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  1. “Sometimes life's going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.” Few years ago after going through a horrible life experience, I happened to believe that people in TV programs, radio programs are dropping hints on me. I thought they know exactly who I’m I, what I do, what I think, basically my whole life. I also happened to believe that people in Forbes, Microsoft, Guardian etc… knew me and they communicated me through emails by writing articles on Forbes, sending me newsletters etc… It was a mind boggling experience that I had. Everything started out of the blue, just after I was having a conflict with a friend. Due to the incidences that was taking place I happened to believe that this friend was behind everything. Day by day I came to an understanding that I don’t have a privacy at all. My activities are being monitored in the most unethical manner. I had no one to explain my experience and by saying certain things members of my family also got scared thinking that I’m having a trouble with my thinking in other words I’m going through some mental problems. The battle that I had to face everyday from morning to evening is not something that I could explain you in words. I was desperately looking for answers and I had to question the meaning of reality. Why suddenly the world that I used to know changed drastically in a weird way. I have never observed human beings behaving in a way that I’m observing now. And this happened to me after I living more than one-third of a normal human life span. The reason for me to end up in believing such a thing was due to abnormal events that I happened to observe every day and that is not something that I could consider as a coincidence. Out of the blue things that suppose to be a coincidence, a rare event, suddenly become a meaningful interaction and this kept on happening to me every day for more than a year. I kept on blaming friends and others for spying on me and I was furious. I had no explanation whatsoever to understand this abnormal phenomenon, I had no one to find help and I’m having this personal battle every day. And I have been cracking my head to find the truth behind this life experience. What makes people to deny after they actually doing certain things, participating on certain things? Why they indirectly say things or drop hints about my life events every day and then keep denying it? Every time my complaints became a surprised to them, so I finally ended up in talking about it with anyone, cause literraly there’s no point. And then I ended up talking to my friends too cause now I don’t trust anyone. I thought they lie to my face again and again. Friends still called me like they knew nothing but I don’t have an interest in talking to my friends anymore because of my experience. So according to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) technically speaking I’m a schizophrenic. Doctors will not have a clue or have a knowledge to critically analyse my situation, I’ll be treated as a schizophrenic and medicine will be given to me if I ever happened to visit a doctor to overcome my situation. Having said that this will be the first time in your life you will hear a person claiming that he managed to come out of such a delusion, a false thinking, simply by doing a massive research, gaining the right knowledge, having the right view and then ending up in having the right understanding. I hope my story would completely changed the way we have been thinking about these abnormal human experiences. It’s extremely, extremely difficult to understand this phenomenon if you are not a person who directly experience this. At the same time if you do experience this chances are you would end up in a psychiatric hospital without being able to critically analyse this and come up with the right understanding to avoid you being labeled as a mentally ill person. When I compare myself to a schizophrenic, the only difference that I see here is that, I never went to a psychiatric hospital and neither I ended up in hearing voices but if I continue have a misunderstanding of this, I would have ended up in hearing voices too but not for the reasons that we have been thinking of. Ever since this abnormal life experience that I faced, I have been seeing contradictory evidence, therefore, I strongly believed that there must be a logical explanation for all these and I was pondering in my head from morning to evening and was trying to figure out a logical explanation for my abnormal life experience. When I was about to finally understand the truth, there I started facing physical harassments that I could directly relate to experiences of Targeted Individuals. Targeted Individual is a person who understand that they are being harassed by a technology though no one believes it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9WNGwceeok - Some of the experiences of Connie Marshall (at 15.30) are body overheating, body extremely cold, seizures, heart pains, involuntary movements of my limbs, being hypnotised or placed in a trance type state, v2k (some TI’s hear voices), control dreams, sleep deprivation - ( Experiences such as precise movement of limbs, meaningful dreams, sleep deprivation are some of the direct experiences that I too had) - Claims of dream manipulation and other torture. Some of these are direct experiences that I had. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjbeFcWsiOc - Further testimonies! Body control by unseen forces. Again, some of these are direct experiences that I had. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmhdsQ8fPSc&t=23s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6OJFsytpH8 - Nigel said - When I think of something and go, somebody will walk by me and repeat what I just said. (I experienced this exact thing, people repeat things that I was thinking or things related to my thoughts. Sometimes those exact words. This is a mind blowing experience, will put you in a confused state at first whilst you trying to understand it). If you have never Targeted by this technology you would never believe such a heinous crime, a crime that is EXTREMELY CRUEL is actually happening on Earth today. The biggest issue that Targeted Individuals are facing today is that, it is extremely difficult to prove this harassment due to our limited technology. Why I made such a statement could be understood by reading this whole article. So even governments, medical societies thinks that these cases should be there due to mental illness only and there’s no truth behind it. Therefore, it’s victims are being isolated in the society and there’s literally no one to find help. Because of it’s capabilities and the way it acts on people it could make people to believe that every government is hiding this technology or sometimes they would end up in blaming governments such as US primarily, UK, Russia, German etc… however these are nothing more than false conclusions. The only government who holds this technology is the Swiss government without their citizens being aware of this. This I managed to understand after doing a massive research only. To understand this whole article first we must understand the secrets behind the Mentalists too. This is another abnormal ability, only a very few people on Earth are showing this today and it’s mind blowing. As you can see in the below video, Lior Suchard is making everyone in the Audience to draw a star. This is not a magic trick, Lior Suchard is not paying these people either in advance to fool every other person. - Mentalist Lior Suchard Bends Harry Connick Jr. & Alice Eve's Minds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J94uO-urSTg Is it possible for everyone in the audience to have the same thought, without someone influencing their thoughts? How come they had the same thought of drawing a star? Our common sense will tell us that this is impossible. Which means, we all must agree that human thoughts must have being effected in someway. If we do a fMRI scan we will understand that these people are having some unique electrical activities in their brains whilst they were thinking of drawing the star. What happens here is that particular areas of all these people’s brains get stimulated by the time they actually start thinking of doing the task or start thinking of the question for example “what should I draw”. If you check Lior Suchards events, you would understand that he can make his audience to think of various things, simply by stimulating their brains (he doesn’t know this but fMRI scans will prove this) and letting them perceive thinking. If you want to make his predictions become false, only thing you have to do is to avoid accepting the initial thoughts which comes to you, think about some random topics and make sure you pick the most random topic to start your drawing. This way, Lior’s trick would utterly fail, you would draw something totally different than what Lior has drawn in advance. However, Lior can still say things about your past actions or whatever you thought of, cause those are done by decoding your thoughts through satellites only. AI’s (Artificial Intelligent) are interacting with people and Lior Suchard, but Lior Suchard has no clue of this. Lior Suchard has no such a power to stimulate a single human brain and make them perceive thinking. An extremely advanced technology is working behind the scene and he is a victim only. This will be an important concept to understand this whole article and you will understand what made me to come to this conclusion as well later in this article. Having said that, if you analyse this logically you will understand one important thing, that is, no one understood that their thoughts are being effected, they made an action or a made a decision to draw a star based on the thoughts arised in them. The entire audience had the same thought, this is a very clear observation that we all can make. Besides, it’s impossible for everyone in the audience to think the same thing at the same time, which means their minds are being effected to think the same. This should help us to understand that our minds can be influenced by external means regardless of whether Lior Suchard made it happen or not. That’s how vulnerable our minds are. This technology could make people to perceive thinking simply by stimulating very specific areas of our brains. People who have these thoughts cannot understand the difference between these induced thoughts and their own thoughts so they fall for it and since they think those are their own thoughts they acts on it and in this case they started drawing a star according to these induced thoughts. If Lior Suchard can make the whole Audience think and draw the same by exploiting the human mind, what else we can do if we can make people think in that way? Or what are the other possibilities of such a technology? 1). Let’s think of a person who write articles to Forbes. He/she will start thinking the content of the article, the heading of the article etc... so here we can exploit the thoughts coming to these writers. We could induce thoughts to them (imagine Lior Suchard scenario) to drop hints daily to a Targeted Individual or to a specific reader. So without writers knowing we could make the writers to have a perception of thinking and to write an entire article even by targeting a particular person out there. When this Targeted Individual read these articles every day, at some point he/she will notice that this cannot be a coincidence and then after another couple of days he/she will be convinced that this strange phenomenon is really happening. This way we can make a Targeted Individual think various things depend on the content or we could simply make the Targeted Individual to think that he/she is under 24/7 surveillance. The Targeted Individual will not be able to explain this to another person, cause they would think he/she must be having a mental issue to make a such a claim. This technology would also decode the thoughts of the Targeted Individual to assist this process. That being said here is an experience of a Targeted Individual: Experience of a Targeted Individual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYl68KipxeM&feature=youtu.be Don’t be too quick to judge, this is a personal experience and Lena is having a stressful life due to her experience. Skeptics won’t believe it and unless a person has a VERY sharp thinking, these cases are extremely difficult to understand even if you are a scientist or a doctor. That’s mainly because of our beliefs and not being exposed to such highly advanced technologies, what those technologies could do to our brains(matter) and how it could exploit our minds. Now, throughout the above video, Lena who is a Targeted Individual (TI) keeps on blaming people for stalking, however, this blame become a surprise to the people in the streets (just like my friends got surprised), they are like I’m I really hearing this or is it a Joke? Lena never trust the words spoken by these people(same in my case) because of her experience. By reading the comments of the video, one could understand that people who has watched this youtube video thinks that Lena must be mentally ill (people thought of me the same), doctors are thinking the same. This is not all Targeted Individuals are sometimes think that they are being followed by police vehicles, firetrucks, ambulances etc.. People who experience this will totally agree with Lena, however if any targeted individuals blame people directly, every targeted individual would get the same response from the general public just like what Lena is getting, they will be utterly surprised for these strange claims. I faced the same, therefore, i could say this beyond a doubt. Just like Lena, I was having a deep anger for people around me and I was asking myself why human beings are suddenly behaving this odd way. Having said that by becoming a victim but then again coming out of this false thinking by deeply researching into this and understanding this, I could say that TI’s and Non TI’s are living in two different worlds. The world interacts with a TI in a different way than a non TI or in other words TI’s are living in a world that is being manipulated in the most sophisticated way, it’s the same to a schizophrenic, Non TI’s or the general public are not capable of understanding this. In a TI’s world, things that suppose to be a coincidence will not become a coincidence any more, this is why TI’s are always asking from people “is that a coincidence? all the time and keep blaming people. All of a sudden TI’s can predict things, this is not all some TI’s are going through extreme physical harassments too that is hard to prove. For this reason Targeted Individual understand that this is not a natural cause, people are behind this and a hidden technology is acting on them to harass them and they are absolutely right on this. This is a clear example of such a prediction made by a Targeted Individual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FMVpmyfzG8 That doesn’t mean Targeted Individuals can predict things 100%, these cases are happening to TI’s to a level their minds can be noticed and making them understand that these things are not happening due to a mere coincidence. They will further face abnormal incidences, so by trying to understand the reason behind such incidences by assuming things, they end up in having a false understanding and for others this will become a delusion. Few years ago, before I getting to know what’s really happening to me, just like her, I became furious with my friends, people around the world, companies, people in live TV shows/dramas, radio programs, people in streets etc… day by day. Though I had to argue with people at times, most of the time, I managed to keep my anger within me, cause every time I do, people kept denying it. This became a complicated riddle to me and I was desperately looking for answers every day just like Lena and any other Targeted Individual. You may find my story here, http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2016/06/psychiatrists-are-being-deceived-an-insight-into-biggest-secrets-of-nsa-and-so-called-illuminati-2475963.html?currentSplittedPage=0 - NSA does not have this technology and you will know why I came to such a conclusion later in this article. Following is another Targeted Individuals experience: "When I was working for an email marketing company in US, I had a strange experience. It happened in the year 2009. In the first couples of weeks, everyone seemed to be nice and friendly. After the second week, I felt something was not right. All of sudden, I noticed a strange and bizarre behavior of some co-workers there. I was treated differently by a group of people of the company (especially one particular group from IT department). Some people were so rude. Some people passed hints on me. Some talked about certain things related to my personal life. Some talked about things I said or did in my apartment. They frequently referred to places, restaurants that I visited couples of days ago. Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe. Some mimicked my actions, words and my dresses. Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents. Someone had scratched my car door while it was in the parking lot. Those incidents seemed like small mishaps. I had to pee several times while I was at work. Sometimes I had to pee 4 times in two hours. I felt some vibration/needle like pain in my belly, leg and arm from time to time. Whenever I went to pee, a co-worker was following me. Different people were doing this at different time. But when this happened everyday more than couples of times a day, I came to realize they were doing this purposely.” "Gradually, Harassment occurred even outside of the office. Whatever happened inside the office started to happen in public places too. Random people bumped on me while I was walking. Someone was always watching me or following me while I was outside. A neighbor came in or left the apartment at the same time I left or came in.”- https://stalkingnightmare.wordpress.com/about/ Having said that, there were days that I saw friends in my dreams then the next day either I get a call from these friends who were in my dreams or I started seeing a post on Facebook from these friends. Non of this made a sense to me until I started seeing posts and people in live TV shows, radio stations commenting on things related to my thoughts. Following are some of the stages of my harassment. Everything started just after I having a conflict with a friend, let’s call this friend as Isaac. So here is what happened: ASSUMPTION: EVERYONE MUST KNOW ME: 1). Day by day, I noticed that my friends who are not a friend of Isaac were also commenting (think of how people drop hints or saying things indirectly on certain matters) relating to the incidences that I’m having with Isaac on Facebook and sometimes they suddenly call me but on these calls they give me hints like they know exactly whats happening in my life or even if they chat with me I see the same thing. Sometimes these conversations will relate to recent things that I did, it could relate to a recent conversation that I had with Isaac or even with another friend. Just like they all were communicating with each other. Now these cases happened to me every day, defying the meaning of a coincidence. So I kept on judging how could this be unless Isaac talks about the conflict that I’m having with him with other friends? Any person, even if you are a TI or not, you will come to this kind of a conclusion if you happen to experience this since these cases are happening beyond what we can call as a COINCIDENCE. Therefore, I was furious with Isaac and other friends for doing this every day but every time they deny it. To understand what this experience is, think about a time where you had a conflict with a friend, let’s call this friend as Bob, but next day Sam who is a friend of Bob starts dropping hints to show you that he knows exactly what happened. After few days, you again have a argument with Bob and then you happen to meet Mike who is a mutual friend, again Mike is dropping hints directly relating to the last argument that you had with Bob. These kind of scenes will keep on happening for days and days and then when you ask from Mike after observing this for sometime, whether Bob had told anything, Mike denies it. This is not going to end there, so many mutual friends would start dropping hints so often now, almost every day but everyone will deny doing so. Now you are furious with all your friends, cause this cannot be a COINCIDENCE, there’s a zero chance for this to happen, so you think that everyone is lying to you. Then again now you are no longer talking to Bob but now your own friends who has a zero connection with Bob is dropping hints just like they know everything. How come? Now how would you analyse this situation? In general you would conclude, either Bob sends messages to everyone or talk about the conflict that you had with him and for some reason they agree with Bob and they start dropping hints without directly saying things. Therefore, you will think and analyse the situation and come up with various explanations to understand how Bob is contacting your friends, why is he contacting and what could he be telling about you to support him etc… this way you will end up in having a false conclusion and not only this you will end up in having ISSUES in TRUSTING people. When you become a Targeted Individual, this would be the biggest issue that you are facing and it will be the worst enemy of a Targeted Individual. However, what you are observing here is not a normal human behaviour rather an abnormal behaviour, so sometimes you might understand this but then again your experience is so strong, so you end up in believing it. Depend on the way this strange phenomenon happens, human beings will end up in having various false conclusions. This is the reason behind this Targeted Individuals belief. There’s no truth to the Belief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U_egdM1OJs This is how I ended up in having such a false belief, however, deeply analysing this I came to an understanding that non of them actually knew anything about my life’s events, later you will understand how I came to this conclusion. ASSUMPTION: HOUSE HAS BEING BUGGED OR LAPTOP HAS BEING HACKED, 2). At this stage, now things what I do at home or talk at home, goes on Facebook statuses or friends seems to know. For example, I’m talking with my brother and trying to buy a new phone, that day evening I get a call from a friend saying that he is trying to sell his phone and whether I have an interested in buying or I see a post on FB saying something similar. How come such thoughts arised in my friends? Again, these kind of abnormal cases happened beyond to a level that we can take as a coincidence. Literally this is impossible. This cannot happen to such an extent. Therefore, only logical explanation I had at this time is to think that my house must have been bugged or my laptop has been hacked and they listened to my conversation etc... So, I didn’t wake up from a dream and started thinking that now my house or laptop has being hacked, I had a very good logical reason to have such a thought and that is by analysing these abnormal cases. How do you judge this? What would be your assumptions? If you experience this, you would come up with the same conclusion just like any other TI. And when you start telling your experience to your family members or friends, they would think that you have a problem with your thinking. It’s pretty hard for another person to understand this kind of an experience, cause it’s not something that they have ever experienced in their whole life. So for them these are ridiculous claims, everyone cannot involve in such a thing. Well, before I experiencing this, if I heard such a story from another person, I would also think the same, probably think that he/she has a mental illness. However, today I totally understand the views of Targeted Individuals and Non Targeted Individuals and that is only by coming out of this false thinking by deeply researching to this strange phenomenon, critically analysing this with the right view and educating myself. Sometimes, Targeted Individuals and even schizophrenics live their whole lives by having such beliefs or they would end up in taking medicine. Now what happens if a normal person experience this without