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  1. Hong Kong is not closed. Still 45 more minutes of trading.
  2. wow DOW futures are down a whole eighty-nine one-hundredths of ONE percent! Run fer th' hills....she's gonna blow! (not) It'll happen eventually, but your breathless ranting over a drop of less than one percent certainly isn't predictive.
  3. Don't worry. Codex Alimentarius is still coming after our vitamins, herbal supplements and anything big pharma can't patent....AND mandating pesticide use, gmo crops worldwide...even re-authorizing use of previously banned pesticides. Small sample of a looooong list... and this is ten years old. Lots of more recent info out there.
  4. Jostler

    Poking the Bear

    I can't discern much change from yesterday where Yemen is concerned. Saudi forces reportedly now control the only main road south out of Hodeidah which I suspect is going to make getting food to the capital, Saan'a a lot more difficult. That could become a serious problem for the Houthis pretty quickly. Still lots of videos of what appear to be successful Houthi guerilla attacks on Saudi resupply convoys. Lots of dead Sudanese :/ Battle For Yemen’s al-Hudaydah On June 17-18, 2018 (Videos, Maps, Photos) Erdogan has moved right up to the outskirts of Manbij with armored patrols. Erdogan Says Turkey-US Patrols Launched In Syria’s Manbij I've uncovered precious little detail on the "roadmap" supposedly agreed upon between US and Turkish negotiators, but given Erdogan's penchant for pressing any advantage, it won't surprise me if we discover he's pushing ahead regardless of any agreed upon "timeline". US backed SDF forces continue to capture ISIS positions in the far northeast....including significant energy production facilities.
  5. Jostler

    Poking the Bear

    Boy, here's an interesting bit of correction on the post just prior to this one. It appears it was an Israeli strike, not US. Cutting off Iran’s 'road to the sea' in Syria - Jerusalem Post A US official claims Israel struck Iranian-backed Iraqi militia in Syria, and now Tehran must think twice about moving fighters across the porous border. Syrian troops and equipment still moving into position near Daraa
  6. there is good reason to believe the whole story of "dark matter" is a sham...a diversion Same with dark energy
  7. Jostler

    Deutsche Bank in trouble

    The "day of reckoning" for the survival of the current German government has apparently been delayed by two weeks now. I don't think Seehofer or Merkel want to face a collapse of the coalition and this places the showdown after a scheduled EU wide meeting intending to negotiate and implement a unified agreement on how to handle migrants. I think it's a fig leaf, but for now it's a good enough excuse for embracing hopium for a couple more weeks. "Can’t Work With That Woman Anymore": Merkel Handed A Two-Week Ultimatum On Her "D-Day" Markets are currently stable. Even emerging market currencies are recovering a tiny bit of last week's loses. Except the Argentine Peso....it's dead.
  8. Yes, do read Chapter 19 as well Read it for yourself. It's the end of the Beast and the False Prophet and marks the end of this age. It's encouraging to recognize that the manifestation of the already purchased victory outlined in Chapter 12, culminates in the Kingdom expanding to include the physical earth for one final thousand year test. The King is coming
  9. Shep, read Revelation Chapter 12. Seriously. That place you're visiting is a battlefield. When that battle described beginning in verse 7 goes hot, you don't want to be present unless you're under the direction and protection of the Captain of the Host. Which by the way, is the name God uses to describe Himself in Scripture, ten times more than any of the other names He has given us to know of Him. When that battle is finished (in one very real sense it already is) things on this earth will change rapidly. Satan is going to be deprived of his ability to even inhabit that space. He will be forced to the earth and that's going to be the final event that convinces him he cannot win this fight. When he hits terra firma he's going to be angry in the extreme. Our human senses are useless there. They can be manipulated at will to "show" you any experience the deceivers want you to believe in. And its very powerful deception because it comes through the senses we are immersed in here on earth....we TRUST what we see, hear, think and feel because of that familiarity. In that realm 3-D senses are as easily manipulated as any camera Steven Spielberg can wield to tell compellingly realistic story. Perception in that realm requires spiritual senses designed for perceiving in the realms of the spirit. Because of Adam's sin we have been born with those senses completely dead. Only "in Him" are those senses made alive again. You must be born again, by the Spirit. Until you have been reborn with eyes capable of seeing in that realm...EVERYTHING you think you see is a construct designed to deceive you. EVERYTHING. ALL OF IT. More and more people are going to begin having these kinds of experiences. It's absolutely critical and I am alarmed at how many are being tricked into placing themselves in eternal danger. The spirit realm is our heritage. Our inheritance IN HIM. It's currently occupied by "giants" just as the "promised land" was in Joshua's day, and it will be "taken" in ways that whole story is symbolic of. It's time to armor up and get trained. And time to very, very carefully assess what side you're aligned with.
  10. Jostler

    Anyone here ever visited the astral library?

    Isa 2:6 You, LORD, have abandoned your people, the descendants of Jacob. They are full of superstitions from the East; they practice divination like the Philistines and embrace pagan customs.
  11. There is no other name that matters in that realm. And its the only one with any power even worth mentioning. HE is the WAY to the Door to that realm and He is the Door itself. The Door represents legal, protected entry. Enter by any other way and you are identified as a thief and a robber...and there are consequences for that.
  12. Astral plane is a made up reference to put a label on something not understood. Those are not rules, they're survival strategies that have to be employed when you don't know what the rules are. And they don't protect you for long. There are people who regularly visit the "bright meadow" and they're being trained. You can't get there by the power of human will or desire. Anyone can ask to go but you don't go by yourself. Without that training you have nothing to look forward to in that realm but deception, misery and death.
  13. there is *nothing* about your senses that is trustworthy on that side. There are rules just as real as gravity is here. Gravity is no respecter of persons. It simply is. Whether you know it, accept it or understand it, believe in it or disbelieve....doesn't matter. If you step off a ten story building you're going down. The rules there no more respect what you think or believe or don't than gravity does. And you don't know the rules. Take care.
  14. Jostler

    Eternal Life is our Children

    How did you conclude that is what ancient Hebrews believed?
  15. you're in occupied territory bro. tread carefully. it'll be liberated soon but you don't want to be there when that happens...not from that side of things.

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