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  1. Astrochik

    How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

    I think if it gets too hot, it melts the liposomes. Supposedly if you use the wrong cleaner, it smashes the liposomes, and 20mHz is supposed to be the best one according to a source for the c-60 making, not sure about the lipo-c, but you don't want it too hot, is the general consensus from what I can gather...
  2. Astrochik

    How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

    clay is great for detoxing. I should take it more.. I have terramin clay, it's calcium montmorillite, not bentonite. Using it already hydrated is supposed to be best. My first bentonite clay bath, I got a lot of gray residue in the tub, so I know it worked. Probably from eating so much tuna...lots of mercury? I saw some process where you can see how much encapsulation you got on your lipo-c using baking soda, but I doubt I could find it. Supposedly if you over cook it you break the liposomes, but my last batch, we ran if for a long time and it was better tasting (less tart) than the previous batches, so I think it was better. Buckminsterfullerene is c-60. It would take a while to explain it but in a nutshell, it's a soccer-ball shaped molecule that is supposed to suck up toxins, and they put it in oil (liposomal it appears) so it's quite a process to get it that way. Supposed to be a holy grail of antioxidants. Getting ready to make a batch (costing a lot of money to do it, too, had to order a bunch of equipment and the actual c-60 is three times the cost of gold to buy by weight). You take the oil on an empty stomach, and you are supposed to take a hydrogen supplement with it for maximum efficacy... but it should suck up the fukushima radiation, too, so that's good...clif uses it, and makes his own too, evidently.
  3. Astrochik

    Loch Ness Monster Found Dead

    you would think they would get a sample of the dna and figure it out... ??
  4. Astrochik

    How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

    I've been making this for years, take a shot every morning 3/4 cup lecithin (I use the sunflower kind) I put about 6-8T vitamin C powder with about 8 C water, so it makes a couple of quarts I cook it longer than six minutes, though, I was told you need to run the thing about an hour, and seems like the longer you run it the less tart it turns out, so I figured it was more encapsulated that way? Ever try buckminsterfullerne? supposed to suck up radiation and all the toxins in your body - and lengthen your telomeres...
  5. Astrochik

    Loch Ness Monster Found Dead

    I hate it when they have an article like this with such sketchy "evidence" and descriptions! 1-2 meters in length. I think a closer measurement could be had. And if I was there with my cell phone, I would get dozens of better pics than what they posted with the article. That being said, RIP nessie's cousin.
  6. those are pretty good!

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