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  1. Interesting, but I think you're overthinking it which is the gameplan behind the "nobody." It's just Terrence Hill from the Trinity/Nobody movies.
  2. It's obvious the Comedian is someone close to the operation like a Genba, per say.
  3. Thanks Chicken Hawk. Glad to see you "Put yourself over" (Wrestling Term oooo so bad) I did take my name from James Dean's Giant. I have also been in featured in Forbes magazine. Also, My website was on the ADL website for 1 day before they pulled it because they realized the angle of "Racist Stoners" backfired and we gained 250k views in 1 day from that linking. Secondly, All of our e-books are accurate with sources. Third, I didn't come into this movement to f*** around with nutcases like you. You're nuts bro, praying for routers? Honestly, Leave and be gone. Like Frankie Vallie Said "Walk like a man" well walk the f*** on out of this movement because I've met David Duke bro, and you ain't shit compared to him. You're a nobody.
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