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  1. yes she does. And so do the wise choices you've made in other moderators you've asked to help with the workload. Keep it up....you're doing fine.
  2. You know what bro? I dunno how you have kept from blowing your top this long. One moment of humanity doesn't negate two freaking years of amazing self control. Hehehe....that first thread, maybe the tone of it could have been handled a bit more wisely. So what I was starting to think you were superhuman. lol...I couldn't do what you've done here...not in a million years. I couldn't handle five minutes as a moderator on this forum. I'd wreck two years of hard work in 24 hrs. I wouldn't want the job and I don't envy you one bit. I have great admiration for what you do and great appreciation for access to it and an opportunity to be a part of it. Dust yourself off, get back up, have another go. We need you
  3. I was a bit slow getting my reading done, but the description of "doublethink" on pages 44-45 (of the PDF) really grabbed me. I can see examples of it all over the place: Trump claiming to be both a nationalist and a globalist just plain slapped me in the face...followed by people jumping to the defense of such a statement. It amazes me how strongly "good" people want to believe. And how that tendency is used against us by people who have abandoned all attachment to anything remotely describable as "good".
  4. you really aught to read George Orwell's "1984" doublethink much?
  5. I've already given a thorough explanation.
  6. he was trying to shut down the attacks, not the discussion. There's been a lot of very sudden strife and you of all people should be able to discern the real source. Don't play into the trap yourself. It was set by our enemy. Don't aid him.
  7. It's an element they use so often in hindsight it was silly to get taken in. But Trump *seemed* so sincere.... But in the last analysis, that's the whole reason they've kept things limited to a two party system. It's easy to get people to vote against someone instead of voting for someone.
  8. some here, including you were quicker on the uptake than the majority. Guitar Doc has been very gently trying to show us how we're being encouraged to keep expecting "someone" to turn back the tide ...I don't think he got fooled either. It's up to us and I think that's what @Guitar Doc has been trying to get across. Nothing will change until we change it. I gave Trump a benefit of the doubt that was obviously unwarranted. But no more... I know enough history to realize presidents are selected, not elected but they played the Trump hand well enough to get me to cling to "I want to believe..." one more time, for a while. It really is and has been 4D chess, but it's clear Trump's hand is not the one moving the pieces. His "campaign" was brilliantly played, but not by him.
  9. the truth is never an ad hominem. And you should ask yourself that question. "How does he know??"
  10. When Paul and the words of Jesus are in complete harmony, it's interesting YOU feel it necessary to set up a false dichotomy and pretend conflict in order to defend your interpretation.
  11. And today's Southfront report just out. The tension (and confrontations) between YPG and Turkish forces escalate again with a YPG strike on a Turkish installation. That is unlikely to go unanswered.
  12. And today....plus some new analysis Better late than never Please forgive the lack of comment, I'm just now watching them myself Edit to add: OMG....Southfront has a penchant for understatement at times, and that video above is an amazing example. If the YPG has "ceased operations" with US forces as stated, we just lost the ONLY allied military force we had with any military capability or credibility at all. Erdogan is proceeding pretty much as expected... Collision course...
  13. I should have posted this yesterday
  14. We really do need to collectively come to the understanding that there is no change coming from inside the system. I think those still holding out hopeful wishes against all evidence must be terrified of recognizing that if this is going to be changed at all...it's going to have to be us that does it. Then some actually are shills, paid to keep everyone they can sitting and waiting for a white knight to come galloping onto the scene to make the necessary changes...sitting on their hands...doing nothing. I think eventually we will find enough who recognize reality and love this country enough to man up, put their boots on and do what it takes. But it will likely be men from a much smaller, more humble and very focused population who have learned some very, very harsh lessons.
  15. The theory has been discussed a good long time, and i suspect that would make a diabolically "dirty" radiological bomb. But the interviewee's flights of fancy about cobalt lined tunnels and "can't shoot it down..." BS is a pretty good tell he's either dumb or dishonest. Or both. Bombarding Cobalt to get 60Cobalt in any real amount (granted it doesn't take much to be a real problem) requires the precision of a controlled environment and wrapping a nuclear warhead in kilograms of Cobalt doesn't mean you'll end up with kilograms of 60Cobalt. Only the Cobalt atomic nuclei actually struck by a neutron at the right speed (absorbing the neutron) get to start a new deadly life as 60Cobalt. The guy's assertion that lining caves with cobalt sheets makes them unassailable is just not even close to believable. That might create some 60Cobalt and create a fallout zone you wouldn't want to be anywhere near for several hundred years, but it wouldn't be close to an extinction level event.