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    Idk,seen some females that i wouldn't go against when. Iwas in the navy.
  2. Ancient Humans had Sex with Non Humans

    I think I've had sex with non humans, mainly my ex wife.
  3. I live in the boonies & we have big cats here, I've seen a panther a couple times, but bobcats usually stay away.
  4. New U.S. Navy aircraft carrier sets sail with no urinals

    We used to stencil over the "flush after each use" to blush after each abuse: ;
  5. Italian Street Vendors Versus African Immigrants

    The "hey joes" of catania have dealt with sailors for decades, i doubt the africans will be much of a problem for them.
  6. Can you say "affirmative action "?
  7. Pain reliever

    Try milk thistle for the liver ailments. You can buy it at the dollar store for less than 5$.Also dandelion greens &roots cooked down help.
  8. Urine Therapy

    "Drink lots of beer &your piss will be clear "
  9. No i think the sun has changed color because of the electromagnitc field has changed.
  10. National Geographic said the poles where shifting back in the late 90's early 2000,'s ,ill have too look for the article.
  11. Its kinda like when they were putting mtb in the gasoline, to"lower emissions ",nowadays all surfac water e prettymuch tests positive for it.
  12. Myths That Black People Believe, Debunked

    Ever hear about the naomi project?
  13. Want some good news for a change?

    Ain't karma a b*tch songbird?About time this spoiled little demented little shit got his comeuppances.
  14. Probably would leave some really good tan lines.
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