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  1. I keep checking back on Bloomberg's live Davos coverage (I'm wondering if I'm developing a masochistic streak :) and there's a common refrain. Make them FEEL better....that's Davos Man's answer to the middle class :) To them we're unthinking rubes who respond to feelings. If they can *just* figure out how to make us feel better about the buggery they're subjecting us to everything will be hunky-dory! We're gonna need a lot 'o rope.....
  2. nah...you go :) I've checked the best info available to me and concluded it's far, far more likely that Titan exists than not :)
  3. skepticism about NASA is warranted. they do lie, but I don't find it hard to believe there's haze on Titan :)
  4. boot licking reporters don't deserve heated spaces in the globalist's minds? :) We don't either, but they'll spend lots of time and money trying to get you to like it that way :)
  5. considering the probe was launched in 1997 the tech is considerably older than 12 years
  6. it's not video and they don't claim it is. it's 2.5 hrs of still shots stitched together. From 12 years ago.
  7. the FE disease is metastasizing
  8. haha....the "real" problems are not those caused the middle class by globalism....the REAL problem is how the middle class is reacting to the problems globalism is creating :) We're gonna need a lot 'o rope....
  9. I know...it's sickening. They're not even addressing the problems the middle class is experiencing....instead they are discussing ways to make the middle classes feel better about the crap they're going to do anyway. It's not a problem, it's "anxiety" because the middle class just doesn't understand what's good for them :)
  10. Larry Summers got off to a good start by saying populist policies will hurt the poorest most and "proving" it by pointing to the plunge in value of the Mexican peso since Trump has spoken of building the wall and renegotiating trade agreements. :) now Lagarde is on deck...this should be good :)
  11. We should find plenty of fodder for mocking as these globalists make fools of themselves :)
  12. I don't know if I could survive that much win :) Edit: ....but I'd be willing to risk it :)
  13. I'm quite comfortable judging Putin by what he does. His actions and choices in the Middle East appear much more rational than ours. Acknowledging that doesn't make someone a wild eyed Russian sympathizer. It just means we may have a lot of fruitful ground for cooperation once the current insanity in DC disappears.