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  1. _ChickenHawk_

    Off-Topic Repository

    Whatever you say...actions speak louder than words...
  2. _ChickenHawk_

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    I doubt I will return here. Antichristian administration makes this place a joke.
  3. _ChickenHawk_

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    I am doing what I feel led to do. You hopefully are doing what you feel led to do. It is irony in its purest form that we are having this small debate about the relevancy of participation of Christians in cyberspace while actually in cyberspace. Moreover I believe that if you had understood what I was saying about duality, you would have realized that I was not supporting it. I spoke of the lie of the significance of evil. Luciferians believe that light is significant and defined because dark is significant. It has to do with their belief in the Left Hand Path versus the Right Hand Path. Both are equally evil. Both are fruit from the same tree. Luciferians believe in duality because they think that they can see it in nature and therefore they can depend on it. I do not. They have believed the lie that Satan proposed in the garden. That they would be like God knowing good from evil. The truth is everything they do is evil in spite of its appearance. So in telling me there is no duality, you have shown me that you do not understand what I am saying. And by issuing a blanket statement that all Luciferians are beyond hope, you have shown me that you have a limited view of the Redemptive Power of the Cross of Christ. If nothing else you do not think before you press submit or send sometimes. In any case I think you make some valid points and some that are blatantly contradictory. And as I said, I am doing what I feel like I am supposed to do and not just what I want to do. I hope that you receive this with grace and in the spirit in which I have written it. Unless a man or a woman has blasphemed the Holy Ghost or else taken the mark of the beast, they are not beyond hope in this world. Anyone may be saved at any time who has not done these two things...anyone.
  4. _ChickenHawk_

    Off-Topic Repository

    Hello Juliana, I agree with most of what you have posted. I personally do not facebook nor have I ever been involved in a chat room until February of this year. I am doing what I am doing because I feel like I am supposed to be doing it. Having said that, I will add that I agree that chat rooms are indeed not the best place to be for any Christian. But if you know anything at all about what is going on in the world around you yet, which you seem pretty sure of yourself, you will recognize that most churches today are actually far more dangerous to a sincere Christian than any chat room like hiddentruths. The NSA is able to collect data with such intensity and clarity on all peoples in first and second world countries that to think we can escape their prying eyes is a pipe dream. We can however take refuge in the feathers of the wings of the almighty God. The one thing that TPTB cannot and never will be able to do is comprehend the truth. They have accepted the lie of the significance of evil. Duality is a lie. Light does not need darkness to be defined as light. What they do not understand is that God is infinitely more than everything he has created. He exists distinct from His creation. And thus the Luciferians who rule the world have believed the lie that it is possible to wage war on God. They are liars and psychopaths who have believed the ultimate psychopath. It is in a very weird way primarily to these people I have been speaking. My position is well known and I have had intense battle in the spirit behind what I feel is a part of my calling, but I press forward as I seek to be led by the Spirit and therefore be counted as a child of the Most High God. HawK
  5. GuitarDoc I agree completely with everything you said in reply to what BallsDeep posted. Balls and I have known each other for a while now and I understand his point of view. I disagree in the sense with Deep in that I agree with every single thing that you posted in your reply. But in trying to be objective and in retrospect, I feel like I personally may have gotten off balance a bit personally in focusing on the reality that there are infiltrators in our midst. My point from the outset was and still is to awaken people to what is going on around them. Freedom of speech is nearly gone and that is my point and I hope that is the main thing that people glean from my part and what I have contributed to this thread. Beyond that some people just refuse to wake up and that is the reality even in the conspiracy community. To point out that there is a conspiracy within a conspiracy elicits reactions just like one sees in people in every day life. The person blowing the whistle is attacked and while not every person who blows a whistle is correct. What is true is that EVERY single Whistleblower is attacked and marginalized. ALWAYS. Now not every whistleblower is wrong but they are always attacked so that tells me personally that something is going on. Finally for the record, I am a mod in the new hiddentruths chat room and I will never kiss anyone's ass for any reason. I am just not wired that way. But if I can contribute to the development of the new room in any way there are a few things that I hope to see happen. One of those is that I hope that all the mods get on the same page and that we can build a stable community. People tell me I am dreaming. I hope they are wrong because I find it personally very very psychologically beneficial to go to a place like hiddentruths and talk about subjects that the general public seem to know or care little about. It seems like if we just use common sense and stay focused on community as a group of mods, then we can maintain a stable community and the infiltrators will stick out like a sore thumb. I am hopeful and I have learned a great deal through my part in all of this in the past 5 weeks. It remains to be seen if we can accomplish it. I willfully believe that we can. _HawK_
  6. _ChickenHawk_

