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  1. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Google doodle! Are the rocks planets?? Strawberry/Nibiru? Thank you for the heads up on the other thread!!
  2. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Astraea, check out the show braindead that premiered last week 6/13 on cbs. It's about a bug from the meteorite that hit Russia a few years ago infecting people's brains and changing society.
  3. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    1260 days from Dec 21, 2012 was June 3, 2016, the day Ali died at 74 hinting at 74 which will be 1290 days. 7/4 there is a new moon at Sirius, America's founding degree. It will be the end of America's 239th year. It will also be the holiday at the conclusion of the Muslim month of Ramadan before the new crescent is sighted. But don't forget the 1335 days too. That's the full moon in Aquarius during Rio. Brock Turner's sentence was shortened to 3 months. 3 months summer solstice to fall equinox. 10/01 00:11 new moon is the beginning of the new year 5777. Also Obama's older daughter Malia who graduated high school today turns 18 on 7/4. His younger daughter's birthday was today and he was the first sitting president to appear on the tonight show last night along with Madonna.
  4. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Interesting that the night of the all night learning (it is meant to be an altered state of consciousness-- see link), the moon will be in the place you showed in Leo and moving into Virgo's head! Night of June 11-12 http://reclaimingjudaism.org/teachings/fascinating-origins-tikkun-leil-shavuot Here is the original passage from which tradition of the night of Shavuot is taken. It is from the Zohar the main body of mystical texts kept secret in Judaism (I wonder why) Rabbi Shimeon used to sit and learn Torah at night when the bride joined with her spouse. It is taught: The members of the bride's entourage are obligated to stay with her throughout the night before her wedding with her spouse to rejoice with her in those perfections (tikkunim) by which she is made perfect. [They should] learn Torah, Prophets and Writings, homilies on the verses and the secrets of wisdom, for these are her perfections and adornments. She enters with her bridesmaids and stands above those who study, for she is readied by them and rejoices in them all the night. On the morrow, she enters the canopy with them and they are her entourage. When she enters the canopy, the Holy One, blessed be He, asks about them, blesses them, crowns them with the bride's adornments. Blessed is their destiny. (Zohar I:8a) The bride in this context is Shekhinah, the immanent / indwelling aspect of God; the spouse is the Holy Blessed One, the aspect of God that's wholly transcendent. We're the bridesmaids, attending the Shekhinah on the eve of her marriage; all who study Torah on erev Shavuot strengthen her and cause her to rejoice, and in return YHVH crowns us with the Shekhinah's jewels beneath the chuppah at dawn. http://velveteenrabbi.blogs.com/blog/2008/06/shavuot-anniversary-of-a-cosmic-marriage.html also the last 3 days prior to the 50th day may be interesting to watch. They represent the arrangement of the final 3 aspects of the feminine sphere, the 47th, 48th and 49th day. You can follow the Omer/gregorian correspondence here: http://www.hebcal.com/converter/ The cycle continues onward through the weeks until the last week, which represents malchut—the forty-third day of the Omer is chesed shebemalchut, the forty-fourth is gevurah shebemalchut, and the final forty-ninth day is malchut shebemalchut. http://www.ritualwell.org/ritual/omer-calendar-biblical-women the first day of the Omer is the aspect of love within love (chesed of chesed). That was this aspect of the shekhinah: The Shekhinah is the essence of pure love and generosity, and it is proper to begin and end the counting of the Omer with her. but as we know she is more complex. This summarizes what the Omer is leading up to (they are obviously not fully aware of what this tradition is about..;) is God's immanent presence on earth, so too we end with Her. In the kabbalah, malkhut, royalty or majesty, is the sefirah of the Shekhinah, who in mystical texts is called queen, princess, crown, and other royal names. The “Sabbath queen” whom Jews greet on Friday night in synagogues is the Shekhinah in her queenly aspect. These royal images are meant to convey both the Shekhinah's power and her involvement in the welfare of those who dwell in Her world. There is also a dark side to malkhut—it is the part of God closest to physical reality and therefore closest to death. The Shekhinah is said to share the human experience of pain and loss. When the Jews go into exile, she goes with them. The messianic age will come to pass when Her exile ends and She is reunited with the transcendent Holy One. The forty-ninth day of the Omer is the day before Shavuot, the festival of the giving of the Torah. On Shavuot, the Shekhinah descends on Mount Sinai to grant revelation to the people. The first section of the Zohar teaches concerning the first night of Shavuot: “Those who stay up all night to wait with the bride, the bride will not enter the wedding canopy except in their company.” So it is appropriate on the day before Shavuot, the final day of the Omer, to meditate on God's feminine presence and prepare to greet Her.
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