorney John Scott Coalter for Discovery and to Prove the Factual Matter Under Complaint; denying [19] Motion for Issuance of Subpoenas to Produce Documents and Subpoenas to Appear and Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Civil Action; denying issuance of [20] Proposed Subpoena to Town of Mayodan Police Department; denying [27] Motion and Supporting Brief Requesting Pretrial Status Conference for Discovery Matter; granting [28] Motion to Quash Discovery Requests, or in the alternative, to Stay Discovery. Signed by Magistrate Judge Robert S. Ballou on 7/19/2017. (mlh) Did you hear that it said granting [28] Motion to Quash Discovery Requests, or in the alternative, to Stay Discovery. Brian isn't being allowed to prove his innocence to possession of child pornography. He should demand a new trial and demand that the Jury acquit him since they are blocking him from presenting witnesses, blocking him from gathering evidence, blocking him from his criminal case discovery, and having him plead guilty to things he didn't even know about until January 2015 when he got to finally see his criminal case discovery packet. He plead guilty without even knowing what all he was pleading guilty to. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need protests, we need people calling the Justice Department demanding justice.
  2. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Bad News! The U.S. Attorney doesn't like the fact that Brian wanted to prove them to be liars and the ones that helped convict a innocent man and made him a true frame up victim of the Tormail.org child porn attack scheme. They also seem to hate it that Brian filed multitudes of proposed subpoenas. (1)for Mayodan Police for the false confession audio recording, (2)for the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation to give Brian access to his SBI criminal case file, (3)for his ex-Attorney John Scott Coalter to give Brian access to the dentire discovery evidence and allow him to copy and inspect the discovery material. The U.S. Attorney has recently filed a motion to quash Brian's entire discovery requests and in the worst case for the Judge to order a "stay of discovery". That means that Brian will likely lose his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit by being barred from gathering any evidence to prove his FOIA violations allegations, and Brian will be barred from access to any evidence whatsoever that will help to prove his innocence. This is exactly what the threatening emails from tormail.org had insinuated. The threatening emails said that Brian will never be allowed to prove his innocence, that he will get raped in prison, that he will lose in trial court including the pretrial phase, and that his friends would be set up with child porn like for example what happened to Luke Rudkowski and Stewart Rhodes after Brian received the two threatening emails, one of them demanding that he shut up about the "child porn virus" or he is going to get it. This is absolutely horrible. Brian has some plans, I don';t think he would just allow this without filing any objections or counter-motions. Brian was supposed to have a status conference to be scheduled. Why does the Government want him on the sex offender registry so badly? Until Brian commits suicide? Why in the hell is the U.S. Attorney Office dragging its feet when Brian simply just wanted to prove his own actual innocence. He wanted a former FBI Agent to examine his seized computer. Why is the U.S. Government so corrupt to the extent where proving innocence is a mortal sin, a bad thing. Are we no longer innocent until PROVEN guilty? Are we just GUILTY and NOT ALLOWED TO PROVE INNOCENCE? This is an outrage. The criminal justice system has gotten worse for the poor and mentally handicapped. Pretty cowardly to target and set up a young man on the Autism Spectrum Disorder just because he had admired Alex Jones and wanted to fight the New World Order. I guess they will set up people that are mentally incapible of making a proper and informed decision. I guess they will set up kids now too and set up teenagers, the mentally ill. Just threaten people to falsely admit to a crime and life is over buddy. Brian is involved in a serious war, and if he loses he may face piles of perjury charges and obstruction of justice charges if the U.S. Attorney completely gets away with covering up evidence of his innocence, then they can fabricate more evidence against him and Brian may never get out of prison alive except to die in a f**king coffin. Brian needs to call in to the Alex Jones Show, he needs support right away to fight back against the highly trained lawyers that are angry at him for exposing their criminal behavior. What