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  1. jeez, shep, after I get my padded lead helmet I'll finish the first video then move on to the others... :ahhh:
  2. Facebook Monitoring

    1984 didn't even suggest that you would be recorded in case they needed to go back and produce retroactive thoughtcrime or other illegal activities... what a difference 30 years makes (considering 1984 as the reference point, not the actual year the book was written)...
  3. hi guys, thought I would stop by and see how the forum is doing, looks good with familiar faces!
  4. I noticed he has a lot of videos on his channel - I intend to watch several more ( at least)
  5. this is very important to watch if you have not already done so - yes, kind of long... sorry... (hey, y'all... )
  6. much more catching up to do - haven't talked in a while - miss you!
  7. I've been warning the people I know of the danger of keeping money in the bank at this time and unfortunately everyone thinks I'm an alarmist, even friends who are "aware" more than others still trust the banking system more than the safe in their own house...
  8. no, is my answer to the question in the title... if "denial" was to be replaced with "revisionist" - maybe - but probably not...
  9. Type 2 diabetes may be caused by bacteria

    Vitamin D Levels Linked to Type 2 Diabetes Risk
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJdJ2HSjZq4
  11. fascinating - I wonder if this will change ideas about what causes weather, etc... plasma - it's everywhere it seems like!
  12. pretty difficult to argue that they are planning for it - and that they caused it... and are causing it on purpose it looks like
  13. new revelation in death of BB king

    89 is a fairly ripe old age - not saying you can't be killed at any age - he did look pretty spy in the picture I saw in the article (before it went haywire on me).. I hope it was a natural death - and that he escaped getting reincarnated on this godforsaken rock...
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