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  1. What is the point?

    we will all die and stop thinking, feeling, seing... finish of eeeevrything.... so....................................yeah, till it lasts!!! ENJOY LIFE! regards to all xx
  2. I find this post super interesting!! hahaha! maybe its cause im basque,,, but a pure real one eh, .. and super proud of it!!! lol xp I have researched a lot, and also have seen those videos before,personally i like to stick to the theory of the basques as direct descendants of the cro-magnon... im gonna post 2 interesting videos (the videos from before say it all, great job DK; but anyway..) , one about my language and one about the descendance of the basques.. I have read a lot of information,,, and the truth is that our origins are uknown, there are a lot of different theories.... The same happends with our language,,, who knows from where it comes?!?!?! Misterious language. unique!! Baques and the Cro-Magnon
  3. very nice post!!!! im loving the pics+ explanation, they are making me feel and think a lot too! dam i already gave my likes, lol, LOVING this one too xp
  4. this is really happening, its obvious , the kids are absorbing and seeing things... but NOT just see, they are FORMING AND CREATING theirselves and personalities, with all this crap integrated on them. and the future doesnt look any better this way..
  5. These people ("radical" lol, fucking dangerous too but they just didn´t attack, YET) celebrating and being proud of what it happened... are there, between you.... already.... and dont forget they are crazy and armed. People here is getting really worried now, after what happend in Paris, but this is going on all over the world...since looong time ago... they are integrated between us... So.... yeah, worry NOW about who comes and doesn`t come to the USA.... sorry to tell you they are all over the world ALREADY,... A fucking shame. But yes, there is a point not letting MORE to come in... anyway is all out of our control... or do you believe in the votation system too?? There are too many idiots in the world. Enjoy the life, while it lasts! Lottery feeling..
  6. “The waves that break in the water or on the sand break molecules that liberate negative ions. They improve the oxygenation of tissue, your mood, tone, quality of sleep and concentration.” Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/doctors-in-this-french-town-prescribe-surfing-instead-of-pills/ Its not France between, is Basque-French country... but anyway, ineteresting xp! Mundaka´s pic- Basque Country, heaven for surfers! Left-wave! http://blog.gobasquing.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/05/ola-izquierda-mundaka.jpg
  7. lol yeah lets look to the other side.... o.0 very scary!
  8. Me and friends have a trip booked for the next weekend to Brussels. Seing all the shit that is going on....Im gonna have to cancel it... :S
  9. Processed meat is linked to cancer? http://money.cnn.com/2015/10/26/news/red-meat-processed-cancer-world-health-organization/

    looks like rainy afternoon in Bilbao
  11. 1. Cyty- Fuel Fandango... ♥ 2. Always searchinggggg.... - Fuel Fandango There's something, there's something there ♪ I'm always searching, but I don't know where ♫ There's nothing, there's nothing here ♪ I'm looking for solutions to forget all my fears ♫ 3. NeW LiVe - Fuel fandango 4. Read my lips- Fuel Fandango yehaaaawwwww!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTyw5B5WIbM Some music! ♪ ♥ ♪
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