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    Whatever you say...actions speak louder than words...
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    I doubt I will return here. Antichristian administration makes this place a joke.
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    I am doing what I feel led to do. You hopefully are doing what you feel led to do. It is irony in its purest form that we are having this small debate about the relevancy of participation of Christians in cyberspace while actually in cyberspace. Moreover I believe that if you had understood what I was saying about duality, you would have realized that I was not supporting it. I spoke of the lie of the significance of evil. Luciferians believe that light is significant and defined because dark is significant. It has to do with their belief in the Left Hand Path versus the Right Hand Path. Both are equally evil. Both are fruit from the same tree. Luciferians believe in duality because they think that they can see it in nature and therefore they can depend on it. I do not. They have believed the lie that Satan proposed in the garden. That they would be like God knowing good from evil. The truth is everything they do is evil in spite of its appearance. So in telling me there is no duality, you have shown me that you do not understand what I am saying. And by issuing a blanket statement that all Luciferians are beyond hope, you have shown me that you have a limited view of the Redemptive Power of the Cross of Christ. If nothing else you do not think before you press submit or send sometimes. In any case I think you make some valid points and some that are blatantly contradictory. And as I said, I am doing what I feel like I am supposed to do and not just what I want to do. I hope that you receive this with grace and in the spirit in which I have written it. Unless a man or a woman has blasphemed the Holy Ghost or else taken the mark of the beast, they are not beyond hope in this world. Anyone may be saved at any time who has not done these two things...anyone.
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    Hello Juliana, I agree with most of what you have posted. I personally do not facebook nor have I ever been involved in a chat room until February of this year. I am doing what I am doing because I feel like I am supposed to be doing it. Having said that, I will add that I agree that chat rooms are indeed not the best place to be for any Christian. But if you know anything at all about what is going on in the world around you yet, which you seem pretty sure of yourself, you will recognize that most churches today are actually far more dangerous to a sincere Christian than any chat room like hiddentruths. The NSA is able to collect data with such intensity and clarity on all peoples in first and second world countries that to think we can escape their prying eyes is a pipe dream. We can however take refuge in the feathers of the wings of the almighty God. The one thing that TPTB cannot and never will be able to do is comprehend the truth. They have accepted the lie of the significance of evil. Duality is a lie. Light does not need darkness to be defined as light. What they do not understand is that God is infinitely more than everything he has created. He exists distinct from His creation. And thus the Luciferians who rule the world have believed the lie that it is possible to wage war on God. They are liars and psychopaths who have believed the ultimate psychopath. It is in a very weird way primarily to these people I have been speaking. My position is well known and I have had intense battle in the spirit behind what I feel is a part of my calling, but I press forward as I seek to be led by the Spirit and therefore be counted as a child of the Most High God. HawK
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    Cyberwarfare mor...<<< see I stopped myself the possibilities I have for character growth impress even me.... jk
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    So I can't even like say something derogatory about dk even? come on...
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    No name calling? That is a harsh rule. I will try though.