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  1. So, I am the 'caylus' mentioned in that chatlog, thought I should mention. I once participated in a glp voice chat and cammed up and had the mic on. It was REALLY weird and I felt like they super mindf***ed me At that time it became very obvious that many of the rumors about the site were true.... Of course I'd managed to figure that out through research and logic and observation...but this was different.
  2. MKUltra / Monarch Programming & Celebrities

    Have you seen the "I am an Illuminati Handler Ask me a Question" thread? Guy claims to be an illuminati handler. I believe him because he has some extremely detailed information. Doubt I could link the thread as its from glp but my blog has a continuation of going on right now. I've down a metric f***ton of research and I believe the programs absolutely still exist and they are certainly being used on celebrities.
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