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  1. Grand Prairie Woman Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Voter Fraud Illegal alien arrested, charged with voter fraud Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot
  2. It would be perfect for a roo shooter who is really good at his craft :) head shots only :) But point taken ...that is by definition a well placed shot :)
  3. yes, 5.56mm aka .223 Edit: a respectable round, but not a monster. But the AR/M-16 has a foot long buffer spring in the stock that takes all the whallop out of it. It's a kitten :)
  4. Let 'er rip. Uncover all of them. Prosecute. Anyone that thought pedophilia was a Democratic problem has been naive. Wake 'em up :)
  5. my goodness :) The M-16 is one of the tamest rifles you can imagine :) A .22 rifle really is a bit less feisty, but not by a lot :)
  6. Some of you are going to be taking risks you don't know are there and have no defense for. Soul and spirit are not the same thing and if someone can't define the difference its very wise to keep soul parked right where it belongs. Ambushes are common and you just might have something come back home with you it'll take some help to get rid of again.
  7. the goal is the end of the nation-state, as prelude to one world government. Since Americans are not ready to capitulate (some nations are ready to yield sovereignty...or close enough to it they won't have to be destroyed) the forces that want one world government have to remove US sovereignty through destruction. It might happen rather quickly from here but it could still take another decade too. There are plenty of catalysts, any of which could be used to accelerate a descent into chaos. Economic/monetary turmoil, WWIII suddenly going hot, major deadly pandemic, continuing political and racial polarization culminating in a color revolution, a well crafted alien disclosure deception, widespread terrorist attacks ...I'm sure I've missed a few. I suspect we'll see a little of all the above before this is over. I'm *very* concerned about an alliance between "terrorist" forces and Mexican gangs. ISIS is on the back foot in Syria and Iraq. They are so hated there because of the unbelievable brutality they've institutionalized in every city and town they've occupied. There are already reports of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq setting up checkpoints and stealing civilian's identity documents and fleeing the battlefield with them, headed toward Turkey. Where do we think they'll go from there? We'll get our share I'm sure. The MS-13 gang has proven itself capable of the same brutality ISIS has shown already in Syria and Iraq. They have purposefully built a network across the whole nation, in every major city and many not so major ones. Gangs like Los Zetas and La Familia are already skilled at running drugs, human trafficking, guns and even pirated software. An alliance between those gangs and terrorists is a no brainer from the perspective of an asymmetric warfare mindset. The fighters now filtering out of the middle east are the dregs. The most brutal, evil members of a bad lot. I'm sure more than a few are already here and more will be on the way, and soon still larger waves will be set in motion if ISIS continues to crumble in the middle east. One day I suspect we'll wake up and find we've already been invaded. And the balkanization of the US will be under way... I would not want to be stuck in a rural home within 100 miles of our southern border right now because I suspect they're going to bear the brunt of the initial assault. We need that wall...yesterday.
  8. hehhe...I wasn't sure Trump would "go there". But I'm loving it :) I can hear an old Eddie Murphy skit playing in the background: "I didn't mean to hit you baby, but you brought this sh*t on yoself." *B*TCH SLAP*
  9. I have a feeling a few nuggets will be found hidden in that 119 hrs of "candid" audio :) The vast majority of it will probably be mundane, but in that much time there are bound to be a treasure or two hidden. And more to come evidently. I do hope this is a good one :)
  10. I can tell you a simple and cheap way to upgrade your extreme cold weather clothing :) Your wife's pantyhose, believe it or not. I always bought three new pair before extreme cold weather training at Fort Drum, NY. You'd be surprised at the noticeable difference in warmth, both sleeping and during daily activities with pantyhose worn under the thermal underwear. You'd be surprised how many macho men you'd find running around military training areas dressed in women's underclothes :) A side benefit is they also reduce blisters on active feet. The "sliding" that produces blisters occurs between the sock and the pantyhose instead of between your sock and your skin...especially relevant when snowshoeing or cross country skiing. :)
  11. Today's Southfront report is now giving full voice confirmation of moon of alabama's report. Turkey controls Al Bab. Not sure what ISIS next move will be but it appears to me their presence in all three of their remaining pockets of influence, Mosul, Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor is becoming less sustainable by the day. The Turkish and Israeli wildcards are, as always, lurking in the shadows. Now we'll see if Erdogan is content to sit on his bit of ground and wait for the seat at the negotiating table that affords him, or move against the hated YPG/US supported SDF forces. He's got a bunch of fractured and fractious militias in his backfield that are just as likely to fight him and each other as they are likely to fight ISIS or Assad. Uneasy place to be no matter how you slice it. IMO a "static", stable situation is still the least likely outcome.
