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  1. Who Runs the World?

    Where UFO's are coming to the skies? Who run the world in the most covert way with the most phenomenally advanced technologies, fooling US and the world? https://goo.gl/photos/66MXWvDaJ6TTsJEt8 - What if Switzerland has the US population will Switzerland has the highest sightings of UFO's ? If so why ? Who build these anti-gravity flights and fooling US and people around the world? https://www.quora.com/Which-countries-have-the-most-UFO-sightings-and-why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz1kGVfWDlc - Switzerland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXaXnAvEpB8 - The Pharaoh Show; Alien Predators in Human Appearance - Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYTl2ndzv2g&t - Switzerland's Stolen Generation http://www.paranoiamagazine.com/2016/07/psychological-illnesses-due-hidden-technologies/ - We are being deceived to believe that NSA has a Mind Control Technology while swiss was having. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/236042215_Balzac's_Louis_Lambert_Schizophrenia_before_Kraepelin_and_Bleuler "Hare [20] defend precisely this hypothesis, arguing that the scarcity of reports previous to 1800 indeed leeds to the conclusion that schizophrenia is a recent disease, and therefore, that it must have been triggered by a specific event around 1800.." People hearing voices for 24/7 started in Europe. It's a technological invention. Who/Which country invented this? http://search.org/papers/cherry2.html "Interest in Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) started in Europe during the late 1800’s" "Since the 19th century the number of identities has gone from 2 or 3 to greater than 20, sometimes reaching 100." "The 19th century saw a number of reported cases of multiple personalities which Rieber estimated would be close to 100." THIS IS THE TOTAL NUMBER OF REPORTED CASES... "200 reported cases of DID as of 1980, and 20,000 from 1980 to 1990. Joan Acocella reports that 40,000 cases were diagnosed from 1985 to 1995" - TOTAL NUMBER OF REPORTED CASES AS OF 1980 ONLY 200" MPD/DID are victims goes under brain stimulations. This is not an actual mental disorder. Again after another 30, 40 years, you will start seeing some other strange illnesses such as "Foreign accent syndrome" First reported case on this comes in the year 1907, then from 1941 to 2009, you only find sixty recorded cases. What's this mysterious illness really? Why MPD/DID disorder started in Europe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIUrtuFS9zk This is done by uploading information to the brain. How can a person suddenly learn a new language? how can information be uploaded to a human brain? For you to understand this you will have to understand how we learn things. Throughout the day, we stimulate our brain by looking at things, we stimulate our brain by hearing/listening to sounds, we stimulate our brain by smelling things etc... So in order for us to learn a new thing, we can simply by pass this 5 senses and stimulate the brain directly and create the right neuron pathways/connection. This how you can learn new things without using your 5 senses. After decording brain and understanding how brain mapping works (as in DID/MPD victims) they have understood how to upload information to the brain. These are science miracles but they have gone this far in the technology side. CONNECTING THE DOTS! We consider the birth of Switzerland in 1291, that was founded by knights of templars after banning them. If you think of witch trials, the Valais Witch Trials took place in the Duchy of Savoy (in today's southeastern France and Switzerland) between 1428 and 1447. There were no actual witches who were capable of doing those kind of works to human beings. People in europe finally understood this in 16th century and then the witch trials ended. This was done using some primitive technologies that they have invented during this period and they have been kept on understanding and developing this throughout the centuries and then they finally started inducing voices to people in 18th century by the end of 18th century they managed to decode our brain too and map brains this, this is the start of MPD/DID victims. And the story goes on till today. http://www.witchcraftandwitches.com/trials_valais.html - Europeans are being deceived to believe that witches were behind strange illnesses while their technology was acting on people. Later in the 18th century this technology manage to start stimulating human brains to induce voices/ hallucinations and brain mappings as well ( as in MPD/DID ) victims. http://www.witchcraftandwitches.com/trials_valais.html
  2. Everyone in this planet except the members of their group is under surveillance. Our thoughts are being captured 24x7. I mentioned about mapping personalities in DID, here you can imagine how advanced this technology is. Therefore, you can find many ways to automate it, meaning when you are pregnant and once you have a baby, these softwares can be programmed to automatically track your baby too. When you do a proper research into voice hearing, you will what kind of capabilities that these voices have as in common, secondly you will see these voices are showing a personality as well, they have emotions as well. Now tell me if these dimensional beings is showing emotions and personalities, why on earth they talk to your government only? secondly we understand that voices are not due to sound waves reaching our ears, it's due to some kine of direct waves that reaches our brain, which stimulate our auditory cortex, brain scans will confirm this, so why they fail to stimulate a person sitting next to them? Due to these things your idea won't fit to voice hearing. Brain stimulation knowledge is indeed with your government, this is due to an invention which has taken place in the 17th century. These are the group of people who called themselves as Illuminati and build up this secret society by thinking to control the world. From Europe they established US as their headquarters and running a fake election today while electing their own members. That's is why baba vanga was able to predict obama coming into the presidency. That is why these fake gods can predict Donald Trump, running the presidential election to many people,
