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  1. 16,771,138 views 144,461 likes 449,178 dislikes Comments • 80,136 If you haven't run over there and hit the "dislike", please do A half million would be amazing
  2. Rare and getting rarer....for a short season. After the final demonstration embodied in a satanic global king which will demonstrate for all to see the destruction wrought by kings who rule for self, it'll become more normal
  3. South Africa Today

    If you ever meet a Boer in battle, you better make sure he's at your side, not in front of and facing you. You're likely to have a bad day if it's the latter.
  4. It's the man who established His qualification for the job on a cross 2000 years ago.
  5. Looks like Venezuela may be moving to overthrow their current overlords....finally. No guarantee the next will be any better... BREAKING: Possible coup attempt underway in Venezuela; Tanks in the streets, helicopter stolen… I'm wondering when Mexico will follow.
  6. Do you realize who you're describing? He's on His way. Everything now unfolding is designed to lead to His reign.
  7. Here's a video with some very plausible speculation about how things may develop from here:
  8. meh...they already got all the good planets and moons
  9. The cross over the door and the depiction of a paper stuck to the door is a pretty clear reference to Martin Luther nailing his "95 Theses" to the door of the All Saints Church/Wittenburg Castle (which has a steeple tower ) in 1517, which sparked the Protestant Reformation. The 500th anniversary is October 31st this year.
  10. Well, that's exactly how they've handled the "Russian hacking" narrative so it's possible. But it really doesn't matter. They have plenty of options to choose from and they will choose one. That much seeme crystal clear to me. Whatever the excuse there will be war in Syria.
  11. Poking the Bear

    More excellent background for those wanting a more informed background understanding to fit future developments into. I'll get to Turkey shortly How America Armed Terrorists in Syria
  12. try this on for size I'm sure that cleared things right up lol The marvel lies in information being transferred from one location to another faster than the speed of light (theoretically impossible in Einsteinian physics)...but whoop! There it is...proven. Prior to this latest development, particles would be entangled, and then separated with one particle of the pair (or cluster) being removed some distance from the other. This would limit the usefulness of quantum entanglement as a star trek style subspace communication tool because you'd have to entangle the particles and then somehow put onet on a spaceship to Saturn if you wanted "faster than light" communication with your Saturn base. This latest development has apparently figured out how to entangle particles that are already separated from each other, opening the theoretical possibility of "entangling" particles on Earth with particles that are already on location at your Saturn base. But the Star Trek subspace communicator is exactly what this development is moving toward. (among many other equally mind-blowing things...)
  13. It's inevitable for Europe and the US. Already a reality for much of Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen......and on and on :/
  14. without a doubt it willl be toting a ball and blockchain when it emerges
  15. Quatar was the conduit for a huge cache of weapons funneled out of the Balkans. Leftovers from Serbia and other Balkan states arms dealers were happy to get monetized. Eventually they got that white elephant stockpile profitably unloaded and the same dealers began supplying "fresh off the factory floor" equipment. Most of that was Russian designed (Ukrainian produced) weapon systems. There is intense competition in the illegal arms business and every arms manufacturer from the US to Russia to China India and Pakistan want a piece of it. Qatar was primarily moving eastern weapons so that may be one of the factors behind Qatar getting sidelined recently. Western dealers want those sales now that it's less important to hide the origin behind Russian gear. Edit: I honestly don't think the banking angle is the primary focus in Lebanon though it is certainly a factor. Lebanon has a central bank, but it's a failed state pretending to be Lebanese, while in reality it's an Iranian colony under Hezbollah control. The west's interest there is Israeli interest, along with the fact Lebanon is strategic real estate of incredible value to plans for global domination. Second only to Israel itself and Turkey which is the land bridge between Europe, much of Asia and all of Africa.
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