  12. That. Right. There. 1. Take someone who represents something you are disgusted by. 2. Make sure they're pretty, a little scandalous but attractive. 3. Get them advocating for things you deeply approve. 4. Get you to "overlook" that one little thing that disgusts you. 5. Use that "one little thing" to create a scandal 6. Now you defend the likeable little scandalous rapscallion .(its not really THAT disgusting...and he's a victim too right? He has an excuse at least) 7. Now you are defending a deeper level of what yesterday, totally disgusted you. Milo? Hello? Beuller? It's called incrementalism and they use it because it works so well. There may not have even been a conscious human plot that intentionally turned things this way with reference to pedophilia. The humans involved may have just had the destruction of a growing political voice with a message they disliked politically in mind. But not all plots are purely human in origin. Some originate from the spirit realm and are acted out by unwitting, but willing human dupes. Wheat and tares.....which is which is not decided by the politics of the moment. That determination is made as a comparison against timeless commandments that ALSO find their origin outside the human realm. And they are not negotiable. Choose.
  13. I knew darn well when he claimed he would keep this going for 4 yrs he was lying :) How convenient ...I'm sure he's just heartbroken but safety first! Fer the children ya know? :) what a luser
  14. gee....so a video that YouTube shows as having been uploaded in Feb '16. So why the dubbed in "recorded on...." bit and all the histrionics on the first video? Sorry dude....methinks thou doth protest too much. I suspect you're here cause cash is getting a bit short, huh? You could always turn some water into wine and go turn a dime on skid row. You'll find a few gullible ones though :)
  15. The two most recent Southfront productions largely agree with moon of alabama's assessment above with one glaring exception. Southfront does not believe Turkish backed forces are in control of Al Bab yet. Since we already have one proven instance of Erdogan "overstating" his gains in Al Bab, I'm content to wait a day or two and see if any evidence to the contrary develops. That intimation that Erdogan may have bribed ISIS forcing into leaving appears to have surfaced again and may have some merit. Now the question is, if he has Al Bab, what's he going to do with it? Syrian forces got to the southern outskirts of Al Bab and then seemed to lose interest, beginning to push eastward instead of continuing to push into Al Bab from the south. I suspect that was a purposeful strategy to let Erdogan's forces bear the brunt of the Al Bab slugfest while their own forces moved to control roads from Al Bab eastward toward Raqqa, possibly to discourage Erdogan from trying to push further into Syria from Al Bab. The video also outlines what appears to be an ISIS offensive south of Damascus against the militias aligned with the Free Syrian Army rebels holding that area against Assad's forces. And a very concerning report of Israeli bombing of SAA (Assad) forces, ostensibly in support of ISIS? Iranian backed Hamas spokesmen denied the Israeli attacks actually took place ... but something smells fishy to me. And a report on the battle for Mosul, with some interesting info about how small, commercially available drones are becoming a real issue ...now being used to deliver deadly payloads, not just as reconnaissance tools. The impression that ISIS is beleaguered and in retreat with developments on the ground making it more and more difficult for ISIS to travel freely between Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor continues to be reinforced.