  3. In some cases, they might induce certain illnesses to certain people who has a slightly different brain structures but this is only give a wrong perception to the world. There could be many criteria for these selections and give false ideas to the public. So people who study these victims with brains scans come up with wrong results or ideas behind these illnesses. Having said that take DID patients, they can make any person in this world as a DID patient, what they do is suppress hippocampus and stimulate other relevant areas to control a person completely by mapping personalities. So technically this can be done to any person and they use this trick to kill people and make it look like suicides. So if they want to show some kind of percentage of these type of victims, any of us could become a target at anytime just like Dr. Robert Duncan says. Well some doctors understand these medicine doesn't work so they could be testing alternative ways of treating people. Definitely medicine will not work, cause if someone stimulate your Auditory Cortex using a technology, you will not find a way of stopping it from having that perception by having drugs. All I see is that all these voices that people experience today is due to this technology, I mean 100% not a single person is being effected by demons, Gods, Aliens or any other hypothetical beings. Simple reason: Hearing voices is not a skill that we develop any person can start hearing these fake gods, voices of spirits, aliens out of the blue, so they must have this capability/skill to stimulate our brains and talk to us directly, so if people think that these hypothetical beings capable enough to stimulate our auditory cortex and talk to us directly, if these people who claim that they hear voices ask from these beings to stimulate a person who is sitting next to him and talk to that person directly they utterly fails, which gives a perception to doctors that there are no external entities who is doing this, these are hallucinations and due to a chemical imbalance, but then again this theory fails cause these voices can have logical conversations with people, can tell guide people to go to unknown locations, can tell what their colleagues are up to... therefore, all these people who hear voices are only due to this technology.
  4. If a person understand that remote neural monitoring/ remote brain stimulation technology exist, they will easily understand the reason behind UFO stories that people around the world complaint. In this video she first mention that she heard a high pitched frequency sound, which is basically the sound of Tinnitus that people complaint and if you search these UFO cases there are so many people who mention about these high pitched sounds just like her. Then she talks about seeing some telepathic images, which is indeed done by stimulating the visual cortex making her to see things, and the aliens that she sees are simply visual hallucinations done to her by stimulating her visual cortex at the same time. This is the same reason why schizophrenics sometimes complaint that they see demons or some weird beings moving in their environments.
  5. Another strange Tinnitus Case: http://www.unexplained- mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60995&st=15 Posted 16 October 2006 - 08:28 PM I read through most of these posts. I have a question about tinnitus. . It was last month when I first experienced this: About a week or so before my half- sister's mother died, I was lying in my bed, my head propped up on my hand, reading. Out of nowhere came this sound (seemed to be in my right ear, which is the side that I was "laying" on). I bolted up in the bed, because it sounded like someone breathing. It was weird, it sounded kind of "otherworldly", almost like a death rattle. It would start slow, and then speed up, like the gasping was getting frightened or panicky. Then, it stopped. I was thinking, HOW WEIRD, and shrugged it off. So, a bit later, I was back to my reading, when it started again, then stopped. By that point, I didn't know WHAT in the heck it was, and was starting to get a bit creeped out. During this whole time, there was NO buzzing sound whatsoever. I got up, and turned my bathroom light on (because I had decided I was just going to go to bed and try to sleep), and it was a bit freaky to me. Then it started again. I jumped out of bed, and went to get my husband who was sleeping on the sofa (always falls asleep in front of the tv). I made him come to bed, and I told him about what was going on. I laid down, and it started AGAIN! I asked if he heard it, and he said he did not. It happened once more, and after the second time (since he'd come to bed), I asked him if we could switch sides of the bed, because it seemed to be coming from "my side". We switched, and I didn't hear it anymore. The next couple of nights, I slept on the couch, not wanting to take the chance of hearing it again. Those two nights, I heard NOTHING. Then, when I went to bed the next time, I heard it again. Same drill, I made hubby switch sides, and the sound was gone. A couple of days later, hospice informed the family that my half-sister's mother was going to pass, and everyone needed to be there to see her. I went there, and here's where it gets odd: She was gasping. I recognized the sounds she was making. It was the same sound I'd heard in my ear. I thought