Brian did with this lawsuit was try to prove his innocence. Guilty people that get a prison sentence of time served don't rock the boat, they do their treatment programs and they do what they are told then receive a pardon or reprieve. Brian is filing Affidavits, his family filing Affidavits, filing evidence right and left, pointing how to the corrupt behavior of the United States Attorney in Greensboro. It may be time for Trump to appoint a new U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina. It is time to fire Cheryl Sloan from her post and appoint new assistants there. We need honest federal prosecutors instead of those lying pieces of garbage. This is what ticks me off. They have not even accused Brian of lying once. All they do is deny everything, claim that they know nothing, then tell the Court that Brian has no right to prove his innocence, Brian has no right to investigate his wrongful conviction, and Brian has no right to have his computer examined by a independent computer forensic expert. We may need to reform the FOIA law to allow criminal defendants a right to prove innocence by getting access to discovery without having to go through a court appointed lawliar attorney that has an only interest in keeping the guilty plea narrative. Here are the new filings listed on RECAP Archive. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.28.0.pdf - Motion to Quash - MOTION to Quash DISCOVERY REQUESTS, OR IN THE ALTERNATIVE, TO STAY DISCOVERY by Executive Office for United States Attorneys, United States Department Of Justice. (Sloan, Cheryl) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.29.0.pdf - Brief / Memorandum in Support - Brief / Memorandum in Support re [28] MOTION to Quash DISCOVERY REQUESTS, OR IN THE ALTERNATIVE, TO STAY DISCOVERY . filed by Executive Office for United States Attorneys, United States Department Of Justice. (Sloan, Cheryl)
  3. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Great News guys! Brian has taken a bold step even though no lawyer is helping him at this point. I guess Brian has had it with the corruption and his wrongful conviction. Brian has filed a Document #27 (for some reason the court doesn't what Doc. #26 is?) Motion requesting a pretrial status conference. Brian has submitted a letter of testimony from Nikki gramian, the deputy director of OGIS of the National Archives agency, and this letter brings up the claim that the Assistant U.S. Attorney no longer has certain criminal case records while retains other criminal case records. They have 19 pages of the 20-page Mayodan Police report according to testimony. The U.S. Attorney has the police photographs of Brian's former residence. They have the police inventory, but no Search Warrant, no SBI case file of a forensic report, and no confession audio. After Brian started asserting that he gave a false confession, all of the sudden the criminal case records of the U.S. Attorney Office has lost some pages and records without explanation. Quietly removing certain and pieces of federal records from a Government office without a valid reason may be obstruction of justice under federal law. Especially if the intent of removing a portion of federal criminal case records is to unjustly influence and control the outcome of a federal criminal case. The U.S. Attorney asst. Anand P. Ramaswamy may very well be lying to government employees, and/or obstructing justice, and they used possibly fraudulent evidence to cause a perjury (false guilty plea under Rule 11 of Fed. R. Crim. Procedure) of a health deteriorating man named Brian David Hill. Here are the new entries on court record: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.27.0.pdf - MOTION and Supporting Brief Requesting Pretrial Status Conference for Discovery Matter by Brian David Hill. Motion referred to Judge Robert S. Ballou. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1, # (2) Exhibit 2, # (3) Attachment 1, # (4) Envelope)(mlh) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.27.1.pdf - Exhibit 1 - OGIS letter http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.27.2.pdf - Exhibit 2 - Criminal case docket sheet http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.27.3.pdf - Attachment 1 - Subpoena http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.27.4.pdf - Envelope The RECAP docket sheet can be found here: https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173
  4. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    If any lawyer wishes to help him then please consider contacting me. He needs help with fighting a powerful and evil enemy. Phil Berger cannot get away with ruining USWGO Alternative News by his son being involved with Brian's case in 2012.
