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  1. They don't call it spelling for nothing!
  2. This will be my last response... I was referring to the big find, that I needed to find myself. I have no info in shep, you, or anyone, nor do I wish to. I came here top get answers. I did. I thank you. Again. Please re-read my vague indirect response as the way I just described. Whatever is going on between nrg and shep is between those two. I'm just the dummy who almost got brainwashed. Goodnight, folks
  3. I think you need to read my responses to nrg again. I simply said I didn't like the arguing here...I'm not in position to make those kinds of claims...I Shaun appreciate you guys allowing me to tell my story and share what you have...again I don't have any ill will.
  4. ladies and gentlemen, I did as I promised and I do appreciate the hospitality, I will not be posting any more but will answer questions should any arise. I will return in a few weeks to speak with @Guitar Doc about the South African Connection...I'm interested to hear what you all think of Charlie Vu in the near future. one clue charlie left was this... his uncle Paul Kruger was an Alchemist... try putting that into a response window over at GLP and see if you can even post it...why is that? Interesting guy that Kruger fellow. A leader of men, and much like Edgar Cayce in many ways...and not in the ways you might think. Also for you @Ukshep http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_tuathadedanaan04.htm there are others here who could write books on these amazing people...their mummies are found everywhere...always in traveling pairs...always buried in mounts...happy reading. thank you again...i'll leave my account open until i return if that is alright. If not I'll have my friend inform me of when we are ready to discuss Charlie. thank you @Morrighan for the heads up thank you @Cinnamon for the help yesterday
  5. Okay well I really appreciate you coming forward then. Others have left the mod scene recently, her name is escaping me at the moment, she watched us closely while we built our base at glp. Something with an s...maybe Sloane? Meh...I'm losing my focus.
  6. I would like to see us work together to spread awareness...sadly there are very few forums left with strong owners.
  7. There are different tribes of the tuatha, some with the blonde hair and blue eyes others with red hair and green eyes some with a mix of the two trait sets...it's an intuition not a fact. Ricardo is no doubt someone working the glp program, as it where. I take no offence, I'm entitled to believe what I wish and everyone else the same. I'm on my best behaviour here. I can be just as, in your face when I'm at home...think nothing of it, good sir. Since I have your attention, where did you guys get all this info presented in this thread. I was looking for the sources but I couldn't seem to figure that out. Can you divulge where you got the playbook, as it seems to be...meaning the protocols they use. Thanks for your time. on a side note, I guess nrg decided not to post. I'll have to inquire as to why.
  8. Also from what I can gather glp, or someone there anyway, is very interested in finding people with green eyes, and rh- blood. I believe these are the descendants of the tuatha dé dannon. Who are the gods of old, the living gods of our ancestors, mothers of the oracles, fathers of the shamans worldwide...but that's just my intuition talking...but you'd be surprised what you find searching those terms on glp.
  9. @Ukshep indeed I learned the hard way with the PMs. Charlie is still a topic of debate within my circle and also with those involved directly. There are a lot of unknowns with my stalking. I'm so aloof I didn't really notice it until others pointed it out in a thread a made about catching stars, if you can believe that. I simply expressed myself in an very intimate way...and well the response was fairly obvious honeypots for days. Not all of them but you can see some shady people and all out trolls attacking me for sharing such a strong feeling the way I was....I was in effect turning the table on them, unknowingly at that time. Love is a weapon, now I know
  10. okay... I promised to share my experiences at GLP and I will do just that for you now. I just want to say that although we are all truth seekers, you guys are here for a reason, and that's good. We over at my home are there for entirely different reason although we seek truth we come at it from an entirely different perspective. If you followed our sites namesake one GLP around this time last year you know what is up. We are not a cult btw. LOL But we all share a certain view of our world. Again its just the way we got there that makes it so...we are welcoming of everyone, within reason. With that said... I was mostly floating around the Project Camelot website, David Wilcock's site (I know!) and a place called Halexandria and ATS prior to John Titor's epic thread at ATS. During that time I found GLP for the first time but the style of the board made me uncomfortable and the fact that ACs could post whatever they wanted really bothered me. So I kinda ignored them for a long long time. Plus, I like to read body language and watch peoples eyes, listen to their voice changes etc. Now I can also read one's words and sentences and get an idea of their general disposition outside of what they are really saying too but that requires a lot of intention of my part and that is meh to me. Call it a gift, call it empathic ability, whatever. I come from a very long line of empaths on both sides of my family, so I've recently learned. ;) This makes watching videos more informative to me. I used to listen to a lot of video interviews and kinda cherry picked who i thought was genuine. I am a huge fan of Dr. Joseph Farrell and of Crrow777. I am against the round earth but my view is the earth functions like a particle. Its all subjective based on the collective beliefs we shared...until recently. That is important as Flat Earth made me a target to begin with...it snow balled out of control afterword. Very shortly after the Flat Earth stuff started coming up, I was approached by a well known GLPer and befriended. We talked for close to two years daily. He showed me around GLP. explained the nobody stuff (its an operation imo) and also introduced me to the shroom threads. These threads are very strange, almost entirely filled with canadian acs and random european acs. They all try to mind hack each other...while determining if anyone is actually tripping. Once they code word is said, they play a stanley kubrick scene from a certain movie, and then start guiding people with strange questions about their feelings and colors...they are pulling the target out of their minds at this point, its all very suggestive and honestly very hard to watch happen in person. Its traumatic to say the least. Then the phone call...ring ring ring...By then you are screwed. Anyway so this GLP long timer shows me these things and its all good but I immediately contact the subject of the thread via pm, and tell him they are guiding