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  1. I suspect both know that anything they say at this point, can and will be used against them. They're being smart about it and simply keeping silent.
  2. I suspect this bizarre behaviour gives us a bit of insight into the stress levels Schumer and his ilk are dealing with these days More please.....
  3. I've worked my way through the first section (first 21 videos). All I can say is this guy was prepared "..for such a time as this." I already know a good bit of this, but his clear, methodical and interesting presentation is filling in gaps and allowing me to consider new angles I hadn't yet considered. Good grief he did a good job describing Jezebel and the "plan A, plan B" structure of satan's moves down through history. I'll keep going Edit: I'll say this too. If one can understand Jezebel, it's not hard to understand the prevalence of sociopaths in our day. They are one.
  4. well that's a series of unfortunate alignments. A spring tide for the high tide on Tuesday, anticipated to be 5.85 meters...higher than normal. If the storm surge happens to hit near high tide...add another 4 meters or so to that.... 9 almost 10 meters if everything lines up just wrong. ouch
  5. I read of a 4 meter surge??? jimminy...that's going to be a huge problem :/ Not a lot of elevation along that coast either is there?
  6. definitely not proof of aliens But, I found this extremely interesting: Now we know.
  7. Here's a report about forces involved in that air assault operation near Tabqa Dam, though I don't trust the source at all U.S.-backed forces capture Islamic State-held airport near Euphrates dam (Reuters)
  8. Wow...9000 Russian national jihadis fighting in Syria. I didn't know that and that is certainly something Putin will have in his decision matrix. I'm sure he doesn't want one of those to be able to make it back to Chechnya or Kazakhstan alive. I'm not quite as confident as the author when it comes to the Al Qaeda (ish) forces in Idlib, or the ones on the Israeli border that Israel seems to be taking good care of in their effort to keep Hezbollah out of the border area. But, whatever the details, the war does seem to be winding down in significant ways... The jockeying for position in a post-war Syria by the various players still leaves a lot of room for the unexpected. I hope he's right about Saudi Arabia and Quatar beginning to withdraw support for Al Quaeda, and he may be since it looks like their goal of overthrowing Assad looks dead in the water. I just hope Israel and McStain don't step in and pick up the slack.
  9. it's so hilarious to me to watch the lens flare afficiandos wrestle with the flat earth proponents The more they keep each other occupied the better off the rest of us are
  10. I think the ones making the decisions know full well what's on the other side.
  11. Abedin is Weiner's ticket to relevance and power. Weiner is Abedin's greatest threat. Control Weiner's testimony, and all they have to deal with is the info on the laptop itself. And if Weiner refuses to testify, someone is much more likely to rule the info on the laptop is not prosecutable on its own....down the memory hole it goes. Looks like a plan to me. Edit: hints of this same loveless dynamic at work between Bill and Hillary are impossible to ignore.
  12. excellent video. #pizzagate is real. And just recently supposed elements of the CT community managed to divert attention from pedophilia and discussion of the details and persons involved, into a weeks long orgy of energy expenditure arguing over #pizzagate as a distraction and provoking an internet war between various investigators over who deserved to represent the efforts. This thing has many levels
  13. It's about time for CERN to fire up again for this year's research runs. The maintenance shutdown that began last December will conclude next month. I typically start sniffing around this time of year trying to find clues as to what's on their minds for each year's runs. This coming year, appears to be forming up to be a true breakthrough year. The AWAKE plasma wakefield accelerator was fully installed and commissioned for full power operation just before the shutdown in December. This year it will be used in conjunction with the LHC and this new 30 meter long linear accelerator will be used to inject particles into the LHC's ring accelerator at energy levels many thousands of times more powerful than the LHC has ever managed to produce on its own. The AWAKE accelerator uses a completely new particle acceleration technology that is massively more powerful than the whole LHC complex. Last year, the LHC produced collisions whose energy releases were measured at 13 TeV. TeV stands for "tera electron volts". The prefix "tera" means trillion. A commissioning test of the AWAKE installation just before last year's shutdown, produced a collision that released 1.14 PeV. That's "peta" electron volts. The prefix "peta" means quadrillions. A thousand trillions is one quadrillion. Sooo...in the commisssioning phase, AWAKE increased the energy released by collisions from 13 trillions of electron volts to well over 1000 trillions of electron volts. It's taken over five years of working with LHC to get up to the 13 TeV range, and last year, in one felled swoop they increased the energies they're working with by over 1000 times. And that was just a commissioning test run. With the full use of AWAKE this year, they intend to produce collisions all year, in the 20 PeV range. This is the new norm for power levels. Between last year's runs and this year's, they're going from 13 trillions of electron volts to 20,000 trillions of electron volts. An increase in power so many orders of magnitude higher it's mind boggling. If all they needed was more power to pry open that portal and hold it open in a stable, sustained way so their little (so called) "alien" friends can come through...this may well be the year they manage to open that abyss. - Edit: not to mention the whole sections of LHC (3 distinct sets of equipment) that are now dedicated solely to the production and study of anti-matter, while they keep spewing tidbits about dark matter for everyone to marvel (and argue) over
  14. Looks like Lake Eyre might get one of its periodic influxes of water. Certainly looks like this could be a serious one. Last time something this big hit the area it took 2 years for the banana plantations to recover. Wiped out about 20% of the sugar plantations (cane) as well. Prices for both skyrocketed regionally. Looks like our Aussie friends are in for a trial.