  5. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Bad news! Now that Brian D. Hill was railroaded like a house slave by his own lawyer to falsely plead guilty under Oath, the Court will no longer give Brian a lawyer to fight to prove his actual innocence. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.25.0.pdf - Judge Kiser ordered denial of Brian's second Motion asking for a lawyer. In his second Motion Brian provided and attached two subpoenas, (1)compelling Mental health Counselor Preston Page to write a letter to the Court as to why Brian needs a lawyer to argue in hearings because of Brian's Autistic behavior may not be acceptable in court so Brian needs a lawyer to help him argue his case and (2) subpoena was directed for federal law enforcement trainer Dennis Debbault to testify as to his recommendations to Brian's Autism and how and why the Court should give him special consideration for a legal advocate to act on his behalf at the trial proceedings. Brian also asked for a mental evaluation to be ordered by the Court but Judge Jackson Kiser ignored his requests for a mental evaluation, ignored his subpoenas, and apparently stated that he can seek a lawyer with his own money knowing that he cannot afford a lawyer due to his financial affidavit that he only lives off of SSI Disability. So a doctors letter, documentation from TEACCH, and the two subpoenas are not enough evidence to establish exceptional circumstances, when a hearing is a completely different thing then simply filing motions in the mail. Judge Kiser acts as though filing a motion can do as well as verbally arguing at court hearings. What kind of moron is Judge Kiser think he is? He sits there and argues that if Brian can file pro se motions properly, that he can also properly argue law at court hearings when he can research at home but he can't research at an actual hearing where is is expected to argue on cue during a court proceeding. Judge Jackson Kiser is as corrupt as the rumors say, as corrupt as what Christopher Julian has forewarned. The court does not want to expend any money to prove the innocence of a child porn set up victim. The U.S. Attorney makes wrong allegations that he thought Brian was behind the tormails, but that allegation cannot be proven factual because all of the threats carried out via tormail, were carried out in the Court, by the Jailers, by Brian's public Defender, by the U.S. Attorney, by some factions of the U.S. Marshals and by his ex probation Officer Kristy L. Burton whom lied on the stand in open court and got away with it. Every claim that was said in tormail.org, said would be carried out, the threats were enacted by denial of Brian's due process rights, his right to discovery before the Jury trial, his right to compulsory process to obtain witnesses in his favor, his right to effective counsel, and his right to face his accusers. It appears that the U.S. Government is more suspect of sending out the tormail child porn trick emails than Brian whom cannot even get Justice and cannot get a good lawyer. Brian is not in a position of power and influence, but the Judges are, the Attorneys are, and the Probation Officers are, the FBI has a high position of power and influence. Whoever sent those tormail.org messages had forewarned Brian that he will be set up, raped in prison, the SBI will be involved in Brian being set up, he will never get a fair trial including the pretrial phase, that his appeal will fail, and other claims in the tormails have all come true. Judicial corruption at best, possible criminal conspiracy inside our Federal Courts and judicial officers at the worst.
  6. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    I have updated my archive on archive.org. https://archive.org/details/HillvEOUSA Updated documents up to Document 24 and all Exhibits. There is a lot of new information just flooding the Court system. Plaintiff Brian D. Hill ain't taking this cover up crap anymore. Why is it okay to cover up criminal evidence to wrongfully convict a innocent man whom used to be alternative media of USWGO Alternative News that was involved with Infowars and Oath Keepers incl. Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change?
  7. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Plaintiff Brian D. Hill has filed very bulky filings with the U.S. District Court which were filed just today by the Clerk's Office. It appears to be evidence and filings/briefs over 140 pages total. The whole case files have reached over 400 pages total. The Plaintiff has filed a ton of evidence which is clearly admissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence, but the U.S. Attorney office in Greensboro North Carolina has filed absolutely no evidence and has made no evidential basis for any denials that they made under their 'Defendants answers to Complaint'. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.docket.html - Docket under RECAP http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.23.0.pdf - Motion to Appoint Counsel http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.23.1.pdf - Exhibit 1 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.23.2.pdf - Exhibit 2 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.23.3.pdf - Attachment 1 Subpoena on Counselor Preston Page of Insight Counseling http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.23.4.pdf - Attachment 2 Subpoena on Law Enforcement trainer named Dennis Debbault http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.23.5.pdf - Post-It Notes attached to documents Declaration in Support re [2] Complaint filed by Brian David Hill. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1, # (2) Exhibit 2, # (3) Exhibit 3, # (4) Exhibit 4, # (5) Exhibit 5, # (6) Exhibit 6, # (7) Exhibit 7, # (8) Notes attached to documents)(bw) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.0.pdf - Declaration under penalty of perjury of the rest of Brian's FOIA Appeal records with evidence that his Assistant Federal Public Defender named Eric David Placke, has been caught deleting email attachments sent from his family while he was in Jail. Mr. Placke deleted evidence in emails that he had received from his family, in one case he deleted his email attachments less than 2 hours after receiving it. He deleted Affidavits that has family emailed him. Brian D. Hill was forced into a guilty plea based upon his fraudulent representation (his Attorney colluded with the enemy U.S. Attorney while lying to the Judge that he is working in Brian's best interests) http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.1.pdf - Exhibit 1 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.2.pdf - Exhibit 2 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.3.pdf - Exhibit 3 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.4.pdf - Exhibit 4 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.5.pdf - Exhibit 5 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.6.pdf - Exhibit 6 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.7.pdf - Exhibit 7 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.24.8.pdf - Notes attached to documents So the evidence of his public defender violating Brian's rights, colluding with the U.S. Attorney to sell him down into a conviction that will permanently ruin his reputation even when he is found actually innocent in the future. His public defender deleting evidence records and refused to give Brian compulsory process to have witnesses to testify in his favor. Brian's FOIA lawsuit is revealing the corruption of the U.S. Attorney office of Greensboro, NC.