maybe I was simply hearing what was going to happen (sort of a precognitive thing). That night I went to bed, and didn't hear the sound. Didn't need to change sides with hubby, etc. For a few nights I just heard silence when I went to bed. Then, it started again. I realized that I had been sleeping on my husband's pillow for the nights that I hadn't heard it. So, to experiment, I switched pillows again, and slept on his. The sound didn't happen. On the occasions that my husband has given me my pillow back, I've heard it (he even switched it without my noticing, and it happened, I would realize it, steal his pillow, and no noise). I looked up tinnitus. I never read anything about it sounding like a breathing sound, yet I really think that this is what it is. I know, I need to see my physician, but I wanted opinions. I really don't think it is anything paranormal (except maybe hearing the same sound coming from my half-sister's dying mother), but maybe I was just looking for something that resembled the sound. Are there triggers that exist for tinnitus episodes? And why would I hear the sounds only on my OWN pillow and not hubby's? I will say that I did experience the "breathing sound" out of bed twice. Both times was when I was in my kitchen cooking dinner. I decided to post this here, because I noticed that someone had bumped the topic, and after reading the posts, it's obvious that those who do have tinnitus know quite a bit more about the experience of it than I do. Have any of you ever had episodes where it sounded like a breathing sound? Are there certain things that will make your tinnitus seem more prevalent or noticeable (besides total silence)? I was thinking that the reason I heard it on my pillow and not my husband's is that they are made from different materials, but I'm no scientist, so I don't know how that would matter. Any advice would be helpful, thanks... This is another strange incident. She will not hear tinnitus just by switching pillows with her husband. Is she being monitored by someone 24x7?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Let me made these points and describe why your theory fails, 1). One thing is if you are putting this to the spiritual ream, please take actions to let the public know of this issue and let the medical society also know so they will stop prescribing medicine for these people cause if these voices are from demons or Gods, then medicine only do more harm then anything. You are also putting down doctors credibility entirely on this matter. (Up to a certain degree I agree but that doesn't mean your theory behind these voices is something that I accept ) 2). Now if we take your theory that the demons are behind these voices, For us to hear a voice it is a must that our Auditory Cortex should be stimulated in someway. Then only we get a perception of hearing and brain scan proves this. Even if a person thinks a God or a demon speaking to them, brain scan will show activities in the Auditory Cortex. There's no way of having the perception of hearing without an activity in this area. We also know that people start hearing voices out of the blue, these are not some skills that we develop, which means according to your theory, your demon or the God should be able to directly stimulate our brain for us to hear the words spoken by these hypothetical beings. But the problem with your theory is that if you ask these demons or Gods to talk to a known person or a person who sitting next to a voice hearer, they UTTERLY FAIL. This will utterly fail your theory too cause if that's the case these Gods or demons should be able to stimulate the person sitting next to a voice hearer even. Now then again this gives an idea to the medical community that their theory is right. If their theory is right, then these chemical imbalances cannot move the mouse pointer or tell what their colleagues are up to. This theory contradicts again and UTTERLY FAIL just like your theory. If you want to test if my theory is right or wrong simply find out the reason behind thought broadcasting phenomena and gang-stalking phenomena, this will show you that there's an abnormal increase in coincidences, making these people to belief false ideas as true which becomes a delusion but sadly psychiatrists are giving drugs to treat these people.
  7. These are made by fake Gods, the truth can be found on the below link,
  8. Hi @Lucy Barnable By seeing these cases do you still think that these can be due to some issues with these peoples brains? or what would be your view?
  9. Hi @Lucy Barnable, The evidence that I showed you clearly tells that blood lines has nothing to do with voice hearing. As long as you have a Auditory Cortex, then if it gets stimulated you will hear sounds or voices this cannot be stopped. Then again, medical communities theory is completely false, the reason is that these voices can have logical conversations with people and these voices can tell future as well one case that I pointed out voices were able to move a mouse pointer even, Check this, http://www.intervoiceonline.org/about-voices "I have been hearing the voice since the last 6 years, and the voice tells me exactly what will happen in the future in different parts of the world, and it also tells me what my colleagues are up to.” Voices can tell what her colleagues are up to? How come these capabilities are there in these voices? It's sad to think that up to very this day not a single doctor/psychiatrists or even scientists has ever done a proper investigations into these cases rather than doing brain studies in a blind way. Common sense will tell us that a chemical imbalance of our brain can't have these abnormal capabilities! The reason behind gang stalking is abnormal number of increase in coincidences(please check my post), sadly psychiatrists are giving drugs to these people without knowing this!
