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  1. I knew about garlic, but I've always thought HONEY - natural, not processed - was the best. I'll keep this in mind. And I'm going to run off a copy of it and put it with my prep supplies. Thanks for posting this.
  2. Gary Johnson (Is he this naive?)

    I usually vote Libertarian but I can't vote for him. He's said a few stupid things this time around that have totally turned me off. Hillary may or may not have had criminal intent (I am sure her intent was criminal, she knew what she was doing), but the fact is that others have done far less and have gotten in far more trouble. She deserves jail.
  3. Evidence of Reincarnation

    I have always had recurring dreams of my death in my recent past life. Ever since I was a kid, I've had dreams of dying in a Nazi air raid in London. I can see everyone every clearly in their old style clothes, and I remember the air raid sirens as well as the blast. So I do think reincarnation is possible.
  4. The Clinton Foundation Leak

    Oh. My. God. Seriously important information. I'll be spending a few hours, at least, pouring over it all. Thank you for posting it. I just hope that enough people see this, and enough people tickle the media outlets with the information, to push them to talk about it. Excellent.
  5. Great article on NWO, Illuminati, and how trump fits in.

    I've always wanted a complete Illuminati Card Game set. I've checked online and with EBAY, but they are so dang expensive. And there seem to be more than one set. So if someone would like to explain the sets and tell me where I can get them, it would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. SUPPOSEDLY killed 250. I watched the footage and saw people running away from the strike. I don't know how they can say 250 without actually putting boots on the ground and counting the bodies. Kinda reminds me of the Ministry of Truth in 1984 .. ya' know?
  7. Welcome to all our new members!

    Thank you. I'm roaming around the site and checking it out. Figuring out how to put the avatar in and the signature, etc. The usual ...
  8. Welcome to all our new members!

    I've been posting at other sites (the usual ones) for 13 years and just heard of this one so I've signed up. Checking it out. We'll see how it goes.
  9. I have always wondered about this subject. Now it's all there for me to see. Excellent.
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