  8. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    He needs a real lawyer, not the crappy court appointed liars. Heck if Brian got a court appointed lawyer that would fight for him, that is one thing, but to get two court appointed lawyers that got him to falsely take the guilty plea and go along with it, there isn't much hope left in the Federal judicial system.
  9. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    I am trying to get some FOIA blogs and organizations to watch and cover this case. Last thing I have heard was that Brian may be campaigning for private lawyers to consider taking his case or keeping watch of it as monitors. Brian has heard bad things about Judge Jackson L. Kiser, so he is not leaving things to chance. What happened to Christopher Julian by U.S. Judge Jackson L. Kiser is a warning to other pro se filers that face his Judgment in Federal Courts. Brian will likely have to get media involved and court monitors, since he cannot legally bring recording devices into the courtroom, he needs many witnesses to watch Jackson Kiser and make sure that he behaves himself. Brian does not want to lose and be called a felon that is a danger to society by the U.S. Attorneys. They are out for blood against him and they won't forgive Brian for the things he has done in this lawsuit. He is painting a possible target on his back when showing any evidence of criminal behavior in offices of Government. Read Julian's story here: https://brsinv.com/tag/federal-court-corruption/page/3/
  10. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.21.0.pdf - Plaintiff Brian D. Hill's Motion to expedite the trial proceedings. Based on the ground that the witnesses Kenneth Forinash and Stella Forinash are both elderly, one has cancer and is a U.S. Air Force veteran, and the argument that memories fade with time. This motion might actually not be denied by Judge Kiser. Who knows! The Plaintiff has started getting more smart and documenting things more. In this Motion there is both a certificate of service and a scanned copy of two certified mail receipts proving that both mailings were certified which any court employee can lookup a certified mail tracking number. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.21.1.pdf - The envelope has also been scanned which shows the exact same tracking number as what was on the last page of Document 21. The Plaintiff is learning to be smarter and smarter when dealing with the corrupt U.S. Attorney. Documentation is key to beating those people when they want to label him as delusional. Documentation makes any reasonable person want to start questioning Brian's wrongful criminal conviction, and start to push for trying to prove his innocence. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.22.0.pdf - Judge denies Brian's Motion to extend the time to file pretrial motions because apparently there was no deadline after the pretrial order, and that deadline had only applied to the period of when the Government had the opportunity to file answers or file a pretrial motion to dismiss, motion to change venue or even a motion for changing personal jurisdiction, motion to suppress, or any other applicable pretrial motions. So that is the latest update for you all since June 23, 2017. It looks like Brian is trying to reschedule the trial date to later this year instead of earlier next year. He isn't pleased that the trial date is set on January 29, 2018, which is 6 to 7 months away. Wow! The amount of wasted time for a guy simply trying to prove his actual innocence and get off of the criminal registry. He is definitely being barred from proving his actual innocence.