a clash with another person or if one couldn’t find a possible origin to link this experience? They would come up with their own explanation, they might think, people are listening to his/her conversations, his/her house has been hacked, government is spying on them etc... This is what a brother of a Schizophrenic has to say: "My younger brother is a violent schizophrenic. He's abusive both verbally and physically. He thinks the house is bugged and people are listening. He thinks the security guard at the high school signals him." - https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/schizophrenia-treatment-housing-and-self-help-options/ I had the same delusional thinking and I managed to come of this by doing a massive research, gaining the right knowledge, right view and the right understanding. Schizophrenics are also Targeted Individuals? I will let you to judge. ASSUMPTION: SOMEONE IS TRACKING ME BUT HOW? 3). This didn’t end there, now even if I meet people in offices, streets, these friends seems to know the conversations that I'm having. I had no explanation whatsoever, therefore, I started assuming that my mobile phone must have been hacked too and sometimes I think some of these people are also participating in my harassment( I thought these friends could be saying what I talked with him/her to other friends) and that’s why now my friends are capable of knowing the conversations that I’m having with people when I’m outside the home. Again, if you happen to experience such a thing, what would be your assumption here? Following are some experiences of Schizophrenics: Nearly a year ago out of the blue while off meds for a couple of years. He started to believe he was being followed,mobile hacked,tracked,poisoned,thought he was in an intervention.. the list continues. - https://saneforums.org/t5/Our-stories/Advice-needed/td-p/206640 I observed that, my experiences are identical to experiences of different schizophrenics. ( Later i found out that i have been tracked in a way that no one would remotely think of. So my conclusion here was that schizophrenics always had a logical reason to have such beliefs. They observed the manipulated world without they knowing that the world that they observe is being manipulated in the most sophisticated way, so they end up in making an erroneous conclusion or a judgement. Specially if a schizophrenic could not relate to an origin just like in my case, they could assume that the government, neighbours or some people are tracking them ) ASSUMPTION: MY THOUGHTS ARE BEING DECODED (THE TRUTH): Finally I started seeing posts directly relating to the thoughts that I’m having too. I couldn’t believe what my eyes are seeing, I thought it must be a coincidence at first but just like the other things, this also went beyond what we could call as a coincidence. Therefore, at this time I understood that someone is using a technology to decode my thoughts. But how come? Therefore, a myriad of questions started coming to my mind throughout the day, thinking who could have developed such a technology, what could be the origin of this and why do wanted to track me in this abnormal manner, the capabilities of this technology etc... Having said that, this completely changed the way I looked at this issue. I never took such a technology as a possibility behind my case since this is a technology that we were expecting to see in the future but now I’m having a direct experience with this type of an advanced technology. I was shocked to see this, flabbergasted and now I'm trying to comprehend all my crazy experiences with this new understanding. This is not the world that I used to know since my childhood, neither I heard a rumour about such a technology. However, after another few more days from this day, now I understand beyond a doubt that there’s a technology that is capable of decoding our thoughts and they are using this technology to decode my thoughts. This is not all later I found out that they were capable of seeing what my eyes are seeing, precisely. Since now I know that my mind is being read, I got a curiosity to see the accuracy of this technology and how advanced this technology possibly could be. So on a random day, at a random time, I thought “let’s think about a particular number and see if they could decode it” to surprise me yes they could know this number precisely. I’m utterly surprised by seeing this. Then again on another random day, I thought of a particular name to see if they could decode the name too, to surprise me they were capable of knowing that too. How come? Is there a person who listens to my thoughts 24/7? If not they should not know that I had these particular thoughts, cause I had these thoughts on random days at random times, it’s not possible to know without they actually listening to my thoughts actively 24/7. So this was a puzzling experience to me and left me pondering throughout the day. So now I’m thinking whether they listen to all my thoughts actively or do they listen to a copy of my recorded thoughts(voice file) to see what I was thinking of. However, I didn’t see these as practical methods either, cause by the time we woke up, till the time we sleep, we have all sort of never ending thoughts. So to listen to this recorded voice file later is not a worth thing to do and again actively listening to my thoughts wouldn’t be worth either. If I'm a high profile politician then that would make sense but what I’m experiencing doesn’t make sense at all, why would someone listen to my thoughts? But then again, without listening to my thoughts no one should be able to understand the random thoughts that I had too, I had those thoughts at random days at random times, i might have recalled these thoughts very few times but still it would be a difficult task for someone to identify it. A more logical explanation would be to develop an AI(Artificial Intelligence) in a way where it could work/act just like a human being work, so regardless of the time I’m having that kind of a thought, highly advanced AI's could interact with me. This didn’t end there, I started seeing an advertisement on TV directly mentioning the number that I was thinking of. Therefore, by seeing this advertisement I went mad with this company cause now all I could think of is that this company also started participating with these people who is decoding my thoughts and I'm accusing my friends for everything. This is not all, thereafter, I started seeing several new advertisements, directly dropping hints to the thoughts that I was having. I was clueless and now I’m thinking why would people participate in such a thing and run advertisement campaigns for their products and services on television but at the same time targeting me? If someone is paying for those adds, if the company also gets benefited and if these company heads have no morals, then why not? This is what I thought of, cause, I had no other alternative answers for this riddle at this time. Then after few months a new TV show started and in this TV show, the script writer manages to write things that is directly relating to my life and it’s like the entire script is written by targeting me. For example, if I do something or think of something, had a party, things that I eat, the places that I go etc… script writer will have thoughts to write it in his script. I got utterly confused by watching this. Again, this didn’t end there, think about the clips that they run before they air a particular episode, now in most of these clips they directly dropped hints on me, so by analysing all these strange events, now I’m thinking that through their close contacts their getting others also to participate in this unethical work and people who decode my thoughts should be sending information about what has to be added in their scripts and I’m also thinking that they must be paying hell of lot of money to get these things done but at the same time my logic keeps on saying that this shouldn’t happen, people just don’t work in this way. Why do they write scripts when they could do so many other things to harass me? Just a pointless work. BY DOING THIS THESE PEOPLE TRIED SO HARD TO PUT ME MENTALLY DOWN AND TRIED TO END ME UP IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL. I SIMPLY BECAME LUCKY DUE TO THE HARD WORK THAT I GAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS STRANGE PHENOMENON. Having said that my experience was so strong, it’s really happening and I had no other explanation to understand this mystery though I tried, so I ended up in believing it. And I’m furious with all these people, I literally couldn’t go in front of the TV when my family members are watching these shows, I was so pissed but I never showed any of these to my family members cause I know what they would think of me if I do. So I have been battling daily with these thoughts inside my head. I’m utterly confused at times, cause these are not things that humans would do but to some reason they are doing this now. It’s like I’m suddenly reborn to a world that has no morals in people and I thought that their minds are being filled up with evil and they don’t realise it. Then this is what Brian has to say, who has been labelled as a schizophrenic: According the article published on THE IRISH SUN: "Brian tells how he struggles with paranoia and is convinced all TV shows are aimed at him and that people can access his Facebook account” - https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/tv/1545394/young-waterford-woman-determined-to-break-stigma-of-schizophrenia-by-speaking-openly-about-her-battle-with-the-illness/ Prior to this I have never heard such stories of Schizophrenics. I only knew there are some people in this world who hear voices and that’s all I knew about Schizophrenia. But now I had a direct experience just like what Brian had and I can easily relate to Brian’s experience due to my own experience. I came through these articles later when I started analysing to see if Schizophrenics are indeed due to this hidden technology or not. A person who never had a direct experience as such, would be extremely difficult to understand what this strange phenomenon is. Let me take you more examples to make you understand this: - QuoteShare - Arrested Development (TV series) - It's a different wall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v-6fmx2kO0&feature=youtu.be Assume you are President Trump and you have been contemplating on building this wall for few days now but strangely in that same week you started seeing this weird show, dropping hints about the exact thoughts that you have been having. Now what happens if you happen to observe these strange incidences almost every day? Then again imagine a scenario where you observe this strange phenomenon in different TV shows and in different channels. How on Earth would the script writers come up with such ideas depicting such scenes? Well, I have seen such scripts in TV shows in different channels to a point that couldn’t be considered as a coincidence. Since there was a chain of abnormal past events prior to this abnormal phenomenon, I came to a very specific conclusion on who could be behind this and how it could be happening and their motivation etc… because of the assumptions that I made by seeing this. - This another example to understand my experience. Just imagine a scenario where these script writers dropping hints in their scripts with regard to what you do, what you think, your beliefs etc… Here, these script writers shouldn’t know Trumps personality since this episode was aired in 1958 but they had strange thoughts to use the name Trump for a person and then talk about building a wall and to use the word “SUE”, as well. Likewise, these script writers were dropping hints in their shows daily about my actions, the unique thoughts that I had, things that I spoke with others etc… https://youtu.be/Gs6UcgiDwg0 Some of the words in the script: “”Be careful son, I can sue you,” – Trump responds “The people were ready to believe. Like sheep they ran to the slaughterhouse. And waiting for them was the high priest of fraud”- Says the narrator” “I can built a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate” – Trump says. “Are you here about Trump? yes sir what are you going to do about him. What do you want me to do? Stop him. From what? From taking the town. That’s what he has in his mind. Well that’s obvious but can you prove it? In order to arrest him a sheriff has to have a charge and Trump hasn’t given him a thing to go on” That being said, after seeing that my mind is being decoded 24x7, I finally decided to research on this and this is the first time that I started researching into these strange experiences. And this is where I got to know about experiences of Schizophrenics, Spirits, Psychic etc.. But things got more bizarre when I first started doing my research. Assume that I went online to research into these experiences around 8 in the evening, within minutes I started experiencing power cuts in my area and this happened to me many times, so it became apparent that someone out there doesn’t like me researching into this subject. At the same time, I’m confused on how they are able to do these power cuts but later I understood that there were sudden damages to electricity transformers in my area. Then there were days that I was planning to research let’s say 8 in the evening, however, I experienced sudden heavy rains accompanied by thunder and lightning. Before, this day, the whether was good throughout the month(wasn’t raining) and I didn’t have anything to suspect about these sudden rains. However, this didn’t end there, on very specific times, the times that I planned to research, I started seeing sudden heavy rains and this new abnormal phenomenon kept happening again and again just like other cases. And this went beyond to a level that I could consider as a coincidence. Therefore, here I came to an understanding that this hidden technology is capable of producing sudden heavy rains too. I was flabbergasted, couldn’t believe what my eyes are seeing. This is not all, thereafter, there were many occasions I started facing sudden heavy rains at those exact times that I scheduled meetings and it started raining just 20, 30 minutes prior I leaving whatever the premises that I was staying to disrupt my work. Who on Earth would believe this? I understood that this technology has a ZERO energy challenges and making such a thing happen is absolutely nothing for this technology. (when I research into this I came across with HAARP, though I initially believed this could be the technology behind this strange phenomenon, deeply researching into this made me understand that HAARP wasn’t the actual technology involved in this harassment). After I facing all these abnormal experiences, I finally decided to meet some of the close friends that I thought I could trust the most and talk about this issue openly. At this stage I started seeing Facebook posts where these posts were indirectly giving me death threats. The reason for me to think in this way is that regardless of the time I login to Facebook, I see posts related to accidents and suicides etc.. and the typical heading of these posts would be “Dead…..” and these are the first posts that I see whenever I log into my FB account. I started seeing this every day (yes everyday more than a week), therefore, it was apparent to me that people behind my harassment was threatening me. However, I took a risk and made a decision to meet my friends to discuss about this but few days prior to this date that I was planning to meet my friends, I suddenly started hearing A LOUD high frequency TONE (this was so loud only I could hear it) in my head and I was in such a pain that whole day. In my research I understood that this tone is similar to the Tinnitus sound but in my case it was extremely loud for a whole day. Then after this day I was attacked with this tone many times at times I research onto this and at times I met friends to discuss about my experience. THIS IS TRUE INCIDENT THAT I FACED I WAS ATTACKED BY SOME KIND OF WAVE, ONLY I COULD HEAR IT. AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE THAT I EXPERIENCED SUCH A THING. SO IN MY RESEARCH I UNDERSTOOD THAT TARGETED INDIVIDUALS CLAIMS ARE ACTUALLY TRUE. HERE IS A SITE MENTIONING SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS OF TI’S -http://www.micronesiaforum.org/index.php?p=/discussion/8438/are-you-a-target-electronic-harassment-symptoms HOW I MANAGED TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH AND COME OUT OF MY FALSE CONCLUSIONS! However, finally I managed to have a serious discuss about this with a friend that I could trust for couple of hours. In this discussion I understood that he doesn’t have a slightest clue about what I’m going through. Then I asked him to talk to a particular friend that he could trust the most who is also a friend of mine to see if he knew anything. To surprise me he had no clue either. After this day, I met these two friends in person and had a very long conversation about this for more than 5, 6 hours and through them I managed to verify if other friends that they could trust the most who are also friends of mine knew anything about it. And this way I managed to create a chain of trust to understand this but to surprise me they also knew nothing. By doing this, I understood beyond a doubt that non of my friends actually got involved in anything. After thinking about this deeply for couple of days all my trust issues got vanish in thin air but I’m still desperately looking for answers and now my experience became even more stranger than I could possibly think of. I had no doubt about my experience, cause for more than a year now I have been experiencing this. This is not all, by the time I decided to meet my friends I was harassed with extremely loud tones, I was getting death threats daily, so I had nothing to doubt about my experience. So again I’m cracking my head to understand this riddle. What was the reason behind this experience? and who was behind harassing me using an extremely advanced technology? who is monitoring me? and on what purpose? Therefore, I still spent days and days in cracking my head and deeply analysing everything that happened to me in the past. So I analysed what made me to actually believe that my friends are involved in my harassment, what made me to believe the script writers are involved in my harassment, live TV and Radio presenters, then the companies like Forbes, Microsoft, Guardian, Bloomberg, etc… So again, I had to go with the same conclusion, it was due to meaningful posts that I saw which went beyond to a level of a coincidence, friends dropped hints in our conversations just like they knew everything happening in my life, script writers dropped hints, companies did the same. So to find a clue to this mystery I had to verify whether those posts were actually made by my friends or did I happen to see fake posts from some hacked accounts making me to believe that friends are involved in this. So I called these friends again and I managed to verify that too and here I understood that they have actually made those posts too. Which means so many different friends interacted me on a daily basis but they never knew that their Facebook updates, what they share etc.. were dropping hints on a daily about my activities, my thoughts etc... In some cases I understood that their activities got synchronised with my activities. For example, I’m thinking of going to the Gym after a long time, a friend of mine also thinking of going to the Gym after a long time and he would make a post about it (similar thoughts) and these are the first posts that I see when I login to Facebook. And then they had thoughts of calling me and in these calls they would drop hints related to my activities, I observed this same thing from TV shows, radio programs, newsletters etc.. So it was like someone monitored me actively on a daily basis and commenting or dropping hints on what I do or my daily activities just like giving a commentary on some days. So imagine a commentary or drop of hints coming to you about your life, your daily activities or even degrading comments from so many different sources throughout the day for months and months from sources such as Facebook posts, Live TV programs, TV shows, radio programs, chats, phone calls etc… I observed these kind of cases on a daily basis, so from my perspective this is a meaningful interaction and it’s like they knew everything that I do or my daily activities. This shouldn't happen to such a great extent, it’s impossible, so without knowing the truth I made wrong assumptions and ended up in making erroneous conclusions. To understand what would happened to a person by experiencing such a thing, you could refer to the below video’s. I could easily understand her experience due to my experience. An experience of a Targeted Individual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tBd7VjGZPU ( Her experience is real but she has also ended up in having a false understanding ) FINALLY I STARTED HAVING FLASHES OF INSIGHTS INTO THIS RIDDLE: How come my friends dropped hints on a daily basic, how come they had thoughts of calling me suddenly and talked about things related to my life? just like they knew everything? And what about companies, script writers, people in live tv and radio stations etc.. How come they had such thoughts? Having said that by now I understood that my thoughts are being decoded 24/7, I have been having abnormal dreams too and I also remember this strange thing where I happened to keep singing(internal speech) the same song in my mind which I cannot forget no matter what I do. At this stage I already knew that this technology is capable of precisely stimulating various areas of our brains, this is mainly by researching into experiences of Targeted Individuals, schizophrenics and the direct experience that I also had. Therefore, by analysing all these I finally came to an understanding that this technology is also capable of stimulating brains and inducing thoughts to human beings and this is why I kept on singing the same song in my head again and again in an unstoppable manner. Therefore, now I understood that, It wasn’t I generated those thoughts of singing (my internal speech) but it was due to brain stimulation and I kept on perceiving these as my own thoughts. And there’s no way I could differentiate these induced thoughts with my own thoughts. There were days in the past I happened to think of watching certain TV programs but to surprise me these TV presenters were dropping hints on what I was thinking or would drop hints related to what I was doing few minutes ago. But now i understood the reason behind this, this technology induced thoughts to me to watch those specific programs and at the same time this technology induced thoughts to these TV presenters too. So one by one I started understanding the reason behind the abnormal experiences that I faced. HOW RIGHT KNOWLEDGE WILL HELP US TO HAVE THE RIGHT VIEW AND RIGHT UNDERSTANDING: Therefore, after this day, I kept on researching into this even more deeply and it took few more weeks for me to fully comprehend everything and to fully understand that not only friends that I spoke to, all the other friends that I thought of are not actually involved in any of these. So now I’m literally thinking to myself “You f****** made me to have a clash with my friends and made me to look crazy in front of all my friends and family members”. Having said that I understood that these false thinking would vanish in thin air with the right understanding. This is true for other Targeted Individuals or Schizophrenics, these delusional thoughts or false beliefs will vanish in thin air if one could have the RIGHT UNDERSTANDING behind all these abnormal phenomena. To have the RIGHT UNDERSTANDING, one must gain the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE only one would be able to have the RIGHT VIEW on this and your critical analysis skills will help you a lot. Therefore, by coming out of these false views by having the right understanding on this, today I could say that even Doctors and Scientists are holding into false views on this without they knowing. Gaining the right knowledge is the key to solve these mysteries but then again human beings must have an open mind to know the TRUTH. When we research into these abnormal experiences of human beings one could understand that human beings have been claiming that a