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  1. Lady Jane Smith

    @NowServingNumber52 if that is the case then I apologize to me, she gives off the energy of a man, apparently I'm not the only one who figures it that way but that you for clarifying
  2. Lady Jane Smith

    Hi you seem friendly Haha
  3. Lady Jane Smith

    Of course it is!
  4. Lady Jane Smith

    white building with the tracks next to it :) my gift to you fine researchers a gift from ICOM
  5. Lady Jane Smith

    30 29 00 N 86 03 39 W from here: http://decryptedmatrix.com/why-cant-you-say-tavistock-on-godlike-productions/
  6. Lady Jane Smith

    my point was someone went to great lengths to show you the property the telescope is sitting on its out there if you can find it
  7. Lady Jane Smith

    there are more personas than people on glp, imo She is clearly someone who has great pull and she is clearly a dude much like Mister Obvious was clearly a woman they like to twist hearts and minds more garmonbozia for the troughs for the record i have no issue with this forum or its creators just throwing that out there again google the telescope you might be surprised what you find if you dig a bit
  8. Lady Jane Smith

    you rang?
  9. This will be my last response... I was referring to the big find, that I needed to find myself. I have no info in shep, you, or anyone, nor do I wish to. I came here top get answers. I did. I thank you. Again. Please re-read my vague indirect response as the way I just described. Whatever is going on between nrg and shep is between those two. I'm just the dummy who almost got brainwashed. Goodnight, folks
  10. I think you need to read my responses to nrg again. I simply said I didn't like the arguing here...I'm not in position to make those kinds of claims...I Shaun appreciate you guys allowing me to tell my story and share what you have...again I don't have any ill will.
  11. ladies and gentlemen, I did as I promised and I do appreciate the hospitality, I will not be posting any more but will answer questions should any arise. I will return in a few weeks to speak with @Guitar Doc about the South African Connection...I'm interested to hear what you all think of Charlie Vu in the near future. one clue charlie left was this... his uncle Paul Kruger was an Alchemist... try putting that into a response window over at GLP and see if you can even post it...why is that? Interesting guy that Kruger fellow. A leader of men, and much like Edgar Cayce in many ways...and not in the ways you might think. Also for you @Ukshep http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_tuathadedanaan04.htm there are others here who could write books on these amazing people...their mummies are found everywhere...always in traveling pairs...always buried in mounts...happy reading. thank you again...i'll leave my account open until i return if that is alright. If not I'll have my friend inform me of when we are ready to discuss Charlie. thank you @Morrighan for the heads up thank you @Cinnamon for the help yesterday
  12. Okay well I really appreciate you coming forward then. Others have left the mod scene recently, her name is escaping me at the moment, she watched us closely while we built our base at glp. Something with an s...maybe Sloane? Meh...I'm losing my focus.
  13. I would like to see us work together to spread awareness...sadly there are very few forums left with strong owners.
  14. There are different tribes of the tuatha, some with the blonde hair and blue eyes others with red hair and green eyes some with a mix of the two trait sets...it's an intuition not a fact. Ricardo is no doubt someone working the glp program, as it where. I take no offence, I'm entitled to believe what I wish and everyone else the same. I'm on my best behaviour here. I can be just as, in your face when I'm at home...think nothing of it, good sir. Since I have your attention, where did you guys get all this info presented in this thread. I was looking for the sources but I couldn't seem to figure that out. Can you divulge where you got the playbook, as it seems to be...meaning the protocols they use. Thanks for your time. on a side note, I guess nrg decided not to post. I'll have to inquire as to why.
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