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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    well...if sufficient numbers of cases of tequila showed up in chambers for questioning, inspection and cross examination, testing and the like...and a highly motivated accused but innocent person might drop a few bucks in each case for like....paying for lab tests and stuff. maybe have the cases delivered by...well...girls who are pretty
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    hmmm....obviously no sense of the severity of your infraction (and no mention of bribes yet....hint, hint) We sense a need to proceed very carefully and make sure nobody ever confuses some mincing, lisping, limp-wristed rocky-mountain highbrow freak with a REAL man, who like, has drums and stuff. And actually plays them too! geeze....
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    sorry...we've already empaneled a comittee to give due consideration to your punishment repentance is not sufficient in this case and margaritas are no excuse. So far, 40 lashes with a wet noodle, then sealing you into a cave with nothing but giant bones for you to gnaw on for six months, then we let you out and if a DNA test shows you're still fully human, you may adopt a repentant vow of silence among men for an additional six months, and after that maybe we can trust you to rejoin society. maybe. we'll let you know :/ Edit: pleading, groveling and bribes may have a tendency to reduce severity of punishments under consideration
  4. Off-Topic Repository

    shame on you for EVER even THINKING the honored name of the inestimable Phil Collins in the same year as you dare to sully your mouth with that 'other' name! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
  5. I'm not a legal expert, but that looks encouraging. Keep us posted
  6. Off-Topic Repository

    You're off topic Freeman, and I have repeatedly stated I do not wish to entertain any sources but the Bible. I'm not interested in your JAH or anything he has to say. I'm not entertaining notions that Stephen Spielberg was some sort of unwitting prophet inspired to produce the first two episodes of Star Wars as some kind of spiritually significant guide. You are free to believe and teach whatever you like, but go start your own thread for that and keep it out of mine.
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    OP my apologies...I just realized several of us seriously derailed an important thread. I doubt any of us would object if a mod did some housecleaning. Edit: ROFL.. never mind. dude helped and it's his thread so he can decide
  8. Off-Topic Repository

    the expensive tool is an anvil and you want a good one. after that a basic set of hammers, a chisel or two and a set of tongs gets you started.....tools you need after that you make yourself oh....some files too. I was never good enough to make those, but many are. Edit: find you a good 2 1/2-3 foot diameter oak or hickory stump to mount the anvil on...saves a lot of noise and unnecessary ringing. If you get a reasonably round one you can still move it around if you have to.
  9. Off-Topic Repository

    I used to be a backyard blacksmith, mostly making knives...there's just something satisfying about hot metal But the drawback for tungsten in space applications is weight....that stuff is HEAVY. When every ounce counts they'll go with lighter materials that will do the job.
  10. Keep us posted Stanley, I'm paying attention and I can at least pray that exposure of lies and deception will have divine assistance and that justice will be served. The Supreme Court just *thinks* they're the highest court in the land If the real High Court gets involved it will never make it that far and the real criminals will end up in jail along the way to victory.
  11. Am I an Anomaly!

    Until the moment God breathed into the clay, Adam did not exist. The union of spirit and clay, by design, caused a soul to "become". Very few, even Christians, have understood the difference between spirit and soul. Adam did not live, nor exist as an individual before that moment of CREATION. It's not a minor difference and it's going to become a more and more important distinction to be able to make as days progress. A great falling away is coming, the antidote is truth. If you don't get this nailed down, the coming alien deception will snare you. It will be the most powerfully convincing lie man has ever been presented with. Adam may have existed in God's mind as a personality He longed to spend eternity with. He already knew every choice Adam would make, but the blueprint is not the reality. The reality has its beginning in this earthly realm. God does not have a beginning at all. Huge and very important difference. If we understand this and a few other things about why God chose to do things the way He has, the deception will be powerless to blind us. That "soul" thing is critical to understand. I'll probably begin elaborating on some of this soon. Been thinking about it a long, long time and it's almost time.
  12. Am I an Anomaly!

    Jesus claimed He existed before Abraham did. What was created, necessarily has a beginning. The uncreated self-existent one does not have a beginning. God PLANNED you, then created you. You did not pre-exist His act of creation. He even planned a whole set of good works for us to walk in from before the foundation of the world. The existence of an intent expressed in such detail as even a blueprint, does not make a skscraper until the Builder acts on the plan. Its up to us what we choose to believe, but what we believe does not define what is true. He does that part.
  13. Am I an Anomaly!

    so the Bible lies on that point, in your view?
  14. Am I an Anomaly!

    What if it is? How would knowing that influence how you live...if it were true?
  15. Am I an Anomaly!

    I think so too. At least the reconciliation of this "age". According to Scripture there's another thousand year test to get through before the FINAL reconciliation.