technology is inducing thoughts (thought insertion) or to read minds as well but we never listened to what people were saying. Our beliefs about the world, lack of right knowledge, not looking at these experiences with the right view are some of the causes behind this. Now the question is how come people end up in having voices in their heads by having a delusional belief or if a person says that they get messages through TV or Radio stations? If someone says that their house is being bugged? End of the day these are beliefs only whether true or not and human beings are holding onto various false beliefs without they knowing. And I understood that these beliefs arise in human beings by making false assumptions only and then ending up in an erroneous conclusion. So how can a misunderstood phenomenon could end up in hearing voices? Therefore, this deception became so apparent to me. Because of our beliefs, these evil people behind this technology could further harass people making others to believe that they have a mental illness, so no one would have a suspicion. I came out of such false beliefs by gaining the RIGHT UNDERSTANDING, if it’s a mental illness understanding cannot cure me. It’s time for us to start looking at these experiences with an open mind. One could have simply labeled me as a Schizophrenic too and tried to treat me in the same way. What if I met a doctor and said that I was getting messages from people in live TV and Radio? what if I said that all the TV SHOWS are being written by aiming at me and they convey messages to me? At the same time what if I said that my house is being bugged and my phone is being hacked? What if I said that articles in Forbes, Bloomberg etc.. are being written by targeting me? How would doctors treat me? Doctors will not have a clue to investigate me in a proper way. So In this case, they would have simply treated me as per the guidelines of the DSM only, thinking I have a mental illness. How many victims out there treated by doctors without they being able to investigate this in a proper way? I must be the first person on Earth to come out of such a delusion or a false thinking, simply by gaining the right knowledge and the right understanding. I understood how tough it was to understand it. I managed to come out of this false thinking just because of the way I have been analysing my experience from the start. And few clues helped me to quickly connect the dots. So Targeted Individuals were always right on their claim, a technology is there to decode our thoughts and harass human beings at the same time. This is not all later my out door activities got synchronised with police vehicles, ambulances etc… The way this happened to me is that regardless of the time that I go out, I happened to see these vehicles whenever I come to a particular location in streets such as particular junctions. This helped me to understand why Targeted Individuals are believing that Fire Trucks, Postal services, Ambulance services etc.. are involve in their harassment or spying them. SO WHAT’S THE TRUTH BEHIND THIS RIDDLE? WHY TARGETED INDIVIDUALS ARE HAVING SUCH A FALSE BELEIF? By doing a great deal of research helped me to understand that my experience of seeing police vehicles and ambulances was due to synchronisation of events by extremely advanced AI’s (Artificial Intelligence). These AI's are inducing thoughts to people to create these abnormal synchronised events. I happened to meet different police vehicles, different Ambulances whenever I reach this particular junction. So they would not notice me but from my perspective, I see these unique vehicles every time I reaches this particular location. So if I don’t know how exactly this is happening, from my point of view, I would end up in believing that they are spying on me or they are monitoring me, that’s why every time they are capable of doing this. To help you understand this concept, you could analyse this victim’s experience, this is a such a synchronisation. If you observe this video, you would understand that he is walking about 50 to 100 meters but during this time he is able to predict exactly that a UPS or Fedex vehicle would be seen at the junction and just as he predicts he could observe these vehicles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FMVpmyfzG8. Human beings don’t believe if such things are really happening, so the TI had to make this comment "Oh really. Ok so please tell me how i knew once I reached the next block that a FedEx truck and a UPS truck would show up the same time I reached the corner. U think I just got lucky? How would I be able to catch that on camera on my first try. Please explain. I’d love to hear your dumbass reasoning”. This is extremely hard to understand for a non TI and if you are a TI you would make a false assumption and then end up in making a false conclusion, thinking that these vehicles are following you or they are monitoring you. What happens actually is that these EXTREMELY ADVANCED AI’s are synchronising human activities by inducing thoughts so they would meet up in particular locations where a TI could notice, understand that this cannot be a coincidence so by judging with false assumptions, they make erroneous conclusions. Further analysing my experience gave me an insight into how this technology has been used to sensitised human beings for certain stimuli, this could be a colour(colour of a cloth, vehicle etc… ), a human gesture, spoken words, a unique human activity such as touching hair (a victim would believe this as a hand sign or a hand signal), touching chest, sneezing etc.., siren of an ambulance, a unique feature of a an object, certain elements of TV advertisements, dramas etc… To sensitise human beings AI’s will create incidences beyond to a level of a coincidence, victim's would notice this and understand that this cannot be a coincidence, so they would make various false assumption by analysing this manipulated event/activity and this would lead them to erroneous conclusions. Without knowing the reason behind the victim’s experience and the associated logic, doctors and the society will consider this as a delusion. In certain cases victims would face synchronised activities with a sensitised element in it. For example: whenever the victim in the streets, in a particular junction or in a noticeable, a car with a missing hubcap would pass by or this could be any other noticeable thing such as seeing vehicles with the headlights on. Again victims would make various false assumptions to understand this and then make an erroneous conclusion. By doing so a victim would believe that they are being spied, monitored or gang stalked. Once the sensitisation is done, whenever they see these stimuli it will automatically make them believe that those are people who are spying or they would think as perps. When we consider the neuroscience perspective, what happens here is that, whenever the victim encounter the stimulus later, it ends up in activating a unique neural network (by seeing or hearing the stimulus) relate to this false understanding. So their mind always make them to believe that those are perps. So overtime this abnormal experience will create a STRONG FALSE BELIEF in a human being. Think about how our minds work, if you want to understand a particular animal in a picture, you don’t need to see the whole animal’s image to guess it, our minds will pick up certain clues and end up in a conclusion. That’s what happens when a TI get sensitised to certain stimuli. This Targeted Individual has been sensitised for human gestures/colours. - https://youtu.be/fD4M0Mwu0I0 ; And this victim has been sensitised for missing hub caps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJXvGmfOUEk Then there will be occasions where AI’s would induce thoughts and inject specific words into conversations in a way where these words will have a meaning to the Targeted Individual’s life, things that the TI (Targeted Individual) has done in the past, relate to what TI is doing at that very moment, places where TI has visited, things related his/her job, likes and dislikes etc… Here is an example to understand the outcome of AI’s work “ Some people passed hints on me. Some talked about certain things related to my personal life. Some talked about things I said or did in my apartment”, They frequently referred to places, restaurants that I visited couples of days ago”. A Targeted Individual would not understand this, so they will assume things and try to understand how these things are really happening, so these false assumptions are the issues that they are facing. Here TI’s would think that these co-workers are monitoring them or they might assume that these co-workers are being instructed by someone to say those things etc.. therefore they will come up with various assumptions to understand this abnormal phenomenon and then make an erroneous conclusion. It’s extremely hard for a TI to understand this and also to a non TI. So doctors or the general public would relate this to a mental illness. These are some direct experiences I also had so today I could easily explain the reason behind this due to the massive research that I did. - https://stalkingnightmare.wordpress.com/about/ How advanced these AI’s is that it behaves just like a human being does but not a like a normal person but like a person who is enlightened or who has a knowledge of everything happening on earth. Think of a concept like “ALL SEEING EYE”. - ( Is it just a coincidence for Ancient Egypt to use such a word? ) This whole thing could be so complicated for a normal person to understand so let me put it this way. Assume a person called Bob knows exactly what thoughts you had since your childhood, what thoughts your friends had since their childhood, your neighbours or the people around the world. And not only that Bob can easily stimulate your brain and make you perceive thinking or in other words Bob could induce thoughts to you, to your neighbours or anyone on the Planet Earth. Bob is a super human being. Lior Suchard who is a mentalist can induce thoughts to people and can make an entire audience even to think the same or have the same perception of thinking but Bob who is a super human being can fool Lior Suchard even due to his capabilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXK3DqbOg8I&feature=youtu.be- - Lior Influencing a crowd to draw a cloud. Stimulating the brains and make the crowd to perceive the same thoughts in their minds. With these capabilities Bob can easily fool anyone if needed. To understand this: Assume you are in a shop and Bob is monitoring you and Bob also knows your thoughts since Childhood. Now Bob also have a knowledge that there are two friends near you and Bob also has a knowledge on what thoughts your friends also had since Childhood. So what Bob could do is that it could induce thoughts to one of the friends to talk about something that will also relates to your life in a way where you will end up in thinking that they are dropping hints to you. Bob can find the exact thoughts to induce since Bob knows your life and the life of these two friends too. So Bob keeps on doing this every day whenever Bob had a chance, so you could be in streets, in shops or even in your office, Bob keeps on doing this daily to a point where you will notice that this cannot be a coincidence. So without knowing how this is happening, you would make false assumptions to understand this mystery and will come up with an erroneous conclusion. You would think people are monitoring you or they are being paid to do these things. But in reality Bob induce thoughts to people to make it happen. This is why this TI is thinking: "whenever I went to pee, a co-worker was following me”, "Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe” , "Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents”. Indeed these are accidents due to synchronisation of human activities by inducing thoughts and you could find many examples in this victim’s story. - https://stalkingnightmare.wordpress.com/about/ Another thing Bob can do is to make you think that your thoughts are being broadcast. Assume you are in a shop and Bob see these two friends who are staying next to you. So Bob can induce thoughts to one of these friends and make him talk about (you think before you talk, so this can be exploited by Bob) something relates to the thoughts that you just had. Bob would do this in a way like those two friends will drop hints just like they knew your thoughts. Since Bob can stimulate any brain in the world, while you watching TV, Bob can stimulate a live TV presenter’s brain and induce thoughts in a way like they dropping hints to what you have been thinking. And Bob will do this every day, so at some point you will notice this and understand that this cannot be a coincidence and you would make false assumptions to understand this and come up with an erroneous conclusion such as your thoughts are being broadcast. Take this scenario, since Bob knows everyones thoughts, now Bob could analyse the schedules of Fedex or UPS drivers. Now Bob wants to make you meet a Fedex or a UPS driver when you are at a particular junction. Bob has a knowledge of the traffic patterns in your area too, so now what Bob can do is find the right Fedex or UPS driver who is closes to you and induce thoughts to him to go on the road that you are walking now, so by the time you go to this particular Junction, you will end up in meeting Fedex or a UPS driver. If Bob understood your schedule in advance Bob could induce thoughts and manipulate the schedules too of these Fedex or UPS drivers and even induce thoughts to you and control your movement, so you will meet up a Fedex or a UPS driver at this particular junction. Bob will do this trick again and again till you notice this and understand that it’s not a coincidence. So you will end up in making false assumptions to understand this and end up in making an erroneous conclusion and think those are perps, they are monitoring you or someone is giving commands them to follow you etc.. Once you get sensitised to such a thing, whenever you see a Fedex or UPS driver your mind will automatically think that those are perps. Same techniques can be used by Bob to make people follow you by simply inducing thoughts to some random people. So you would also claim that people are following you wherever you go. Here are experiences of TI’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uR5jmI-vAU - Made her to believe that USPS service is stalking her; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZi8FYV6JPM - Made her to believe that the Boston EMS Ambulance Service is corrupted; Believing that police vehicles are gang stalking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGlKpJ6U0hI Similarly Bob can induce thoughts to people to touch hair, touch eye-glasses, cough etc.. whenever you are in public locations again making you believe that those are perps. Bob can also make so many people at once to think of wearing a cloth with a particular when they visit the shop that you are also planning to visit. So by seeing this abnormal phenomenon daily you will end up in having a false thinking. The capabilities of this extremely advanced technology is mind boggling, people cannot easily comprehend it. Having said that, when we have extremely powerful computers such as highly advanced quantum computers, these kind of AI’s can be easily developed to analyse extremely large data sets to make such complex decisions. These computers would instantaneously analyse your current activities based on your thoughts, your environment, people who are closer to you etc.. and induce thoughts to you by stimulating your brain or to people near you to create these experiences. Here are some other experiences of Targeted Individuals: Michael Barden’s experience. He also has been facing abnormal synchronised events often but without knowing the truth behind it he has ended up in taking it as Gang stalking. At the end of his video, you will hear that a lady becomes surprise for Michael’s accusation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfZ6AW7NJVs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbkRY7i_2II - Daniel Chungkug Kim’s experience. Targeted individuals have been claiming for such a long time now that there’s a technology behind their experiences/harassment but no one has ever given a serious consideration to their claims. Then again no matter how much contradictory evidence out there with regard to our views of voice hearing, we are not looking into those evidence with an open mind therefore these obvious evidence we tend to ignore. This was the first time that I research to voice hearing and I understood at this time that voices must show abnormal knowledge cause the reason behind voices MUST be this technology only. Cause according to medical terms I’m a schizophrenic but by doing a massive research gaining the right understanding I managed to come out of it without being treated as a schizophrenic. So in my research to prove my view is right I further came across with following experiences of schizophrenics. Following is an interesting behavioural experiment conducted on a Schizophrenic by a therapist. Roger Hagen mentions the following on his thesis on Doctor of Philosophy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. According to his experiment on Tony (altered name) who is a Schizophrenic: Tony believed that these policemen were using various methods of surveillance to keep him under their control. Among his delusional ideas was that he was being used for an experiment. He believed receivers had been implanted in his head, and that the policemen were using radio beams to over-stimulate his brain, which caused him pain. He was certain that his head would explode if this “torture” continued. He had strong delusional convictions about the damage to his brain that was caused by the radio beams. Behavioural Experiments: Further behavioural experiments were set up, and because Tony’s delusions were closely connected to his appraisal of the voices, a new behavioural experiment was carried out. Tony was still certain that the voices came from outside his head, and were inflicted upon him by radio beams, though he had begun to understand that they didn’t tell him the truth. To help him understand that the voices were not caused by radio beams, the therapist and Tony agreed to test the hypothesis “the voices are externally inflicted”. Tony and the therapist agreed that if the voices were caused by radio beams, then he would not hear them if he was in a room that blocked out all radio beams and mobile phone signals. If Tony still heard the voices in such a room, it would be evidence suggesting that the voices did not come from outside by radio beams, but rather took place inside his head. In trying to test the hypothesis, the therapist and Tony used a cellular phone and a radio and went in search of a room that could not receive signals. After visiting several places in the city, the therapist located a bomb shelter from World War II where they made sure that no signals from the mobile phone or radio-programs could be received. It is noteworthy that Tony seemed to be comforted by being in a shelter where the resistance had hid during the war. After staying in this facility for one hour Tony discovered that he still heard the voices. His response, for several minutes, was confusion and silence. After this behavioural experiment he reported feeling less threatened by the police. The delusions of being persecuted were still there, but the levels of anxiety and depression were clearly diminishing. Next, the therapist approached Tony’s belief that a particular policeman led the persecution of him. This policeman had worked in the drug-squad. Tony believed that because he had sold drugs this policeman hunted him. To address this second delusion, the therapist prepared a meeting with the policemen and this is the outcome of the meeting, Meeting resulted in Tony becoming more certain that this policeman could not be a part of the plot against him. He seemed to be relieved by this. In retrospect, we see that the meeting between the policeman and the patient was very important and useful for the patient. Tony was pleased to take an active part testing his assumptions and fears. In therapy, Tony’s delusional thinking was challenged, which stimulated him to explore alternative beliefs. Therefore, this further proves that the delusions beliefs will vanish in thin air with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and the RIGHT UNDERSTANDING. Just like in my case. Here, tony had several strong beliefs one is that Radio beams are the cause behind his voices secondly, those beams are used by the police to control him. But these beliefs diminished simply by doing this experiment cause that made him to understand Radio beams are not the cause of his voices and neither police officers involved in his harassment. His views were addressed and challenged in a way where he could understand that those are merely false beliefs. Having said that, this doesn’t mean Tony managed to have an absolute understanding for the cause behind his voices but when beliefs are challenged in a logical manner where victims could understand, delusions will disappear in thin air. This is true even for thought broadcast delusion, gang stalking delusion or any other delusion. Delusions are simply erroneous conclusions only due to various false assumptions. This is not a mental illness and these erroneous conclusions are due to meaningful interactions that a person is having with the external world beyond to a level that he/she could consider as a coincidence. This is a personal experience, people who are not facing these strange experiences are not able to comprehend it. Though Tony managed to get rid of certain delusions, he is still convinced that voices are inflicted upon him. This is actually true, voices are indeed due to a hidden technology that we never knew. Schizophrenics and Targeted Individuals are judging a manipulated world and this hidden technology is the cause behind it. This is why things that suppose to be a coincidence suddenly become meaningful interactions to Schizophrenics and Targeted individuals. This cannot be understood by a person who never experience this. Therefore, at this stage I understood beyond a doubt that human beings understanding of these illnesses are UTTERLY WRONG. I didn’t have a single reason to doubt about it. So I did a profiling to gain a broader understanding of the capabilities of this technology to avoid having a misunderstanding of this technology with other primary technologies that we are aware of. In my research I understood that Targeted Individuals are having a false belief that voice hearing is due to microwave hearing, there’s no truth to this at all. They are able to precisely stimulate any part of the brain precisely by using these unknown waves. They use these waves to stimulate visual cortex to give us visual perceptions, they stimulate olfactory cortex precisely to give us olfactory perceptions same true for Auditory or even Tactile perceptions, therefore, microwave hearing is nothing more than another false conclusion. We cannot find shielding methods for these waves in the public domain either but AI’s behind this harassment, can fool people to believe that shieldings work by reducing the attacks. HOW TO CHANGE CURE THE FALSE THINKING OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS? Social workers, researchers, police investigators etc... must carry out a research an investigation by having the right view in mind. One could also organise get togethers with Targeted Individuals and so called stalkers to create a trust in people. These meeting will greatly help TI’s to get rid of their misunderstandings not only that this will help TI’s to further research into this and understand the actual perpetrators behind this crime. When researchers observe that these false conclusions can be corrected simply by gaining the right knowledge, creating trust in people, these experiments will give insights into claims such as "people are following me”, “my house has been bugged”, “my thoughts are being broadcast” etc.. Literally this will lead us to understand that delusions are not a mental illness, neither voice hearing. This is the most heinous crime happening on Earth today without you being aware! PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD BEFORE YOU BECOMING THE VERY NEXT VICTIM!!!