  11. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Brian has also filed several motions since the trial notice was sent to him. Docket info updated here: https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173 http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.16.0.pdf - Motion denial by Jackson Kiser, whom doesn't want Brian to have an Attorney. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.17.0.pdf - Clerk filed this after denial of Brian's Motion for Counsel. How crazy that the Judge didn't even wait for the brief in support of that. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.18.0.pdf - Motion for extension of time to file pretrial motions, which of course the deadline date is tomorrow so Kiser is letting this case hit the pretrial deadline and not even allow the extension of time. Subpoena #2: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.19.1.pdf Subpoena #3: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.19.2.pdf Subpoena #4: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.19.3.pdf Subpoena #5: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.19.4.pdf Subpoena #6: http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.20.0.pdf All subpoenas and discovery related motions all go in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert S. Ballou. Those won't go in front of Judge Kiser. Brian has a better shot at discovery. At least Brian has a chance to get the evidence to try to prove his innocence.
  12. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Bad news. The Judge ignored his expedition request and set Brian's trial date all the way in January 29-31, 2018. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.15.0.pdf The Judges order denying Brian's motion is very interesting as the reason it was denied was because of how professional his Pro Se motions had looked. So that means the Judge considers his filings as good as a $10,000-$30,000 attorney for a FOIA lawsuit. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.16.0.pdf He also filed a motion to extend the time to file pretrial motions. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.19.0.pdf Document 18 and 19 contain the same Motion to extend the time. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.18.0.pdf
  13. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    This is the motion asking for a lawyer http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.13.0.pdf http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.14.1.pdf Document 14-1 shows that the Office of the Inspector General is refusing to investigate Brian's allegations of obstruction of Justice and misconduct.
  14. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    Updates from RECAP here https://archive.org/details/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173 Plaintiff Brian just gave objections to U.S. Attorney's answers in his lawsuit. Also filed a Motion for a lawyer. http://www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173/gov.uscourts.vawd.107173.14.0.pdf
  15. Former Journalist Brian D. Hill planning FOIA Lawsuit

    UPDATE! https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 9-Defendants Answer To Complaint.pdf The U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC has hijacked the case by representing the Washington D.C. defendants. Normally since the case has been filed in the Western District of Virginia, it is the U.S. Attorney office in Roanoke, VA, at the BB&T building that is supposed to represent the defendants. They are denying all allegations and put up four defenses to try to quash his lawsuit, asking for the Judge to rule in their favor. The U.S. Attorney office in Greensboro is accused of the allegations and yet quickly became the attorneys of a Danville, VA federal case which is in Virginia. A Greensboro government attorney is going to file responses in another state yet that attorney has no license to practice law in the western district of Virginia. They are trying to cover their own butts. They had answered ALL federal questions with denials, they deny knowledge of all allegations made by Brian which we all know is a complete lie. How would the U.S. Attorney office that prosecuted Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News have no knowledge of wrongfully convicting him and no knowledge of his health problems???? They just out and out lied, or memory holed ever trying to convict him. Well technically Brian is a convicted offender now since he never had a good lawyer, so now they are covering up all evidence of everything, except what was originally filed on Brian's criminal case. They even denied knowledge of his autism and diabetes in one paragraph which is a complete lie. The U.S. Attorney, by the court, and the defense attorney, both had to review over the pre-sentence report and the psychological evaluation which both contain the diagnoses. So the U.S. Attorney office in Greensboro has openly lied and gave answers that cannot be even remotely proven truthful. They will likely get away on some answers but other answers to which they denied any knowledge of, evidence can prove otherwise with the Court transcripts and other federal court documents. The U.S. Attorney office in Greensboro is covering their butts right now. Document 10: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 10-Notice To Consent To Magistrate Judge.pdf Document 11: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 11-Pretrial Order.pdf Document 11 is the pretrial order set by the Hon. Judge Kiser. The trial date will soon be set. This FOIA lawsuit is facing a trial and pretrial conferences. Evidence may start coming out and show what the U.S. Government rather would not want shown. June 12 docket sheet: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Docket-June-12-2017.pdf Document 12: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 12.0-Declaration Of Brian David Hill.pdf Exhibit 1 of Doc 12: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 12-1-Exhibit 1.pdf Exhibit 2 of Doc 12: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 12-2-Exhibit 2.pdf Exhibit 3 of Doc 12: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 12-3-Exhibit 3.pdf Exhibit 4 of Doc 12: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 12-4-Exhibit 4.pdf Exhibit 5 of Doc 12: https://archive.org/download/HillvEOUSA/Document 12-5-Exhibit 5-Discovery Request Letter.pdf
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