    Off-Topic Repository

    Cyberwarfare mor...<<< see I stopped myself the possibilities I have for character growth impress even me.... jk
  7. _ChickenHawk_

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    So I can't even like say something derogatory about dk even? come on...
  8. _ChickenHawk_

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    No name calling? That is a harsh rule. I will try though.
  9. Yea I know that Cin. I just feel like I heard him the fourth time. And he can continue to post naturally but if he is truly on the side of truth then maybe he will think about what I said. That is all I meant. Just because I tell someone that I think they are full of shit doesn't mean they have to stop sharing you know.
  10. Look you are obviously a *****. And I and many of the others involved in this will tell you that WE are absolutely sure about the fact that these people care. They have declared war on us. Please do us all a favor and enjoy your opinions privately. If you think it is pointless to do what we are doing but yet you claim to agree, then why post things that are the opposite of helpful? So consider my request logically and stop posting please.
  11. If this is true and actually what you believe then why are you not being supportive. You are correct much of this information is not new. Some of it is however. The chat logs that I saved, particularly the one with killerunicorn are new. The argument could be made that they are a full or partial fabrication I grant you that much. They are not however. They are full and true and correct. And if push came to shove they could easily be corroborated by Tiiny Chat dotcom. This detail is not the point however. The point here is that what is contained in this thread is comprehensive and it contains much so called old information in one place that a great many people have not seen before. In fact much of it has been scrubbed from the Internet and someone who does not have Internet research skill would never find it. The difficulty is only compounded if they use popular search engines Google being the worst choice of all. So, finally the powers that be are very concerned about people finding the information in this thread out. This tells me that precisely what we need to do is everything we can to let people know that there is a conspiracy within a conspiracy afoot. Your attitude and position is completely suspect. I mean what is your point? The information is redundant and therefore irrelevant? I mean think about it and back off of your position and maybe I will stop thinking that you are most likely nothing but a shill.
  12. You don't seem to be lazy in your efforts to poo poo a thread that is filled with facts pertaining to the US National Clandestine Service and other government agencies spending a great deal of time and resources doing exactly what is outlined here. I mean did you even read the thread before you posted? It does not appear like it to me.
  13. The nobody thread is a huge Internet Meme and it is clearly a Tavistock psyop. There is a great deal of research on this that you obviously have not done.
  14. Thanks for the unfounded accusation Jett. Nice try. I did not post this although I wish that I had. In my opinion if this is true and it very well could be true, it makes you actually look better. I suppose that being a racist is in your view a more honorable avocation. For the record what is posted here actually does make sense in light of the fact that GLP does not support anti-Semitic evil and everyone knows this. I hope that it is true because if it is it means that you actually care about something. And for the record, I pray for all kinds of things and I see results from this. Your evaluation of anyone's psychological condition is a joke. Congratulations on the Forbes thing that must really be special for you. nobody
  15. Well it certainly has been an interesting 2 weeks that is for certain. I had considered only 20 minutes earlier making this post and then I had a change of heart.I did not wish to derail the thread. Now that the thread is no longer pinned I feel at liberty to add a few of my own final words. I was in the CT chatroom yesterday and there were like 7 or so people with nicknames of some variation of _ChickenHawk_ or other and some words were being said against me on mic that really hurt my feelings. I have often told people that the moment that they get emotional online they have lost. There are always people everywhere online trying to troll people into emotive responses. I personally had always managed to fly above it. I am or was a Hawk after all. In this case however I did not do that. This person who I thought was a friend was calling me delusional and making a real case against me to establish this in the minds of those people in the room. Today I have had a chance to think about it. And Deep you were right. I have been delusional. But I was not delusional about the things posted in this thread nor was I delusional about what was happening to me or what was happening in the first and following iterations of the chatroom that we became acquainted in. I have often looked at people and wondered how they can be so wrapped up in Facebook or twitter or whatever else in the world they were doing while staring at their phones or their computers. Finally I get it. The Internet can seem so real that we can find ourselves wrapped up