  2. This voice hearing is real? What would be your view on this hearing?
  3. Voice Hearing in Biblical Times. Wars Have Been Conducted By Stimulating Brains: Folks, I apologies for bringing these issues in this way, this might hurt some people, however, people are suffering around the world due to a sophisticated hidden technology that we are still not aware of. And I know this beyond any doubt due to my research. This is why people are talking about implants in their body, electronic harassments, voice hearing, UFO's etc... UFO's are real. This technology is phenomenally advanced. Another strange thing to notice would be that, in the Biblical times, God was actively working in wars by speaking to people and sometimes giving advice to them as well on how to conduct wars, however, there are no traces of this God today or he is not actively talking to people and work in todays wars. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/wp20151101/war-in-the-bible/ “GOD ALONE DETERMINED WHO WOULD ENGAGE IN WARFARE. On one occasion, God told the Israelites: “You will not need to fight this battle.” The reason? God himself would wage war in their behalf. (2 Chronicles 20:17; 32:7, 8) He did so many times, such as on the occasion mentioned at the outset of this article. At other times, God commanded his people in ancient Israel to fight in wars that he approved, namely, those that involved securing and defending their Promised Land.—Deuteronomy 7:1, 2; Joshua 10:40.” “GOD ALONE DETERMINED WHEN SUCH WARFARE WOULD TAKE PLACE. God’s servants were to wait patiently for God’s appointed time to war against the oppression and wickedness that surrounded them. Until then, they were not to take it upon themselves to engage in war. When they did, they lost divine approval. In fact, the Bible shows that when the Israelites presumed to engage in warfare that God had not authorized, the results were often disastrous. “The fact that God himself waged war against the Egyptians shows that he is not against all warfare. On other occasions, he authorized his people Israel to wage war. For example, he commanded them to wage war against the Canaanites, who were exceedingly wicked. (Deuteronomy 9:5; 20:17, 18) He directed Israel’s King David to war against the oppressive Philistines. God even provided David with a battle strategy that ensured victory.—2 Samuel 5:17-25.” What God has Told to human beings? This will further help us to understand that the voice that people heard cannot be the voice of a True God, if he is really there: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+13 6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods”(gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to them or listen to them. Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. 9 You must certainly put them to death. Your hand must be the first in putting them to death, and then the hands of all the people. 10 Stone them to death, because they tried to turn you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 11 Then all Israel will hear and be afraid, and no one among you will do such an evil thing again. That being said, though this alleged God not actively working in todays wars, he is still giving us visions and voices to people from time to time. Will this God come to have a discussion with us if we invite him since he has time to give visions and voices to people from time to time? If not why is that? Then most importantly why this God has never told us the truth behind these religions, so people would have avoided so many stupid religious wars, while he has time to talk about Trump becoming the US president?
  4. How Predictions Made by the Bible Are Miraculously Coming True? Someone could think that the predictions made by the Bible are coming true due to mere coincidences only. However, a person who does a proper research will not hold into such views, since these predictions mentions in the Bible are coming true in the most abnormal fashion again and again showing the reliability of the Bible in the most astonishing way. To understand this strange phenomenon, we could research into the prophecies that are being fulfilled, https://www.thoughtco.com/prophecies-of-jesus-fulfilled-700159 These are beyond any coincidental events, therefore, cannot be attributed to a natural cause. To understand the truth, we must think of some intelligent guidance in some cases, since people get sudden thoughts directing them to achieve these unique dates as Bible mentions. By researching the historical events, there is no convincing evidence of such a God behind these strange cases. Further, we see certain abnormal deaths, abnormal wars which end up in fulfiling these unique dates. If a true God is behind these massive wars and killing people in the most horrible way, then we should not appreciate his work or if he is not the cause of these strange deaths, sudden thoughts of attacking certain empires, countries, people then who could be influencing our thoughts, actions to achieve these specific dates? To understand this strange phenomenon, one could analyse the events related to the establishment of the Jewish state. How This Hidden Technology Has Been Used To Establish the Jewish State: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised the Saudi’s that they would not make any policy changes on Palestine’s without prior consultation of both Arabs and Jews. And then he sent a follow up letter to Saudi on 5th of April as per the records. However, 7 days ( 7 is a special number to ancient Egyptian empire) from this, president FDR died because of a cerebral haemorrhage, then thereafter president Truman came to the power where he supported the U.N. resolution helping the Jewish people to establish the Jewish state in 1948. Then in 1967 Jewish people managed to capture Jerusalem after a 6 day war. Remarkably this sudden event took place exactly after 50 years (on a Jubilee Year) from Balfour declaration, which took place in 1917. To further surprise you, prior to 1917 Jerusalem was under the control of Ottoman Turks for 8 Jubilees ( 50 X 8 or 400 years ) which was exactly predicted by a German Rabbi called Judah Ben Samuel. This prediction was made by Rabbi Ben Samuel in the year 1217 AD, which was 300 years before Ottoman Turks taking control over Jerusalem in the year 1517 AD. Therefore, what we can observe here is that when these biblical predicted dates are getting closer, certain abnormal deaths would occur or wars would come out of thin air to achieve these dates. Who is guiding human beings to fulfil these prophecies and why people get these sudden unique thoughts which will end up in achieving Bible prophecies? Who assassinated president FDR in an invisible manner? Source: http://www.alamongordo.com/12th-century-rabbi-predicted-israels-future/ Following are some of the incidences which took place at the time of reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, events related to Israel’s Six-Day war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origins_of_the_Six-Day_War “In April 1967, Syria shot at an Israeli tractor ploughing in the demilitarized zone, which escalated to a prewar aerial clash. In May 1967, following misinformation about Israeli intentions provided by the Soviet Union, Egypt expelled UN peacekeepers who had been stationed in the Sinai Peninsula since the Suez conflict,[1] and announced a blockade of Israel’s access to the Red Sea (international waters) via the Straits of Tiran, which Israel considered an act of war. Tension escalated, with both sides’ armies mobilising. Less than a month later, Israel launched a surprise strike which began the Six-Day War.” “Jerusalem Day (Hebrew: יום ירושלים‎‎, Yom Yerushalayim) is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War. The day is officially marked by state ceremonies and memorial services.” http://www.sixdaywar.co.uk/6_day_war_aftermath_prof_adler_context_pt1.htm “On 1 April 1967, Palestinian infiltrators blew up a water pump at a kibbutz on the Lebanese border. Later on April 7, 1967 the Syrians fired on two Israeli tractors entering the Demilitarised Zone located between itself and Israel. The IDF fired back. The battle on land then escalated into one in the air when Israel planes attacked Syrian installations and tangled up with the Syrian Air Force.” http://www.isranet.org/june-7-1967-return-zion-jerusalem—“-temple-mount-our-hands” “On June 7, 1967, exactly 45 years ago today, Israel Defense Forces paratroopers advanced through the Old City towards the Western Wall, bringing Jerusalem’s holiest site under Jewish control for the first time in 2,000 years” As you can see, exactly 7 days after president FDR sending a letter to Saudi, he died from a cerebral haemorrhage and then the events which unfolded after this event made Israel to establish the Jewish state in 1948. And then in April 7th 1967, which is exactly after 7 days from the incident that took place on first of April, Syrian soldiers got a thought to shoot two Israeli tractors. Thereafter exactly on 7th of June 1967, Israel managed to capture the Western Wall. You may notice the occurrence of number 7 again and again. Why UN Resolution 181 (the partition plan of Palestine) took place in 1967, which is exactly after 50 years (Jubilee) from 1897 Zionist Congress ? What if president FDR never died? President FDR would never have supported the establishment of the Jewish state. What if president Truman never had a Thought of helping Jewish people to establish the Jewish state? Why this event took place exactly in 1948? Which is exactly 50 years after the Balfour declaration, which took place in 1917. Why not 1949 or 1950 or any other year? Which means, humans are having certain unique thoughts when these dates are getting closer thus we ending up in fulfilling these unique dates or fulfilling biblical timelines. Which means, human were not freely thinking but our thoughts are being influence in an abnormal manner. Let’s analyse this in a bit different way, we could decode our thoughts based on the electrical patterns that arise in our brain due to our conscious thinking. Inducing this same electrical pattern in the right areas of the brain will make us to perceive the same thought. To understand this, we can analyse what happens to the mouse in the following experiment. Here, a unique neural network related to a happy memory is being identified and whenever this network gets activated through external means, the mouse start having the same perception of happiness that he had in the earlier day. Similarly if we capture the electrical pattern which has arised according to a voice that we heard and if our brain gets external stimulated with the same electrical pattern, this induced perception will be identical to the earlier perception. Our internal voice (due to thinking) is a perception that we are having, therefore, if we identify the electrical pattern which arise in the brain according to a thought, activation of the same neural network will allow us to perceive the same thought, that is identical to the original thought that we had and we will not understand if it’s an induced thought or due to our conscious thinking. Therefore, technically any thought can be induced to a person with advanced brain stimulation technologies and guide human beings to achieve certain unique things. This way, by exploiting human thoughts and emotions, this dangerous technology are being used to bring conflicts among human beings and even nations without we being aware of it. This is why we have been seeing biblical timelines or prophecies becoming true, our actions are being influenced due to these induced thoughts and even abnormal sudden deaths such as the death of president FDR is due to this hidden technology only. Therefore, none of these are coincidental events. Even the second world war was a pre-planned war, the Holocaust was pre-planned, since these are the major events behind the establishment of Jewish state. These are being planned 3000 years ago and this is why we see these events in Torah. Who could do such a thing? An empire who has ruled the Earth for such a long time with a sophisticated technology, could easily achieve such targets. Evidence for someone ruling the Earth for such a long time can be found by following the below link. People around the world will not have thoughts to build all there sacred sites in such a circle. Many similarities can be found by analysing these sites, which means, it’s a work of some unique race. – Sacred sites in a great circle, “At some remote point in the past someone had built a series of sacred sites on this line circling the globe” Therefore, one could understand that even today we are under this invisible rule. This is not a God who is directing us to achieve certain unique events. This is a work of an Empire who has been ruling the Earth with a sophisticated technology that is capable of decoding our thoughts, inducing thoughts, manipulating our actions in an invisible manner, killing people without a trace and directing us to achieve certain unique events as they wish. This doesn’t mean that people around the world don’t have a free will, however, certain lives in this world are being influenced according to their grand plan. By analysing the lives of president Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy one could get an insight into this claim.
  5. We really don't know if it's fake or real. Regardless of that Torah should not contain names such as FBI, James Harvey, Trump his visit to Jerusalem and the year and so many other precise names and events beyond coincidence. It's more than enough to give a weight to this book, so we cannot ignore this strange book. Having said that, the strangest thing is this abnormal book didn't know that human existence goes far beyond 6000 years. It's a mix between truth and a deception. So the question is why? Someone is trying to fool human beings, which means, they have planned these events well advanced. Then the question is how can they do that? This comes the technology that I have been trying to expose, these events can be easily achieve by inducing thoughts people with this sophisticated technology. Root of this deception is so deep, it's not easy to understand without doing a massive research, following links will help you to understand this even further, Though Initially I thought NSA has this technology, my further research on this helped me to understand that the technology currently operating from Switzerland
  6. A Well-Planned Civilisation Reset Is About To Take Place! A group of people who are currently living in Switzerland (descendants of Pharao’s) are secretly holding a mind boggling technology. This is why we have been seeing UFO’s as well. For more than a year now I have been trying expose this hidden crime, however, due to its complexity people are finding hard to understand it. A character named Abraham is recorded in Torah, under the volume of Genesis in all the Abrahamic-based religions and Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the largest Abrahamic religions. Although some people think that Torah has been corrupted overtime, it is believed to have the word of God. Therefore, I started researching into Torah to see what I could find there too. Here I happened to see mind boggling events which has been recorded in Torah that cannot be attributed to a coincidence at all. Though Torah has been written 3000 years ago, I found that certain events in the future has been encoded in Torah, in the most astonishing way. This is mind boggling. An earthquake. This gives us an insight into the capability of this technology. How This Relate To Voice Hearing? http://www.hearing-voices.org/voices-visions/comment-page-2/ “My voice gathers information from around the globe and gives me heads up months in advance for important events. Sometimes, it can be wrong in its deductions, but most of the time, my voice is right in its look-ahead exercises. I think my voice is telepathic across the collective voice. Family members, my husband, does not hear voices, he says, but they gave him schizo pills, cause he has a bit of paranoia. He saw the Japanese tsunami of 2011 in his dream, 5 months in advance. He reassured me that we were not in it. Thank God, it was true. I usually see the earthquakes and volcano eruptions.” Strangely even voices that schizophrenics hear can tell when an Earthquake or a Volcano activity is happening. God spoke to Moses to reveal Torah, is it this same conceptual God speaking to this voice hearer and give information about these future activities? End Times: A Chilling Warning To The Humanity: We are actually living in end times, next few months, few years, if we don’t understand the truth, doesn’t matter where you live, what you believe, your life is in danger. By analysing Torah codes, we saw clearly that on precise dates, things that were mentioned in Torah took place. Therefore, we must not take this as a normal book, there cannot be any coincidences either for this kind of a thing to happen. One example would be that Torah has mentioned Holocaust, including his exact name “Adolf Hitler” and then the year too. Following is a video related to that, This is not all, as you can see in his other video’s there are so many other events which has mentioned in Torah and has remarkably those events has taken place. Following video you will be able to see that Torah mentioning a world war which is going to take place in this year, 2017. Third World War 2017-2018 Above video should help you to understand how serious this issue is since all the things which they have managed to decode in Torah has taken place. And then Torah has mentioned Trump being the president of the united states and Trump’s trip to Jerusalem, again these two unique events took place few months ago. These are the links to those videos, Trump Becoming the US president. Torah mentioned his name too. Trump visiting Jerusalem. http://www.npr.org/2017/05/22/529483918/in-a-historic-first-trump-visits-old-city-of-jerusalem – This is the actual event related to Trump’s Visit. https://www.youtube.com/user/mglazerson/videos – Other events that has mentioned in Torah. Therefore, this is a very serious issue that we are about to face. You could be a person who has been rejecting the Bible, Quran or Torah and it’s miracles or you could be a person who believes in the Bible, Quran or Torah, if you fail to understand the truth, most of the lives around the world, including your children, your loved once and so many other people around the world will end up in suffering. If you are still thinking that this can’t be true then you should be watching this too, As we can see words in the Hebrew language has been used to encode so many information related to an advanced knowledge 1). Diameter of Earth, Sun and the Moon as been encrypted in the language. 2). Volumes of the Moon, Earth and Sun has been encrypted. 3). Atomic weights of elements have been encrypted. 4). Speed of sound and speed of light has been encrypted. 5). Mass and the sizes of the planet of our solar system has been encrypted. 6). The age of the universe has been encrypted. Which means, whoever wrote it, had a highly advanced scientific and mathematical knowledge. Then again we should not think for a second that such a God is behind in brining another world war and kill human beings in the most horrible way. By analysing megalithic stone works around the world we can understand that throughout the history a group of people has been secretly holding a highly sophisticated knowledge, a technology. Today more and more people are beginning to understand our true past, however, at the same time we are about to face a global war, in other words, what we are about to face is a reset to the civilisation, so they could continue their invisible rule on Earth. Having said that, this abnormal book called Torah, has also mentioned that the first human being on Earth has created in 3759BC, Creation of Adam We must look into this with an open mind, even if we believe in God or not. We have more than enough evidence to prove that human existence on Earth goes far beyond then what Torah is trying to tell us. Though, the language used to write Torah, knew the speed of light, mass’s and the size’s of the planets and the age of universe and then Torah itself knew exactly when certain unique future events are taking place, Torah failed to give a sensible figure for the human existence in this world. Why could this be? This is completely false and a deceptive figure. What we can say by analysing this is that someone is trying to deceive human beings, cause if not this false explanation of human existence on planet Earth should not be there in the first place while showing abnormal knowledges to believe us in a God. This will also help us to understand why people around the world are claiming that someone is trying to suppress our true history. This suppression is happening in an invisible manner. A clear example for this would be Marshal Payn’s case, where someone was trying to disrupt his work and at the end of the day he never managed to excavate the site. How Our Lives are Being Influenced By This Hidden Technology Can Be Understood By Looking at the Abnormal Coincidences Related To President Trump’s Life: 1). Trump was born on 14th June 1946 and became the presided of the United States in 2016 and his first full working day in the white house was on 21st January 2017. Which means he was 70 years 7 months and 7 exactly days when this abnormal event took place. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump 2). Israel’s declaration of independence took place on 14 May 1948 therefore, there 70th anniversary would be on May 14th 2018. Which means, this date would fall exactly 700 days, after the trumps 70th birthday. 3). Exactly after 77 days from the first date of he being in the white house he attacked Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles. – https://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/06/us-military-has-launched-more-50-than-missiles-aimed-at-syria-nbc-news.html 4). Trackdown TV show (1958) had 70 episodes and on the last episode was entitled as “The End of the World”. A conman named Trump coming to a town saying the apocalypse is near and that he will build a wall around their hoes to protect them. – 5). Elizabeth Christ Trump, Donald’s grandmother, died on 6/6/66. 6). Putin was born on 1952, October 7th. Which means, by July 2017, he is entering 777th month of his life. ( A triple 777 is a completing according to Jewish tradition) These are highly abnormal cases. Someone out there influencing thoughts and actions of human beings in an invisible manner. For example, exactly after 77 dates of Trump being in the white house, Trump or people in certain responsible positions in the US government had a thought of attacking Syria with 59 missiles due to some abnormal event which took place few days earlier, therefore, these kind of incidences are the reason behind how Biblical timelines are being achieved. Which means our thoughts and actions are being influenced. Then again we see that people with mental illnesses are complaining that certain thoughts are not belong to them and they have no control of certain thoughts that comes to them. The reason for people to make such claims is that, abnormal precise electrical activities arise in specific parts of their brains (the areas that is responsible for perceiving our internal speech) and their minds perceive this as thoughts. These thoughts are not due to their conscious thinking, abnormal electrical activities are the reason. This is not a coincident at all. Following is an experience of a person: “is thought insertion the same thing as intrusive thoughts? Thought insertion is referred to as a “delusion”. I think that is bogus. I truly do have unwanted thoughts that are forced into my head from somewhere…” – https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread15811.html Here, if the induced thoughts are abnormal we will quickly notice it and understand that these are not our own thoughts, if it’s logical we would not notice it and chances are we would take an action about it. For example, if you have a need to drink water at this moment, thoughts can be induced to manipulate your action and make you drink water at this very moment or your action could be delayed and make it happen at a very specific time. This is just an example, thoughts can be induced to achieve more sophisticated things such as wars between countries. The question is who is behind this? Who stimulate our brains to induce thoughts to us? Evidence for Kim Jong-un’s Life Being Influenced By This Technology: According to the following article: “A Japanese press report released on Tuesday claimed an unidentified Tokyo Shimbun source told UPI that Jong Un became highly intoxicated one night in September and ordered senior military veterans to write a statement of self-criticism or an apology” But the following morning, when the leader awoke, he was confused as to why the officials were there. “Why are you gathered here?”… – https://longroom.com/discussion/242389/kim-jong-un-suffers-memory-loss-leads-to-bizarre-scene-outside-his-home This was a strange event, one who understand this technology, will quickly notice that this another clear example of mind control, this should have taken place by putting Kim Jong un’s mind to an unconscious state (just like in MPD’s) and use his body to give commands to senior military veterans. Therefore, this is one of the most dangerous technology that we will ever see. As you can see significant lives related to this event, the Third World War, has been affected for couple of decades or if not for centuries now, lives such as in Israel, United States Korea and Russia. These are well-planned events and we are about to face the rest of the drama within next few months if not years, if we don’t understand the truth and alert human beings around the world. Don’t think for a second that this a work of the God, this is not a coincidence either. Following are instances of God speaking to us and we can find many cases from around the world where people meant to believe that God is speaking to them and no one can deny this hearing. This hearing is real. Therefore, who could be behind these voices? God giving some prophetic visions. God giving a Prophecy about Trump. https://youtu.be/tqwFWD_Htfo Having said that, it’s time for us to start thinking these abnormal incidences, voices, visions with an open mind and understand the cause of these strange cases rather believing in a God. Your life, lives of your loved ones, children and every other life will depend on how much effort that you are giving to understand this truth and educate people about this imminent danger. We must understand that this is not a work of God and we should not let this happen and let this evil people to carry their deception any further. Throughout our history ancient Egyptian empire tortured and killed human beings by fooling us and today their descendants run this operation, manage their sophisticated technology from Switzerland. There are so many evidence for the existence of a highly advanced technology on Earth, this is why people are seeing UFO’s as well and they visit our houses and abduct people but yet we don’t have a slightest clue to this phenomenon and we are trying to come up with all kind of false explanations to understand this whilst they still carrying their evil act. There will be more and more evidence for us to understand this truth within the next couple of years, however, as you can see they have been working on a reset to civilisation at the same time. This technology is capable enough to create massive riots or even wars out of thin air and its capabilities are mind-boggling, a normal person cannot comprehend such an advanced technology. All our experiences such as voice hearing, multiple personality disorder, thought broadcast delusion etc.. demonic or spirit possessions, dancing mania, automatic writing, sleep walking, hypnosis, Godly voices and visions, clairvoyance, extra sensory perception etc.. are due to this technology only. This technology has been on Earth for thousands and thousand of years without our knowledge and it’s evident that way back in the past, there have been a golden age and they have been running an invisible rule on Earth till today. Your survival will depend on how much effort that you are giving to understand this truth and take an action to stop this from happening. Donald Trump will never make America great again, instead he will be the cause for unthinkable loss of human lives that we have never seen before in our life time, since his under the influence of this said technology. Similarly Kim Jong-un’s thoughts will be exploited to bring destructions to the world. Three thousand years ago, Torah precisely mentions so many abnormal events and just as Torah said, all these events took place in the exact way. Having said that, this abnormal book didn’t know the first human being on Earth goes far beyond than 6000 years. Which means, by mentioning scientific knowledge and future events precisely, someone is trying to fool human beings only and this has not given by such a God to Moses, Moses heard a voice who claim to be the God and fell for it just like prophet Muhammad got deceived by these voices and thought God was speaking to them, how blind they were is that, they thought even mountains, walls could speak. Voice hearing is real, people perceive such voices and have abnormal visions, therefore, this is not something that we could ignore. Humans around the world should understand the gravity of this issue. Human thoughts will be influenced to bring another world war or wars between some countries, which will ended up in destroying human lives in a massive scale. Climate change is a fraud, it’s due to this technology. Tsunami that we happened to face in 2006 is due to this technology, recent hurricanes that we saw is due to this technology. This is why we see it in this abnormal book. They could even attack certain parts of the world with meteorites and make you believe that it’s a natural cause. Our technological progress from here will be a huge issue for their survival and to continue their invisible rule, therefore, they will find many ways to destroy human lives and properties. End times, that Christian people are believing in is actually a civilisation reset and it’s not a work of the God, Devil or neither a natural cause. We must not fall for this deception. Enemy of human beings is not Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, leaders of Israel, Iran, Russia or China, enemy of human beings is living in Switzerland who are sun worshipers, who once did human sacrifices around the world. This is why Switzerland had this bizarre ceremony in 2016, except a very small number of people, citizens of Switzerland are not aware of such a thing. EVEN IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ANY OF THESE, KINDLY SHARE THIS AND EDUCATE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. THESE ABNORMAL ELECTRICAL ACTIVITIES OF HUMAN BEINGS THAT MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE DUE TO THIS HIDDEN TECHNOLOGY ONLY. THESE ARE NOT NORMAL HUMAN CONDITIONS. IT’S NOT AN EASY THING TO COMPREHEND WITHOUT DOING A MASSIVE RESEARCH IN SO MANY AREAS. PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE BEING DECEIVED BY THESE EVIL PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING IN SWITZERLAND TODAY. CHRISTIANITY THAT WE KNOW TODAY, ISLAM AND JUDAISM ARE ALL DUE TO THESE EVIL PEOPLE. JESUS AND MUHAMMAD WAS A VICTIM TOO. THEY HAVE PLANNED A CIVILISATION RESET LONG AGO AND THIS IS THE TRUTH BEHIND END TIMES. EVEN IF THEY DELAY THERE PLANNED DATES, OUR SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS WILL BE A THREAT TO THEIR SURVIVAL, THEREFORE, THEY WILL FIND MANY WAYS TO DESTROY HUMAN LIVES, HUMAN PROGRESS. IT’S TIME FOR US TO WAKE UP!!!
  7. Now this is Ollie, he is another male personality or an alter. This is an AI stimulate the brain of Jessica Mayers, Jessica Mayer is not consciously speaking or thinking either. She goes through a missing time, when Olle is present and she is not aware what her body does when Ollie is in control of her body. And this lecture is given by Jessica, she is the actual girl. Her personality is showing due to her own consciousness not due to an AI stimulating her brain. These artificial personalities are being developed to put Jessica's mind into an unconscious state of mind (think of the mind state when you are in general anesthetic) then stimulate the brain to show a personality by stimulating various parts of the brain. When you consciously think, it creates electrical activities with unique properties this can be captured and cloned by sophisticated technologies. So basically this technology can put you into an unconscious state of mind and stimulate mortor cortex and produce speech with a different accent. Like wise, personalities can be induced to people simply by stimulating human brains that are similar to the electrical activities that arise when you actually think. So here Ollie speaking with a different accent and its personality is so different than the actual girl who is Jessica.
  8. I read it and I understand why you are thinking about them in that way. Those people are not behind your harassment. This technology is capable of inducing thoughts to people and talk about things which has a meaning to you. You could be thinking of something then suddenly the person who is in front of you talk about the same thing making you to believe those people who are in front of you are aware of your experience. It's deception techniques are very hard for a person to understand, if you haven't researched deeply into this crime. I will explain you this by taking thought broadcast delusion which is a primary symptom of a schizophrenic, Case Study A: https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread27257.html “for me, thought broadcasting is a psychic phenomena. it usually happens every day and can sometimes get so intense that i am continually thinking something and then someone immediately says exactly what i was thinking.” Case Study B: http://hvn.forumatic.com/viewtopic.php?t=753 “In my experience it is very real. People telepath me continuously as a running commentary to what I’m doing and what I’m thinking. It’s difficult to even talk to people when this secondary communication going on. I mean I don’t consider myself telepathic but I consider the others to be. They won’t ever confirm they can read my thoughts but the telepath me. It’s almost like they are fully aware of what I’m sensing and I just can’t sort it out. The voices just won’t stop its so annoying, it’s like they are reminding me that I thought broadcast, a topic I can find little information about. It’s like I’ve always been a thought broadcaster and when I started to believe in telepathy they decided to show me that I was being read and now they won’t stop.” – Note that very recently this page has been removed from the site. However, this is a good example to understand this strange phenomenon. How it Works: Assume you and your mother go to a cafe in London. While you both having a coffee, you see a couple that is in front of you talking to each other. Now at this very moment you started thinking about an incident that you happened to face with your neighbour recently and started thinking of how bad the incident went, then, at the same time this couple who is sitting next to you started talking about a bad experience that they happened to face with one of their neighbours. This will not be a hallucination or individual experience cause you and your mother would hear the conversation of the couple. You only had thoughts regarding your neighbour but now you suddenly see some people in front of you are actually talking about their neighbours. Events Beyond Coincidence: Well this is just the starting, now thereafter assume you both go to a shop to buy something and you happened to stand inside the shop while your mother is shopping. While you standing, you started thinking of going to Liverpool and you also see a person standing in front of you. Now strangely at this moment this person who is staying in front of you making a phone call to someone and starts talking something related to Liverpool and his conversation is so much similar to the thoughts that you just had. Similarly that day while you both are travelling, no matter where you go, whatever the topic that you start thinking or the thought that you had, on certain occasions, you observe that people start talking about things that are similar to your thoughts, making you to believe that in someway they understand your thoughts and you also notice that they even respond to your thoughts in a weird way. At times, they make certain gestures, they smile at you, lough at you thus confirming your assumption. After this very day you will start facing these kind of experiences almost every day wherever you go, you could be in streets, shops, in your office or in any other place, you will notice that people seem to know your thoughts, therefore, now you have so much convincing evidence for believing this and you will also notice that people knows your private life too beyond any doubt since these conversations that you hear from people around you have a meaning to your life, past events or your current work or thoughts that they should not know. Therefore, your mind will quickly start noticing this abnormal phenomenon and since this happens to you every day, you will start believing that your thoughts are being broadcast in someway. Therefore, if someone argues with you saying that there’s no such a phenomenon called thought broadcasting, you will simply fight against it, cause this is the true experience that you are having. However, due to the nature of how these cases are happening, others would not understand what you are claiming and you will not find an easy way to make them understand you either. You will also notice that people in live TV programs or radio programs are simply responding to your thoughts. However, if you do a careful analysis of this by finding a way to talk to these people directly (with a trust), you would understand that these people are actually not aware of your thoughts or your private life, they simply talk about these things cause of their own thoughts that come to them. Having said that, understanding this would be pretty hard without critically analysing every aspect of such a incidence. If someone takes this as a coincidence, then the next question would be, how come one person experience these abnormal coincidences every day for months and months thus creating a false belief? On the other hand if these are abnormal incidences only, then the next question would be, how come people start hearing voices after these abnormal incidences? Therefore, a person who critically analyse all these cases will understand that neither voice hearing nor thought broad delusion has something to do with our brain. On top of this, thought broadcast delusion is a recent illness. Humans never had thought broadcast delusion prior to 17th century. This will be another important clue to understand the truth behind all these cases. One who talk to a person who has thought broadcast delusion, he or she will understand that just like every other person they have normal conversations, they could even argue with you on topics that are known to them critically and some of them are highly intelligent people. However, still they make this weird claim. Therefore, a good researcher will understand that the reason for this delusion is due to their personal experience only and this is not a mental illness at all. These are victims of a hidden technology, a technology that is far more superior than we can possibly imagine. People don't understand that brain stimulation can make people to perceive thinking. This technology is phenomenally advanced, it's not easy for a person to comprehend without doing a massive research which I had to do to understand this crime and this is an example of thought insertion delusion. Indeed thoughts are being induced to these people but doctors are thinking it as a delusion because of their ignorance of this crime. This Is What People Who Go Through With Mental Illnesses Are Saying: “is thought insertion the same thing as intrusive thoughts? Thought insertion is referred to as a “delusion”. I think that is bogus. I truly do have unwanted thoughts that are forced into my head from somewhere…” – https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread15811.html
  9. Can I know your story? I studied many cases, according to those cases, it was clear that people have misunderstood about their experience and were blaming doctors.
  10. That's a false understanding ian2day but what they do is materialising objects inside human brains. Their technology is capable of materialising and dematerialising objects. Rauni Kilde experienced this a lot. Sometimes, things that she lost magically appearing in front of her own eyes. She was also deceived to believe that dead relatives are talking to her while these people controlling her arms and writing messages(automatic writing). They assassinated her recently with a sudden cancer. They do this (implants) sometimes when you have a doctor visit, so then these people are fighting against doctors by claiming that they are behind a conspiracy and implant objects in their bodies but the truth is they know nothing about your claims.
