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  1. Secret Space War XII: MARDUK Is Crowned In Africa

    @Erudite One dude get back on your meds !
  2. When we get it there's not going to be any warnings.
  3. I've watched sunrise & moonrise my whole life &its definitely off.
  4. 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake, Vanuatu

    Not soon enough, cinn come to Texas.
  5. 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake, Vanuatu

    Shit,when I win the lottery I was going to buy a island there!
  6. What's wrong with a little nudity now and then? Personally I think people should be able to wear or not wear whatever they want.
  7. Drag me to the back fence &let the coyotes &buzzards have me!
  8. My girlfriend doesn't have to be hacked to kill!
  9. @sybdragon, I grew up in oak cliff , & I watched that place go from you didn't lock your doors when you left in case the neighbors needed something, when I was a kid, to when I came back from the navy the place looked like a war zone, allmost as bad as what I saw in beruit.
  10. FDA Calls Ecstasy A ‘Breakthrough’ Drug For PTSD

    Really you carry around a test kit?
  11. O yea, he wanted his gold back.
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