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  1. Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    You must have a mouse in your pocket? PARALLAX "same-ish" lol! Just ignore the little lights we call planets that wander all over the place and disappear entirely for various periods of time. Ignore them and they just go away, huh? brilliant...and so typical the night sky is observably NOT identicail at six month intervals and it would HAVE to be IDENTICAL if the earth were flat. And the disappearance and reappearance of stars and constellations at annual intervals is perfectly explained by a spinning ball orbiting a luminary with its rotational axis tilted at about 23.5% You're too damn ignorant to see your own argument is so internally inconsistent and factually deficient that it actually provides a pretty solid argument for the opposition.
  2. Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    Those who have been working since the 30's to destroy America's ability to think critically and rationally through corruption of public education must be absolutely delighted when provided with blindingly obvious evidence of their success. A spinning globe is the ONLY logically supportable, rational interpretation of the observable data. The consistent refusal to logically analyze the interactions between real motion, perceived motion and viewer perspective is a hallmark of this lunacy. I've been absent awhile dealing with the passing of my father and now it appears I probably need to just keep it that way. This drivel dominating the front page completely destroys any hope I had of using this website to help expose some family and friends to good information who seem sooo close to waking up. I guess you win Anthem.
  3. Voice to Skull Patent

    Mao tse Tung Pol Pot Stalin Abdul-Hamid (and subsequent "Young Turk" leaders)
  4. The US appears to be claiming involvement (intel assistance) https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1498576/iraqi-air-force-conducts-strike-against-isis-terrorists-in-syria/ No word I've seen on how many aircraft, what type or effectiveness. They evidently have 21 F-16's (13 more to be delivered in 2019) so they have enough planes to do some damage - if they used them https://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/iraq-seeks-f-16-fighters-05057/
  5. I long for a day which may never come while we're on this side of the lawn, (but it will come :)), and that is a day when we can demonstrate to 'ol George just how well we learned the lessons of 911. We're gonna need a lot 'o rope....
  6. wow Very refreshing post made doubly so by my personal frustration with trying to discuss what's coming with fellow christians lately. So many believe we're flying outta here just when the real work is getting started. Glad to see someone familiar with Rev 20:4 and all its implications
  7. Strikes made after permission gained/coordinated with Syria: check Target - DAESH/ISIS whom we're arming/supporting: check "Near Iraqi border..." which i will guess means in US controlled territory, likely NE of Deir Ez Zor, which is where the terrorists Syria was driving out of Ghouta were retreating to when the "gas attack" was staged: check Big, big eff you to Washington: sure looks like big check at first blush Lovin' the image of a pack of neocons foaming at the mouth and writhing in uncontrollable rage my mind is entertaining atm I hope more confirmation of the above speculation appears as more info comes in. I wonder if they gave the US a heads up..... lol
  8. Off-Topic Repository

    well...if sufficient numbers of cases of tequila showed up in chambers for questioning, inspection and cross examination, testing and the like...and a highly motivated accused but innocent person might drop a few bucks in each case for like....paying for lab tests and stuff. maybe have the cases delivered by...well...girls who are pretty
  9. Off-Topic Repository

    hmmm....obviously no sense of the severity of your infraction (and no mention of bribes yet....hint, hint) We sense a need to proceed very carefully and make sure nobody ever confuses some mincing, lisping, limp-wristed rocky-mountain highbrow freak with a REAL man, who like, has drums and stuff. And actually plays them too! geeze....
  10. Off-Topic Repository

    sorry...we've already empaneled a comittee to give due consideration to your punishment repentance is not sufficient in this case and margaritas are no excuse. So far, 40 lashes with a wet noodle, then sealing you into a cave with nothing but giant bones for you to gnaw on for six months, then we let you out and if a DNA test shows you're still fully human, you may adopt a repentant vow of silence among men for an additional six months, and after that maybe we can trust you to rejoin society. maybe. we'll let you know :/ Edit: pleading, groveling and bribes may have a tendency to reduce severity of punishments under consideration
  11. Off-Topic Repository

    shame on you for EVER even THINKING the honored name of the inestimable Phil Collins in the same year as you dare to sully your mouth with that 'other' name! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
  12. Off-Topic Repository

    You're off topic Freeman, and I have repeatedly stated I do not wish to entertain any sources but the Bible. I'm not interested in your JAH or anything he has to say. I'm not entertaining notions that Stephen Spielberg was some sort of unwitting prophet inspired to produce the first two episodes of Star Wars as some kind of spiritually significant guide. You are free to believe and teach whatever you like, but go start your own thread for that and keep it out of mine.
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    OP my apologies...I just realized several of us seriously derailed an important thread. I doubt any of us would object if a mod did some housecleaning. Edit: ROFL.. never mind. dude helped and it's his thread so he can decide
  14. Off-Topic Repository

    the expensive tool is an anvil and you want a good one. after that a basic set of hammers, a chisel or two and a set of tongs gets you started.....tools you need after that you make yourself oh....some files too. I was never good enough to make those, but many are. Edit: find you a good 2 1/2-3 foot diameter oak or hickory stump to mount the anvil on...saves a lot of noise and unnecessary ringing. If you get a reasonably round one you can still move it around if you have to.