  11. Dear All, Some of you are aware that I have been trying expose a crime that is happening in plain sight yet no one recognise it due to the complexity of this crime. This is another post, explaining this crime by taking an abnormal mental illness that people are facing. Recent Las Vegas massacre was conducted by this technology, he was a victim of this technology, sadly no one understand this crime! In an earlier article I mentioned that this technology could be traced back to ancient Egypt and following are some of the other threads that I have opened to expose this crime, Though Initially I thought NSA has this technology, my further research on this helped me to understand that the technology currently operating from Switzerland. Multiple Personality Disorder Also Known As Dissociative Identity Disorder: The definition of the illness: http://www.minddisorders.com/Del-Fi/Dissociative-identity-disorder.html “Previously known as multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a condition in which a person has more than one distinct identity or personality state. At least two of these personalities repeatedly assert themselves to control the affected person’s behavior. Each personality state has a distinct name, past, identity, and self-image.” Are They Faking? Though still so many people are judging the existence of this strange human behaviour and assuming that these people could be faking, there are more than enough evidence to show that these people are not actually faking this. They have strange electrical activities in their brains whenever they switch personalities and this is not all. According following article, https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/can-people-have-multiple-personalities/ “practitioners claim that alters can be identified by objective characteristics, including distinct handwriting, voice patterns, eyeglass prescriptions and allergies. Proponents of the idea of multiple personalities have also performed controlled studies of biological differences among alters, revealing that they may differ in respiration rate, brain-wave patterns and skin conductance, the last being an accepted measure of arousal.” We Are Still Not Aware That This Is A Crime: The Causes: http://www.minddisorders.com/Del-Fi/Dissociative-identity-disorder.html An innate ability to dissociate easily Repeated episodes of severe physical or sexual abuse in childhood Lack of a supportive or comforting person to counteract abusive relative(s) Influence of other relatives with dissociative symptoms or disorders In some cases one could observe that there are over 200 plus personalities in 20th century, however, prior to 17th century we could observe only a double consciousness in MPD cases. In almost all cases scientist tend to believe that child abuse or trauma are the cause of MPD or dissociation, however, we must ask this question from ourselves, whether horrific child abuses or traumatic events never took place in the history? By referring to Bible we could understand the massive wars we had way back in the past, therefore, people (including children) must have gone through horrific traumatic events because of these bloody wars that we had throughout the history. People and children must have suffered in the most horrific way without having proper medication and surgeries. Therefore, why we don’t observe at least 5, 6 personalities in people prior to 17th century or even in ancient times? Therefore, a logical thinker will simply reject this explanation made by the scientists. It’s impossible for mind to split in such a way or the brain to create fragmented memories to show a huge number of unique different personalities in human beings. This has never happened in ancient times and it has no logic in it. A logical thinker will understand that there must be an alternate answer for this and have an open mind to seek for the truth. As per the following article, death was at the centre of life in middle ages, therefore, why we failed to observe a high number of different personalities just like what we observe today? “Death was at the centre of life in the Middle Ages in a way that might seem shocking to us today. With high rates of infant mortality, disease, famine, the constant presence of war, and the inability of medicine to deal with common injuries, death was a brutal part of most people’s everyday experience” – http://brewminate.com/death-and-the-afterlife-how-death-affected-the-living-in-the-middle-ages/ The First Double Consciousness or An Altered Mind State Showing Attributes of A Human (Mind) Personality Appeared in 1649: First human like double consciousness or two different mind states, both showing human like attributes appeared in 1649 according to certain records, prior to this, demonic possessions, spirits were showing a double consciousness, a mental state of a normal human being(when they have their normal life) and a mental state showing attributes of a conceptual being that we call as demons(when they possessed). Careful observation and analysis will give us an insight into understanding the difference between human like double consciousness that we see in MPD(multiple personality disorder) cases and double consciousness that we see in spirits and demons. The question is, why we suddenly started seeing a person showing two completely different personalities and both personalities showing attributes of a human mind(not like the conceptual demonic personality or mind) in the 16th century? On top of this, people Never Observed a phenomenon called switching personalities prior to 16th century. “Though we see double conscious cases or sometimes 200+ consciousness’s in people with MPD, the true consciousness has always been in an unconsciousness mind state and satellite based non-invasive brain stimulation is the cause of these strange human behaviours, these different personalities are only due to different artificial personalities taking control of our body thus giving us a false idea that a fragmented personality is taking control of our body or concepts such as dissociation to avoid experiencing painful experiences. Further, experiences of these alters will be recorded in highly sophisticated computers only. Humans have managed to replace human consciousness with an artificial consciousness and use satellites to stimulate our brain and control human body by putting human consciousness into an unconscious state of mind. Therefore, true person is stuck in a human body whilst the stimulation is taking place or while an alter is under the control of human body. This is why we see symptoms of dissociation and traumatic events are not the cause of this” What Can We Observe In Multiple Personality Disorder (or DID): 1). Today we see that this altered state of mind reflect a personality of a human being, this could be a child, male or female or any gender (some cases we see animal personalities too) with a set of unique characteristics or abilities. However, this was not there in the past prior to 16th century, where an altered personality showing complex human like attributes that is also able to switch or suddenly change to a totally different personality and then living a life with this new personality for such a long period of time in this altered state of mind. Though in the bible we could see cases such as below, this is not the multiple personality that we see today and understanding the difference between these two is crucial to understand the truth of this technological crime. 1 Samuel 19:24: “Saul had followed the messengers to Naioth. ‘And he also stripped off his clothes and he also prophesied before Samuel, and lay down naked all that day and all that night …” What we observe today is an advanced condition with complex human like behaviours, switching back and forth between personalities and stay a long period of time (months and years) once they switch a personality, this is not what we can observe prior to 16th century. When we carefully analyse the history prior to 16th century or ancient times, what we can observe is that, demonic possessions, spirits, sleepwalking (somnambulism), witchcraft, exorcism etc., are showing an altered state of mind, however, this is quite different to today’s multiple personality disorder (or DID). If we think in terms of dissociation, today’s dissociation that we see is highly complex than to ancient times. We can consider these cases as double conscious cases, however, the first human like double consciousness appeared in 1649, which was mentioned by Paracelsus. Though demonic possessions and MPD cases, showing an altered state of mind there’s a huge difference between these two altered mind states. What Can We Find by Analysing These Two Cases? A Case Study: http://www.gjpsy.uni-goettingen.de/gjp-article-gupta-a-multiple.pdf “A 14 years old girl presented at our institute with complaint of ‘behaving like a male’ for past 2 weeks. She was identifying herself as Mr. S. and dressed herself like a male. She was not recognizing her neighbours, relatives, teachers anymore and her belongings as well. She was not able to recount her personal information too. Her mother also reported a significant and contrasting change in her behaviour, like she had become stubborn, confident, outgoing and demanding during this period in contrast to her earlier behaviour. She developed interest in drawing and painting, would demand different types of fast food items, dresses, and articles in the altered state. Her mother fearing worsening of her illness readily fulfilled these demands. Patient had stopped going to school and would stay at home all day long” “The truth is, this altered behaviour is due to a non-invasive brain stimulation through satellites, a secret technology that we never knew. This girl’s true mind is in an unconscious mind state” Let’s try to understand the characteristics of this altered personality, who is known as Mr. S, 1). A male personality 2). Stubborn 3). Confident 4). Outgoing 5). Demanding These are just few attributes that define the personality of Mr. S. Now if we try to understand the attributes that define personalities of human beings, we see complex attributes, which we cannot find in demonic possessions. Let’s list down some of the other personality traits that we can observe in human beings that define us. Following is a good list of personality traits that we can find in MIT site, http://ideonomy.mit.edu/essays/traits.html 1). Courages 2). Cultured 3). Disciplined 4). Fun-Loving 5). Hard working 6). Leaderly 7). Organized 8). Passionate 9). Patient 10). Realistic 11). Sociable 12). Familia 13). Mannered 14). Money-minded Today we could find personalities that reflect these complex human behaviours in (MPD) alters. However, following are some of the observations made by me, 1). In ancient times, we have never seen an altered state of mind or an additional personality in a person, where the behaviour of this new personality showing human like characteristics or attributes that are similar to the above list. 2). In ancient times, we have never seen cases where people without a control switching personalities back and forth such as in MPD cases and showing two different mind states with human like characteristics. A conceptual demon could posses a person again and again, however, here we are referring to a human like mind state or characteristics only, which is totally different compare to a conceptual demon. This conceptual demon’s personality is totally different to a normal human personality, therefore, what we see today is a totally different type of dissociation. 3). Since we haven’t seen an altered state of mind with a human like personality, people never claim that voices are having discussions in their heads and then sometimes they take control of their body. “Which means, our mind has never split or fragmented in ancient times in the way some scientists are thinking of MPD (DID) cases, as you can see these are some of the primary symptoms of identifying MPD cases, however we have never seen these symptoms in ancient times or in other words, we have never seen people changing their personalities or any kind of back and forth switching in this way and living a long period of time with a new personality.” An Evolution – From a Mind State Showing Attributes of a Conceptual Demonic Personality to a Human Personality. Therefore, what we see here is an evolution, an evolution from a simple personality, such as a demonic personality, to a complex personality such as a personality of a human being, which is capable of changing or switching and then living with that altered state of mind by showing human like characteristics or attributes for a long period of time. The attributes, which define these two mind states are totally different. When we analyse the mind state of a MPD case today, we can observe complex characteristics or attributes that is similar to a mind state of a human being, however, these complex attributes are not visible in a demonic mind state. In other words we could say that while a conceptual demonic mind state showing primitive behaviours, an altered personality in MPD cases are capable of showing complex behaviours. Therefore, the double consciousness that we saw in ancient times, started changing in a much more sophisticated way and started showing different complex attributes somewhere during the period of 12th to 17th century. This is why we take Paracelsus case as the first MPD(DID) case as it was showing characteristics of a human like mind state. Therefore, one must understand that this is a evolution of a software only. In the very start, an AI (artificial intelligence) being developed to replace human consciousness that is also capable of stimulating our brains to show some primitive behaviours by controlling our body, this is what demonic possession is and then later stages they have achieved such an advancement where they were able to show complex human behaviours by stimulating human brains. These AI’s (artificial intelligent) are being programmed to put human mind into an unconscious state of mind and to use our body to reflect the artificial personality or mapped personality. AI does a real-time scanning of the victim’s brain to decode (this is including the electrical activities which arise through our 5 senses) the electrical activities of the brain and use this information to interact with the environment. Just like a driverless car, a car, instead of a conscious human being making decisions, a software use it’s sensors to make decisions and to manoeuvre the car. Similarly, in MPD cases or demonic possessions, human mind has been replaced by a sophisticated software (an artificial personality) and it stimulate our brain (through satellites) to manoeuvre our body, to reflect it’s personality through us and to interact with the environment while the mind of the real person still living in an unconscious state of mind in the body. This is an unimaginably advanced technology, hard to comprehend for a normal person since we are not exposed to such advanced technologies. Having said that one would understand this with lots of research into this area. All the memories with regard to these altered personalities are stored in sophisticated computers only. This is why the main personality or the victim showing gaps in their memory. Since they have never consciously observed the world or interacted. We can see this missing times in alien abduction cases too. Cause they go under the same process when they get abducted. Abduction cases are real. They are not faking. “When our technology becomes more and more advanced, we should be able to find sophisticated ways of scanning our brains and also we should be able to find sophisticated methods to stimulate our brains. Such scanners could be used to understand every electrical activity of our brains, which can be used to decode a personality of a human being. This decoded personality could be mapped to another person by putting the victim to an unconscious state of mind and then stimulating the victims brain with sophisticated brain stimulation methods. This way, we will be able to map any number of personalities to a person” Evidence for this claim could be found here. Due to our ignorance only we think of an abnormal splitting of our mind. ” While admitting that the number of identities might range from two to more than 100, the manual noted that half of all cases involve individuals with 10 or fewer alternate identities. Yet, reports of patients with hundreds of separate alter personalities became routine. For example, Dr. Richard P. Kluft, a psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of MPD at the University of Pennsylvania, reported in a 1988 paper that one of his patients had over 4000 “alters”. – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-mendelson-md/the-primary-causes-of-mul_b_812919.html The question is, why we didn’t see such cases or at least 10 alters in ancient times while today in some cases we see 4000 alters? Humans will have to start thinking out of the box to understand this crime. Human beings are suffering due to this hidden technology but sadly we are neglecting to at least see the possibility of such a technology behind these cases. Demons are Nothing More Than Artificial Personalities Being Mapped to Human Beings: Throughout the history we have been talking about demonic possessions, however, according this research, I understood that these cases are nothing more than a software personality (an AI) taking control of our body. A demonic personality, an AI has been developed to show a simple personality compare to an artificial human like personality that we see in MPD cases, which reflect human characteristics or complex human behaviours. In both cases, a demonic or MPD cases, our true mind is in a dream or a trance like mind state, depend on the assigned artificial personality (demonic or human) a continuous real-time brain stimulation will take place to reflect the particular personality type through a human body and at the same time it keeps on decoding all the electrical activities of our brain which will be used by the AI to interact with the environment. Is It Possible For Such A Conceptual Demon To Control Our Body? Following is a good example of how much complex decisions are taking place when we reaching out to do a simple task such as picking up a glass of water, http://brainconnection.brainhq.com/2013/03/05/the-anatomy-of-movement/ “Almost all of behavior involves motor function, from talking to gesturing to walking. But even a simple movement like reaching out to pick up a glass of water can be a complex motor task to study. Not only does your brain have to figure out which muscles to contract and in which order to steer your hand to the glass, it also has to estimate the force needed to pick up the glass. Other factors, like how much water is in the glass and what material the glass is made from, also influence the brains calculations. Not surprisingly, there are many anatomical regions which are involved in motor function.” If such a conceptual demon try to move our limbs, this conceptual demon must understand which precise areas of our brain to stimulate so it will send signals to our limbs and other relevant areas to do a precise movement and here if we do a quantitative EEG testing we will also find precise electrical properties such as frequencies, amplitudes, voltages etc.. in these brain stimulations done by these conceptual demons. The conceptual demon must understand the Somatotopic (a point-to-point connection to different body areas or regions) arrangement of the motor cortex, for it to achieve the desired movement of the possessed body. One could also understand what kind of complex processes are taking place when we speak by following the below link. A conceptual demon must go through the same process to control our speech. “Speech production is one of the most complex and rapid motor behaviors and involves a precise coordination of over 100 laryngeal, orofacial and respiratory muscles. Yet, we lack a complete understanding of laryngeal motor cortical control during production of speech and other voluntary laryngeal behaviours”- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3077440/ Therefore, our understanding of such a being taking control of our body are nothing more than a pure myth. Following is a story from the Bible, here we see a demonic being able to get out of a human body and then able to stimulate brains of pigs and making them to run, “28 When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes,[a] two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. 29 “What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?” 30 Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. 31 The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.” 32 He said to them, “Go!” So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. 33 Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men.” – https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+8:28-33 To make this happen, this so called demonic being must understand not only our brain structure and how our brain works, the brain structure of pigs too, it must know exactly which areas should be stimulated, it should know motor areas of the pigs and it should consciously stimulate right areas of pig’s brain for it to move the body of the pigs to it’s desired location. If such a conceptual being is able to consciously control or handle this highly sophisticated process and capable of stimulating brains of humans and animals, then we must consider this demon as a God, cause a normal being will never be able to achieve such a thing. If such a conceptual demon has ever managed to achieve such a thing, then it should show intelligence than what we observe today. Human intelligence is far more superior than to a conceptual demon. Due to this only we humans managed achieve the life that we are having today, which we cannot see in the animal world either. Therefore, our actual observation of it’s intelligence when such a possession taking place, contradicts with our understanding of it’s capabilities. However, this demon, never forget to surprise us by showing it’s abnormal knowledge such as who Jesus is or where your lost item could be found. These are nothing more than false understanding that we had for such a long time. The cause of all these abnormal cases is due to this hidden technology only. This technology has been evolving since a time where we had a golden age way back in the past and Egyptian Empire has managed to keep this secret without leaking to any other race around the world and today we see evidence for this technology to be operating from Switzerland in the most secretive way. Further Clues for This Evolution: Some consider Paracelsus described the first case of MPD in 1646. Looking into the future from this year, this is what we can observe: 1). Since the 19th century the number of identities has gone from 2 or 3 to greater than 20, sometimes reaching 100. 2). There were 200 reported cases of DID as of 1980, and 20,000 from 1980 to 1990. 3). Joan Acocella reports that 40,000 cases were diagnosed from 1985 to 1995. 4). When MPD was first recognised convulsions was one of the major symptoms but now it is not. This will be another important point to understand the claims of this article. We have observed convulsions as a primary symptom in MPD(DID) cases in the past. We must question why these convulsions was there in the past and then for it’s sudden disappearance? This research helped me to understand that people happened to observe these convulsions due to their initial attempts in creating a human like personality or this induce mental state in MPD victims, however, overtime they have mastered this technology, therefore, in later stages people didn’t observe convulsions in MPD cases. Source: http://www.personalityresearch.org/papers/cherry2.html To understand what kind of convulsions a person would face due to an improper external stimulation of the brain, you may refer to the below link: How Brain Structure Links to Individual Personality: “Linking how brain structure is related to basic personality traits is a crucial step to improving our understanding of the link between the brain morphology and particular mood, cognitive, or behavioural disorders – Luca Passamonti” – http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/personality-traits-linked-to-differences-in-brain-structure Observations from brain scans show clear evidence of how our brain structure affects our individual personality, which means it would be impossible to show totally different personalities such as 200 + personalities in some cases and then switch between these different personalities by having the same brain structure unless these people are faking it. We see distinct changes in the brain waves when an alter is taking control of the body, which means people are not faking these behaviours. Therefore, since the behaviour is true and since this behaviour arises suddenly by having the same brain structure, this cannot be a natural cause, since according to studies, there are different brain structures in different personalities. Which means, this must be an induced condition. Further, recent brain studies give us clues on how we could eradicate certain phobias in people by distroying certain neurons in the brain or by erasing certain memories. Which means these neurons define our personalities. If neural networks define our personality, how come it’s even possible to show a different personality by having the same neural networks? There can’t be a sudden abnormal creation and destruction of neurons when a personality changes. Therefore, it would be impossible to show this abnormal altered state of mind. Which means, current assumption of how MPD works clearly contradicts with new scientific findings of our brain and on top of this, claims such as child abuse or traumatic events to be the cause, are nothing more than pure myths. “This hidden technology put our mind to an unconsciousness state of mind and have a total control of our body by using a global satellite grid. Except the main personality, all the other personalities are artificial personalities controlling our body. There will be certain triggers, which will do the automatic switching. Then what happens at the stage of integration is that they simply stop the brain stimulation and make people to believe that the reason is due to the agreement of all the alters. These are false beliefs only. It’s all about the way these artificial personalities are being programmed.” According to my observation, a person having MPD will go to a dream like (or unconsciousness) mind state when they switch their real personality to any other personality, therefore, MPD’s are not consciously thinking and moving their body (main personality will not have a memory of taking any actions) or having any kind of perceptions such as auditory, visual, olfactory etc. Since their not consciously experiencing the world, they are not aware of their work once they switch their personality. Though other individual personalities or alters showing signs of a memory of their work or past experience, this information is stored in highly advanced computers only once an AI personality (Artificial Personality) takes the control of the body. Now to make sense of this behaviour, scientists and doctors are thinking that our mind is using some type of fragmented memories that is stored in our brain, however, as we explained earlier, this kind of a mind or brain splitting (a splitting showing a secondary human personality) or fragmented memories is something that we did not observe in ancient times. We started seeing a mind state showing human like attributes (a second personality) somewhere after 16th century only, if this indeed a natural cause, it would have taken millions of years to show such an abnormal phenomenon of our mind and this kind of a phenomenon should not occur overnight or within few centuries and then within a couple of centuries to show 4000 personalities will be simply impossible. Therefore, these abnormal phenomena’s are due to an advanced technology only, this sophisticated technology put our mind into a trance/dream like mind state and doing a complex real-time brain stimulation to various parts of our brain to show a human like personality through a human body, whilst decoding the electrical activities of our brain at the same time to make decisions or interact with the environment. As long as the altered personality controlling the victim, the victim lives in an unconscious state of mind. We see different personalities in these victims, due to mappings of different AI personalities only. This has nothing to do with traumatic events a person has ever faced or childhood abuses either. This technology is currently operating from Switzerland and only a handful of people of Swiss (members of this group) are aware of this. Please check my other articles to understand this crime, I have argued extensively to understand why humans are facing abnormal electrical activities of their brain, this is including automatic writing, demonic possessions, voice hearing, thought broadcast delusion, dancing mania etc… There must have been a golden age way back in the past and our history is being suppressed by these evil people and today they are working on a civilisation reset with a third world war. Though we have been thinking stories such as Mahabaratha (an Indian story) are fictional stories, my research helped me to understand that these are not myths or fictional stories at all. It seems to be that these actual events has been manipulated to fool human beings. One could go to the following links to understand the story of Mahabharatha and it clearly mentions a highly advanced society, http://www.rense.com/general61/vaman.htm http://mahabharathascience.blogspot.com/p/weapons-of-mass-destruction.html Even Jesus and prophet Muhammad was a victim of this technology, you may follow this link to understand the story behind Jesus
  12. Cryptic Mole, the problem is these advanced machines are being used a millennium ago even. We can see sophisticated flying machines that no one understand. Even 500 years ago or thousand years ago, people would have observed the same, then if they visit these unique sites, they would understand that someone is using advanced drilling machines a technology that should exist. Of cause at that time, they would not claim it as a Drill it would surprise them but we are able to understand this due to our technological advancement now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM5bWZjyT5k&feature=youtu.be This video is a good example to understand the locations that they have lived. Angkor wat site was built in a time period that is far different than sites in Mexico. Therefore, there can't be a natural cause, where every has built sites, in different periods but finally these sites have been mysteriously aligned. Without planning century after century, millennium after millennium, these sites should not end up in this way. We clearly see all these sites representing certain values of the Egyptian Empire. Which means, a unique empire has been living in all these sites. Roamer, due to above reasoning, your theory must be false. It's a work of one empire.
