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  1. What happened to the thread about fake documents?
  2. Great, between the Yankees &the wetbacks I guess I'll move to south america somplace.
  3. The Poliza Stradle & Caribine must be lowering their standards because when I was over there if you ran a checkpoint they would blow your $hit away!
  4. Funny this thread came out, I woke up the other morning dreaming about wolves.I had 2 grey hybrid's with just enough dog to make them legal. I cried for days when I lost them.
  5. I just caught amazon digital hitting my Netspend account every month over a kindle purchase a year ago, that I let my girlfriend do.
  6. I thought that those things were outlawed years ago.
  7. This is not the 1'st incident on Lake Falcon..Maybe we need the Navy to patrol there.
  8. Im' sorry, giraffe's & dolpens allways looked like they would be good to eat.
  9. Houston should fall off into the Sea with the rest of the idiots that live in California. ....😞 cinn.
  10. Oh, well slow day, got to keep the boy'$ on their toes. Oh , did i just say thu theif'$ on toys?
  11. Great post & very informative link.
  12. I would think as infidels we would be safe, as someday's Im pretty sure I sweat bacon grease.