in who we are or who we think we are online. Now I will not be so quick to judge others and that is an awesome insight for me. I think that it was going to take something of this magnitude for me to reach this place in my life where I understood the power and allure of an online persona and online relationships. I used to say that it is not real and I don't get it. I am not quite where I am going to be yet but I don't think that I will be saying that anymore. It is real. All too real. The only thing that kept me from being sucked in like so many (at least I feel like escaped) is that I remained true to who I was and am. Am I saying that I didn't ever lie or manipulate? No of course not. I am not perfect but I did alter my course to get back on track often along the way to remain sincere to those I have encountered. So, yesterday my feelings were hurt when Deep said Rest In Peace _ChickenHawk_ the online persona is dead. He was right about that too. This never was about me or the persona that I was online. I simply wanted to use their platform against them. I hope that I did that. Folks whether you choose to accept it or not, there is a great deal of money being spent by the powers that be to muddy the waters everywhere online. As long as people are not real and no one tells the truth about world events being contrived, then they are not a threat. When we take a position like I did of not backing down under terrific and contrived pressure, we become a threat. Take a lesson from me and do not do this without really being sure that this is the course that you must take. The price is high and the stakes are real and if you are not careful you can let it get personal in a heartbeat. So in agreement with BallsDeep I say Rest In Peace ChickenHawk. It was never about you anyway. I also heard another person that I thought was a friend say don't be a ChickenHawk. TumTum is right about that one too. The thing is that I was just trying to be me and sort some real weirdness out that I was actually experiencing. I learned that there really were no real friends that I made through this. Maybe 1 or 2 but that is it. I mean I only had one person thank me for sticking my neck out. I didn't do it for any accolades though. I didn't really even mean to do it at all. It just happened the way it did. Trinity claims he is only a business man and he has accused me of stalking him. This is ridiculous and it is also telling that when I began to broadcast to address Deep who should appear with the username as _Hawk_ but Trinity himself. Who is really stalking who? hear? lol... I guess he was able to take time off from peering through his telescope and address me personally. So, a great deal of effort went into defaming ChickenHawk. And I almost got my feelings hurt too. Was I delusional? I don't think so but I leave the answer to that question to you. You may not agree with my religious position and that is okay too. I did not intend to make my part of this thread about that at all. That is how I became involved though so that part of it had to be presented chronologically and honestly so you folks are just going to have to allow for that because there is no other way to present it. So, before you deliver your verdict on my sanity please understand that I don't try to force my opinions about God on people. I know that these are personal choices that everyone must make and I am no better than anyone. Just please read the whole thread or most of it anyway and realize that freedom in the United States of America is gone. Leave my part of the story out of it if you need to and carefully and objectively consider the facts while you are able to still view them. There is coming a day soon when the information in this thread will not be available for review by anyone. For whatever reason the truth is too dangerous to the underlying agenda of the powers that be for whatever reason. So again I say Rest In Peace ChickenHawk. It was fun being you, and me as you while it lasted. But before I depart I must beg you folks to give me one last allowance for there is something that needs to be said. Someone thought they were offering a correction when they said God Cannot Be Mocked. I prefer it the way it is written. It is written the way it is because it is timeless. I will say this much. For someone like Trinity to be proud of himself is really not much different than a Cockroach being self satisfied by being King of Roaches. I mean how much bravery does it take to sellout and betray your country and your countrymen? Am I saying that Trinity is a traitor? Absolutely I am saying that. Is it personal? For me it very nearly was. But fortunately I caught myself just in time. I do not know how long it will take but I will say this. Everyone will find that my words to him were true. Will I be praying that something bad will happen to him? No absolutely not. Will I be praying for him? Perhaps so but at the moment I do not feel like that is an option any longer. I feel like he made his choice and it is out of my hands now. One thing that I know for a fact that is true and completely timeless is this. God IS not mocked. He has taken this personally not me. Do I speak for Him? Sometimes I do. Do I speak for Him in this case? Yes I do indeed. Sadly it will come to pass for all to see as well. Please wake up while you still can. R.I.P. _ChickenHawk_

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