  13. Not really, I will be releasing another article soon. It will help people to understand mental illnesses such as voice hearing, multiple personality disorder are also due to their technology. Even Jesus christ was a victim, all the Abramic religions are due to Egyptian technology. Demons are nothing more than AI's stimulating our brains by putting a person into an unconscious mind state. This is a double consciousnesses that we saw in ancient times and it grew into multiple consciousness where you see in MPD cases.
  14. Almost a year ago, I made a claim by writing an article about a hidden technology that is capable of doing a satellite-based brain stimulation to control our body and I also made a claim that this technology has been used to give a range of psychological illnesses throughout the world. Although my claims looked controversial to certain people at first, I managed to find more and more astonishing evidence directing me towards a truth, that is much more bigger than I initially expected. Based on the observations that I made earlier I published an article on “Before it’s news” and few other web sites. Following is a link to that article, http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2016/06/psychiatrists-are-being-deceived-an-insight-into-biggest-secrets-of-nsa-and-so-called-illuminati-2475963.html While my journey to understand the truth behind this global satellite grid and certain mental illnesses that people are facing around the world, many things came to my attention one after another showing me a whole new world which we have failed to notice mainly due to the worldwide false education about our history. The observations made by me raised some serious questions about the true history of man kind and the technologies that we used in ancient times. By researching into our past, one could understand that our past is so different than what our history books are telling us. More and more people around the world have noticed this and we are just beginning to understand this truth. Prior to this, just like the majority of people around the world, I also had the same view that our ancient civilisations were so primitive and they were not capable of doing things that humans are capable of doing today, however, a person who critically analyse the history with new evidence which are coming into surface in recent times, will never hold into such ideas or views. Researchers such as Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Brian Foester and so many other great people around the world are bringing some solid evidence for the existence of a highly advanced technology in the past, sadly these information are not going to our school text books worldwide, thus keeping everyone in the darkness. We always associated All Seeing Eye with Pyramids and All Seeing Eye with Illuminati too and then Pyramids with Egyptian Empire. Can Egyptian Empire be Illuminati? What would be their history? Following research will help you to understand the truth. Shocking Evidence for the Greatest Deception: Below video has been uploaded by Brien Foster showing very clear evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology on Earth. Thanks to these great researchers, today we are able to understand the truth. Brien Foster claims, according to the machinists who have been in the site, the penetration rate of these ancient drills are estimated to have 500 times more efficient compare to our modern drills. This will give us an insight into how sophisticated this ancient technology must be. Researching online, one would also be able to find further evidence for extraordinary precision cutting of stones around the world which will help someone to understand the existence of precision machinery in ancient times. This will also help us to understand the reason behind why we observe certain mathematical values in these ancient structures and this is due to their true knowledge. Following is what Andrey Sklyarov has to say: - Andrey Sklyarov. One of the best videos. “The first conclusion is this: Are there facts which prove that ancient times had an advance civilisation left its mark on our planet? Yes. There are. Furthermore, a technologically advanced civilisation which was capable of advanced machine manufacturing. There are so many traces of this. We found literally thousands of cases of signs where advanced technologies were used. So in my view, the question of was there or wasn’t there some kind of a highly advanced civilization on Earth in ancient times? I consider this case to be closed. There was.” Let us forget what the text books are saying for a moment and use our common sense to make some judgements. Following links will show you images taken at the Giza pyramid site and various others sites, if you happened to observe these stoneworks while you visiting these sites, what kind of conclusions that you would end up by seeing such stoneworks? Therefore, as you can see, this raise some serious questions with regard to our true history. Advanced Machinery Can Be Seen In Many Sites Around The World: https://www.ancient-code.com/abusir-evidence-advanced-technology-ancient-egypt/ (Abusir - 3rd Millennium BC or older) - (2nd Millennium BC or older) (Baalbek Lebanon - 1st Millennium BC) A 3D Printed Statue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eech7-s9TJE - (Baalbek Lebanon - 1st Millennium BC) http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/boliviapumapunka.htm - (Puma Punku - 1st Millennium AD or older) (Puma Punku - 1st Millennium AD or older) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9lrH_er6wg - (Tiwanaku Bolivia - 1st Millennium) Impossible Structures In The Middle Ages Which Must Attributed To 3D Printing: https://hubpages.com/art/A-Formal-Analysis-of-Berninis-Greatest-Work-The-Rape-of-Persephone - (The Rape of Persephone, Extraction from a single Marble block - 3D Printing,16th Century) http://bizzarrobazar.com/en/2015/08/23/i-misteri-della-cappella-sansevero-i/ (Sansevero Chapel - 3D Printing, Extraction from a single Marble block, 15th Century) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuiDBGIVMhA (2016 Marble Work, This is what we can achieve without this hidden technology ) Some Interesting Links: http://gizapower.com/pma/index.htm http://www.gizapyramid.com/mehler%20new%20article.htm http://www.amusingplanet.com/2015/05/the-mystery-of-puma-punkus-precise.html - Bolivia - Puma Punku https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc7X27NQm7Q&feature=youtu.be - Peru, Cuzco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqFLgewakVw&feature=youtu.be&t=288 - (Peru, Ollantaytambo) http://alte-idea.blogspot.com/2016/09/blog-post_40.html - Armenia http://www.megaliths.org/browse/category/2/view/484 - China http://www.megaliths.org/browse/category/2/view/427 - France http://www.megaliths.org/browse/category/2/view/68 - Russia, We could see similar marks in Egypt, Bolivia and many other places. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw9lTB0hTNU&feature=related Another brilliant observation made by Carl Munck connecting Stonehenge, Giza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol3_9jY4Tec&feature=youtu.be - Angkor wat Other Mysteries Related to Giza Pyramids: Today, more and more people are beginning to understand that our history books don't reflect the true history of man kind and there are so many contradictory evidence which goes against what these history books are telling us. Though we see evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology in ancient times, most of us just can’t grasp such ideas due to our false education, for example if we take Giza Pyramids, people are still believing that these structures are being built by using primitive tools, however, evidence tells us a totally different story. A person who is able to critically analyse these new findings by researchers all around the world, will be able to completely change their perspective on how our past must be. When it comes to Pyramids, it’s undeniable that the people who built these Giza Pyramids had a remarkable understanding of Mathematics, Physics, Geology Engineering etc.. and these structures reflect their true knowledge as well. According to researchers: 1). The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and it faces the true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. 2). Located at the center of the land mass of the earth. The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other is at the Great Pyramid. 3). The geographic coordinate of the Giza Pyramid is 29.9792° N, 31.1342° E. This reflect the speed of light 299,792 Km/s. 4). The Golden Ratio has been encoded. Though Egyptologist believe that this value is just a mere coincidence, this value appears again and again in the structure of the pyramid, which actually means that they must understand this value. Which make sense since we see precision stone cutting as well. We see the value of Pi in the same way. 5). Mass of the Sun has been encoded. 6). The mass of the Moon has been encoded. Sources: https://grahamhancock.com/schmitze1/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQX8m8qWa2o https://grahamhancock.com/nightingalee4/ https://grahamhancock.com/nightingalee3/ https://www.ancient-code.com/the-great-pyramid-of-giza-a-mathematically-encoded-structure/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306097887_The_Great_Pyramid%27s_conspicuous_speed_of_light_latitude_is_no_accident http://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-africa-opinion-guest-authors/mathematical-encoding-great-pyramid-002323 We invented the metric system and metre in the 17th century only but strangely Giza Pyramid builders knew this too. Therefore, by analysing all the evidence presented by these researchers, Giza Pyramids, is a clear example of an intelligent design, a primitive group of people would not be able to achieve such remarkable structures with such a accuracy and since we clearly see machine marks, no one can deny their true knowledge. The Greatest Misunderstanding Between the Mainstream Historians and Alternative Historians: When we analyse these unique structures in these unique worldwide sites, we can find undeniable evidence for the presence of a highly sophisticated technology on Earth and this is not all we can observe these stoneworks millennium after millennium in the past. Though we can find these advanced stoneworks,millennium after millennium, we can’t find evidence for a highly advanced global society in the past, which means this technology must have been holding by a group of people secretly. What Can We Conclude By Looking At The Stone Works In Different Sites: 1). As explained above, this technology must have been possessed by a group of people only and since we can’t find evidence of them sharing this knowledge with others or other empires, then a society in a totally different continent will never be able have this knowledge. However, in the most strangest way, we can observe that this same Egyptian technology being used in other sites like Mexico, Peru and around the world by different Empires. Which means some Empire must have disguised themselves under a different name and relocated their empire. Therefore, empires such as Olmecs, Aztechs, Mayans must be the same Egyptian empire, since Egyptian empire has been using this technology prior to these Empires. Again, if this assumption is true then we should be able to find certain evidence to connect all these unique ancient sites together. Similarities Between Ancient Egypt and Peru: Following is a video uploaded by Richard Cassaro showing similarities between Peru and Egypt. He has made some excellent observations by looking at these sites which are on totally different continents. http://www.richardcassaro.com/suppressed-by-scholars-the-mystery-of-twin-cultures-egyptians-incas-on-opposite-sides-of-the-globe "The ancient Egyptians (in Africa) and the ancient pre-Incas/Incas (in South America) evolved on opposite sides of the globe and were never in contact; yet both cultures mysteriously possessed the same strikingly identical body of ancient art, architecture, symbolism, mythology and religion.” 1). There are similar pyramids in both sites. 2). Similar arches. 3). Similar Obelisks. 4). Similar trapezoid doors. 5). Buildings with three doors. He has named it as Triptych. 6). Mummified bodies. 7). Gold Masks. 8). Similar stone arrangements in structures. 9). Precision stone cuttings. 10). Keystone Cuts. 11). Both sites show Elongated skulls. 12). By looking at the sites one could understand that they were sun worshipers. 13). Find serpents in their artifacts 14). Similar arts. 15). Godself Icon. An Image depicting a central figure, with both arms outstretched and holding an object in each hand. A person who logically analyse these two sites will never assume that these are pure coincidences, since drilling can be seen on both of the sites. Having said that, since we observe precision drilling in both these sites and by looking at the similar stoneworks and other similar things, it’s reasonable to assume that these two Empires must be the same, in other words, what we find here is that Egyptian empire relocating their Empire to Peru. Than again, would it be logical for us to believe that they have only build some sophisticated drills which is far more superior to us? What about flying machines? What about Satellites and Computers? Therefore, this should help us to understand what kind of other technologies that they must have secretly possessed. Following hieroglyphs can be seen in the Temple of Seti, therefore, by looking at the below case, one could also assume that they must have possessed flying machines too. Cause, if they had drilling machines that are 500 times more efficient than to our current drills, then it wouldn't be logical enough for us to disregard the existence of flying machines and believing that they only had efficient drills. https://www.ancient-code.com/mysteries-abydos-egypts-flying-machines/ The Contradiction Between Mainstream Historians and Alternative Historians: 1). When alternative historians see such abnormal cases and since they don’t see an advanced global civilisation in certain times, they put everything to a golden age, an age which is way back in the past. However, archeologists still deny such cases too. Having said that, according to my view by looking these stoneworks: For Egyptian empire to hold such a technology there must have been a golden age way back in the past, where people around the world had the same type of advanced technologies. However, at some point, due to the technological advancement of the society, we could suspect that Egyptian empire had a thought of ruling the earth forever and they must have started a global destruction and destroyed every country until all the other countries lose their technologies, cause there can’t be a possible destruction in the world helping Egyptian Empire to survive whilst all the other countries being destroyed, if they had the same capabilities. Further, if such an event has taken place, if Egyptian Empire had a good intention of helping the survivors in such a catastrophe they would have shared the knowledge then due to this we would have seen a global advanced society at some point again after such a particular event, which is not the case what we can observe by looking at these sites. Therefore, from my point of view, this destruction must have caused by the Egyptian Empire only. "My research also show that this technology is capable of creating Earthquakes, Climate changes, Tsunami’s, Fires(by using satellites), Floods etc.. They also relocate their empire after staying for a specific duration and reappear under a different name in a different location. This is why we see highly advanced civilisations coming out of nowhere and then disappearing after sometime. This will help us to understand the story behind Phoenix bird too." To understand this claim further, we can analyse the following sites, where it show sites such as Ollantaytambo, Tiahuanaco (South America) connecting with Angkor Wat, which is a site in Asia and all these sites, show similarities to Egypt. As we observe earlier there are evidence for the existence of flying machines and due to these technologies they are capable of traveling around the world. This will also help us to understand why we see pyramids around the world. However, whenever they have relocated their empire to another place they have come under a different name. Therefore, we can understand the intention of this empire, which is to deceive people. In this way they seems to have ruled the Earth for such a long period of time. http://www.messagetoeagle.com/mystery-ancient-metal-clamps-advanced-lost-technology-modern-science-still-cannot-explain/ http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/constructiontechniques.htm "Ancient Egyptian Empire has been ruling the Earth for a long period of time by relocating their Empire to different sites, different countries, or different continents. Therefore, by looking at certain stoneworks, knowledges of certain civilisations, we can say that they have once lived as Sumerians, Persians, Mayans, Olmecs, Aztechs, Osirians, Incas, Persians, Nabateans, Indians, Chinese, Cambodians, Indonesians, Dogon’s, Pagans and Celtics etc.. Therefore, it was always the ancient Egyptian Empire who were on these unique sites at different times in the history. These sites can be identify by looking at the stoneworks mainly. This also give us a clue to why, sudden appearance of civilisations and disappearance of civilisations without a trace. Further, by analysing certain structures, we can see that they have given a significant value to sun and moon too and according to records they worship sun and moon too. 2). Alternative historians thinks of a cyclic development and a destruction and then we start from the beginning. Mainstream historians reject this idea too and still hold into their false views though they see contradictory obvious evidence for their views. However, my research show that, one unique race has been holding this highly sophisticated technology for such a long time, and when humanity reaches a certain level of an advancement, they work on a global destruction in various means. This is the reason for the end times drama that we see in the bible. End times, is not a cause of a true God as most of the people out they are are thinking. By looking at Torah, it’s also evident that they have pre-planned these dates too to make us believe in God. What I observe from their work is that they let people to flourish and then at some point they destroy all the knowledge systematically or doing a reset to the civilisation to continue their rule on Earth. Today, we see the Jewish year as 5777, most likely this could be referring to the last civilisation reset date. Bennu bird gives us clue to this cyclic creation and destruction of the world. Bennu Bird: According to historians, Bennu bird associate with the beginning of time and also end times too. It represents a cyclic origin and destruction of the earth. http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/constructiontechniques.htm “Standing alone on isolated rocks of islands of high ground during the floods, the heron represented the first life to appear on the primeval mound which rose from the watery chaos at the first creation. Being the oldest living creature, the cry of the Bennu was the point which time began. It was also the Bennu who would announce the end of time and the return of the world to chaos. According to Egyptian myth, the Bennu had created itself from a fire that was burned on a holy tree in one of the sacred precincts of the Temple of Ra. Other versions say that the Bennu bird burst forth from the heart of Osiris.” "Because the Bennu represented creation and renewal, it was connected with the Egyptian calendar. Indeed, the Hewet-Bennu ("Temple of the Bennu") was well known for its time-keeping devices." "It was the Bennu bird's cry at the creation of the world that marked the beginning of time. The bennu thus was the got of time and its divisions -- hours, day, night, weeks and years.” -http://mythicalrealm.com/creatures/phoenix.html Further Evidence of Relocation of this Ancient Race: 1). Godself icon: The following example would help us to understand that this ancient race has used a special icon on their sites and whenever they moved to a location, they have used the same icon with a slight difference in it. http://www.richardcassaro.com/june-2016-aom-the-missing-link-evidence-of-a-lost-civilizationf http://www.richardcassaro.com/pagan-god-self-icon-found-worldwide-rewrites-history-reveals-lost-golden-age-religion As we can see in his observation, the Godself icon, is a unique feature that we see in all these sites. This will help us to understand how Egyptian site connects with Indonesia, Cambodia, Bolivia, Nigeria, Peru and India, Minoan, Persia, India, Greece and North America. Meaning, it’s the same race who ruled in Egypt traveled to other parts of the world during various ancient times and in each location they used the same icon with a slight difference in it. Which means, they have done this slight change to deceive future civilisations and made it harder for someone to track their true origin. Therefore, by analysing this we can observe that ancient Egyptian empire once were Celtic People and once were Sumerians. This is why both Celtics and Sumerians had an advanced knowledge. According to the site: "The GodSelf Icon is a central feature of art and artifacts found in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, Africa, China, Cambodia, Mesopotamia, India, Crete and many other places.” Thanks to Richard Cassaro’s remarkable observation, we found another crucial evidence to understand the actual stone builders of these unique sites. 