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  1. Evidently they did "want to" Italy Bank Bailouts Send European, Global Stocks Higher; Gold Flash Crashes
  2. More Israeli air strikes ...third day in a row :/ Apparently against government positions and in direct support of terrorist operations.
  3. some of that should have made it to the ground. nice video, if I was close I'd go meteorite hunting
  4. I didn't notice that video was from march lol...I wish such an event really had taken place but I don't think even Obutthurt is dumb enough to actually try a move like that.
  5. Obama is in Indonesia bro That youtuber is right up there with Scorchy Fail as far as reliability goes Obama begins nostalgic vacation in Indonesia with his family
  6. imagine a very large herd of billy goats who all hate each other. And someone slipped a pound each of testosterone and Viagra in each feed trough. Gonna get bloody up in here....
  7. I'd go so far as to say if you're not familiar with DJ's research on JADE, you owe it yourself and your family to do whatever it takes to listen until you UNDERSTAND. It already affects you, and the day is not far off when it may be life or death. Cinnamon started a thread on this some time ago and some good discussion ensued. There is a link there to the the full 3 hour John B. Welles interview in that thread, and it's worth every minute PLUS the time it will take to actually think through the implications...in detail.
  8. After the close, Friday, June 16th: Deutsche Bank (NYSE): 16.64 -0.10 (-0.60%) At close: 4:02PM EDT for reference: the all time stock low in US trading (dollars) = $11.19 per share Deutsche Bank (XETRA): 14.90 -0.15 (-0.96%) At close: 5:35PM CEST for reference: the all time stock low in European trading (Euros) = 9.90 Euros per share Gold spot: Time (EST): 1256.60 +6.60 +0.53% i Silver spot: Time (EST): 16.68 +0.16 +0.97% FTSE Itialia Banche - 10,633.57 -0.43 Date - Time Last Value 06/23/17 - 5:35:57 PM (watch this one at the open....she might get frisky ) DB CoCo Bonds: Last: Last: 98.75 Change: +0.22 Change in %: +0.223 PEMEX - ExxonMobil Plans to Import Fuel to Mexico to Supply Its Gas Stations https://www.investing.com/indices/major-indices (as at close of NY trading on Friday) Dow 30 21,394.76 -2.53 -0.01% S&P 500 2,438.30 +3.80 +0.16%23 Nasdaq 6,265.25 +28.57 +0.46% SmallCap 2000 1,414.44 +10.47 +0.75% S&P 500 VIX 10.02 -0.46 -4.39% https://www.investing.com/currencies/streaming-forex-rates-majors EUR/USD 1.1194 +0.0043 +0.39% USD/JPY 111.28 -0.04 -0.04% GBP/USD 1.2718 +0.0037 +0.29% USD/CNY 6.8358 +0.0013 +0.02% US Dollar Index 96.98 -0.28 -0.29%2,796.02 BTC/USD 2,518.12, -58.4 -2.27% BTC/EUR 2,254.42 -5.1 -0.23% Two Italian Zombie Banks Toppled Friday Night Two banks, they're small and wouldn't be *too* hard to paper over...IF they want to
  9. two Italian banks bit the dust Friday and now Syria appears to be exploding. Coincidence? We'll know in a few hrs. I'll get a snapshot up.:
  10. two Italian banks bit the dust Friday and now Syria appears to be exploding. Coincidence? We'll know in a few hrs. I'll get a snapshot up.: Edit: wrong thread, but it works here too
  11. boy things are cooking now aren't they? Just a matter of time til a US or Israeli jet gets lit up now
  12. I think someone is planning for this not to end well. And not going to be content until it does end in disaster
  13. if we see smoke plumes from sub launched cruise missiles rising from multiple locations along both coasts of the US one day soon, the blame for them will lie far more on the forces controlling our military than it will on Putin. If it happens I hope well informed patriots will remember