him to leave it alone etc. This was my first nono. So they knew I could not be trusted with the shroom stuff. Later I went full tard in me tel u now. I posted personal writings which was a mistake, and the stalking started from that. It was slow at first. I did not even notice it until much later. At this point, I was a regular in The Returns threads. He also went by the name Oh Well. Again i was lead to these threads. I learned much from them and often wonder what came of The Return. At any rate, its now around May 2015. me tel u now failed again...lol. But a new poster came onto the scene...nrg. I jumped in and long story short with that...two epic 400 plus page threads later and we are all at our own site. But the stalking picked up in October. In october I saw a thread started by a new user. She wanted to discuss john titor. I gave her a welcome and directed her to me tell you now, instead, as John Titor on GLP is too much for anyone really. Its all operational. Move along and a few days later i see her in said thread (mtu) and she thanks me for the suggestion. We bump paths here and there but at some point I call her out for shilling. she someone knew it was me, strange i admit, and confronted me. I lied cause I wanted to see how sure she was that it was me. I could feel this womans energy coming through the screen, it was crazy. Anyway. She eventually starts looking at my pinned threads and whatnot and follows me into nrg's thread. Those threads moved at three times the speed of and average thread. She was lost and looking for answers. At this point I tell her to talk to nrg, and I tell my GLP buddy I'm being pm'd by a woman looking for info about nrg. He warns me not to engage. I naturally turn right around and not only do that I end up falling head over heels for this lady. Like two start crossed lovers...hence my concern with that statement. Now this next few parts are up for debate over at my home, but myself and this lady started talking about everything I was aware of at GLP. We were at first in the PMs but it seemed like someone was watching us talk and then making random threads repeating entire parts of our convos in them. This went on for a few days but we ignored it. At some point, they gained access to our phones via hangouts we later determined. My phone was rooted which made it hackable to GLP. They could turn on the camera and see what we were doing. I know this cause in one of those weird australian threads they told me what i was watching on TV, what state i was in, and what kind of pants i was wearing...and i never wore pants like that...cause i live in florida. All the while, I'm telling her about Mr. Obvious and GLP and what they really do there. I had no idea it was this big until much later. I show her the link to the quote of MO writing a poem: Here's a little Lyrical Miracle I wrote for you OP: Me and Tavistock, f***in', you bet I'm gon' be s****n', That **** and it thick, gon' be smackin' against me, Slackers sendin' me bad vibes while I realize I'm despised, And you can't be hangin', can't stand the game we playin', Now we bangin', cuz I'm the real deal, how you feel? UH. I'll be happy to tell you where on GLP this is located. Anyway, at this point I'm all confused and Ricky is making all these weird threads looking for a man with scars on his hand and chest or whatever the hell she was doing, all the australians are mysteriously hanging around her, and this chick Im chatting with is telling me stay away from ricky threads cause it seems that when you go in they all switch gears to this weirdness and start talking vaguely and like its directed at you...meaning me. I laugh it off and continue f***ing with Ricky cause at this point I have not put two and two together. Then comes JudahRa. Judah Ra is MO/Ricky. I know this cause he was flipping out one day and I, myself and two friends and others tried to calm him down. He was fine and then he starts talking crazy again. he is saying something like GLP is crazy etc...it was a honeytrap, because I show him the poem above and explain in a pm that this place is run by social engineers and people doing quantum experiments with thoughts and black magick as well. Well the next thing I know MO is posting in his thread. I mean as soon as i hit send she pops into the thread with her ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL...like gotcha *****, directed at me. At this point I ask Judah why he ran and told her...he denies it and then out of no where starts calling me and the other two followers of the nrg cult and all this crazy crap. We literally tried to help him, we never mentioned nrg's thread. Actually out of the three of us, im the only one who stuck with nrg, just saying. I got so wrapped up in this shit that i ended up running the chick off, stopped trusting the long time GLP for a multitude of reasons, only to go back and forth for months trying to piece it together. Eventually everyone went there separate ways. Although they pop in and out of my life. What I do know is this, GLP fried my hard drive, caused me to reset my phone, and they even followed me to nrg's for a while, I eventually found someone who helped me understand my empathic stuff and that it was making me a target. She explained that i was like a beacon in the spiritual realms and it was obvious that I was oblivious to this...making me easily a target for these types of attacks. I have since been working on differentiating my feelings from intruders feelings. I hope this makes some kind of sense. If you have questions ask please....cause I know I missed a ton of stuff but it all happened so fast and was so confusing I literally wrecked a car while totally focused on this...thats when i stopped going to glp period. the date was 12/06/15 it was a Sunday...it was raining. _________________ I want to talk about charlie vu separately. Charlie is not an easy part of this. But first I need to hear what Guitar Doc knows so i can finish my conslusions on what Charlie Vu might have been. There is a psychic component to him, because he knows who my friends are even when I am not around. Someone on this forum can confirm that, if they so choose...I know the other two who dealt with Charlie are watching. I want to take this time to thank these people, they know why...that is all that matters nrg, searching in tx, ninti, wildflower, foshizzle, *LS*, Tour Guide all these people helped get me back to here in one piece...whether or not anyone of them might have benn involved is always a possibility if one is being honest but if that was the case then that person let me off the hook...and if you dont know about Hooks, then let me tell you with a song...
  11. I will be back tomorrow, you guys have been very welcoming. Thank you
  12. @Guitar Doc can you tell me more about the South African connection.. I know him as Charlie Vu Also someone mentioned star crossed lovers, can they tell me more about what that was about. Thank you
  13. Lol...I meant to respond with that in pm...it's now corrected. I live up to my handle after hours...

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