2). Tryptych or Temples With Three Doors: This is another unique feature which can be seen in these unique ancient sites. This would also help us to identify the stone workers or this ancient race. www.richardcassaro.com/june-2016-aom-the-missing-link-evidence-of-a-lost-civilization Note that, this unique temple design is not due to a universal religion which has flourished in a remote past, these are the locations that they have once lived and these temples are being built by them to worship their gods. This is not a coincidence or neither showing an ancient golden age, they simply relocated the empire from time to time. Therefore, Triptych door is another crucial evidence to understand the connection between all these sites. We can see this in cathedrals too in middles ages. Which means certain cathedrals are built by them. 3). Corbeled Vault Architecture This is another unique building design feature that we see in these ancient sites. http://www.richardcassaro.com/june-2016-aom-the-missing-link-evidence-of-a-lost-civilization 4). Key Stone Cuts. Stone Designs Which Had No Cultural Significance: This is a another unique feature which we could observe in these ancient stoneworks. These key stone cuts has been found in locations such as Egypt, Japan, Italy, India, Greece, Iran, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Peru and Bolivia. Meaning, Egyptian empire has lived in all these locations under different names. According to the following source: "The use of metal clamps in T-Grooves (key stone cuts) has been discovered in Tiahuanaco, Ollantaytambo, Koricancha and the site of Yuroc Rumi, Vilcabamba. These clamps were also used on the Parthenon, on buildings in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Cambodia. - http://www.messagetoeagle.com/mystery-ancient-metal-clamps-advanced-lost-technology-modern-science-still-cannot-explain/ Another source says: "Several structures show the blocks cut with an internal angle, so as to 'fold' the stone around corner's. It is suggested that this was incorporated as an earthquake 'preventative’. "http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/constructiontechniques.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol3_9jY4Tec&feature=youtu.be - Key stone cuts in Angkor Wat. According to Andrew Collins who’s in the video, “the use of key stone cuts is not something you regularly found, it’s just found in hear and there. Now why it should only be very rare occasions to find it, I don’t know, why isn’t it used all the time.” This a good question to understand that these key stone cuts had no cultural significance. These designs are aliens to these cultures. They come with a foreign culture (Egyptian empire) and then they disappear from these locations or countries. This stonework cannot be seen in all over the country, except specific locations in a country. This is the reason for it to be very rare. Which means, some unique race has visited these locations and then they made their move perhaps few centuries later. All these will help us to understand their long term ruling on Earth. 5). Lions Gate: Another unique feature. http://www.richardcassaro.com/the-lions-gaze-an-occult-parable 6). The Great Circle Which Connects These Ancient Significant Sites: This is another astonishing observation made by certain researches where they claim to identify a 100 kilometre wide global circle passing through these significant ancient sites, connecting sites from Easter Island to Nazca lines, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, Paratoari Pyramids and in Africa, it passes through Dogon lands(they knew the star sirius B and C before any astronomers), Tassel N’ Ajjer and in Egypt it passes through, Siwa Oasis, Giza Pyramids, Petra, UR (Abraham was born), Persepolis, Mohenjo Daro(Pakistan), Khajuraho (India), Pyay (Burma), Sukuthai (Thailand), Angkor Wat(Cambodia), Preah Vihear and ends in Easter Island. Further, the distance between the Great Pyramid and Angkor Wat multiplying by the golden number (1.618) will be able to find the distance between Nazca lines and Giza Pyramids. According to their observation “At some remote point in the past, someone had built a series of sacred sites on this line circling the globe”. Therefore, non of these are attribute to a coincidence. We can clearly observe the similarities of these sites, unique features such as precision stone cutting, key stone cuts, Goldself Icons, Megalithic stoneworks, temples with Tryptichs or three door designs, Corbel arches etc… The Great Circle. - About the Great Circle https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_geographic_geometry_1.htm - "Angkor Wat is 4,745 miles from the Great Pyramid and the Great Pyramid is 7,677 miles from Nazca. This is a precise expression of ?, the Golden Section: 4,745 x 1.618 = 7,677” - This will help us to understand the usage of Satellites too. Besides, when they have drills which are 500 times more efficient than to our current drills, wouldn’t they use other technologies such as computers and satellites? Flying machines? This is why people throughout the past have been claiming of seeing flying machines. And this same sophisticated satellite grid are being used to identify our thoughts or induce thoughts to us by stimulating our brains. They sacrifice human beings to their Gods by torturing human beings, therefore, stimulating brains and inducing voices to people will not be a big thing for such a empire. https://grahamhancock.com/geographic-geometric-relationships-alisonj/ - "Many similarities between these sites have been well documented, including the use of perfectly cut and precisely placed monolithic stones, exact orientations to the cardinal points and astronomical orientations” 7). Advanced Knowledge: Athenian Empire Had An Advanced Knowledge similar to Egyptians, Sumerians and Many Other Ancient Empires: I). Parthenon (447 BC): Parthenon is being built on a location where it’s width matches one second of meridian arc at 38° North Latitude. While we finding further evidence to prove our claims, following is another great observation done by Randall Carlson. Based on the location, the Latitude of Parthenon is 37° 58’ N or Almost 38°. One degree of Meridian Arc At 38° N Latitude is: According to International Ellipsoid = 101.1499 feet and According to Clark Ellipsoid = 101.1449 feet. Dimensions of the Pathernon, Width of East Facade = 101.2957292 ft Width of West Facade = 101.3236163 ft However, according to architectural historians Pathernon was originally built to be 100 Greek feet in width. One Greek Foot = 1.0114064 English Foot. Therefore, the width of the Parthenon must be 101.14064 Feet. To amaze us this matches with an astonishing accuracy, one second of meridian arc at 38° North Latitude which is 101.1499 as mentioned above. Note that we have taken 38° here, therefore, if we take the exact coordinate, most likely these two figures would match precisely. Which means, someone had a capability to accurately measure locations of earth. This will also give us a hint for the existence of sophisticated satellites in ancient times. Apart from this Randall Carlson mentions: “What I’m suggesting is not necessarily that the Gothic Cathedral builders of 800 years ago were able to measure the Earth with that accuracy but then again it does seem to imply that somebody was that somebody was able to measure the Earth that may be there is been a tradition going back to who knows when from the building of the pyramids coming down through the age of the Greeks right down to the building of Gothic, European Gothic Cathedrals 800 years ago” Louis Charpentier also giving us an insight from his book called “The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral”, that certain wise men knew, well before Galileo, that the Earth was round and the dimensions were known to them. Therefore, this is a classic example for the existence of this satellite grid. Someone out there was using satellites to measure locations of the Earth with such an astonishingly high accuracy. Earlier, I made a claim that someone is using a highly sophisticated technology based on my analysis and observation of mental illnesses and pointed out to a satellite grid for the cause of it in my earlier article and I also observed that ancient Egyptian Empire is the root cause of it. Now as you can see other researchers are claiming that someone has or had a sophisticated knowledge. They are claiming that certain people knew the Earth’s dimensions and they were able to measure the Earth with such a high accuracy, which implies the existence of Satellites. Therefore, this gives us more and more evidence for the cause of these mental illnesses which I have mentioned in my earlier article. Randall Carlson II). The Great Pyramid: The great pyramid is located at 29.9792° N, 31.1342° E. If we multiply this value by 1 million we get 299 792 and the speed of light is 299 792 km/s. Which means even way back in the past prior to building the Parthenon they knew the speed of light. - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306097887_The_Great_Pyramid%27s_conspicuous_speed_of_light_latitude_is_no_accident III). Stonehenge: Stonehenge’s Aubrey circle has a diameter of 288 feet. The base perimeter of Giza is exactly 288 reeds. The Giza plateau was set out as a grid of 288 squares. Source: http://www.celticnz.co.nz/US9.html Stonehenge has been built by the Celtic high priests who were known as Druids. Meaning this ancient race once disguised themselves as Druids too. By analysing this site one could understand that the builders of this site knew the diameter of Sun and the Moon. Note that the Egyptian Empire worshiped Sun and the Moon, therefore, we can understand the connection between this site and Egypt. - Further interesting relationships can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7UzWRccPKI - Another one Other links related to similarities: Easter Islands wall construction similar to Peru A Plot to Control History? What I have been claiming throughout this article is that, Egyptian Empire secretly ruled the world by holding an advanced technology. If we observe a normal world, then can there be claims of archeological suppression again and again from people around the world? Why people around the world talking about a archeological coverup? There must be some logical reason for this. Following documentary would help us to understand this strange phenomenon, According to the Above Documentary: 1). George Carter was fired for trying to prove that man was in the western hemisphere 50000 years ago. 2). Virginia Steen couldn’t work on her article cause of a sudden disappearance of a manuscript. 3). Marshall Payn couldn’t get a permit to excavate the site for two specific reasons which later this turned out to be not true. 4). Neil Planned to visit Mexico to inquire about this, however, suddenly one of his colleagues and a friend died two days before he arriving Mexico delaying his trip. Then finally after going to Mexico what Neil heard was “If you had been here few weeks ago, we could have done the interview but now I’m prohibited from doing so.” 5). In another occasion, interview had to cancel cause the person that Neil was about to meet has traveled to another state. However, he managed to communicate over phone and emails and what he found out was that all the permits had given. Which means, this organisation was not involve in a suppression and they neither had an intention of delaying their work. 6). Overall what Neil experienced from his Mexican trip was, four people agreed, one person died, three people were stonewalled one way or another. Giving a clue for an involvement of a third party. 7). Neil has faced a threatening phone call too from an unknown person. 8). They finally got the permit a year after this incident but then again the site has been occupied by people and they have landscaped, built walls, fences and planted trees in the excavation area, therefore, they failed to continue their work. 9). From their experience Marshall Payn also claim that the Mexicans had nothing to do with the suppression. Further he claims, “Somebody didn’t want that dig, dug”. The abnormal deaths that Neil faced looks so natural and non of the deaths were caused by someone bringing a gun and destroying these lives. Since, overall, we observed their work has been interrupted beyond any coincidence, sudden deaths must attribute to an invisible weapon, cause there are no evidence for a visible weapon such as a gun being used to destroy their lives. We saw similar strange deaths in the past too. For example, president Franklin D. Roosevelt died 7 days after promising Saudi’s that he will not make any policy changes, then he mysteriously died cause of a cerebral haemorrhage and we saw similar deaths in biblical times too where God punishing people with Tumours. Note that 7 is an important number to Egyptian Empire. We also find many claims from people around the world that whenever they were about to reveal some important evidence about our true history, they suddenly go through abnormal issues such as peer problems, sudden issues in fundings, losing jobs or certain abnormal deaths too. In Neil’s case, these strange deaths occurred in different countries and no visible weapon has been used. Then we also observe that these kind of strange deaths are happening around the world for the people who are trying to bring truth, therefore, this invisible weapon must be able to target any person in any country, giving us a clue to a space based global satellite grid. It’s evident that Neii is being tracked by an unknown party, they knew when and where Neil was and we don’t see evidence for someone coming behind Neil to all his locations to know where he is, therefore, this must be an invisible tracking. Further, the person that Neil was planning to meet had a sudden thought to go to another city, when he was about to meet him. Since we see so many abnormal cases here, we can assume this sudden movement also could be attributed to this same technology. This gives us a clue that not only Neil is being tracked, they understood thoughts of Neil and the cause of the sudden thoughts that the other party had could be due to stimulating the brain and inducing thoughts. A Global Conspiracy or a Unique Race? Since these cases are being reported worldwide, then we must observe that people around the world are working on a conspiracy. We don’t see this either. Meaning, people who oppose such views are absolutely right and there’s no such a global conspiracy. However, since we have undeniable evidence for such cases, then this must attribute to a unique race who doesn’t like people around the world understanding the truth and this will be another clue to understand my claims. And since these people are not in every country and in certain positions to disrupt work, then they must disrupt work in an invisible manner, so no one can understand this strange phenomenon of suppression. This will also help us to understand the existence of a global satellite grid. About Egyptian Empire: By analysing everything, it is apparent that everything connects to ancient Egyptian empire and then we see this ancient Egyptian empire moving from place to place, even Egypt could be just another location where they have chosen to stay. Which means Egyptian Empire's origin could be some other place. At some point they must have chosen this location due to the geographic significance of this location as we understand that the location of the Giza Pyramids are at the centre of the land mass of Earth. This will help us to understand why they have chosen this location and their arrival to this location. Therefore, it was never a coincidence for the Giza Pyramids to be seen in this location. When we analyse Hebrew language one could understand that a sophisticated knowledge has been encoded in Hebrew words. Therefore, this language cannot be created by a God, it's a work of this ancient empire and this must be their language. This will help someone to understand this. What Is All Seeing Eye: According to my research, All Seeing Eye refers to this global satellite grid that is capable of knowing anything. This satellite grid tracks people and do a real-time scanning to decode the electrical activities of our brains. These satellites are capable decoding and seeing exactly what your eyes are seeing, what your feelings are, what you hear, what you taste, what you smell and your thoughts etc.. Another name for this would be Eye of Providence that we see in Christian churches. This will be another clue to understand that Egyptian empire was behind in creating Christianity. Who Is Illuminati? All seeing eye is normally associated with Pyramids, since it’s a symbol of Egyptian empire and all seeing eye usually associate with Illuminati too. Therefore, Illuminati is non other than Egyptian empire who is still living among us and controlling world affairs in an indivisible manner by using their sophisticated technology. And this is the reason why we have been seeing UFO’s for such a long time. They have once lived as Sumerians, Mayans, Aztechs, Olmecs, Celtecs, Pagans, Chaldeans, Persians, Greeks and Romans as well. People are finding hard to understand this process, due to their complicated relocation of the empire. This is why we see a sudden appearance and disappearance of empires in the past. “Eye of Ra: Ra sends out his eye to seek information as well as hand out wrath and vengeance against those who have insulted him.” UFO’s : Further Evidence for the Existence of an Advanced Technology on Earth Throughout Our History. Though people who have never researched into UFO incidences, deny the existence of these highly advanced flying machines, researchers in this area has found undeniable evidence for the existence of UFO’s. Following link will take you to one of the documentaries for you to understand these strange cases which will give you some solid evidence for the existence of a highly advanced technology on Earth. A documentary about UFO’s. Reported UFO Cases During the Past 100 Years: According to Monfort's report, there have been 104,947 reported sightings over the past 100 years. Though there could be many misunderstandings here, we cannot simply deny everything due to the evidence that we see. Source: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/02/28/ufo-sightings-hit-all-time-high-report-says.html Ancient UFO Sightings: https://www.ancient-code.com/arrival-sky-gods-ancient-egyptian-papyrus-details-mass-ufo-sighting/ - Around 1480 BC http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/703237-nasa-reports-on-credible-ufo-sightings-in-ancient-times/ - Ranging form 300 BC to 200 AD. http://www.aliens-everything-you-want-to-know.com/AncientAlienSightings.html - 12th century to 18th century. http://wikivisually.com/wiki/List_of_UFO_sightings - A list from second millennium BC to present day. http://www.dudeman.net/siriusly/ufo/art.html - Some paintings of UFO’s. What Does it Mean? By doing a ground level research to understand the existence of a highly advanced technology on Earth, one could find many undeniable evidence as explained above. Then again there must be a good reason for us to see this abnormal archeological cover up cases from around the world. Michael Cremo explain the same just like other people. As you can see above, not only our ground observations, people have seen flying machines throughout our known history thus giving us evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology on Earth since ancient times. Which means, there's a group of people holding this technology without leaking this to any other race apart from them. And this can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian empire and as you can see they have been disguised their empire under different names. Further, from this research, I managed to identify Egyptian empire as the people that we have been calling as Illuminati. Since millennium after millennium we see evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology on Earth, one cannot simply deny this strong evidence and claim that human beings had a linear technological progress and these are just made up stories or put certain things as pure coincidences. A person who use their common sense and logic to understand the world would never hold into such views. And since we cannot see a global advanced society in the past, it's evident that only one race who have been secretly holding this technology and as explained above this can be traced back to ancient Egyptian empire. Further research on this helped me to understand that Abrahamic religions(Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are being created by Egyptian empire as a political tool to control the society. And I will be releasing an article about this soon to explain how people have been deceived by this technology. The voices that people hear today (in schizophrenics) or the Godly voices that Jesus heard some where around two thousand years ago, was also due to this hidden technology. Jesus has become a victim too, just like the voice hearers that we see today. One could imagine, if ancient Egyptian empire used drills that are 500 times efficient than to our current drills, how advanced their technology could be and if that's the case, what could be their understanding of our brain? According to my research, they have completely decoded our brain and their technology is capable of not only decoding our thoughts/(and all electrical activities of our brain to understand all kind of perceptions), this technology is capable of stimulating our brains and induce thoughts, visions, voices, smells to name a few. This technology is the cause behind multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. Having said that, since non of these physical evidence that we see in so many sites around the world are being recorded in our school text books, people around the world are having a false understanding of our history and they just can’t grasp ideas such as having advanced sophisticated technologies in the past, even after they looking at these stoneworks. Our beliefs are being effected and we look at these cases with a narrow mind. Therefore, it's time to look at these cases in a different way and have an open mind to understand the truth. The truth is so much stranger than what we could possibly imagine.

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