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  1. And then gets kennedyed,or clintoncided.
  2. Playing with the names again!

    Those pesky Russians!
  3. So I don't have to plow my watermelons under?
  4. R.I.P....Fallen South Africans

    S.A. Will go the way of Zimbabwe, from being a productive nation to being 1 we'll send aid to. We've done it for years now,since proping up the mandela regime.
  5. Wisdom Teeth and an Ancient Mutation

    Mine were uppers.
  6. Research find that as a group, only men pay tax

    Yes but think about child support, alimony, on top of the income tax, & men are the ones that get screwed.
  7. Really, a freaking gulfstream? Are they buying algores surplus?
  8. Ho Hum, more deranged stammering from Pelosi

    When will this biacth just go away allready.
  9. What night & channel do these game's come on, I could start watching football again.
  10. Fema shelters? Or possibly concentration camps for politicians, bankers & lawyers.
  11. Traveler warning: Meth-laced soda in Mexico

    I think I got some of this, I heard people talking up at the tank the other night, but after i got the gun & spotlight I couldn't find anybody.
  12. Secret Space War XII: MARDUK Is Crowned In Africa

    @Erudite One dude get back on your meds !
  13. When we get it there's not going to be any warnings.
  14. I've watched sunrise & moonrise my whole life &its definitely off.