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  1. Why would you send in pit bulls,when german shepherds would've worked?
  2. Really? 50 mil off 1 acre? No wonder we are in Afghanistan.
  3. Damn,when I won the p.c.h.sweepstakes that's were I was gonna move.
  4. I've allways had a problem with this "out of africa"theory, just like a band of nomadic hunters crossed the Bering Straits &populated N.&S. American continents within a few thousand years. The difference in linguistics should disprove that one.
  5. After a couple cruises in the eastern Mediterranean yacht club aboard the mighty Ike I wholeheartedly agree.They weren't even rooster tailing.
  6. Yes syb I agree completely, I grew up in Oak Cliff,& it went from were you didn't lock your doors in case your neighbors needed in to a frickin war zone in just few years.
  7. Had mumps, measles,chicken pox, &every thing else as a kid &very rarely get sick, most of my neighbors got pneumonia this year.
  8. Reprep my supplies of vodka?
  9. Hell I've been drunk most of my life &stoned too, not sure what's wrong with her other than she's a idiot.
  10. There's allways a sub with a carrier group.At least when I was on the Ike we allways had one.
  11. What happened to the lox bottles?
  12. Only problem we had was we would fight for the last beer every night, i could beat her arm wrestling, but she would sucker punch me &take it.
  13. I think Russian chicks are Hot! I was married to a Bohemian girl once. We have a really pretty baby 👧