  10. Well I didn't know about the card game. It's interesting to see that!
  11. Hi @Lucy Barnable did you check my last post? Bloodline connections are interest to see.
  12. The best suggestion that I could give to anyone out there is to read the above article completely and watch all the videos as well. The reason for me to say in this way is to avoid you becoming another victim of this technology if not it would be much easier for them to play with your life. In schizophrenia delusions are a common thing. Like I said above these unusual incidences that happen to these people beyond any coincidences, which will make them to believe certain things as true but in reality it's false, a person with this understanding will not fall for these, and normally after these initial delusions they will induce voices to you and then on top of this psychiatrists will drug you because of their poor understanding of the subject. Adam Weishaupt a Jew built this illuminati secret society in the 17th century and they had very clear goals of this world. These people work on long term goals, goals will stretches for centuries even. This video will give you a clue to their actions, Started in Europe and then these people use US as the headquarters and elected their people as presidents in the US. This is why majority of US presidents are freemasons. Freemasons are indeed created by Jews. Now going back to the history of voice hearing, you will see that in the 14th, 15th, 16th century, general public were not hearing any voices strangely like the way we hear today. Voices were never commenting on people negatively. Why? The reason is, these technologies were invented by Illuminati scientists in the 17th century. The first person to complaint about such a technology was James Tilly Matthews in 1797, they called this as the “Influencing machine”. His case claimed to be the earliest clear description of schizophrenia in British psychiatric writing. Then you may also do a research into history of voice hearing strangely after this incident, voice hearing in Europe will get sky rocketed in the 18th century. French revolutions, 1st and 2nd world wars are well planned events by Illuminati secret society and they kept on working on these agenda's. Today, people like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Obama, Bush Family, Clinton Family, Queen or Prince Charles Family, Putin, Angela Merkel and even Donald Trump is in this group and actively working on the agenda's. These are the people who call themselves as Illuminati. Even pope Francis are Illuminati. Pope Francis is playing the anti-christ Drama, their God is Lucifer or Satan. You may read the below, https://reptiliandimension.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/devil-worship-at-vatican-was-pope-francis-declared-son-of-lucifer-at-a-televised-roman-catholic-luciferian-worship-service/ Davidacke call these people as reptilians and it's another drama. These are normal people who will deceive people to that extent. Black pope is the head of all these people working on their Jesuit agenda. Adolfo Nicolás is the current superior general who is actually the head of all. Pope Francis is also comes under him. Want to see some connections? You may watch this. Don't take everything in this video as true, you will have to extract the truth out of these. Again, reptilian is another drama that they play to deceive people. Now you will also see Prince Charles is actively working on their climate change agenda, it's because he is a illuminati. Now actually they are closer to their world destruction idea than any of you think. That's why Donald Trump is going to become the president of the US. These fake Gods are telling people before Donald Trump is running for the presidency even. They are almost their to show their anti-christ drams. Donald - meaning ruler of the world(you may google the meaning of Donald) Trump - Trumpets in bible are warnings from God? Well they indeed playing this drama today. God is saying that he elected him? Sadly, he believed it and spreading this word to people while Illuminati play with his and others lives by stimulating brains and inducing voices to them and act as the God. Now what did Baba] Vanga predicted? She predicted 9/11 attacks, Climate Change, Obama coming to the presidency. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/baba-vanga-who-is-the-blind-mystic-who-predicted-the-rise-of-isis-a6765071.html She predicted these events decades and decades before but how? Because of her dreams and probably voices were telling him. Illuminati technology is behind all these actions and spreading these claims through people like this for the world to believe prophecies. She is indeed a victim of this technology. Like I said illuminati always has long term plans, that's the reason why she was able to predict these events such as 9/11, climate change, US presidents etc... and it's due to these dreams and voices. Now do we see a climate change? Yes, indeed. Did we see ISIS? Now what would be the next move of them? That's to destroy and destabilize Europe, that's why [BANNED] Vanga predicted that muslims would invade Europe and on top of this they will destroy lives around the world with their climate change agenda. Today all these flash floods that we see is due to this. How many lives are being destroyed every day because of this flash floods? You may google and see. Non of you have an idea of what kind of life I went through to find all these while writing my final article my house also got destroyed by a major fire in my area and there were more than 70 or 80+ house got destroyed. So the best thing I could ask you is to read everything I have presented here, do your own research and understand this truth and don't become another victim of this crime. Children around the world is also suffering due to their induced mental illnesses, people being killed every day like, their lives are being destroyed from floods. This historic flood is again due to this technology. How many lives they destroyed??? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/06/30/west-virginia-faces-new-reality-after-deadly-flood/86555454/
  13. Trump is a member of Illuminati. They were planning to make him as the president and follow up with their fake anti-christ agenda to destroy the world. People think of a shadow government but in-fact they elect their members to the government by using these advanced technologies and they have been deceiving us for over a century now.
  14. Wow, demons are controlling the world? Letting Baba Vanga knows that Obama will be becoming the president? 9/11 attack will take place? Climate change? Thanks for your comments though and you too have a nice day!
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