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  1. Those who know you know you're above suspicions cay, after all I w as once accused of BEING you...lol (SHHH..l
  2. I'd be very curious to see what you've found, I've allocated not insignificant resources to investigating this and this is the first I've heard of a 3rd 0artner. Did you look up their names?
  3. Charlie vu was a glp employee sent solely to derail a thread I created that had grown wildly beyond their expectations, he chose an obscure figure from south Africa history to match his proxy who had zero esoteric connection. Nothing he said came to pass, honestly dd I'm surprised you're still sprung on it.
  4. Also E***** B****** was the original owner of glp the meaning of both her first and last name are also quite telling
  5. That last post i made doobious didnt say it, i did..sorry dont know what happened
  6. With all apologies if this seems brash for a new member this issue isnt nearly as convoluted as all this. Check the etymology of the names jason and lucas, the etymology of the name of his business partner alex shamash, and look at glp under their stewardship who and what trin is, is abundantly clear
  7. Doobious, Youre a sharp guy, sharper than you let on, you know what went down at glp, even if you arent ready to know it
  8. I.m.h.o. You all should be far less concerned with validating sources and infinitely more concerned with discerning what you believe valid, seeing if and where what you believe to be true is echoed elsewhere as truth has a way of repeating itself albeit through different cultural lenses. The internet has given voice to a great many very few of whom are sharing with pure intention Focus Less on the speakers than on what they're saying and absolutely Above All Else what you believe to be true
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